If you’re a big Hulu streamer like me, you’ve likely noticed the new Hulu Plus experience on Roku. It’s quick to load, navigation within the channel is super snappy too – 5x faster than the old channel! And the layout is slightly different to highlight stunning imagery from your favorite TV shows and movies.

We really owe this awesome channel to you though. The teams at Hulu and Roku have been listening all your feedback over the last year…yes, all of it. It took a bit longer than we expected but only because we wanted it to be the very best experience.

And we’re still listening. Tweet us, post on Facebook, comment below or email us. Tell us what channels you’d love to see, which ones need a little work and hey, you can even tell us we’re doing a good job.

Have you tried out the new Hulu Plus channel? Let us know what you think. Thanks to the folks who have sent us their feedback.

The Hulu update is great! I’m so happy with it, thank you!! – Amy S. on Facebook

Man, we turned on our Hulu Plus tonight, and WOW! Great update.” – Steven on Facebook

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  • Hulu would be such a great service if you could pay more for no ads!

  • Jason Miner

    The new Hulu app is horrible at rewinding or fast forwarding. I miss the ability to find frames like Netflix. Now it goes way too far when you are trying to do anything.

  • SomeGuy112

    Would be great if there was a restart option on Netflix. Right now if I watch something and want to start from the beginning later because someone hasn’t seen the movie yet, I have to start the movie and manually rewind (Reminds me of VHS rewind) all the way to the beginning. Really annoying, especially considering there use to be a restart option alongside resume before the latest Netflix update.

  • EnTerr

    Does this new version play well with the Roku remote apps? Previous Hulu did not play ball – keyboard did not work at all, also rewinding will get stuck.

  • KLevine

    Full episodes of CBS (not just clips) such as Under the Dome, Extant, Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly….. you get where this is going. Otherwise, great channel and UI.

    • rich

      yes- please get the apps that i have no my phone for CBS, ABC, wpix…..

  • silva

    A very simple feature that I miss in the new update is that little progress bar that tell you how much remains in the current ads break.

  • Blue Orion

    I’m sorry but this Hulu app update is a dud to me. The “more info” button is gone, and worst of all the synopses below the series page is simply too small to read in a regular living room. It’s like the interface designers forgot we are watching this on TV, NOT a computer. The Hulu interface looked much better on the original version. Also, the “search” feature is no longer available on my all-in-one remote, since I could previously just scroll to the search feature. Now I’m forced to dig out the Roku remote to press the * button.

    • Ken

      +1 on the ability to navigate to Search Options. Just make the friggin’ up-button highlight the search button. There’s no * button on most remote controls.

  • shelwood

    Every time they update Hulu on Roku, they make it worse. This latest rev is just awful.

    The queue is no longer in chronological order, so you can see new additions easily — it’s in alphabetical order, and so damned lazy they can’t even sort out the titles starting with The. Idiocy. This is going to be a nightmare when the fall premieres start. What moron thought this was a good idea? At least give me the option to put the queue back in order by airdate, like I can on the website. (I hit Option, but the only useful option is Search. No settings.)

    Also, the stupid enormous video preview still can’t be bothered to give me a full episode description. And scrolling through episode lists, it doesn’t tell me anything but episode title/airdate. So if I want to figure out what it is, I either have to start playing it, or go to imdb. So useless.

    They also seem to have now forced me to autoplay another video when I get to the end of my video, no way to turn it off. And if it’s not a series with a subsequent episode, do they give me the next item in my queue, or anything I have affirmed an interest in watching? Hell, no, it’s just some random crap which may or may not be vaguely similar to what I was watching — usually not. No, I do not want to watch a random Latino teen drama, thank you.

    For the next “upgrade”, could they please talk to actual users instead of just their marketing department?

    • AA

      agree. the interface just keeps getting worse and worse. hard to find shows i watch. the autoplay always play shows i hate. the commercials are just awful. i boycott the ones i keep seeing, easy to remember what not to buy since i keeps seeing the dam things

  • evry1nozits

    Hate the new format! Where is ‘Search’? How do I get subtitles on foreign shows? Ugh!

    • Emma

      Yes I would really love to know how to get subtitles as well! It is very easy to do on Netflix but I can’t seem to find any option to do it on Hulu while on the Roku.

