In January, back at CES, we announced that we are working with TV manufacturers to build Roku TV models – a new, simplified Smart TV based on the Roku platform. Today I’m delighted to celebrate with Hisense and TCL on the launch of their Roku TV models!

Just like our Roku players, Roku TV offers an exceptional streaming experience filled with endless entertainment choices. But we didn’t just stick a Roku player inside the TV. We enhanced the Roku operating system to power the entire TV experience. That means we’ve applied our philosophy of simple and powerful across the entire TV – from the home screen to the remote control to picture settings. Combining the Roku OS with our partners expertise in TV hardware design, manufacturing and scale, we’re thrilled to deliver  the best Smart TV in the market.

Consumers will love the personalized home screen which places their favorite entertainment options like the cable TV box, game console and streaming channels front and center. There’s no more flipping through inputs or wading through complicated menus to select entertainment.

Content providers benefit from developing their streaming channel once for the Roku platform and having it instantly available across all Roku devices – so that’s Roku players, The Roku Streaming Stick and Roku TV models.

We believe a simple, content-rich experience should be in all Smart TVs. Different from the complex, yet content limited Smart TVs that have been on the market so far, Roku TVs give consumers:

  • A personalized home screen with quick access to entertainment favorites
  • Simple remote control – we removed half the buttons of a traditional TV remote, including the input button
  • Endless entertainment with more than 1,700 streaming channels – that’s 200,000 movies and TV episodes plus hundreds of choices for fitness, sports, news, kids, music and much more
  • Roku Search for finding more entertainment across the top 13 streaming channels
  • Integration with mobile devices through the free Roku mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Frequent software updates from Roku so the TV is always fresh with new streaming channels and features
  • An amazing overall value – starting as low as $229 for the 32 inch

TCL and Hisense continue to climb in popularity among consumers, as the world’s third and fourth best selling TV brands, respectively. They are quickly establishing themselves as leaders in the U.S.

Hisense Roku TVs will be available in 40-inch, 48-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch models from major national retailers beginning in late September.

TCL Roku TVs are available for pre-order now from in 40-inch, 48-inch and 55-inch models. TCL Roku TVs will be available through major national retailers in the coming weeks.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the new Roku TVs! This is just the beginning.

Happy Streaming,

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  • EnTerr

    Best of luck with the new Roku TVs!

    Btw Amazon indicates will be avail in 2-3 mo.

    • Thanks! The 48-inch TCL Roku TV will ship first (about 2-3 weeks).

      • Ayrhon Elliott

        Hi I need some help with my tcl roku TV

  • Nate

    Where can I buy (or order ) it? I’ve been searching, but can’t find it.

    • Hi Nate, you can find the TCL Roku TV here (48 inch is shipping now): They will be available at other major retailers in the coming weeks. The Hisense Roku TV will also be available at major retailers in late September.

  • Tisha Young Hampton

    Was in Walmart today as a vendor and saw the Hisense TVs and laughed because of name…So theres your answer folks….

  • Peter

    When is the 32 inch going to be available? TCL site doesn’t redirect me.

  • jntaylor1701

    There is one BIG problem with these Roku TVs; no LAN port. If you want stable 1080p streaming, its LAN or bust.

  • Lim Kenneth

    what is the ac power

  • LDS

    In need of a 32 inch TV for bedroom. Roku sounds perfect. How long of a wait until the 32″ available? Checked Amazon etc and did not find any information on the 32 inch TV.

  • David Gabel

    They need true 120 or 240Hz displays as well. 60 is ok, but having higher rates will help as a TV overall when using other items connected to it (like a PC or console for gaming)

  • Paul

    Where can I get the 32 inch TCL Roku TV?

  • cooldela1966

    I need the 32 inch to fit into my bedroom cabinet.

  • tcue

    So will there be a 32″? If so, when will they be available?

  • wdaub1

    Big issue with the sets is that the Watch ESPN and Watch Disney is not supported and no one can explain why Returning the 2 TV sets I purchased

  • Slap Happy

    It’s now Christmas shopping season – where’s the 32″??

