It’s time for a music marathon, streamers! We’re happy to welcome SiriusXM® on Roku.

The commercial-free music, plus sports, talk, news, comedy and entertainment you’ve come to love from SiriusXM in your car or on your computer, smartphone or tablet, can now be streamed in the comfort of your home through your Roku player.

Music lovers can find commercial-free music from virtually every genre, artist-dedicated channels, and exclusive performances you can’t find anywhere else.

For the talk and sports lovers out there, you get play-by-play sports, exclusive talk like Howard Stern and Oprah Radio®, comedy, entertainment and more.  To learn more about SiriusXM subscription packages, click here.

All Roku users in the U.S. can add the ‘SiriusXM on Roku’ channel now. Free 30-day trial for new users! No credit card required.

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  • earldumarest

    I called siriusxm about this. They had no clue what I was talking about. They thought the Roku was a channel on their service. Turns out that customer support for siriusxm is in the Philippines. I believe you will need an internet account for the station. Just having it in your car won’t do. I couldn’t confirm this because the Philippinos had no idea what I was talking about.

    • Sorry about that – thanks for letting us know. We’ll reach out to them for clarification.

    • You are correct, you do need a subscription to the streaming service. This can be added to a satellite-only subscription, is included as part of the All Access subscription, or as a stand-alone streaming-only subscription.

      • Flipper

        What about the Roku problem?

  • Steve McClure

    Sign up through their website, just need your VIN or radio ID. its only $4 more a month if you already have service in the car.

    • James V

      But it is 99 cents just for the internet radio subscription. It would be cheaper to buy it separately.

  • Peg Kelly

    Loved that you added Sirius, I already have 3 Sirius Radio Subscriptions . I have a question for Roku ? You have to keep logging in to this channel ,after not using on continue basis ? I had been listening to it, turned it off , came back to listen 1/2 hour later & had to login again ?! Help ?

  • Steve

    I am not seeing the Sirius channel on my player. I have a Roku XD. In the blog post it states that all Roku users can add it. Is this channel available for my player?

  • Nina3

    Here is a tip which has worked for years. After your free trial runs out, call up to cancel your account. They will give you a reduced price for 6 months. Mark the day on your calendar and before the 6 months is up do it again. This will more than pay for the internet service plus help keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. 🙂

  • Peg Kelly

    I LOVE that I can Listen to the ” Online” Channels , Thru Roku Sirius Channel , & Not have to purchase a New Sirius Internet Radio to listen , instead of listening thru Computer !! I Even called Sirius & had Internet channels Added at No Extra Charge on my 3 satellite radios !! My Lucky day !!

  • unknownsoldier

    The app is great and long overdue …… however I do not enjoy the log out bug!!

    When the user stops streaming for a few minutes the App logs you out thus requiring a full log in again. It also loses your favs during the process.

    I love my Sirius XM comes alive!!

    • VARTV

      How do you save favorites?? I have a Roku3 and I’m clueless how to do it…

  • j a c k

    The Screen Saver is not very creative. And the need to login each time for use is really bad implementation. As a subscriber to SiriusXM I would like to request that Linking your Roku player to the SiriusXM service be explored for authorized use over Login.

    • Andy Gradel

      Yeah, the screen saver is gaudy, but everything else is looking good… here’s hoping they adopt a “now playing” screen saver with the next update.

  • RickWritesNow

    Love it! Thank you. But please fix it so you don’t have to log in each time.. Typing your info using that little Roku remote takes about 10 minutes. Other than that.. brilliant. – (but.. really, do something about the login thing)

  • John

    Extremely tired of having to log in each/every time I use the app. Also is SiriusXM using a developers kit from 2 years ago?….the app is unbelievably lacking in features.

  • ronescuz

    My brother quite happily found the Sirius XM app within a few days of its release and is on his 30-day trial. He really likes the service except for one thing — its constantly logging him off. He is handicapped and has limited manual dexterity. This is difficult for him.

    I just had an extremely frustrating experience both chatting and speaking live to Sirius XM customer service. Neither of them seemed to know what a Roku is. In the end, though, they both said that the app is set to log people out after a period of inactivity and requires them to log in when starting it up again. They said “there is nothing we can do”.

    This is nonsense, of course. None of the other Roku apps require this constant authentication. This feature was put in by the programmers and can be removed by the programmers.

  • Fmeh – programmed by monkeys. Old interface SDK. Loses session information between uses so you have to log in to the account *every* *freaking* *time*. Audio stream sometimes stops for no reason. Metadata/album art frequently out of sync with audio. Pretty pitiful offering considering what the Roku platform is capable of.

  • Commercial-free = thumbs up!

