Today, I’m happy to share that we’re rolling out a beta release of a new screen mirroring feature for a select number of Windows 8.1 and Android devices. Available to customers around the world, screen mirroring is a quick, easy way to mirror videos, apps, web sites, and more from your mobile device to a TV via your Roku 3, Roku 2 (4210) or Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI® Version).

Screen mirroring is one of the simplest ways to share any type of content with those around you, and you won’t need additional apps or software. All you’ll need is a compatible device with mirroring capabilities. Once you turn on mirroring for your phone, tablet or laptop, you can pair with your compatible Roku player and whatever you see on your mobile device is exactly what will be displayed on your TV.

My family has already found many ways to use screen mirroring around our house. In the past few days, my kids have shown me their homework assignments, played funny videos from Facebook, and made the visuals of the games they play huge by mirroring content on our TV screen. Perhaps the coolest example so far was when my son showed me a new app he’s using to compose his own music and we were able to view it together on the TV.

We’ve even found some great uses for screen mirroring around the Roku office by quickly displaying presentations and emails from a mobile device onto the TVs in our conference rooms.

Screen mirroring is the latest in a variety of ways we have made it easy for Roku customers to connect their mobile devices with their TVs in fun and exciting ways. The Play On Roku feature within the Roku mobile app makes it easy to send music, photos and videos saved on your smartphone or tablet to your TV through any Roku player. In addition, you can use the mobile apps from Netflix and YouTube to browse and then launch videos from your smartphone or tablet straight to your TV with the Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick.

The beta release of our new screen mirroring feature will begin to roll out to Roku customers today and we expect it to be available to all customers within the next few weeks.

Screen mirroring brings a whole new way to enjoy any type of content through your Roku player and we think you’ll love being able to bring your small screens to life on the big screen.

You can click here for more information on the screen mirroring feature and a list of supported devices.

Happy mirroring!

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  • Sinderan

    Will this be supported by the Roku TV’s? My tv is starting to fail and I’m trying to decide whether I want a “Dumb TV” + Roku 3 or Roku TV. This would be a decision maker!

    • digitalicecream

      @Sinderan:disqus My suggestion is to always buy a dumb TV and buy a separate dedicated box. The technology changes very quickly, new hardware requirements will age your TV before the screen stops functioning. Adding an external box, while not as integrated, gives you the control and flexibility of upgrading at less cost, and changing technology as you see fit. I do have a TV with apps, but I use a Roku 3 on it. I also have a PC monitor with HDMI input, and use that as a TV in the bedroom. I think it’s the best of both worlds.

      • Sinderan

        I agree and always had the same opinion, but the inputs for consoles, htpc and such being listed as roku channels is so clean and intuitive that I’m really struggling with that.

    • We expect to make this
      available to Roku TV models in the first half of 2015 through a software update.

      • snowbum

        Surely there is a way for me to set my WIN 7 Pro machine so it can receive Internet-delivered content, and then have my router-modem transmit, via WiFi in the router-modem, to my Roku LT in the next room? Beyond my knowledge of how to do this.

  • Mrmambo

    When is iOS support coming?

    • Andrew

      I don’t think Apple supports the screen mirroring standards soooo…. never….

    • srcarruth

      Apple has their own system that they don’t want to share with outsiders

      • Mac Racker

        That is not correct. Try the youtube app + Roku.. it works perfect.
        Apple has an API that Roku can access to get the mirroring working.

        • That’s not mirroring. That’s using the DIAL protocol (, which works very differently. Besides, Youtube is a Google app, not an Apple app. Netflix also supports DIAL.

        • srcarruth

          if it is the same as Youtube on my Android phone then it is not mirroring it is the Youtube app pushing content to the Roku Youtube channel

    • 1n50mniac

      Damn isn’t this a rare statement!? I can’t tell you how good it feels to be on the other side of this problem. ..rare moment for Android users like myself 🙂

    • Tim

      Apple already has a Mirroring system called “airplay” and it only works with AppleTV units, unfortunately there is no crossover with Roku.

    • D J

      Chromecast has an app for iOS. So whither Roku.

  • stuart

    Are we ever going to get updates on older devices?

    • Hi Stuart, the screen mirroring feature has specific hardware technology requirements. Currently, we are only making it available to the Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI® Version). Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • stuart

        Even just modern Netflix would be nice. My Roku 2 XS is only 2 years old.

        • dgarra

          I hate to stand by Roku on this one, but the performance of modern Netflix chugs occasionally on the Roku 3 which is substantially more powerful than the 2 XS. And since Netflix sort of went to the “Same on every platform” route, I wouldn’t really count on there being a massive update anytime soon. The switch to HTML5 from webkit (or whatever it was) was a huge step forward for the Roku overall, but it definitely left you guys hanging.

          • stuart

            Sounds like it is time to switch to something that won’t be obsolete after 1-2 years. FireTV?

          • goaway

            I love these idiots that threaten to buy another product. Like the people at Roku are going to read this and go “Oh no! Stuart is going to leave us and buy a FireTV!” “We must do what he says so he won’t leave” Bye stuart…enjoy your FireTV. I’m sure it’s amazing.

          • EnTerr

            Don’t flame. Roku Inc will be “idiots” if they ignore signals like this from the public. I tried FireTV recently and it is a **very impressive** competitor (apps, wireless and wired game controllers and keyboard) that may wipe out Roku off the map within 2-3 years if they could not rise to the challenge. Which will be pity.

          • Blottomania

            What signals? It’s about the user experience, and that means how well the feature will perform on certain hardware. Why would they try and shoehorn something into a box that doesn’t have the computing power to provide a good user experience? If they did, all they’d hear is whining like “Screen mirroring is lagging on my 2XS!”, etc., etc. If you want to jump to Amazon, go ahead. But this notion that older devices need to support every new feature is just silly.

            Nothing works that way in tech. I have an older Denon home theater receiver that doesn’t decode Dolby Digital +. Should I write to Denon and tell them to stop ignoring “signals” from the public and find a way to get it in my box? Maybe I could send it back to them and they could upgrade it free for me. This is essentially what you’re asking for.

            The Amazon FTV came out after the Roku3 was already a year into its product cycle. If you want to do a fair comparison – based on your thinking – wait until the Roku 4 and compare them,

          • EnTerr

            @Blottomania – you misunderstand. @stuart was asking if Roku models can be trusted not to get obsolete within 1-2 years. It has been only 1 year since 2XD (#3050) has been replaced in the product lineup. Other manufacturers have updated much older platforms’ (AppleTV etc) Netflix with profiles support, isn’t it odd a feature with no hardware requirements does not get pushed to players that was selling brand-new a year ago?

            The case of 2710/2720 models is more flippant – they are still current but company has indicated there are no plans of Netflix updates for them. You should expect some people to be jarred realizing they have just bought a red-headed stepchild.

            Regarding mirroring and 2XS and mirroring – i was not talking about that but since you mention it – issue there is not performance, 2XS has the same CPU like HDMI stick (stick is the same platform in smaller form factor) – the radio is the problem and that’s why mirroring won’t be coming to #3000-3100 models.

          • So you think the mirroring requires dual-band wi-fi and won’t be made available on the 2XS even though it’s got ethernet support? I’m wondering if they’re only going to support it on HDMI-only models, because the 2720 has dual-band wi-fi, doesn’t it? I suppose it comes down to not wanting to have a feature that only works well when the device is connected in one of the possible ways. Can a Roku tell whether its HDMI port is in use (like it can tell whether wi-fi or ethernet is in use)? Though I suppose it would not be desirable to have a selectively enabled feature either.