  • chicavee

    I too have been searching and searching for the 32-inch! Where O’ where can it be???

  • D.

    I am also interested in the 32 inch model of the ROKU TV? I have a very small apt. that can only accommodate the 32 inch model. I’ve looked on the web and I see TCL does make one but I can’t find out WHERE I can buy it. HELP!!!

  • bud

    can I still watch cable tv like a regular tv

  • lisa

    why wont my roku sMART tv connect to my wireless internet ?

  • BamaChick256

    I got a 32′ for $188.00 for Christmas, I love it

  • M

    Is Visio smart TV compatible with Roku?

  • Possum

    I am having problems running my TCL Roku Smart TV. I get what I call “hiccup” loading and downloading. I was told try to connect it directly to my modem for the internet, but how. Also, I was told I could use a WiFi Range Extender. Right now I have 10mbps download and 2mbps upload. the internet I’m using has a 15mbps download and 2mbps upload. I was told a I would need a broadband connection for streaming movies. I really want to sit back and enjoy my new TV, but I just can’t. I am willing t buy or do anything to make this possible, but I’m truly in the dark. I would like to possibly record or download the program into something and be able to watch it at my leisure. How can I do that. Can you steer me in the right direction?

    • New YorkBx Willie

      I dont know where your from but im from nyc so i have cable that comes with internet and a router. i connecting the tv was as easy as a smart phone.

  • tishylu

    I have Dish, which would be hooked up thru the cable input. I need to set the TV to channel 73 in order to access my Dish services. With no numbers for channels on the remote, how do I input channel 73? Then, when I want to use the Roku, how do I select that option? Can I use this TV? Was going to buy one thru Amazon but this has me reconsidering….

    • New YorkBx Willie

      use the HDMI to hook it to the tv that will make it easier for you.

  • New YorkBx Willie

    i got the 55 inch and i love it. look to get a 32 inch for my bedroom cause i cant get to the one in my living room. the family just love all it can do, the casting, all the apps, music, tv, just a great tv.

  • CONCERN customer

    I am living in the Caribbean and I have sharp Roku tv 43″ but the Netflix, amazon or mego not working or even showing up on the tv.. Can someone tell me what maybe the problem for this .

  • Salvatore Chiappone Surdi

    in Italy because the TV does not have tcl roku?You can be installed with a few steps?

  • patricia

    We just purchased 23 of the 32inch TV what do we have to do to make them work. We thought they were just like regular TVs one is for a rv and one for home do you have to have a ruku box or other types of TV boxes for them to work. We are not up to date on the new devices. Can someone please tell me what I have to do.

  • Lois Scholer

    what does the cirle with th pencil inside me?

    • Iptv Guy

      I know of a private Roku channel to get all the live network channels and movies if interested email me for more details

      • Heather Duerden

        whats the private channel

        • Mike

          Email me and I’ll give you more information

  • Abderrahim Mazzouri

    should i have internet to watch roku tv

  • Mike

    Want to cut your cable or Satellite Monthly cost? See movies, series and Live Channel in HD on Demand for half the price !! Or less. More TV and 100% Legal
    Email me for details

  • Art

    How do I label channels on my TCL Roku tv

  • Tien Huynh

    Can you hook up a gaming console to play

  • Deborah Marks

    Do you need a cable or satelite company anymore if you have the 32″ TCL Roku TV?



  • Deborah Hyde

    I’m new at this kind of tech so my question is . if I have WiFi I don’t need a modem cause my TV is like a smart phone?l

  • Jason D@boimac

    Question?? Do all roku tv’s run the same platform

  • Linette Davis Knox

    How do I get my ,roku tv to accept my direct tv?

  • Jody Walker

    Can I just say that not having the remote wifi point anywhere with an audio phone jack has made this entire thing a deal breaker? Too bad I only found out after purchasing. I will be returning it and buying a regular tv and using the Roku 4. There is literally more functionality doing it this way.

  • Brandon Spears

    I Was Fortunate enough to get a Brand New 55 inch Roku Smart TV Free I’m very impressed with how it works and runs (Yeah Buddy)