Summer’s gone, but the beauty of fall sports is here. NFL is underway, the NBA and NHL seasons are nearly here and the World Series is on the horizon. Plus, with more sports channels than any other streaming player, there’s always a match, fight or event to stream on one of our sports channels.

Are you ready for the sports season? Learn more about our top sports channels below.

  • NFL Now ($1.99/month) delivers a personalized video stream of your favorite NFL teams, players and coaches right to your TV. Get exclusive interviews and stories about your team, breaking news on your fantasy players, and unlimited access to your favorites in the NFL Films Archives.
  • WatchESPN (free with a cable subscription) gives you 24/7 access to your favorite live sports and shows from ESPN including SportsCenter, Mike and Mike in the Morning, SportsNation and much more.
  • With MLB.TV Premium ($129.99/year), you can watch over 2,430 MLB regular season games LIVE or on-demand in HD Quality.
  • NBA Game Time ($199/season) delivers your favorite NBA teams right on your Roku player. With the NBA Game Time channel, watch game video highlights, view LIVE score updates, get team and player stat summaries and see league standings.
  • NHL GameCenter ($159/season) subscribers can watch live out-of-market games throughout the regular season. Full-length and condensed replays allow you to watch hockey how you want, when you want from yesterday and yesteryear. NHL Vault subscribers can enjoy game replays and classic games.

  • MLS LIVE ($25.99 for remaining 2014 season) is a subscription-based service to watch up to 230 live games during the season (blackout restrictions apply). Online subscribers can also access archived and condensed (20-minutes) games online following each match.
  • DishWorld Sports ($10/month) offers the best European Football and World Sports FREE with top packages. Featuring beIN Sports in English and Spanish, One World Sports, Universal Sports, and more. Live La Liga matches with Barcelona FC, Real Madrid, and others. Plus Serie A, Ligue 1, and Barclays Premier League.
  • UFCTV ($9.99/month) gives you Live and On-Demand access to UFC events and classic fights. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), is the world’s leading mixed martial arts sports association.
  • WWE Network ($9.99/month) delivers 24/7 streaming of every live WWE pay-per-view including WrestleMania. Subscribers enjoy instant unlimited access to this and more.
  • FNTSY Sports Network ($2.99/month or $29.99/year, free 30-day trial) is the world’s first-ever television network specifically targeted towards the estimated 40 million people who play fantasy sports annually and on a daily basis. It includes live studio programming, call-in shows, celebrity and expert drafts, reality shows and more.
  • Fight Network ($2.99/month or $29.99/year, free 30-day trial) is a 24/7 television channel dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports, including live fights, news and analysis for mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, professional wrestling, traditional martial arts, as well as fight-themed drama series, documentaries and feature films.

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  • Everyone in the entire world

    So no NFL Game Pass or NFL Live games? MLB, NHL and a whole bunch of other live sports. The winner of NFL streaming will be the one media device that rules them all.

    • jb

      couldn’t agree more. its the only thing stopping me from dumping my HD cable box.

      • KamWar

        Same here! I’d drop Dish in a heartbeat if I could keep watching NFL

    • Teresa Berry Mundt

      I agree!! Live in Illi ous and need to watch live all the Steelers games. Cant leave DirecTV because of this, as much as I want to save the money!

    • Teresa Berry Mundt

      Anyone know much about NFL Network live?? They advertise you can watch any game on any device! Is this true and how much does this cost a month and does it pause for buffering often?

      • Thomas Edwards

        Sling app for Roku does stop for buffering. Blue screen and other additional problems. Signed up with my bro at his house in Ventura and not pleased with the issues, along with not being HD pixel displacement and its frustrating.

    • Philip

      You can get CBS, NBC, fox over air, then buy Sling app for Roku – that should cover all NFL games I think – except Thu night

    • Steve Berde

      THE NFL would require big time pay up to offer this on any streaming device – the networks have paid billions to have exclusive rights to televise NFL games

  • Drew

    I get ESPN3 without cable subscription, is included in Comcast blast subscription.

  • nonsheeple

    But still not a whole lot of rugby

  • swedefour

    I searched on the ROKU channel guide- I am going to see if this works for season starts


    I agree – gotta have NFL live games. It’s a deal breaker for us.

    • NarniaNitro

      Then it seems your only option is to go with DirecTV. That’s the only service that brings you your choice of live games (apart from local cable/antenna), and if you’re paying for it, you probably don’t need a Roku channel for it.

  • Harold Skilley

    BYUtv also shows all BYU sports.

  • Eran

    The most popular soccer competition, the UEFA Champions League, is not available on Roku. The only offering for soccer, Dishworld, is very limited (and overpriced).

  • RokuYoku

    You can get the latest sports scores, odds and analysis, including NFL and NCAA on the Vegas Sports Advisors channel!

  • dotjames

    Is the Barclays Prem League REALLY available weekly for $10/mo? Does the fee get pd to Dish or Roku?