            It is quite unintuitive that some current models get the old version of one of the flagship channels. What do you think is the best way to petition Netflix into “back-porting” profile support?

          • EnTerr

            No – Miracast requires WiFi Direct, it builds direct peer-to-peer connection between sender and receiver, shunning the router and rest of the network.

            As radio is concerned, i believe 2 additional models – Roku2 (#2720) and MHL Stick (#3400, “Roku-ready TV” version of teh Streaming Stick) are good candidates for mirroring. But will they get it – and why not – i something Roku Inc can answer best. It is my impression lately that RokuCo is putting all the wood behind two arrows only, Roku 3 and HDMI Stick (meaning all resources concentrated on them).

            How to petition for Netflix profile support on newer & older Rokus? I don’t know… maybe start an open petition on 😉

            PS. Another possibility are the Roku Forums, which are monitored by the company and maintained by a competent moderator. Actually in case of a problem, one is more likely to get help from the community there than through the official support for Roku players (which is outsourced to a 3rd world country and hopeless).

          • Oh. I see. Thanks. I didn’t know WiFi Direct was a requirement for Miracast. Does Intel WiDi require it too?

            Yeah, the Wikipedia article says that those 4 models support WiFi Direct. So do you think Miracast is a major reason for the switch to it from bluetooth (only used for 2XS)?

            There have been threads about Netflix profile support on the forums that don’t seem to have made a difference. Here’s one:

          • EnTerr

            Same for Intel WiDi, yes.
            All in 2011 lineup (2HD, 2XD, 2XS, maybe even LT 2400) had Bluetoothy radio chipset. Only XS shipped with teh game remote but others could pair too. I don’t know whence the switch, maybe when shopping for dual-band chip for MHL stick?
            So it is for petitions 😀

          • dgarra

            Sure if you’d like, but honestly it just happened to be the year of the generational leap. It happens on a majority of product lines at some point, the types of processors used in the Roku 3 just got affordable enough to make a big difference, not unlike the Android Phone uptick in performance that occurred around the same time. I would have sold the Roku 2 XS and gotten a Roku 3 refurb for a few buck on top of that. The Roku 2 XS was released in July 2011, a lot has changed in this tech field since then. The Fire TV is a nice preview of what to expect, performance wise, with the Roku 4 imho.

          • EnTerr

            dgarra – this!
            > But who knows, maybe Roku will find a way to squeeze a little extra life out of the XS.

            I’d be happy if RokuCo just added profile support to the “old” Netflix interface, without the “new” looks. Adding that would be easy.

            And btw the “new” look of Netflix is not that great – with big posters taking 1/2 the screen and small fonts hard to read. Interestingly, Netflix in FireTV is a bit in-between the two – it has profile choice and can play series by skipping credits – but no hated “autoplay”. It even has the “Roku classic” player progress bar with the moving hump, nostalgia… but i digress.

          • dgarra

            Auto-play is optional on the roku as well, I love the feature.

          • EnTerr

            There is kernel of greatness in being able to skip opening and closing credits – i think everyone likes that. Covered in layer of clumsy where the “new” interface minimizes still going episode to show coming one. Also: what, pressing “Play” every 30 minutes deemed too much for couch potatoes? Idea for improvement: maybe Netflix should dial 911 after hours of auto-play with no “heartbeat” from the remote 😉 HHOS, imagine lives saved

          • dgarra

            I like the minimizing/auto-continuation to the next episode, at least you can blow it back up to full screen if you want — that was missing when the interface first debuted on the PS3. I play stuff on Netflix while I do other things, so the occasional “stop” actually is kind of annoying, have to drop whatever you’re in middle of and hunt down the remote.

            I was pretty disappointed that the Roku 3 didn’t have the auto-play function when it launched (it was maybe six months until it was made available in the massive Netflix update) so I went back to the PS3 for a while. I recall seeing a hand full complaints about the change, but even now I don’t understand them outside of having the ability to disable autoplay, which they added.

          • EnTerr

            Post-play is a “love it or hate it” feature – and you are in the “loving it” group – which seem to be the minority. i just did a count of people in Roku forums showing strong feelings either way and 15% were “for” it vs 85% against it. Sample size was small (21) and not a proper poll with random selection – but i have no doubt majority did not want it there. Luckily they added the on/off switch, post-factum

          • dgarra

            Not to get off topic but I think it’s safe to assume that a majority of that is because many who voted on the Roku forum itself joined the Roku forum to find a solution to that or similar problems, whereas those that were happy with it had no reason to join in on the forum at all. That’s my guess judging off other forums at least (where post-play seems to be preferred). Who knows, it’s a problem mostly solved for those that don’t like it and a big selling point for many others (I know that sounds odd, but the closer these things get to watching actual TV sans commercials, the more traction they seem to gain).

          • EnTerr

            I am confused what to make of what you are saying: that it’s too easy for unhappy people to sign for Roku’s forums (vs other places)? Or that for some reason Roku customers tend to dislike postplay (compared to other forums)? Or you contradicted yourself.

            Yes, we have been off-topic for a while and should be spanked.

          • dgarra

            Haha no no, just that more people get vocal to complain than to praise.

          • Perhaps I’m in the minority here, but I want to be able to watch opening and closing credits at full size without having to press a button every time. However, I do fast-forward through opening credits some times.

            Better than calling emergency services would be some kind of sleep timer or ability to limit the number of TV episodes that will play without any user interaction.

            Also I, for one, keep post-play turned off!

  • Yujin

    Is there support for Mac OS X coming soon?

    • Hi Yujin, Apple uses a proprietary
      screen mirroring technology for Apple devices called “AirPlay.” At this time,
      AirPlay is only supported on Apple devices, so we are unable to offer support
      for the technology on Roku players.

      • Disqus User

        This is one reason why I’m seriously leaving the Apple ecosystem as we upgrade smartphones and tablets. Thanks for doing this.

      • D J

        What about an iOS app?

      • Jacob

        Hi Roku team. While this is true, I would imagine that Roku could still use its own mirroring technology to bring this feature to Mac owners. Have you decided not to do so in case that Apple opens up AirPlay? I guess that Roku already built this for Android and Windows. Thank you!

        • jiggunjer

          If they made a Miracast app, it would probably be excluded from the app store. Miracast isn’t a Roku-specific mirroring technology, yet no app exists that let’s Apple users mirror via Miracast. That means Apple doesn’t want to support non-Airplay technologies. The big question is why doesn’t Roku incorporate their Airplay beside Miracast, is Apple charging them too much? Or are they afraid to cater to Apple users, who might flood their support lines 24/7?

      • shapmb

        chromecast has screen mirroring on iOS.

      • JD

        OK, good to know. this was unclear when i recently purchased the roku. I will return it and buy the Apple TV.

      • AppleSux

        I hate you, apple. Can’t wait to lose you.

      • Jason Cordingley

        This is incorrect. Until recently I was using the Amazon Fire TV Stick (made by Roku) and I was able to use Airplay from my iPhone 6S without any issues.
        If the Amazon Fire TV stick can do this why can’t Roku? You make the Amazon Fire TV stick…

        • Isn’t that capability available to the Fire TV via 3rd party apps? If so, the developers of those apps may have reverse-engineered how much of Airplay works but that does not make it an open protocol.

          I’d love to know where you read that Roku manufactures the Fire TV Stick. Google doesn’t seem to turn up anything relevant about which company manufactures them for Amazon.

  • Ricardo Alouidor

    Will this feature work with Surface RT? I know the app is available in the Windows Store.

    • Ricardo, these are the devices and operating systems that support screen mirroring: These are devices that we have successfully tested on Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick, but other devices may work.