  • Disgruntled hulu watcher

    I can no longer tell what I have previously watched. I also hate the infinite lateral scrolling. The words are too small. The pictures are too big. I miss the little ad clock. What a mess.

  • TimInPA

    The screenshot says it all. What idiot would design a TV user interface that does not conform to the geometry of a modern HDTV? The first row is chopped off, requiring a scroll to see it. The shows main description is so small that it can’t be read. The old interface was actually much better. This must have been designed by the nitwit son or daughter of the boss.

    • Lethe

      For some reason, they are in love with their ‘stunning imagery.’ Who cares about a screen shot from the show? If we’re here, we’re here for the show, not the screenshot. We need info, not pretty pictures.

  • Meg

    HELP. OMG this is really not good. Rewinding is useless unless you want to go back 10 minutes in a nanosecond. WTF? I need close-captioning – in my efforts to find out how to turn it on, HuluPlus froze my Roku. I watch many channels on my Roku all the time – none of them freeze. Only HuluPlus. It’s always frozen. So you’d think that if they were going to “improve” the UI, they’d actually, you know, IMPROVE it. I used to be able to turn on Closed-captioning within the stream of the show; it doesn’t appear to be possible and I’m not sure if captioning even exists anymore! I’m not sure who they were “listening” to regarding this channel UI “upgrade,” because I’d like to know who said “change everything that already works great and don’t fix the huge freezing problem that no other channel has.” Honestly, I was a very early adopter of HuluPlus on the a Roku and touted it to friends and family. I’ve been patient with it’s freezing issues because it enables me to watch things that won’t fit on the DVR and also let’s me avoid Comcast’s OnDemand service where programs are loaded with looong commercial breaks that you can’t fast-forward through – HuluPlus commercial breaks are short and relatively painless (although horridly repetitious, I don’t want to see the same commercial 8 times in 43 minutes…). But I really don’t see where anything has changed for the better, and I can’t even figure out how to do things I used to do that are necessary because it freezes the entire Roku, necessitating a restart (same old HuluPlus, sigh). I’ve been in UI design and usability testing (with focus groups) for two decades and I do. to believe that either of those disciplines could have been employed in this UI “upgrade.” Oh yeah, and if you hit the “*” key to get options (but not closed-captioning!), there’s no way to go back to the program you were watching! You have to back out of the program entirely … which freezes HuluPlus 9 times out of the 10 I tried. Others have listed other things already in these comments and I might be able to think of more except I can’t run through HuluPlus to check because my Roku is frozen! HuluPlus costs money every month and I was willing to put up with the freezing and the closed-captioning freezing by resetting my Roku all the time because of other benefits – but I’m really sad to say that I’m rethinking my years-long HuluPlus relationship … I’m so upset and frustrated! I honestly don’t think that this is the way to keep customers or sign up new ones. Hulu, what have you done??

  • SoManyPeopleAreFatNowAdays

    The new fast forward and rewind is horrible. You used to be able to skip ahead or rewind 1o-2o-or 3o seconds now that’s impossible, except for the circle arrow button but how about rew. or FF 5o seconds? Now you can press rew or ff and it goes 2-3 minutes. It would be nice to not have to go rev or ff huge chunks of time and then if you want to try to go back it freezes then total system restart, obviously taking minutes and minutes to restart.

  • Leanna Julin

    The hulu plus on my roku is horrible. Everytime i try to rewind it freezes up.It takes a good hour for me to get it to restart because it freezes up. I have to turn t.v. on and off a bunch of times and then take batteries out of roku remote. Then try to turn off tv and unplug roku for a few seconds. This wouldn’t be so bad if I could get back to my other channel’s but I can’t even do that. Why is this happening???? I only have my roku box to watch T.V. and hulu messes it up everytime. Please fix this problemm

    • Wendy

      While I can’t fix hulu, I can help you get your roku running again faster: Google “roku soft reset” for the remote button sequence to reset it. It’s worked for me no matter how dead the roku is, which actually never happened from the Roku app, but more often from History or Amazon.

  • Heather

    I am capped on my data usage by my ISP. I have fallen asleep while watching hulu and woken to find it still playing hours later. I need, not just want, to be able to disable autoplay .
    Additional comments would be to put a better and more sensical order to the Shows You Watch section. There are shows there I’ve never watched. They aren’t in the order I’ve been watching. I used to love the hulu app on my Roku devices because it was the best for keeping up with fall TV, but these issues are really problematic.

