Today we’re happy to announce that we have sold 10 million Roku players in the United States! This is a huge milestone for our company and we want to thank all of you for helping us to achieve it. We are dedicated to bringing consumers the best streaming TV experience and we’re grateful that our fans continue to support and recognize us for making America’s favorite streaming players.

Just over six years ago we shipped the very first Roku player to stream Netflix to the TV and now our players are synonymous with TV streaming. Today Roku players feature more than 1,800 channels – that’s 1,000 more channels than available on other streaming players. And because of this vast selection of entertainment, Roku players stream more than other streaming players. In fact, new NPD data1 found that Roku is the popular choice among streaming players and accounts for an aggregate 37 million hours of video streamed per week compared to Apple TV at 15 million hours, Chromecast at 12 million hours and Amazon Fire TV at six million hours. You’re also referring your friends to Roku more than any other streaming device, according to NPD. Thank you!

In celebration of the milestone, we created a cool infographic that shows interesting Roku fun facts and trends. Does your city have the most Roku fans? What are people searching for on Roku? Click on the infographic below to find out.

[Click to view full infographic]

It’s been an incredible journey for Roku and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Here’s to the next 10 million!

Use the hashtag #Roku10Million today to help us celebrate – and if you’re one of our 10 million Roku streamers we always love to see your Roku photos too! Ten Roku 3 players will be given away over a 10-day sweepstakes on Facebook. More details can be found at:

1 July 2014 proprietary consumer study conducted for Roku by The NPD Group, Inc.

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  • EnTerr

    Much impressed by the 10M number indeed!

    But who is this “NPD”?
    It is quoted as source but there is no link. Is that available somewhere as a report, even if a summary/abstract?

    • Dragonzord

      NPD is pretty famous…

      • fentonr

        Yeah, NPD is considered the industry standard for retail sales figures.

        • EnTerr

          Is that one NPD (National Purchase Diary) Group? Its “rap sheet” on wikipedia is a stub.

          Where is the data/report in question though?

  • Israr Khan

    it is amazing, how a smaller company is getting it right in competition with giants..

  • Saleem

    I love Roku and like the team to add RTMP streaming protocol in the SDK.

  • Dennis Marks

    I don’t do facebook BUT I would like to enter the sweepstakes. Please!

  • Willy Chucta

    How is the new internet speed changes going effect ROKO access and speed

  • Willy Chucta

    my TV’s don’t have HDMI ports. They use usb type cable. Can I still use ROKU

  • Sarah

    Ha ha… my nearly new roku died and really is a brick!!! Thanks roku!

    • We’re so sorry to hear that, Sarah. Please reach out to our support team anytime and they can help troubleshoot:

  • Paul

    I too would like to enter but we choose not to Facebook

  • Diva

    I’m not a face book user, however I would like to enter the sweepstakes. Thank You!!

  • ronzo500

    Do I have to get cable to get this to work r not

    • Dale Applegate

      Any wifi connection for internet service, such as internet service through your cable pervider, AT&T uverse. Dial up is to slow. Once you purchase your Rocu at you local walmart, best buy, so on and so fourth. It only cost you the money that you internet service and $9.00 per month for thousands of viewing options. P.S. You need to have awireless internet router. Provided by your internet service provider. Hope this helps

  • john

    I just want to say I.owe three roku 3 this little machine is totally awesome if you don’t like what is on t v I turn on my roku and enjoy hours of movies and many hour of music I love my roku

  • Tru

    Hey Anthony,
    Why does ROKU play commercials on channels like CRACKLE which are commercial free when I stream them on my computer? I noticed this is the case with a number of other streaming website channels you carry

    • Your question should be directed to Crackle. It is playing the commercials, not Roku.

  • Congratulations! I’m a huge Roku fan, having three in my house, and am really pleased with the success your company has seen. I’ve been a fan of yours since the audio streaming days (I was very sad when you exited that market). Way to go!

    It’s hard, however, not to look at the speed and features of the Fire TV (I bought one two weeks ago) and not wish for the same features on a Roku. If the Fire TV had an audio jack, I’d use it as my primary streamer. The Roku 3 is 13+ months now old, and I haven’t heard even a whisper of a Roku 4. The lack of updates to the Roku 2 is frustrating – my kid watching Netflix is polluting my Netflix recommendations and history. I see focus being placed on putting Roku technology in TVs from brands I’ve never hear of, and would never buy, and I worry that your company has not only lost its way, but forgotten about the enthusiasts who bought so many of your products.