      • Ricardo Alouidor

        Alright, great! If Surface 2 works then the original will work too. They’re both RT devices. I’ll be sure to try and let you know. Thanks again.

      • Bah. No love for many of the Asus Memo Pad tablets which have Android 4.2.

      • Chip Chapin

        Might this work with a PC and Windows 7 ?

  • earldumarest

    So this is like miracast? Can’t wait to try it. I assume the quality of what you see on tv is what you would see on your device. My next question would be if that’s true, would you get better quality from an android device or windows 8.1? I believe (I could be wrong) that when they program streams for flash players they create different download streams. Anxious to hear back from you on this.

    • Roku’s screen mirroring feature uses the same technology, which enables this type of screen mirroring to work with select Roku players. As for the quality on different devices, our testing did not reveal any difference in quality. We did notice a better experience when the mobile device is connected to the same wireless network as your Roku player. Here are more details on the compatible devices:

  • 1n50mniac

    Is there a way to force an update? Like to take part in the beta today…and not wait weeks to take advantage of this new feature.

    • Nate

      Same here. It’d be great to get this and try it out.

    • EnTerr

      Nope. Only can wait

      • You can find a list of compatible devices here: These are devices that we have successfully tested on Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI Version), but other devices may work.

        • EnTerr

          I meant what Roku MODELS will be able to act as Miracast RECEIVERS.

          The link you show is about what Miracast SENDER devices have been tested with Roku receivers, that’s the other side of the coin, let’s not muddle the two.

          Sorry if i were unclear.

          • Screen mirroring is available for Roku 3 (model number 4200) and the Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI Version) (3500).

          • Mike

            Why aren’t you guys pushing this out to 4200X (refurbed Roku 3) models? It’s the same exact hardware. Please clarify.

          • I certainly hope the refurb is included! I have a refurb 3, 2XS and the stick (and the stick has the update).

          • Patience. They said the roll-out is expected to take a few weeks. (Doesn’t the “X” mean “online seller”, not “refurb”?)

          • RichA

            Yes, I think it does, I have a Roku 3 (4200X) I bought new from Amazon, I am hoping they do not exclude that as that would not make any sense.

          • scottalias

            I have a 4200X. To my knowledge it was not refurbished, and was sold as a new product on Amazon. It now has the Screen Mirroring (beta) on the UI, but it doesn’t seem to work with my Nexus 10.

          • dannyb

            I picked up my 4200x from target, the store not the online, it was sold as new not refurb, so now I’m confused.

          • Ralph Bromley

            oh yes heaven forbid this be on the low end devices pay less than 99 dollars that’s crazy talk. man the more I use my Roku the more I regret buying it

          • Jason

            Not happy the roku 2 isnt included. Not buying another Roku to be able to do this. I will go with another brand in that case.

          • The Anti-Jason

            What a whiner! It didn’t have the feature when you bought it, so presumably it was not a requirement. They add a feature, and you get all uppety and demand the feature on every bit of hardware, even if it’s not technically possible (insufficiently powerful hardware perhaps)… what, a whiner.

          • Jason

            I just find it hilarious that you actually took the time to create the screen name ‘The Anti-Jason’. Well, I’m honored that you think that much of me!

            What a tool.

          • Devlin

            I wish I would have read more reviews before actually buying. Honestly it’s just a waste of money. 🙁
            Can’t do much without buying or having subscription with other TV providers.

          • Yes, most of the best Roku channels require a paid subscription to a service (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access, Hulu, or a cable/satelite provider) or require you to have purchased movies, TV series, and/or TV episodes from Amazon, Vudu, CinemaNow, MGo, or Google Play. However, there are a few good ad-supported channels which include Crackle, OVGuide, Premier, and TubiTV. There are also other channels like Plex, PlayOn, and Media Browser, but those each require you to install their associated server on a computer and some do have a one-time fee. (Although you can use the Rarflix channel as a free alternative to the official Plex channel.)

          • grtfore24

            Are there any plans to add screen mirroring for Roku TV?

          • Ali Hamilton

            Did you find out?

          • Very ridiculous that roku 2 isn’t included.

          • Mike

            It was clearly stated that the roku 2 IS included

          • Yes, the 2015 Roku 2 IS included BUT the 2013 Roku 2 is NOT.

            And it’s NOT ridiculous. This feature requires Wi-Fi direct support which was not included in the 2013 Roku 2.

          • Ridiculous

          • Excuse me. I have the 2013 roku 2. Thanks.

          • scottalias

            When will this work on the Nexus 10?

        • EnTerr

          @khendrickson:disqus – The list of tested emitters shows only flagship/high-end devices. Can you update with some lower-end ones, like the new Lumia 635 (it’s ~$100 but supports Miracast).

        • Guest


      • David Cole

        That should be a standard feature for all the models. It was the Main reason I bought a Roku Streaming Stick.

  • desumoyo

    Any chance that the 2710X became compatible someday, or there some hardware issue ?

    • EnTerr

      I sincerely doubt that any of the 27xx will get on the action.
      FWIW, ditto for all other models except 3500 and 4200 – even the recently launched “RokuTV”

  • Disqus User

    I’m stuck in the Apple ecosystem except for an older Windows 7 PC and my Rokus. Do you have to have a screen on the device you want to mirror?

    I’m thinking of getting a Chromebox and it would be nice to be able to use the TV as the screen, using the Roku as the conduit rather than having to connect the Chromebox to the TV via HDMI and switch sources. Otherwise I may have to buy an Android tablet.

    Thanks for doing this. I wish Apple would play nice with everyone else, but that’s never been its history.

  • Michael Niehaus

    Is this using Miracast?

    • Michael, it uses the same technology, which enables this type of screen mirroring to work with select Roku players.

  • bhavanishankar

    I do not see an option to enable the screen mirroring. Do I need to wait for an update? Can’t wait to try it out.

    • The beta release will started rolling out to Roku customers on 10/2/14 and we expect it to be available to all customers within the next few weeks.

  • EnTerr

    Roku – care to share the firmware version needed for this feature?
    E.g. 5.5, 5.6 etc – so with a simple check we’d know if the right software have been installed yet and not keep looking for it in all Setting screens (also where exactly would it be?)

    • Sure thing, it’s version 5.6.

      • EnTerr

        Firmware >= 5.6 and models 3500/4200 only – got it.
        Thank you

      • Roku User

        So, how do I get this firmware upgrade, if it’s not showing up on my unit to do the upgrade? Supposedly, I have the correct HW to run this. My firmware is ver 5.5, but when I try the update, it says I’m up to date.

  • georgeone

    This will work with Yoga 2 Pro???

  • I think Roku 2 is also powerful enough for this. Though I also have a Chromecast that lets me do mirroring.

    • Blottomania

      So you know what it takes to provide this capability and how the 2 would handle it? Based on what?

  • Mark Godwin

    Are there any limitations on what can be mirrored. I do not have a home internet connection so we use our phones for everything. Watching Netflix via a chromecast consumes our limited tethering data. If I could mirror netflix directly off of my phone that would come out of the unlimited data bucket I have.

    • EnTerr

      That is clever! Theoretically it should work – just not sure the phone can cope doing all at the same time

      • Mark Godwin

        We ended up opting for a simpler straight up miracast device. That works well, the phone does get warm after a while serving the video and broadcasting it. The only slight hiccup is that the phone screen must remain active. So I plug it into a charger, with the option to keep screen awake while charging checked. We get Netflix, Hulu, and whatever else we need without using our tethering data.