    • Karen

      They’re in there because they played while you were asleep. I have the exact same problem.

      • Lethe

        True. Now, if you watch a single episode of a show, hulu adds the whole show to your update queue automatically, instead of letting you decide whether or not you want it there. There must be some $$ upside to hulu and/or the networks for this, since it certainly isn’t a boon to end users.

        • Dark_Space

          Of course – every time a commercial plays they get paid $0.13, or whatever, so autoplay is a boon!

    • Dark_Space

      I found IT! Go to the first row when you first open Hulu on the Roku, where it says TV, Movies, etc and keep scrolling right until you get to Settings, click, disable autoplay. Its all the way pas “Korean Dramas”, they buried it deep as if determined to infuriate their customers.

      • joe

        You are a STUD!

  • PleaseFIX

    It really is terrible for all the reasons stated. Please fix ASAP.

  • Vicki Stenulson

    I just signed up with hulu plus after ditching cable. it constantly restarts or buffers. i just watched a show that restarted 22 times. This is absurd, why does it do that?

    • Hulu secretly sucks. There used to be 1 commercial when it came out and now there are 4. I would actually pay more to not have any but Hulu refuses to add this as an option. I actually went back to Dish and the Hopper and I do not have to sit through the commercials at all. Lesser of two evils is actually the cord!

  • Lainey

    Really upset with the new update. I can’t search anymore. There is now a thing in the corner that says search with a * next to it. I don’t have a * on my remote 🙁

  • Ed

    I think the recommendations are pretty good – I’ve found some interesting movies that way.

    Accessing the queue and “Search & Options” causes my Roku 3 to freeze. So -1 for that. Current workaround is to search from the Roku main menu to find Hulu Plus content.

  • Rindy

    I like the channels and the price is fine…..the formatting and interface is horrible. Hulu should do something similar to Netflix, HBO on the go, or even Amazon.

  • GG Deser

    Tried advice on huluPlus site to deactivate autoplay on TV device (Roku) and it does NOT work. Anyone figure out how to do it yet? I just signed up for HuluPlus and am not thrilled with it on my Roku. Have all the issues stated below happened in one day! Any help would be appreciated even if it can’t be done. Then I’ll just cancel my subscription. Thanks.

  • Anjaya Sylvester

    Overall the new version is good but I can no longer rewind 10 seconds. Whenever I try, it always goes back either 1second or 2 minutes…. it can get quite annoying. Another thing is subtitles. I can’t turn on subtitles when watching the video when I was able before the big change. I can’t even find how to turn them on in the menu either. Please fix this…

  • imkaldiva

    I’m about ready to cancel! They’ve increased the amount of ads to where they aren’t worth keeping!!

  • MrWonderful61

    I’ve done some googling, but I can’t find a thread about the latest Roku sw (5.6.60) locking up frequently when pausing a Hulu Plus show. When it happens, it happens immediately. The screen usually goes black and the Roku stops responding to the remote. The power light still flickers, but nothing seems to work, except for the soft-reboot sequence (5xhome,up,2xrw,2xff). Anyone else having similar experiences?

  • Chris Flowers

    I refuse to pay for commercials. No dice Hulu Plus.

  • Matt Silber

    The Hulu seek forward and backward functions are way too fast now. Very frustrating to use.

  • Liz

    Still a hatefull app, freezing is new, but the same old problems are still there. Titles are all too small to read, and when a sow in a series ends you have to go back out then to the episode list and try to find the next one in the season.
    Stupid and frustrating, even during a free trial I want to scream at the set every time I watch it.

  • Tanya

    I have an older roku and a newer one and I noticed that on my older roku, I can get say all seasons of Resurrection whereas i can only get the current season on the newer roku. Why is that….I also checked Grimm and I can get seasons 1, 3, and 4 on the old roku and only the current season on the new roku.

  • ZeeGauntlet

    Thinking about getting a Roku 3 and the primary channel I would use is Hulu…is the update still as bad as I’m reading? Also, can you still use Hulu like on the computer (with ads) even if you don’t have a subscription? Or can you not watch it at all unless you have a sub?