    Lots of complaints about being logged off = thumbs down 🙁

    Maybe I’l try it when the bugs have been ironed out…

    Torsten @

  • nanooktx

    i like the sirius app, i just found it today, and used it for four or five hours without getting logged off, i did notice that the music started to slow down…noticeably, probably 3/4 to 7/8 speed. i got out of the program, and then back in (didn’t have to re-enter username/password) and everything was fine. i played for about an hour more, before moving on to something else.

    any clue as to why the music would slow down?

  • Crystal

    Time for sirius canada users to be able to add this!

  • Jimmy

    No SiriusXM On Demand.. VERY disappointed with that, a large reason I wanted Internet Radio. I’m quite annoyed that SiriusXM continues to ‘nickel and dime’ longtime, loyal customers by charging separate fees for Internet Radio/On Demand when we already pay upwards of $100/year for regular service. I love the service, but these continued ‘nickel and dimming’ practices may force me away forever.

  • RonB

    I, too had problems needing to log in again several times a day. It appears as though that problem has been resolved. Is this a happy accident, or was there actually a bug fix installed?

  • mwdv

    The Sirius/xm channel on my Roku won’t accept my user name or password to use the channel on the TV where my Roku is connected, even though I just used that name and password online at the Sirius/xm website. Do I have to call customer service to resolve that? I didn’t see anything on the website that was any help.

  • Morpheus58

    I have access to all services on Siriusxm on my computer iPhone/iPad on demand included. However when I successfully sign on to the siriusxm app on roku I only get live programming even though there is a selection for on demand shows/artist but it doesn’t have a a way to choose a particular artist or show like the online version. Any thoughts

  • SamIamTwo

    Bloody SiriusXM stopped streaming yesterday…WTF over? Just hangs at 33%…

    • Alyssa Rice

      I’m having the EXACT same problem!!! and yeah! It’s hanging out between 13.5% and 33% this is driving me crazy! How does this get fixed??

      • Paul

        Thought it was just me. Roku channels show the current music and programs, but I get zero sound. Started yesterday. I found that their online site is working fine. Whatever that means…

        • AngelaF

          This issue is happening to me as well 🙁 Anyone know if it is being addressed?

          • SamIamTwo

            I sent email, no reply. I went to Roku chat, no one at home. Will call when they open. If unsatisfied I will go to another coo that is more customer friendly to stream SiriusXM…This is totally ridiculous.

            Others need to be requesting help too.

        • Jlyn

          I did a live chat with Roku and they walked me through updates that fixed the problem. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to save the info to share! Sorry, but there is a fix!

          • Paul

            It’s okay… At least there’s hope: -) I’ll stream Pandora until Roku fixes it.

      • Read on the Roku forum

        i finally figured out how to get my xm working again.
        Here is what you need to do to downgrade the firmware:
        Press the home button 5 times
        press ff 3 times
        press rewind 2 times
        select cycle update server
        select update software

        it set the firmware back to 5.5 and xm is now working.
        this worked on roku 2 and 3

        • Ron Grumley

          Awesome Alyssa! If you live in the Milwaukee area I’d love to buy you a drink for saving my music source!!! xoxoxox

        • Joel

          Thank You!! I upgraded to the latest version and all is working again!!

        • Greg

          Your fix was all it took. Neither Sirius nor Roku support could help but you did. Thanks.

        • john

          Alyssa’s fix is the answer!!!!!!!! Thank you very much.

          • john

            An easier way may be to just go to settings and manually update the software

        • Troy

          Hey it worded for me too. Thanks alot. Much appreciated.

        • Smarty pants

          This totally worked. Thanks so much for posting. Straight forward, easy to follow!

        • Brent

          Thanks so much! Great info, workerd perfectly.

      • jy kelly

        This totally worked.. Finally have my 60s on six back working again.. Alyssa, any chance we could get married?…LOL…. You are a genius….Thank you so much!

    • jy kelly

      Mine too……. Help me, someone. I am missing Phlash Phelps on the 60s on 6 now…

    • Paul M.

      I’m having the same problem; I haven’t been able to find anything else online about this.

    • scredly

      Same here. Sirius says it’s Roku’s problem. I can log in to Sirius web player no problem. Definitely issue with the Roku app. I did an uninstall/reinstall – rebooting between each procedure – no help. In queue for Sirius chat support. 48-minute wait…

    • Flipper

      Same issue here… Is Roku looking into this problem?

  • SamIamTwo

    Sent ROKU an email request over 48 hours ago. SiriusXM is not streaming. Went to their bloody chat service today and no one is at home….will call soon…sigh.

  • Little Dog

    Can I stream Serius xm to my TV through my Roku?

    • Jlyn

      only if you have an online Sirius account. If you have All Access then you can use the online feature to log in onto Roku. It’s a couple dollars more per month than the Select plan that doesn’t have online listening.

  • unknownsoldier

    Damn thing wont work and no help coming from our Roku gurus ….. Roku really need to check these “updates” that they send out. It seems that every time they update it causes more drama than they allegedly fix! Once the SIriusXM app arrives on the The Amazon Fire TV it will put Roku on its ass.