  • usuresh

    what about Roku ready MHL sticks

  • I have the update on the stick so far, and tested successfully with the HTC ONE M7 (VERIZON branded) and also using the Asus T100TA running Windows 8.1. My experience was better overall on the HTC One M7, but I’m surrounded by neighbors’ Wi-Fi signals at my place, so I tend to chalk it up to that. This makes the Roku even more useful, as there are quite a few streaming TV apps that aren’t on Roku itself yet that I can now easily send to the big screen!

  • Mac Racker

    I will be sadly returning my Roku 3 today. I was hoping this would solve my problem but since I have an iphone my only solution is apple TV.
    The only reason I even need mirroring is to watch hbo go since Comcast and Roku are not compatible.
    it’s too bad because Roku is hands down the best streamer on the market.

    • Diablo81588

      Buy a Chromecast for HBO go. Only 30 bucks and you don’t give up tons of content by using an apple TV. Plex availability alone is worth staying away!

  • Brandon

    I don’t see an answer why my 4200x I bought on Amazon doesn’t get this support? I bought it brand new from Amazon basically on release day because Roku didn’t have any in stock. Why is my device being ignored?

    • Patience. They said the roll-out is expected to take a “few weeks”. (Perhaps they should emphasize that point more the next time a major new feature is announced.)

      • RichA

        It will come, I have a 4200X I also purchased from Amazon, and I got the update yesterday. Not as smooth as my Chromecast, but nothing to complain about, although I have to reboot my phone to have it connect, as once it is disconnected, the Roku will keep failing, hence beta.

  • Joshua

    Will this come to the Roku 2?

    • EnTerr

      Do you mean model 2720 (there is some confusion with model renaming in the past)? Only models 2720 and 34xx have some potential of this happening – but will they do it, only Roku Inc can tell

  • nexus30

    I’m in the UK and have a 4200X but the update isn’t available?

  • Roku_User

    I have both Roku 3 and HDMI models, but I don’t see how I can install screen mirroring. My settings doesn’t show this option.

    • EnTerr

      Wait for firmware 5.6

  • Em

    Is there a schedule detailing when and where the roll out will begin? Thanks!

    • EnTerr

      No – so far it’s been “whenever within a week or two (unless we delay it because of discovered bugs)”. Hopefully in the future they will make it so that if one **manually** selects software update, it will install the new version with priority – in this way we eager beavers won’t complain impatiently – while prevailing majority of “normal” people will get it on more relaxed schedule

  • R. Davies

    I want to make sure because I literally just bought roku 3 and I’d be really disappointed if it’s a completely different device I have to purchase. Will this be an update? Please say yes or I will be returning this roku

    • EnTerr

      Your model is 4200. It will be available there when you get firmware 5.6 or later (that is unless Roku Inc back-pedals and reneges on mirroring altogether, the chance of which is infinitesimally small)

  • krk

    I have the streaming stick that I recently brought from Walmart but model number says 3500x.. When will my device be supported? I assume 3500 and 3500x is different because I do not have the mirroring option in my settings

    • EnTerr

      Only the digits matter in Roku model numbers. You are golden re mirroring – you have 3500. But check the firmware version – if it’s not 5.6 yet, you have to wait

      • krk

        funny, I checked this morning and no update available.. I just checked now and its there.. ha! hope it works. thanks!

  • Yaro

    Not available to 4200X?

  • Zigsta

    My MSI GE70 Windows 8.1 laptop detects my Roku 3 4200X but they can’t seem to connect! Every time I try, Roku just hangs at about a quarter away, then kicks back the the the main page but Windows’ status bar shows it did what it was supposed to. I have messed with my firewall and even swapped out my router to see if that was the problem, but it wasn’t. Got to love beta testing! 😉 I have Netgear WNDR3800 & using Motoroal NVG510 as a modem.

  • Anon

    both my Galaxy S5 (Android 4.4.2) and my laptop (Windows 8.1) just times out when trying to connect to the Roku. Both devices see the Roku but after waiting to connect just times out. Any suggestions?

    • Anon

      Further to my post above, I’m running Roku 3 Software version 5.6 build 60. Is there any form of logging I can enable to see whats going on? Everything is connected to the same wireless network and of course the devices can see each other since my Galaxy S5 and my Laptop show the Roku as a possible device to connect to for screen sharing.

      Any advice Roku?



    Feel free to duplicate this information to other mediums.

    RECOGNITION: Roku has done a great job once again! Thank you ROKU Executive Team for continuing to be a game changer in the freedom of “On Demand” media.

    MY SUCCESS: I have successfully installed the ROKU update manually and utilized the “Screen Mirroring” on the “Roku 3 4200X” with a “Samsung Galaxy Note 3”. On the Note 3 I installed the “Dolphin Internet Browser” and set it to “Desktop Mode”. With the Roku manual update, a compatible device, and a “mobile browser” set to “desktop mode” I have been able to stream any video from any source. I will walk you through how to do the manual update to your Roku 3 and where to find the “Screen Mirroring” function on your compatible android device.

    FIRST – As of 10/08/2014 the update for the Roku “Screen mirroring (beta)” is only available for the Roku 3 (model number 4200) and the Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI Version) (3500).

    SECOND – Check to see if your device is supported here:

    THIRD – Manually update your Roku as follows:
    1. With your Roku on – Hit the “Home” button (upper right) on your Roku Remote.
    2. Use the purple arrow buttons to navigate from “My Channels” down to “Settings”.
    3. Hit the “right arrow” on your remote and then navigate down to “System Update”.
    4. Select “System Update” by clicking “OK”.
    5. You’ll see “Check Now” highlighted – Click “OK”.
    6. You have now started your manual System Update.
    7. If your Roku automatically reboots at the end of the install, manually reboot it again.
    8. If you get an error during the start-up process just reboot again.
    9. After successful reboot navigate back to “Settings” and in the Settings menu you should now see the following: “Screen mirroring (beta)”. Your Roku is now ready.

    FOURTH – (Note: Your Android device and current Android operating system version may be different



    – (Note: Your Android device and current Android operating system version may
    be different. This is for the “Samsung
    Galaxy Note 3 (Sprint) running Android KitKat 4.4.4”. Nonetheless, this may still be applicable for
    your “compatible Android device”.

    Version: Settings/Connections/Screen
    Mirroring…Scan…Select Roku


    On your Android compatible device, open your “status/navigation
    bar” at the top of your home screen by swiping down.

    You should see an icon that looks like a round “gear” with teeth
    in the upper right.

    This gear is your “Settings” icon, press it.

    You should see a tab labeled “Connections” on the top left. Make sure it’s highlighted.

    Scroll down to the bottom you should see the “Screen Mirroring”
    option, press it.

    A screen will appear, with “On/Off” in the upper right. Ensure that it’s set to “On”.

    If it doesn’t automatically begin “scanning” then press “Scan”
    at the bottom.

    Once the scan is complete you should see your Roku under “Available

    Tap/press it to connect.

    10. A
    screen will pop up on your phone that says “connecting:.

    11. Your
    Roku will briefly show a screen that says “beta” on it.

    12. Now
    your compatible Android device’s screen should be mirrored on your TV.

    NOTE: On your Android device In “Settings/Device/Display/Auto rotate screen” make
    sure you have the “Auto rotate screen” box checked. This is so your Android device can automatically
    change from “portrait mode” to “landscape mode” on your TV. This will ensure that by altering the
    orientation of your Android device you’ll be able to mirror your device’s
    screen to full “landscape mode” on your TV.

    this helps someone out there to enjoy the full benefits and functionality of
    their Roku.

    choice at a better price! That’s what technology devices like the Roku are all
    about. STREAM-ON!