  • winklewoo79

    Thinking about getting a Roku 3. Can you use the Hulu plus on a Roku 3 in the UK? Or is it only America only?

    • No, largely due to licensing restrictions, Hulu Plus is only available in USA. (There is a Japanese version of Hulu, but it doesn’t list Roku as a compatible device.)

  • RokuOhio

    turn off AUTOPLAY on my ROKU! this is ridiculous.

  • DMartinKC

    The Hulu Plus App for Roku absolutely sucks. Everytime you watch an episode you have to exit all the way back to the home menu and start all over. On the Roku stick it isn’t even worth loading – just terrible. Can’t Hulu get themselves organized and eliminate all the redundant and bloated crap in their app and just make it simple? Why would I pay for Hulu just to spend my time fighting with the application. Takes five or six minutes of juggling through the application and freezes every darn time i want to watch something. Rediculous!

  • Rwp

    I urge anyone researching streaming service options to pass on Hulu, go with Amazon prime and/or Netflix. Streaming services are the future and will likely overtake the cable tv industry in the coming years. Hulu forces commercials upon viewers who pay for their service, Amazon and Netflix are ad free. Don’t support Hulu setting the standard for streaming services to have commercials…or before you know it all the streaming services will be as bad as cable tv with the annoying, interrupting ads.

    • Hulu Plus and CBS All Access are subscription services which use commercials to offset the cost of the new content. I just wish they would add a higher tier subscription that would remove all commercials. It doesn’t take many purchases of full seasons of TV shows on services like Vudu or Amazon to pay more than a year’s subscription to Hulu Plus and/or CBS All Access. Amazon Prime and Netflix are great, but they very rarely have the current season of TV shows and certainly not from CBS, ABC, NBC, or Fox.

  • Digital Jedi

    A lot of these comments seem to be people who really hadn’t ever used the * button before, or are just overlooking the settings menu, which is, and has always been, accessible on the main page. (Autoplay is pretty much the only setting, and CC has always been a matter of toggling the * button.)

    However, technical issues and user error aside, there are some things that are still just bad design. I know that comes off first world-y, but some of this should just make basic UI design sense.

    * The queue should not be alphabetical, when all queues, including this one, have always been chronological. Alphabetical serves no purpose, and makes looking for new shows, out of legacy shows you’re watching casually, a hunt and peck process.
    * The queue should be the preselected option when entering the channel. Not one down and the fourth option over. (Off screen, in my case.)
    * The queue should autoplay, er, your queue. Preferably, in the order you set in the List version of the web queue. (Like it used to.) I mean, isn’t that even what “queue” means?
    * There is 0 practical reason for favorites to appear above your queue. Even style-wise, this looks weird.
    * Web only shows should have remained in the queue with the warning dialog. Not removed altogether. This is, also, the primary reason to have a queue. I’m not checking the web AND the computer everyday. I am, however, regularly watching Hulu on my TV.
    * Ten second rewind should be able to rewind past commercials (even into commercials would be acceptable). Not hit a wall at them. Then again, that may be a technical limitation.
    * Navigation to play an episode should be simplified. So in addition to having to find the queue, and then searching for your show in a messy queue, your preselected option is, not an episode, but Series Info. Then (if you don’t know you can hit Play from this menu), you scroll down, hit OK, only to be taken to…Episode Info. Then scroll down and hit play. It’s not a logical set of steps.
    * Minor Quibble: Why do I need to know that show I just watched, is a show I watch in “Shows You Watch”? Particularly when it’s a show the channel randomly selected, and played for ten seconds, on autoplay.

    • Yes, I believe not being able to do a 10 second rewind past (or into) commercials is a technical limitation. I’ve read that Roku can only handle one stream at a time and it seems likely that the commercials are a separate stream, so the channel is having to switch streams at the start and end of each commercial break.

      Graphical design and UI/UX design are different things. Some people do both well… others not so much.

      I have’t used this new version of the channel myself, so thanks for mentioning that there is an option to disable autoplay.