    I hope I’m wrong and there’s a Roku 4 waiting in the wings. Know that I’ll be the first to buy it!

    • trish

      I need 3 in my house. Do I need to have 3 wifi connections or will the wifi in my house work for all 3 boxes?

      • You can use one WiFi network with all three Rokus. Depending on the speed of your network, and your Internet connection, you may not be able to use all three at the same time to get 1080p video content, but overall it should work OK.

  • Steve Forman

    How can I convince the Philadelphia area to switch over to roku? Been a customer for 4.5 years and by far the best streaming device. What sales pitch can I use? Some people are so used to cable tv. I know better.

  • Tru

    Hey Anthony,
    Why does ROKU charge a fee to watch a free channel movie or series without commercials? Enquiring minds want to know…..

    • notadummylikeyou

      What are you talking about? Roku doesn’t charge the fees…. the channel or app charges a fee (IE HULU PLUS or Netflix)…. get educated.

  • meequikit

    Same here. I’m not on Facebook, and I would like to enter the sweepstakes also.

  • Michael

    Is it currently possible (I may have missed it), or is there any plan to include Google Play in the Roku line-up? I have movies purchased through Google play to view on my cellular device while traveling on the road. Wish I could view them on my big screen TV when home. Thank you!

    • Trebor

      I’d like to see this too, Michael, but it’s somewhat iffy as to whether or not Google would allow it, since they sell competing products (in my opinion, they’re fools not too, it’s the content sales that are more important than the Chromecast sales). However, you may still be able to see your content on the big screen if your Android device has an HDMI output (which many of them do, though sometimes you need a special adapter cable).

  • Lisa Munday

    I first heard of roku on a tv show that was showcasing new gadgets and then read about it in a scientific american guide to tech or maybe was discover…but either way once i saw what it did and how easy it was, i was hooked! I bought the roku two which was the newest model at the time over a year and a half ago and I love my roku ! Its so easy to use , set up , and play ! I tell anyone who doesnt have one that they should get one ! I watch tv and movies on my roku daily. Its cheaper than cable and more reliable too!

  • Bob Ascher

    When will Roku be adding more European programing? in particular Hungarian and German TV

  • wonder woman

    I have had Roku for a year now, must not be using it wisely, only use it for netflix and hulu, and not happy with either, I was hoping to get rid of cable, now wondering if I should get rid of Roku, what am I doing wrong, and how can I have a better experience with Roku

    • Carl

      Did you check their Channel Store? They have so many channels covering a very wide range of entertainment and, guess what, a lot of these channels are free. Like movies other than Netflix and Hulu? ROKu must have over 20 such channels–Snag, Flix Film, and a few others being my favorites. Like music? Try out Pandora where you are able to personalize your kind of music into one station. Then there is VEVO with over 75000 music videos. Also included in their lineup are numerous how-to, sports and sports related, news and news related—I could go on and on and on. Should you decide not to go on with ROKU, well I feel sorry for you my friend as you are missing out a whole lot, so much that some of my friends are abandoning cable and staying with ROKU..

    • Dennis

      Thing I like about Roku is that most of the stuff is OnDemand. You don’t have to watch it as it is happening. You watch what you want when you want. I believe anyone could cut the cable completely and find almost (say 80%) of what you can get from cable. Sounds like you have not really explored Roku Channel Store (most are free). Over 1800 stations and counting. If you can’t find something to watch in that pile, cable can’t help you.

  • Rhonda

    I have the Roku and with the projector it came with 3M – I can not get any decent sound output no matter what speaker system I use – any suggestions?

  • sentel15

    Love my Roku!!! It would be nice if you could add HGTV or DIY!!! These are great decorating shows. Roku viewer for 3years and counting!

  • guest

    How does Roku work as far as pricing goes? Do you have to pay for each app you use?
    I want to get rid of cable and keep internet only.

    • Dennis

      Forget the way cable does it. Buy the Roku. The channels are free to add but some are paid by subscriptions or one time fees. Look carefully. Once you really learn Roku, cable is really not needed.

    • Mike McG

      $50 one time. Add Netflix Hulu you are at $15 a month. Check MXtreme on facebook for great info on free stuff. and add 30a TV as a channel ( shameless plug) and we also develop channels for ROKU

  • Stewiebee

    Yes 1000 apps , but do we really need 240 religious apps.