    Feel free to duplicate this information to other mediums. –

  • Madison Page

    Couldn’t connect to my Dell Inspiron 17 with windows 8.1. 🙁

  • Mike

    When will screen mirroring work with iPhones

  • DanielV

    Tried today with my LG G2 (Android 4.4.2). Miracast option on phone detects the roku but it’s stuck halfway through the loading bar.
    Any suggestions ? Can we expect more supported devices?

    • joaquin

      hi, i have the same phone but i dont know how can i make this happen, did you solved your problem? can you share me the steps in my phone? thanks

  • Ang

    Does this not work with iPhones ?

  • Lee Choules

    I have the update but it wont connect 🙁

  • Bill

    I have an LG Volt with 4.4.2 and miracast capability but it won’t cast on the HDMI stick with update. When will this phone along with others be incorporated into this technology?

  • Nitin

    This screen mirroring working really good. Tried with Nexus 4 and Lenovo U310. One issue which i am facing that if phone gets locked i.e screen goes off then it gets hung… But so far , i am loving it

  • Maureen Bissonette

    For everyone that is complaining, just look at the bright side. Google did an update on Chromecast over a month ago and it took everyone out. Can’t get anything to work. You would think they would just go back to the previous one but doesn’t seem that they can figure it out. Now on a good note, once I get the update here I can stream my craftsy videos. I love Roku, I have a Roku 2, a Roku stick, a chromecast that has been totally useless for like a month an xbox that will play playon, hulu plus and Netflix. I pay almost 18 dollars a month and get way more than anything I got on satellite for over a hundred a month.

  • Zapata

    What about MHL Stick? I think has the same specs as the HDMI version

  • neoand12

    Gonna buy another roku streaming stick now. This works so well with my device and love it!

  • Sandeep Gautam

    I have roku stick 3500, however it is not working with nexus 5

    • Sandeep Gautam

      My roku stick is 3500x model, version is 5.6 and build is 2047. The Mobile is Nexus 5 with android version 4.4.4


    Can you guys add support for the NVIDIA Shield? Please? It’s running Android 4.4.2

  • Zohaib

    Hi. When will Xperia devices (Xperia z2 specifically) be supported? The device has mirroring capabilities but doesn’t seem to find roku

  • ICSinUSA

    I’m coming into the conversation pretty late, but I have to say that wifi-direct streaming from my android phone works unexpectedly well. a few pixilations and such, but not bad for “beta” technology. On the other hand, the excuses for not having an app that manages wifi-direct for ipad are sort of lame. Come on, it’s not that complicated. Why bother? Namely, Podcasts. While I can certainly hastle with DoubleTwist or PodcastAddict or some other iteration of android podcast pirates, it would just be more seamless and the library would be so much more accessible if I could Podcast directly to Roku. At the VERY least, Roku should finagle some kind of Podcast streamer of their own.

  • Lloyd Dobler

    What video formats because I tried mp4 and it said the type is invalid?

  • doug1234567

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 running Android 4.4.2 (official, non-rooted).
    Every time I tried to connect to my Roku 3 it keeps complaining “Unable to start mirroring” due to hardware issue. Does anybody know what the issue is? Thanks

    • dwhiting

      Same here. The mirroring screen appears on the TV briefly and then returns to the main ROKU screen and the failure message pops up on the tablet.

      • dwhiting

        I just installed MiraCast from Google Play and mirroring now works on our hardware combination.

  • 5westcoasters

    Will mirroring from iOS devices be in the future? Please? 🙂

  • frustrated roku owner

    I have tried but it does not work on my galaxy mega or samsung s5. it hangs at connecting to roku and nothing happens, is this a know issue?

  • Ralph Bromley

    of course a feature like this will be introduced on the freaking premium version of Roku why would it be on the low end Roku 1 or something like that. Sigh

  • neoand12

    Works great on OnePlus One!

  • lisa

    Why doesnt it support samsung galaxy s4 verizon :'(

  • Ashish

    I am unable to use screen mirroring feature from windows 8.1 laptop. Its a Dell inspiron laptop.
    When I connect my laptop to roku via screen mirroring it shows the screen of connecting and then suddenly mirroring process closes.
    Does screen mirroring feature will require any specific hardware on laptop ? If no, then please guide me if I am missing anything. I have followed all the steps mentioned on roku support site.

    • Tanya

      I’m having the same problem on my Dell with Windows 8.1. I am on here trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. It would be nice if we could watch things on the t.v. rather than on the computer. Some shows will have live episodes on their website but not release them to Hulu or Netflix until it is an older season. So, it we could watch more up to date episodes by using screen mirroring and the Roku 3.

  • lpress

    I tried it with a Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.4, which you say has “passed,” but there is no “connection” option under the settings. I have build KTU84P, which Android update says is current. Which build did you test?

  • niloff

    This app, and it is just a built in app pushing Microsoft and Intel devices, already exists many times over. What’s missing is this capability to stream from pc or dlna through high speed cat 6 or WiFi router to the roku. This is where the focus of this feature should be. The money may not be there for this approuch, but happy roku customers would be.

  • Just Reality

    I do this with Chrome on a MAC to my Chromecast but would love to see this supported in Roku too. the plug-in for Chrome allows you to share a tab. Pretty neat.

  • 4aSong

    Does anyone know if this will be available for the Roku TV? We just purchased it & love it. But I can’t hook my laptop to it because my laptop doesn’t have hdmi, only vga. And there is no vga on the tv.

  • FreakinAwesomeDude

    I running windows 8.1 on virtual machine software on my MacBook. Windows can pick up all devices in my network EXCEPT the Roku. Hopefully this will be fixed soon too? BTW, just another interesting point- although Roku doesn’t appear on my device list, I am able to manually connect to the roku via the Roku remote app in the Windows app store. I just can’t mirror.

    • A VM may not work for Wifi Direct (used by Miracast), which is likely to require direct access to the hardware. You could try creating a peer-to-peer Wifi network in MacOS by “choosing ‘Create Network’ from the Wi-Fi status icon in the menu bar”, but a VM may not be able to use it that way either.

  • Dominic Michaud

    I can’t seem to find the mirroring function on my android tablet. Does that mean that my tablet is too old? I tried updating the os but it seems to be up to date (according to the messages it returns) I have android 4.1.2 on my acer inconitab a500 tablet

    • This feature requires Android 4.4.2 or newer. (Although Miracast was introduced in Android 4.2.)

      Android manufacturers are responsible for releasing updates for their own devices, so many seem not to release major updates.

  • Whyyyy

    Sooo I have Roku 2…when will this feature be available for Roku 2 users?? Why does it just skip over Roku 2?? So frustrating

  • alonso

    and when it will be available for my lumia 625

  • Tati

    Can this work with a desktop that is on the wireless network and is Windows 8.1?

  • geoff

    Is there to make this work with a hardwired PC? My PC is connected to the Internet but with an ethernet cord and cant detect wireless devices.

  • lotacus

    Doesn’t work with my GS5.

  • nisey1234

    I’m using a Roku 3 and Roku hdmi stick and stream from Android phone..I normally stream Netflix videos, video games to made them larger. Comes in handy we their are no cable service would be nice if can use that Wi-Fi direct to get on internet. I’m still testing other application I can stream to TV from phone.

  • CrazyCroaker

    So will mirroring EVER come to ROKU 2?

  • Mickey

    Please make this available for Roku-ready streaming devices!

  • Kingsta

    This is awesome! I used it the other night to watch a movie from my galaxy note pro 12.2 and it worked perfectly! Thanks Roku!