  • Lethe

    No better now, six months later. It’a a mess. As shelwood states below, things are disordered, and these guys seem to be disproportionately proud of all the ENORMOUS ‘stunning imagery’ that contributes nothing and takes up all available screen space, leaving none for the sort of information that used to be included. LIke EXPIRATION DATES. I keep losing episodes because to see the expiration date, you actually have to hover over the ‘stunning imagery’ to get it, instead of just having it there at a glance, they way they used to. And where you previously had the option of using a list version that dropped the graphics down to minimal and provided the info on all your shows in a list on a single page (or two, if you had a huge queue), now you have to scroll through endless ‘stunning imagery’. Hulu’s seems to be trying to be a third rate version of netflix. They forget that netflix streams entire seasons of prior seasons, not single episodes of current shows. The two formats are NOT compatible.

  • SadHuluLover

    Hulu+ is the only channel on my roku that freezes every 10-20 min. I even factory reset my roku – no help. I’m having to come to accept I just can’t watch Hulu.

  • I have a brand new Roku and am already having issues with Hulu Plus freezing every time we try to watch something. It only happens with Hulu, so I assume it is that channel that has the issue. It is really discouraging since we went with the Roku after ditching our cable based on such great reviews.

  • Matt

    It won’t even play certain shows for me forget the autoplay stuff, I could play The Flash this morning. Haven’t been able to play Gotham ever. Started trying four days ago, it’s even frozen the Roku trying to play that show. Blacklist doesn’t play either.

  • kristyjnh

    I just started a Hulu Plus subscription and discovered the poor state of the Roku app. Finding shows I watch regularly is a bit of a pain, I can’t change the caption style, making them useless, and it often freezes on a black screen. It doesn’t look like Hulu cares to fix these problems, given that it’s been a year now with the same problems. I may swap my membership for an indoor antenna.

  • upthepeople

    I just canceled hulu plus because it still sucks on Roku in September 2015.

  • Sean Merrigan

    I love all the content on Hulu, and the web interface was years ahead of its time, but the Roku app has a lot of room for improvement. Making me fast forward and rewind video like it’s on a VHS tape infuriates me. Why can’t you just be like everyone else? And is it really so hard to add the ‘new’ badges from the mobile app to the Roku app? Or, better yet, why not just have one of the rows be ‘Unwatched Episodes of Shows You Watch?’

  • John Smith

    I just got the Roku 4 and hooked it into my Hulu channel. This is brilliant! However… where did my queue go? I don’t see it when looking at Hulu through the Roku – which means i have no idea if there are any new episodes of my shows. Is that a feature for some future version?

  • LT

    it sucks!!! it keeps loading and it is annoying to watch a 30 min. show with more pauses than watching it life on tv!

  • disqus_gnktvQGMEA

    What happen to the episodes that were left to watch. I can do it on the tablet app and the computer but not on the Roku player.

  • Larry B

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Did anyone actually USE this on Roku before they wrote how great it looked? Gee, ever thought that a user would actually like to be able to go forward or back just a little? No, you made it so the only navigation while viewing is full fast forward or full rewind…and it jumps so fast that you have NO chance of stopping it where you would like.

    Netflix is your competition….take a cue from their interface. HBO Go did, and theirs is easy to negotiate. Yes, you made it “prettier”, but in the end it is VIEWING that is important, and your interface SUCKS!

  • Jordan JeloRoc Croff

    Please look at all of the other corporate apps on Roku and copy them, or hire their developers, because the Hulu app is god awful as far as navigation and connectivity.

  • FightinTexasAggieBand

    Thank you Netflix and Amazon Prime for offering more and better programming, commercial free.

    The navigational features of the Queue was an advantage that Hulu has tossed away inexplicably.

    The only thing worse than the Watchlist itself is how Hulu has handled complaints about the Watchlist.

  • Tony Gutierrez

    Rewinding is awful! Did anyone test this!?

  • Eric Curto

    My Hulu app now is terrible, with each episode I watch it cancels out every few minutes and goes back to the Episode menu. I called Hulu and their troubleshooting didn’t help so now I have to call Roku themselves.

  • joshua

    Is there any way to revert to Hulu’s previous UI?????

  • Rhonda Sue Holle

    Just bought a Roku, setting it up the curser raced all over the screen. After an hour got it set up. Day 2, go to use it and it races all over instead of stopping on each app. Get to my app and it races all over and makes it near impossible to choose an episode. Very frustrating. My other Roku, same model doesn’t do this.