Another Bank Holiday weekend, don’t you just love May? That’s a whole extra day to catch up on your favourite programmes or watch that new movie release on Roku you’ve not had time to watch. Here are some recommendations from me to get you started.

What are you planning on watching? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Anchorman 2 (Movie) – Several years after the events of the original, the Channel 4 news team has disbanded; Ron Burgundy has been fired from his anchor job, and estranged from his wife Veronica and son. But when a rich Australian businessman starts a 24-hour cable news channel, Ron and his pals set about to redefine the meaning of broadcast journalism, in this absurd comedy caper. New to Sky Store.
  • The Dictator (Movie) – This Sacha Baron Cohen comedy chronicles the glorious efforts of General Aladeen, dictator of the Republic of Wadiya, to oppress his people and fight democracy. New to Netflix.  
  • Moshi Monsters (Movie) – Keep the kids entertained with Katsuma, Poppet, Mr Snoodle plus the other Moshi Monsters. They are in a song-filled race against time to stop evil Dr Strangeglove and his incompetent Glump sidekick Fishlips from pulverising the recently discovered Great Moshling Egg. Available now on Sky Store
  • Fargo (Series) – 4oD is now available on all Roku players in the UK! So everyone can catch up on the best from Channel 4, including its hit new US drama series, Fargo. Catch up on episodes 1 and 2 now on 4oD.
  • The Big Bang Theory (Series) – This hit U.S. comedy is currently in its seventh series which proves just how popular it is here too! Catch up with Sheldon & Co. with the latest episodes available now on 4oD.
  • Man of Steel (Movie) – Sent to Earth as a baby from the doomed planet Krypton, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) grows up in Kansas struggling to hide and control his amazing powers. But just as he learns his true identity, his adoptive world comes under threat from another Kryptonian exile, the criminal General Zod (Michael Shannon). Available now on Now TV.
  • Alaska : The Last Frontier (Documentary) –  Fancy more of a documentary bank holiday? Head on over to the Discovery channel on Now TV. On Alaska’s south coast the Kilcher homesteaders stockpile fuel, secure food, and prep their homes for winter; but will they survive the freeze? Watch now on Now TV.   
  • The Mentalist (Series) – Catch up on the latest episodes in Season 6 of this Hit US drama series based on the work of Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). A former celebrity psychic, Patrick readily admits that he was a fraud, but the razor-sharp observation skills he honed to successfully dupe his former clients prove perfect for helping the CBI to solve its most serious crimes. Free to stream now on Demand 5.
  • Panorama (Series) – In the latest Panorama – Lies, Bribes and Formula One –  they investigate F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, and asks why he is still in charge after two courts say he paid a $44 million bribe. Available now on BBC iPlayer.

A Golden Oldie:

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Movie) – Sadly announced this week was the passing of British actor Bob Hoskins. Pay homage to his incredible work and watch him at his best in the 1988 family friendly, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, on Netflix
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  • Bill

    Nice choices…

    • Hard to pick, isn’t it?!

  • J-Man

    I’m watching “In the Flesh” Season 2 from BBC3 via iPlayer

    • J-Man

      I’d watch season 1 if I could get BlinkBox on the Roku