  • ioulia

    Hello. I tried to mirror my Samsung tab S on roku 3 today. I am able to connect, for the first minute or so I get a mirror image of my tab but then the screen starts flickering and minutes later roku shuts down and restarts. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you

    • Mitch

      I get the exact same freezing , then reboot from Galaxy TabPro 10.1

      Shows the problem is Roku not Galaxy.

  • James


    This is great but could you please add support for the Note 4. I mean, if Note 3 can handle this, why can’t Note 4?

    I am eagerly waiting for that day!


  • Altu Phaltu

    I just got a MHL based Roku stick that came alongwith the TV I purchased. However, I am not able to see the screen-mirroring facility like the way you mentioned above. I know the feature is in beta, but I was told by tech support that for my device that feature would not be available.

    Could you please clarify?

  • dazzza19

    2 different PC’s not able to maracas but my cheap android does, no reply from roku

  • Helpful Hints

    Miracast is a f***ing disaster.

    You guys need to find a different way to do this – one that will actually work on the majority devices people own and use.

    Implement the protocol Google uses communicating with Chromecast devices from the Google Cast extension instead.

    Google Cast on Win 8.1 “Just Works” – consistently, reliably, with little hassle. Miracast isn’t even close.

  • skpacman

    Will this work on the Hisense Roku TV’s?

  • Brandon

    My appears like it wants to connect but doesnt. A bunch of chanimg vertical colored lines on tv…as though its trying but cant connect

  • Edna

    I try with my lg G3 but shows up on the tv then loads like 25% then times out..can u please tell me what I’m doing wrong

  • Tom K

    On my Roku 3 at home, screen mirroring works fine with my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Note with v4.4.2. But with my Roku 3500R streaming stick (just purchased) at work, this same device doesn’t work. The streaming stick comes back with the error message “Unable to enable Screen Mirroring. HDCP is not supported by the connected device.” What’s going on? How do I fix it?

    • Mark Stafford

      Same issue here…

  • Bingle

    I have persuaded many friends to buy the market leader device Roku against other manufacturers. I own 2 Roku’s, an XS and 2400 (using a wired connection), I would like to cast my screen to the ROKU in the future to play my Logitech Media Server Music over the TV headphones.
    I certainly cannot throw money out of the window and buy the latest device, especially when my Roku’s aren’t broken, they are not cheap!
    I don’t have a mobile phone or tablet, but I do have a PC with 2nd gen i7, lots of RAM and Win7, I hate Win8 (simple is perfection).

    Will the cast function be ported to other models like the XS?

    Thank you

  • Lucille

    my phone is hooked up to a roku device and I don’t know where its coming from how do I know what I’m hooked up to you if I don’t own it

  • DiamondFangs

    So are there any updates on whether Nexus 10 would work on Roku 3? Cuz it seems Xfinity TV Go app is out of the question for Roku 3. If it doesnt support miracast for Nexus 10, I guess I am better off with Netgear Push2TV PTV3000.

  • Jarrod

    I have both a Surface Pro 3 and a Galaxy S4 and the beta isn’t working for either. On the Surface, the Roku doesn’t even show up on the Devices. On the Galaxy s4 it shows up, but when I click on it it won’t connect.

  • cody

    Can We Cast ower screen on a roku HD?

  • mj

    download xbmc and be done with spending $$ on these boxes that outdate themselves! xbmc ( or kodi) has unlimited movies,music and t.v. ….and it”s free!!!

  • greginfla

    Do you have any suggestions on improving the signal stability. Often my Roku and my windows device loses connection.

  • Amy J

    I can get the Roku to show whatever I have on my PC, onto the ROKU. Mirroring part works perfect. But why do I not have any sound when I do this?

    • Mitch

      Go into the Sound on Control Panel and change the output sound to WIDI.

  • Someone

    Any chance of supporting other platforms in the future, like OS X? I have a PC running Windows 8.1 that might be compatible, but that’s nowhere near as preferable as being able to use my laptop for this. Just being optimistic over here.

    • Mitch

      They can’t even support Android and Windows 8.1, let alone Apple.

  • leo almeida

    hi , i was using my roku 3 just fine screen mirroring , and this morning wont connect , it will start to connect and stop 1/4 way starting , any toughs??? ( my phone is Samsung s3 and i have the latest software update like i said i used for 3 days no problems but today wont work. thanks )

  • Android Use 101

    can i stream the live feed from my android device to my roku

  • Greg

    I have a HP laptop with windows 8.1. It don’t see my Roku 3. Went thru all your setup instructions. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Tom West

    i am mirroring my HTC Desire 510 (v4.2.2) with the Roku Streaming Stick. It is not in the l

  • AndroidWindowsUser

    Awesome feature, thanks!!!

  • Bill

    What about Apple devices.

    • Apple devices use AirPlay (Apple’s proprietary technology) instead of Miracast/Wi-Di (a cross-platform standard). If you want to mirror an Apple device’s screen on your TV, the simplest solution may be to get an Apple TV.

  • Duc de Richleau

    Doesn’t work with my HP laptop with Windows 8.1 and Roku 3. Watch out it takes down your internet connection and takes a bit of work to make it reconnect again. Waiting for something better than Beta…

  • Mitch

    Great announcement, Roku. Now if you could only make it work!

  • scurfie

    Will it work on Windows 7 or just 8?

  • jorge

    I purchased roku on february 9th 2015 and I’m about to return this piece of crap, i live in the borther with calexico and mexicali (mexico side), and this piece of garbage doesn’t work here. Now i need to go and waste tine and gas to return it.

  • Lame sauce

    And so for the people who bought a roku tcl tv they dont get it either? What a joke…

  • iPad-user

    Why is there no Apple Ipad compatibility? That would be great if you add that to it.

  • John Hodson

    I recently bought a roku 3, a fire tv box, and a nexus player. The roku 3 was the only one that would successfully mirror my android and win devices. The other two would only mirror one of my devices or none at all. Not only would the roku mirror, but the quality of the picture was such that I could watch downton abbey episodes from my pc. This feature primarily caused me to dump both the fire and nexus.

  • carol

    On playon roku my pics are sideways,does anyone know how to fix.Pics are on mys3 tab.

  • Abdul Wahid Mahdi

    Can i use Roku stick to share my macbook pro screen on a TV that supports screen mirroring

  • Shreedhar

    Where is the screen mirroring option in TCL RokuTV? forget about the roku screen mirror, even HDTV screen mirror via any DLNA app is not allowed in that. Why false advertisements? Should I buy a Roku 3 stick for the RokuTV?

  • why cant I do this with my roku 2…. :-/

  • Peter

    I just got the Roku 3. Is there a way to mirror from Windows 7? I only see advice on windows 8.

  • Kapil

    Anyone can able to cast (screen mirroring) from Google Nexus 6 to Roku streaming stick. My phone Nexus 6 (Android Lollipop) not able to find any device.

  • Jef

    Please enable this for the new Roku 2. Thanks very much!!!

  • Television88

    How in the hell do I get rid of the BETA? I don’t recall asking for it. I work off Window 7 and BETA has increasingly interrupted the programs I am watch and just leaves me with a purple screen. It is so annoying. I just watched a movie and after the 7th interruption I stopped. When it goes to BETA … NEVER completes the download but stops about half way through. I want it off.

  • tj


  • TBelknap

    Does anyone know if I can can use the Roku 3 on a wall mounted TV?

    • That depends on where the HDMI ports are on your TV and how you feel about visible wires. (Unless you can fashion some way to mount the Roku 3 vertically behind the TV and have a spare electrical outlet available there too.)

      • TBelknap

        they are actually on the side..

        • TBelknap


    • TBelknap

      Anyone use the Roku Stick and like it?

