The school holidays are in full swing and many parents will be wondering how to keep the kids entertained, particularly on rainy days. This is why we have dedicated this week’s blog to the best children’s content you can stream this summer on Roku!

Let us know what your kids like to watch on Roku in the comments box below.

  • Rio 2 (Movie) – It’s fiesta time again as we rejoin city parrot Blu (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) and his free-spirited other half Jewel (Anne Hathaway) for their second South American escapade. In this fine-feathered adventure, Blu takes his fledgling family to the Amazon for a taste of the great outdoors. From the familiar quirky characters and toe-tapping score to the fast-moving visuals and plot, it’s a rip-snorting odyssey that even brings them beak-to-beak with Blu’s old nemesis, cocky cockatoo Nigel (Jemaine Clement). Stream in now on Sky Store.
  • Harriet’s Army (Series) – Harriet’s Army – drama series set during World War I in which 14-year-old Harriet forms her own army of misfit children to search for spies. Available on CBBC iPlayer.
  • Officially Amazing (Series) – Ben Shires, Al Jackson and Haruka Kuroda once again travel the world to find the greatest official world record attempts, and world record holders out there. Catch series one on CBBC iPlayer.
  • Kate and Mim-Mim (Series) – Animated series about feisty five-year-old Kate and her huggable toy bunny Mim-Mim. Kate and Mim-Mim help their friends catch a surprise sapling seed. Watch it now on CBeebies iPlayer.
  • Mr. Men (Series) – Meet Mr. Bump, the most accident-prone man in Dillydale; Little Miss Whoops, who despite her propensity for disaster would feel no unease transporting fragile items while driving a bus; Mr. Small, who is often over-looked or not seen at all and Little Miss Naughty, who “just can’t help herself”. Catch this updated classic on Demand 5.
  • Swashbuckle (Series) – In this latest pirate-themed game show, it’s Captain Sinker’s birthday and Cook and Line are throwing her a surprise party! Available now on CBeebies iPlayer.
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (Series) – Meet fairy princess Holly and her elf best friend Ben. Holly is still learning how to do magic, Ben can’t do magic, but is very brave! Watch on demand on Nick Jr. using Now TV.
  • The Haunted Hathaways – A family move into a house that’s already occupied by another family, and a whole bunch of ghosts! Available now on Nickelodeon using Now TV.
  • Sanjay and Craig (Series) – Watch the whole first series now on Nickelodeon using Now TV and watch as Sanjay gets up to all sorts of mischief with his best friend Craig.
  • A Tiger’s Tail (Movie) – When baby tiger cub Luna escapes from an animal sanctuary and hides in his school rucksack, it’s up to young Billy (Will Spencer) to get the escape critter back to home. However, it’s not that easy as Luna proves to be a handful and proceeds to run riot through Billy’s house. Catch it now on Sky Store.


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