    • dst1234

      there is no BPL available on the Dish package… No idea why it says that. You get Betin and BeinEspanol which show almost all La Liga matches and a hanfull of Serie A/Ligue ` per week

  • Marc

    When is Roku going to correct the issue with NHL Game Center Live? It is impossible to watch a game with my Roku 3 without the feed freezing at least 5 to 20 times per game… depending on the day. Each time that I have called the NHL tech support, they state that I am not the only one complaining, and that they are “waiting” on a patch from Roku. When I watch with either my laptop or on my X-box in the den there are never any issues… when is Roku going to correct the problem? Yes, the quick and easy answer is to watch the games on my X-box. The X-box is ion a small den and my Roku player is on the main TV in the LARGE living room… many people come by to watch the games, thus the issue. ROKU, what say you?

    • Marc

      Took care of the issue yesterday. Purchased an Apple TV… Apple in, Roku out.

  • Jeff

    Just purchased FN (Fight Network). Major streaming issues on Roku. Pauses to reload, switches between low and higher resolution. Not net feed, as other apos (Netflix and UFC Fight Pass) stream freely. Is this about to improve? If not, this is unacceptable as is. Please….

  • NarniaNitro

    This is a decent list, but I must say that the Sports world gives a world of frustration to cable cutters who use Roku. I think that MLB.TV provides the best service of any major sport in the U.S., AND they give the “free game of the day” so you can get your fix of whatever team is on that day. I wish the other sports would provide suit. I also wish that sports like PGA Golf would open a channel.

  • Jack Stubbington

    Roku updated their app for MLB on March 26 2015 and now I can’t access the games. Other people are saying the same thing. Why does Roku have to mess with things that were working fine?

    • bbcritic

      I’m having the same problem. And their chat support was useless. Like huh? What?
      Thanks for the post. Let’s hope someone at Roku wakes up and fixes this soon. Or puts back the old app.
      I can only get radio at the moment, no live mlb tv since March 26th and I’ve been having internet problems. Hopefully the app isn’t causing those but I’m beginning to wonder….

      • Jack Stubbington

        Apparently MBL and Roku are aware of this situation and are working to correct the problem. I don’t understand why MBL didn’t do the upgrade during the off season. I can’t watch on my laptop because the picture quality is crap. That’s why I invested in the Roku.

      • Jack Stubbington

        I don’t know if you are still having problems but there is a temporary fix to access the MLB games. Go to home on your Roku and then settings. Click on display mode and change to 16×9 screen size then go back to MLB and try a game. I’ve changed back to 1080p and still get the games but a couple of times I had to again go through the steps I mentioned. Good luck.

  • Riya Khurana
  • JON

    i hate all cable companies. im trying to find alternatives.. with ROKU can i watch local teams.. for example I live in Miami and I would like to watch all the Heat, Marlins and Dolphins games..

  • depending on the day. Each time that I have called the NHL tech
    support, they state that I am not the only one complaining, and that
    they are “waiting” on a patch from Roku. When I watch with either my
    laptop or on my X-box in the den there are never any issues… when is
    Roku going to correct the problem?

    watch game of thrones season 5 episode 6 online

  • raju kr

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  • Madiya Rani

    live HD Sports channels Online streaming

  • Marcos N Christi Arenas

    What all Latino channels does it have for soccer besides European soccer

  • gtb

    We purchased MLB package for roku and went to watch our home game and got a message saying the game is playing in our network area. We therefore couldn’t watch the game. Is there a way to fix this? It’s very frustrating

    • Philip

      I tried – same problem – just greed – local TV rights controlled by teams directly – they won’t allow streaming because they make boatloads on TV contracts

  • JB K

    Any chance we can stream the yahoo Sunday NFL game from london?

  • John Decker

    and no ESPN unless you have cable? or dish? that’s the purpose of something like Roku isn’t it? If I could get ESPN, and CBS Sports and SEC Network I would be gone from cable

  • beckham

    how can I watch Barclays premiere league on here?

  • Steve Berde

    Hi can I stream bein sports (english) – I am a fan of World Superbike Motorcycle racing and Moto GP only available on BEIN – will a Roku stream those ? Do I need to subscribe to a package to get it ? Thanks

  • Arsen Dadyan

    Why won’t The Fight Network allow me to stream TNA in its On Demand section?

  • celticpride17

    i hate nba team pass this year ,my roku 4k box wont let me pause ,fast foward or rewind the games like last year!

  • Woe !!!! great information. thanx…….

  • kimslim

    are beinsports channels available?

  • Sakib K

    Interesting game.


  • Thanks for this post on roku sports channels . You can watch rugby live here

  • Scott Bowles

    Just installed my Roku today and watched my first NHL Blues hockey game through Fox Sports Midwest. It did not look good. The hockey sticks looked pixels, and when there was fast action the picture was dragging and ghosting. What is the deal with that? Has anyone else experienced that?

  • Kawsar Hossain