  • TBelknap

    So is the Roku stick the best/most efficient for a wall mounted TV?

    • I’ve never tried the Roku stick myself but by all reports, the UI is slow by comparison, however, it is the most compact option. I recommend the models which include an ethernet port (Roku 3 and the 2015 version of the Roku 2), even if you plan to use WiFi. (In your case the Roku 2 may not be an option because you may want a remote that does not require line-of-site.)

      • TBelknap

        yes, Thanks for your help, I am going to strongly look at the Roku 3, my kids like that one, but I don’t know that I can use it on my wall mounted TV. Thanks again

        • jalyst

          This thread’s about the new screen-mirroring feature, that’s why I & others subscribed to it.
          Nice of you to dirty-it-up with a whole bunch of off-topic noise… >.>

          • TBelknap, you’re welcome. I hope you can make a better-informed desicion now.

            jalyst, it is. Many people just aren’t aware the forums exist ( and so post off-topic questions in the blog comments. Why there aren’t links to the forums from the blog or from the support pages, I have no idea.

          • jalyst

            So now the user knows, & we can resume on-topic discussion…

  • disqus_zQcUGsMZ9N

    Sucks that screen mirroring isn’t compatible with Apple products.

  • Jin9

    I got Roku 3, and I dont see this feature anywhere….the only way I can do it is by using the firefox app which is useless because its only for “mobile”….I would love to be able to do it through my PC instead. Thats way easier and better.

  • David Cole

    When will there be a finalized version of Miracast for 2015 Version of Roku 3? Works with my LG G3 and ASUS MeMo 8 Pad, but sometimes it drops casting?

  • Max Headroom

    Can we have for Windows 7. I’m not upgrading Windows until v10 is out!

    • jalyst

      That’s not really a reasonable expectation, given that Win10 consumer release will be out in 2-3mth.
      If there’s stuff you don’t like about Win8.1x, the vast majority of it is easily resolved with 3rd-party sw nowadays.

      Anyway, can we get back to the central focus/topic of this thread, please…

  • Chet Budney

    Works eventually with HP Pavillion 500 desktop. Must restart Roku 3 and then restart laptop. Connecting over wireless network may take several tries.

    Is there any way to connect a wireless mouse to the roku 3 so you can surf the internet while in the mirroring mode?

  • Mark Alewine

    Are there any plans for a software upgrade for the Roku 2, or am I going to have to buy the 3?

  • Ken Beer

    Also works with the Asus Convertible tablet which uses Windows 8.1

    • jalyst

      How did you get it to work???
      I couldn’t even get it to bloody work with a Surface Pro 3 + Windows 8.1 Pro!

  • Alex Noya

    When will the HTC M9 be compatible

  • Maria Espitia

    Will screen mirroing be available for Roku 1?

    • It seems to lack the hardware feature required for this.

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    • jalyst

      WTF does this post have to to with the TOPIC of this thread?
      At best it’s VERY tenuously related simply because you’re talking about Windows keys, at worst it’s unsolicited SPAM.

  • Brian Richards

    Hello. I need to kick someone’s ass at Roku.

    Apparently the screen mirroring thing is open to any one within range whether they are in your network or not.

    I just experienced a random Galaxy S6 THAT IS NOT CONNECTED TO MY WIFI sending it’s screen to my Roku TV repeatedly. We don’t own any S6’s.

    Luckily the S6 shows the name of the wifi AP it’s connected to so we were able to see that the phone in question WAS NOT CONNECTED to our Wifi. We then pulled up our network scanning tools and traced the phone in question back to a neighbors house. We also saw that our Roku TV was listed as a supposedly secured “Roku Direct” access point with WPS.

    Apparently, a ROKU TV will accept screen mirroring requests from ANY DEVICE. It seems our neighbor was just messing around with a new phone and had no idea they were sending to our TV.

    This means any idiot walking by your house can send who knows what to your TV? Are you kidding with this ridiculous “feature”?

    You need to set this to OFF by default. And you need to set it so that it’s restricted to people on the same wifi AP.

    • You certainly have a valid concern, however, how would the Roku device know which AP was allowed when the Roku has always been connected to the home network via a wired connection instead of WiFi? Since screen mirroring uses WiFi Direct, there may not be a way to impose such a requirement anyway.

    • Marc Alexander

      The feature is still in beta. Sony TVs have the exact restrictions you describe and I’m confident Rokuvwill as well…with time.

      • Brian Richards

        This is still a problem. It’s wide open and insecure.

  • Isabel

    Hell I wanted to know if its necessary for the (Roku 2) pear with a tablet and TV to show on your screen TV in order to connect screen mirroring from my galaxy tab 4 10.1 because in my doesn’t show it I was only able to screen mirroring once and it doesn’t connect and its getting frustrated this is the second RoKu I get I had the same problem with Roku streaming stick so I changed it to Roku 2…..does anybody know if it will work on chromcast my Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 for screen mirroring????? Thank you (First picture wear the pear is and the screens are showing my doesn’t show). (Second picture is my tablet trying to connect but nothing happens)

  • Lakechick

    I have no internet, but excellent cell service. Will mirroring work with Roku3 or streaming stick…LG G4 phone

  • Robert

    does any one have a suggestion for screen mirroring onto a Roku 3 from a Win 8.1 PC in the same room? Note 3 works fine but am not able to duplicate or add the roku as an additional display from control panel or Win 8 right screen side Devices menu. Is this even possible? Both roku and PC is ethernet wired and both have wi-fi on and screen mirroring on Roku 3 is enabled.

  • John Daniels

    Still don’t work with my android device. If it does connect it loses it moments later

  • Enosh Hershel

    Can a computer / laptop do a screen mirroring?

  • JC

    When will you be rolling out this Screen Mirroring Feature to other Roku models? I have the Roku Streaming Stick (enjoying the mirroring feature) and a Roku 2XD (model 4200) that it is not yet available. Please advise.

  • Daniel

    I enabled Miracast on my Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S with Windows 8.1. I was able to mirror my screen briefly to my Roku stick, but within a minute or two it always disconnects.

  • Michael Mott

    Hmm this appears to have died with my upgrade to Windows 10 on my surface. A fix soon?

  • Manav Relan

    I am using Windows 10 and it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  • vikram singh

    Roku Screen mirroring is broken with Windows 10. It was working perfectly fine with Windows 8.1. Is there any update from Roku’s team;are you guys working towards windows 10 support?

  • Tj

    Is it(roku screen mirroring) compatible with windows 10 and ios?

  • Daniel

    I tried this with my Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S on Windows 8.1. It worked, and I got very excited. About two minutes later, the connection dropped out, and I was less excited. I tried it again a few times, and the same thing happened every time. For some reason, it’s having trouble maintaining the connection for screen mirroring.

  • Curi0usZer0

    Is there any way to use the screen mirroring in reverse? So that I can view my tv screen on my laptop. Such as playing an Xbox game and being able to view the game on my computer

  • glenn lewis

    I just discovered it this morning . I was about to buy a new laptop because my surface screen is so small.this feature saved me a lot of money 🙂

  • Angel Lopez

    does screen mirror works in windows 10? I have a laptop and I follow the steps for windows 8 but no luck!!

  • Alex

    i have a Asus laptop with windows 8.1 install and i cannot mirror cast movies to roku. Will roku fix this issue and make more laptop windows 8.1 compatible? when?

  • Evan Snow

    The feature worked for me the first time I tried it, but now it times out when trying to connect.

  • Daniel

    This always fails immediately on my Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S running Windows 8.1 and my Roku streaming stick. It looks like it’s about to work, and the the connection craps out.