    • Dennis

      Roku does not control how many religious channels can be made available. Would you want them to? Censorship? I think it is great that local churches and groups are getting their message out in a very unique way. You don’t have watch them but anyone who likes that can.

  • Jan Suhr

    Then you might be able to open up more channels in Europe, like Filmon, Netflix and others that ARE available over here but not on ROKU. Why is that so???

  • meh

    I just bought the Roku streaming stick and it’s “ok”. I’m on Comcast / xfinity so boom, no HBO Go, no History channel, no Lifetime channel, and several other big name channels, and no apparent effort in then coming in the future (it’s a problem well known for years).

    Also, while the regular interface is fine, the actual app interfaces are UGLY, and the players need ALOT of with (can’t even see the video as you fast forward/rewind). User interface needs LOTS of modernizing and love yet.

    • Shifty

      App interfaces are on the developer of the app not Roku.. you are bitching to the wrong people.

  • meh

    I meant the apps need a lot of “work”, not “with”. Typo.

  • Congrats ROKU !!! I located outside USA. Can I use it outside USA ?

  • David

    Anthony CEO….congra’s on 10 million in sales…don’t sale but keep improving your products…again congras and much success moving forward

  • Joyce Carney

    I LOVE Roku. Cable is history in my home. I can watch what I want when I want and not be forced to watch repeats over and over again. I can watch old favorites and new favorites whenever I want. Select what type of movie I want to see at anytime. Change my mind and select another if I choose. How wonderful. I LOVE Roku for the entertainment and the money I save which is thousands a year.

  • Skip

    got a ‘legacy’ unit and want to be able to get PBS. Got any trade-in deals?

    • Dennis

      By legacy you mean Roku 1? Rokus are so very inexpensive that it is worth it to just buy another one–Roku3. Put the One on a spare analog TV. People still sell them on Ebay but Roku does not trade in as I understand it. Roku is cutting prices by $10 on their website.

  • Neri

    Roku stop working after 5 months of use. We don’t know why because our internet connection is still great.

    • Dennis

      Reach out to customer service. What are the symptoms? Bricked? I had a Roku2 LT that Roku replaced because it was overheating and sluggish. I own 3 rokus now and have bought several for family members. All working great.

  • hayden

    i have a roku 1 and i think you should get cartoon network on it

  • Julie

    I have 2 roku boxes a roku original and a roku 2 one is in the living room and one is in the bedroom I am trying to figure out how to add Amazon Prime to both devices already have it on the roku 2 but need it to play also on the original roku box in the bedroom.when I added the channel I thought I would be able to just sign into my Amazon Prime account but it is asking me to sign up I am NOT paying for Amazon prime twice so how do I get the link to sync my prime onto both devices?

  • Julie

    I have Hbo History A&E ect already included on my cable but I am unable to watch lifetime hbo2go A&E ect on my roku because my cable provider is not on the list of cable/satellite providers. I have Shentel cable/wifii. How is that fair? Is there a way to fix this so I too can watch these channels on my roku box?

    • John Moore

      Just watch them on cable.

  • Julie

    When will Amazon prime original series Hand of God put up the rest of the season and not just the premiere episode?


    I HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO USE MY ROKU. UsE original tv clicker…turn on and choose AV

    • Alice Miller

      The ROKU label is frozen on my TV screen. What did I do wrong or what can I do to get my ROKU going again? I miss it.

  • Breno

    Ok so I have cable I have no idea how this roku works , does roku have the brazilian channels Globo and Pfc ? If so would I be able to watch it live ?

  • Cleo

    Can I request a list of paid or subscription channels for the Des Moines area?

  • GAGP

    can I use a roku bought in US in Denmark?

  • shadowtraveller

    Hate commercials. Bought Roku 3, now VERY HAPPY! Question, bought a streaming stick for my lap top which has a HDMI port. Will this work on a Pavilion lap top?

  • wellness_108

    Can I get fox news live on roku or are these just reruns.

    • Mcjojam

      Hi! I’ve not been able to find Fox News live unfortunely. I just got sirus radio you can listen to Fox News live in your hose on your iPad, phone or in your car. Then have access to roku. Also if you find something so intriguing I think you would be able to sign on iPad and watch live

  • jose


  • Doris Jones

    Roku is a super bargain. I had the very FIRST Roku player in Alabama and value it even more today. The channels and apps are mostly free! You can get channels for free from Roku that you have to pay for from other venues. No way you can lose with Roku! The best.