  • ysosxm

    ok guys heres a tip when reporting mass issue that multiple users are experiencing on an app vs device issue

    1. Was there an update for APP or the Device?

    2. Contact the company that Updated first then contact the other (some cases after an update broke something it can take 2-4 weeks for the two companies to contact each other example: after ginger bread update came out HTC EVO Netflix would kick me out after 5-10 mins and i would have to login again. Issue was fixed after 2 weeks and that was 5 years ago when the top rated phone was evo 4g the first 4g phone and most used app was netflix

    3. Get to the highest level Tech Support for both companies and if the agent doesnt say “i will have to escalate this issue ask for a supervisor and ask them to escalate the issue

    4. Wait….

    P.S.: When contacting a service company don’t say to the front line care :my “””Roku”””” is having issues, you will have someone try to lookup what a roku is for 10 minutes, You wouldnt call your phone/tv/internet company and say my Phillips isnt working. Instead say “my internet streaming device is not playing audio”

    Current issue is effecting most/all Roku’s since Roku’s 6.1 update and also explaining this when calling the service company and the Device’s company can help getting issue resolved sooner

    The issues listed below can be caused by Network Issue and by defective app so in most cases companies have a Top level phone support team that then finds a pattern of multiple calls about the same thing in a single day>Then they escalate the issue with their supervisor whom either writes a report or contacts a team that doesn’t take calls from customers>this team confirms the issue>they then escalate it to the next team that either starts to fix it or they would contact the other party. Because of the 1000s of people claiming the same issues but they are truely experiencing either corrupt app or network issue it can take the team that confirms what the people on the top level phone support are claiming. Just like getting behind the old guy in line saying my phone keeps turning off every time i dont press anything for a minute it must be broke! be ready for a little bit of a wait when resolving an issue between a devices and an app
    -Asking you to login again in a loop
    -Looping audio
    -NO Audio
    -wrong username/password
    -Cannot connect to service/service


    Had an online chat with Roku tech support. They say it’s an ongoing software issue, they are aware of it and working to fix it as soon as possible, though they don’t know how soon that will be… They say there is nothing we need to do to our boxes. It will just start working again when it’s fixed.

  • SamIamTwo

    So I finally get a reply from ROKU…was told do the same thing I did when it started messing up.

    Perhaps the tech who answered my email should be talking to the online tech that NYSLOB got hold of in chat session.

  • Pedro

    I added the channel Jan 25, 2015. I can log into SiriusXM and can see and start the stations. I just don’t hear AUDIO (the point of the entire service). I see the songs changing (the album covers change every few minutes). I called SiriusXM — they said ROKU updated its software — talk to ROKU. I called ROKU. They said they’re working on it and will contact me soon. Excited for the new channel — bummed it doesn’t work.

  • MD

    Please fix the SiriusXM App!!

  • Mike

    it “Works” but it keeps pausing

  • Boogieboard

    Stopped working on my Roku 2 months ago. Just got a Roku 3 for a different TV and it works on it. Still doesn’t work on the Roku 2.

    • Serious Radio

      finally figured out how to get my xm working again.
      Here is what you need to do to downgrade the firmware:
      Press the home button 5 times
      press ff 3 times
      press rewind 2 times
      select cycle update server
      select update software

      it set the firmware back to 5.5 and xm is now working.
      this worked on roku 2 and 3

  • Ryan S Ruckman

    I just got Sirius and the Roku channel does not have all the channels the desktop player has? There is no search for channels. Went to Sirius chat for help no one knows about Roku. I dont know what to do. I think the channels on Roku are not as many as it should be considering I spent over $200 for this. Any ideas?

  • Spark749

    Down loaded the app. Can’t login and customer support at Sirius XM, thinks my Roku player is a radio. They no understand.

  • RT Barshaw

    Have the issues with this app been solved yet? And is On Demand available?

  • Ron B

    9/8/2016 – I added a date since older posts simply say “2 years ago”. Are there any plans to rewrite the SiriusXM app? Before I renew my subscription to SiriusXM, I want to make sure the “14 minute” buffering problem as well as the random logoff, must log back in problem has been resolved. I know that ROKU continuously updates it’s software, but are the apps upgraded automatically as well?

  • ronald felder

    What’s the difference between this sirius/xm app and the one that has been out for a number of years? I’ve had one for a good while.

  • Mike Schmitt

    Happy to see that the SiriusXM app (within the past few days as far as I’m aware) has been upgraded and totally overhauled! They’ve fixed a number of issues and gripes (the buffer cut issue SEEMS to be fixed, though only tested briefly), but more importantly, the UI is now modern & a lot more competent – you can bookmark channels right from the channel list, find on demand content, set the screensaver timeout time to a custom value, and (finally!) the screensaver now actually displays what’s playing.