  • nozferat

    It does not work with Windows 10…Roku 4 here.

  • Raul

    BS the mirroring works and now it doesn’t go and buy google chromecat is cheap wnd better don’t waste your money with roku they will let you use the mirroring them they will take it away and when you call and complain they will make you fell like they gave you that option for free and you have to be thankful l becauee they let yoh used it for the time it last ….. what a ripoff

  • Raul

    Go and get google chromecast the roku its just a ripoff

  • Charles

    I have roku 3 and roku stick I called to complaint and they said the mirroring thinhs was not an option it was just a “give away” and I just have to be thanks full because they let me use it for free??.. shame roku

  • maria

    Roku waits until the 31 of December 2015 to deactivate the mirroring and now they said that I have to get the new model to use this service after months of using it what its next? Ill buy the new model and them you will loose or the channels and have to pay for it??.. im gonna burn it crushed and get google chromecast

  • Buford

    I am using Win 7 Pro hardwired into the wireless router which the Roku is also on. Putting the roku’s IP address into the web browser followed by :8060 retrieves id and other info from the roku, thereby showing an ability to “talk” to it. I am not using win 8.1, miracast, or wireless network adapter, yet you would think that since the p.c. and roku do share the router, I would be able to cast my win 7 screen through the router, through the roku, to the t.v. in the other room. Am I to understand that the present ability to mirror skips the router altogether, and requires a wireless adapter on the computer/mobile device?

    • Correct. Miracast relies on “Wi-Fi Direct”, so you need a device that supports that in addition to having the necessary software. It sounds like you lack both. If you want to cast your screen, try using TVersity Screen Server (which is on sale today for 50% off with promo code “HOLIDAY2015”).

      • Buford

        Having just read the newest comments, to do anything else I will be going with anything but roku. I can already shoot vid files from the computer through both cable box (Samsung media player) and Samsung blu-ray player because of DLNA, but passing the computer screen would be nice for presentations. thanks for pointing me to tversity.

  • Elizabeth Roxann Viens-Isaacs

    I need to know what are all the channel free and prices b4 i make up my mine I am looking for ABCKARK
    ESPN 2
    POP TV
    CARTOON NETWORK plz help ty

    • The official forums would be a better place to ask that:

      However, I’ll give you a brief reply anyway. Some of those cable networks (e.g. GSN) don’t have Roku channels. Others do but require a cable subscription. The CBS channel requires a subscription to the CBS All Access service ($6/month, if I recall correctly). ABC and Fox offer some content for free but offer more to those with cable subscriptions. Some of the channels in your list, including ESPN, offer a live stream but many don’t.

      If you want to watch current shows without a cable subscription, you’ll need to subscribe to Hulu (starting at $8/month) and CBS All Access or buy each series separately from a service like Vudu or Amazon.

  • Brandon

    I bought a TLC ROKU TV yesterday and at first the mirroring worked great but now it isn’t even picking up on my phone or my friends? Please help

  • A

    some random person was mirroring my device? how is this possible? no one but me on my locked internet connection

    • IHelpPeopleWithNetProblems

      Someone probably cracked your wifi password. I recommend you change it. You can check the dhcp list on your router settings page for any IPS other then your devices.

  • tabitha moreland

    Why do I only get sound and no picture with Netflix and hulu using miracast?

  • nijin

    how do I screen mirror my windows 10 laptop with a sharp Roku tv

  • Robert Paulsen

    Thought I’d pass along this tip. I have a Sprint HTC One M8 and was having issues with mirroring to my Roku. This is how I got it to work. On Roku go to settings and disable mirroring, restart the Roku from the settings menu. A side effect of this was my remote quit working so I removed the remote batteries and re-inserted. Then go in and enable mirroring. Then go to settings on your phone and select htc media output device. Voila! it worked!

    • Robert Paulsen

      It still doesn’t work with Windows 10 on my HP Spectre :0(

  • Nate

    Is there a way to mirror a Desktop PC screen to the Roku?

  • Merlin

    can anyone mirror from a galaxy s3 tablet mine keeps asking for a passcode is this a passcode i need from my galaxy tablet or the roku


    This is the one feature i actually bought my Roku 3 based on. Its jittery, laggy, unwatchable really. If you want to mirror your PC, I would say go chromecast or something else as Roku doesnt see this as important by the looks of how long this feature has been in beta. Years by the look of it.

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  • Manish

    Is their any way to use my laptop for displaying instead of TV with Roku device ??

  • PJ Bear

    Question: Is this available for the non-HDMI Roku 2? And if not..can someone please tell me how I can stream content from my Windows 10 PC to my Roku 2? Or with any other device? Thanks!

  • Melissa Renee Pilgrim


  • Gpetz

    Please complete this beta feature asap – it has literally been 2 years!!!! Coming from a technical background, what company offers a beta feature and doesn’t do anything to release it as a production feature for 2 years???? There are people like myself, who have a tablet with all the required eligibility but the tablet is not listed on your “list”. Shocker: not everyone has one of the tablets on your list, especially with specific carriers (AT&T, Sprint) when they live in Canada and use your device. I hope your development team reads this and some one lights a fire under your chairs to complete this and make your users happy.

  • rebel3217

    is it possible to mirror a windows 7 computer to roku 2?

  • Jerry McElroy

    I want to use my Netflix app. on my T-Mobile Lumia 950XL to stream movies through the Roku stick directly to my TV, so far I have not found a way to make that work. The only source of internet I have is from the cell towers. This Roku app. is ok, but it wants me to hook to wifi.

  • Daniel Daniel

    Just bought a 4k TCL Roku TV and I am having some problems while mirroring my Samsung phone to it. The image pulsates between perfect and blurry image. It’s very odd and I didn’t have this issue with my previous Samsung TV. Is there a fix for this or is it a problem with Roku’s software? Thanks!

  • John

    Will we ever get Mac OS Screen Mirroring?

    • Apple would have to make a major shift in their policies. They prefer not to add features for compatibility with non-Apple devices. To mirror a MacOS screen to your TV, I suggest getting a 3rd generation Apple TV.

  • Crystal Madore

    My tv is tlc roku tv and screen mirrorung in enabled the cell i use is a galaxy samsung 4s it has screen mirroring feature and it always works other day watched then very next day its not showing tlc tv and my tv is retarded it doesnt have a browser and i have to connect to wifi but hard if phone dont have hot spot so i actived it to download all channels and things u need to get the pairing code active for tv i dont know much about computers and things like this do i need certain app or something on cell to make work maybe my younger children erased something

  • Christopher Keller

    I’ve ONLY gotten this to “mirror/cast/extend” from my Windows 10 Phone. No other device will “complete the linking to the device”, not an Android Tablet, Windows 10 PC, or Window 10 tablet. I can ONLY get the phone to do it. They’re all new devices.

  • Marie H

    Can yall make this compatible with an iPhone I getting one soon

  • JJ

    I think that great but I can’t screen mirror. Is not there my phone says(Mirror the mobile device screen) what the mean? I tried look on my ruko screen mirror but not there!!! Help!!

  • GreyWolfSC

    Information link is dead. Mirroring does not work.

  • Nicole

    False advertising I’d say…I bought Roku SE on the box it advertises mirror capabilities…there’s no option for it in the settings. And if I read correctly Roku SE is actually a Roku 1…what kind of bull roar is this? The apps won’t even work. What am I to do now? Can’t return it bought 2yrs ago black Friday never opened it until now bc I finally got wifi…hmmm

  • TechUser

    Will the streaming feature ever be extended to the Original MHL Roku Streaming Stick, Model 3400M?