  • pete

    Congrats!!!! Remember that the rest of the world is also looking forward to cutting the cord…. open up Roku to the world! From Sydney to Buenos Aires…. we are waiting!

  • dyan

    Why can’t I get closed captioning? I went to settings to turn on but I get nothing for netflex?

  • Leea

    do I need separate email account for Roku to get an account?

  • jmandy78

    Can you watch local channels, live? Watch newly broadcast shows? I don’t know anything about Roku, just searching my options.. Thanks

  • Carolyn

    I have a roku on my tv in living rm, can I move it to another tv in my house without going through the set up process?

  • Diane

    Am thin’ll ing of trying Roku. We can only get satellite internet where we live. Will it work here?

  • cardom

    comcast blocked roku? I have no cable, only internet w/ comcast

  • Saxron

    I just bought a new Sony Bravia “smart” TV..paid serious money for it, and wondered if the purchase would mean that my Rokku (I have 3 of em) would gather dust….NOT SO…. the channel selection is nearly useless thru Sony, but Roku has enabled me to cut the cable cord, and although I had to give up a few things that I miss but will get over it… the 99% reduction in commercials is well worth the sacrafice, and other things i have are not available through my local carrier (TWC) that ROKU has an app for….so its a duh…I’m taking back my Sony tv and buying a less expensive one and Roku Rules

  • Kevin

    Love my Roku(s). I am thinking I may need to upgrade my Mom’s to one that has 802.11ac. How soon until Roku has a model that works with the faster wireless networking standard?

  • big_al_stl

    I live in a rural area, will it work there

  • ms_elroy

    I just want to watch American Horor Story season 4 on the night that it premieres, please help! can I do this and if so how?? Huluplus doesn’t have it till thursday….

  • Beige

    “HELP” I installed a 16GB SD micro card in my Roku 3 and in my about page it shows
    ” not installed ”
    pushed it in and out many times” why??

  • Mary

    Can you get real time sporting events like hockey (college or NHL)?

  • OC

    Any international channels? Korean?

  • Wolfgang DeLaurentis

    Extremely excited and congratulations! I’ve an automotive channel coming soon!

  • Judy

    I got the ROKU for Christmas but I’m having trouble installing it. I get as far as the ROKU screen is suppose to come on, but it doesn’t. I have wireless Internet through my local cable company, but I have DISH tv, does that matter? Can someone please help??

  • lynsyc

    Frustrated I want yo know why I can’t watch a tv show at the exact time it is broadcasted? I want to see the show today now not later nor can Or get my local news

  • virginia

    new to ROKU. so far so good. but my question is, does any body know if the Super Bowl game will be on the NFL channel?

  • David

    The Rabbi who must praise himself has a congregation of ONE.
    Try sending a fax to ROKU – the number doesn’t work.
    Try getting Tech Support – very poor.
    Nice product, poor follow up.

  • jim rue

    If you buy a roku, get ready for an overkill of commercials!! Roku needs to eliminate at least half of them, if not two thirds!! They will sometimes make you watch the same commercial 3 to 4 times in a row!! It’s like they are trying to program your brain with the same commercial over and over and over again!!! This could truly be a wonderful machine! If everyone that owns a roku, would light up roku customer service with complaints, or if people quit buying a roku because of excessive commercials, it could be a beautiful thing!

  • jim rue

    I would like to add one more thing. I have read a lot of reviews on this page, and hardly anyone spoke of the excessive use of commercials! Are you younger people so used to all the commercials on TV, you think it’s normal?? I would rather pay some kind of “fee” to roku and be commercial free or keep commercials to the minimum.

  • Jimmie Rue

    Roku has more commercials than TV!! You Tube, Crackle, all of they’re apps have excessive commercials!! It is hard to watch my music playlists on YouTube, there is a commercial every song or two!! In other words, a commercial every 2 to 4 minutes!!! That is total B.S!! There are other streaming devices that have a minimum of commercials. I paid $100.00 for a device to watch commercials, not anymore!!!!! I threw it in the dumpster!! Thanks Roku!!!!!

  • Sienna Smith

    your information is really nice