The number of channels for our UK streamers continues to grow and we have more exciting news…ITV Player is available now in the Roku® Channel Store for UK customers!

This is a major addition as ITV Player makes it possible to catch up on content across ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV! That means shows such as Coronation Street, Britain’s Got Talent, Emmerdale, This Morning, Cold Blood and The Vampire Diaries, as well game shows, news, children’s entertainment and documentaries – all available to stream when you want, where you want. ITV Player also provides coverage of this summer’s World Cup and Tour de France sporting events, which are not to be missed!

ITV Player is free and available now on all current-generation Roku players in the UK, including the new Roku Streaming Stick™ (HDMI® version).

Happy Streaming!

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  • wilsonyorks

    Many thanks for working with ITV to get their ITV Player onto
    Roku. As all four of our UK PSB channels now have their catch-up players on
    Roku together with Netflix, the Sky/Now TV options and the wonderful range of
    other channels these marvellous little Roku boxes (and sticks) are the best way of accessing on-line television through a TV set. For a
    Yorkshire Man or a Yorkshire Lass, who values his/her ‘brass’, they are certainly
    great value.

  • varsas

    Nice to hear; we’re now only missing the 1 crucial channel in Amazon Instant!

  • Davy

    Not on my Roku stick but on Roku 3, how come? Why no Amazon Instant?

  • jamesgc

    When is Amazon VOD coming to Roku UK?!

  • maraxx

    does it have subtitles ?

  • jeff

    just got the Roku 3 and am having issues accesses older shows on the itv player. i can play whats on the screen but how do i search for older coronation street that is still within the 30 days/

    • varsas

      That’s probably ITV limiting access to content.

      • Bethany Newbould


        You seem to know quite a lot about the Roku can you maybe help me? My itv hub isn’t giving me my 30 day catch up its only letting me choose the last episode of everything, my mums is working fine on her Samsung tablet so it can’t be access can it?

        • varsas

          Hi, as I mentioned in my previous comment I think it’s ITV limiting content available via Roku. I’ve had a look at the app and as you say only the latest episode of shows is available.

          • Bethany Newbould

            Thanks, do you think it will ever work then as I only really got it for my catch up so its pointless having it otherwise, is it the Roku or the itv hub as I’ll ring itv?

          • varsas

            I tweeted ITVhub and RokuUK about this just now so perhaps they’ll reply but ultimately this problem lies with ITV. The app is theirs and they control the content. The Roku is merely a platform for them to use.

          • Bethany Newbould

            Ok thanks, please let me know if you receive a reply.

          • L O’D

            As far as I can see you can access other episodes once you begin watching the current episode. One it begins press pause then go to ‘View all episodes’ on the left . It’s v annoying that you need to go through adverts & begin watching this episode , before getting access to others, but it is possible

          • varsas

            You’re absolutely right! It’s also a completely stupid and unintuitive way of presenting a series…

          • sarah acheson

            Exactly the answer I was looking for – you’re right it’s completely unintuitive, has taken 15 mins of faffing and then googling. A way of making you endure more adverts perhaps. Thanks all.

          • Elaine Rice

            Thanks so much. Wanted to watch the first episode of Vera on my TV with Roku stick but could only find the most recent episode. Thought I was going to have to watch it on the ITV Hub on my laptop. Pity I had to waste half an hour trying to find out what to do. This is when blogs are so helpful.

          • mickobaggie

            thanks for this … I have been trying to solve this problem for ages

    • Bethany Newbould

      I am also having the same problem have you resolved the situation yet?

  • mickobaggie

    How do I add the ITV player app to my Roku menu? It’s not there right now

    • varsas

      Go to Steaming Channels and do a search for the ITV Hub app and add it; it’s been renamed from ITV player.

      • mickobaggie


  • Jon

    Does anyone know why ITV Hub on an ipad has more episodes than on Roku? An example is Grantchester which has 5 episodes available on the ipad but on the Roku only 1?

    • varsas

      See the other replies but try playing the episode and pausing. There should be an option to view all episodes.

      • Jon

        Thank you Varsasyou are a genius

  • Mike N

    On ITV hub I can only find the current episode of any programme series. How do I find the three previous weeks (as on internet)?

    • varsas

      See the other replies: start the episode and once passed the initial advert and into the episode press pause. You can then go to the additional episodes.

  • Anne Harwood

    I can’t get tonight s coronation street on my ITV hub it is 3 hrs after it was shown live still not come through only Wednesday episode showing what can I do