We feel a major streaming marathon coming on! Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Google Play Movies & TV has been added to our expansive Channel Store in the U.S., U.K., Ireland and Canada. With the addition of Google Play Movies & TV, you now have more options than ever to watch the entertainment you love on your Roku player.

From the hottest new releases to iconic classics, there’s a world of movies at your fingertips with Google Play Movies & TV. Get new releases like 22 Jump Street, Into the Storm and Let’s Be Cops in SD or HD before they are available on DVD.

Also, don’t miss the “Gift from Google” section for a complimentary HD copy of of X-Men, when you sign up for a Google Play account. Check back next week, you never know what new title will pop up!

If you’re a TV lover, you can catch up on last night’s episode or past seasons of can’t miss TV, laugh out loud comedies, nail biting dramas, notable documentaries and more, when it’s most convenient for you. You can even get a season pass to have the latest episodes added automatically to your library the day after they air.

Looking for a new drama series to binge-watch? Don’t know where to start? Google Play Movies & TV makes it easy to browse TV shows and movies by genre.

Another cool feature to look out for when you’re watching a TV show or movie is Google Play’s Info Cards. Can’t remember that actor’s name? Press pause when he is on screen and voilà – his name will pop-up on screen!

You can find Google Play Movies & TV in the Channel Store now on *current-generation Roku players and Roku TV models. Roku TV support is coming soon.

Stream on!

*Current generation players are those introduced after June 2011 and include Roku 3 (4200X), Roku 2 (2720X), Roku 1 (2710X), Roku Streaming Stick, both HDMI (3500X) and Roku Ready (3400X, 3420X) versions, Roku LT (2400X, 2450X, 2700X), Roku 2 HD (3000X), Roku 2 XD (3050X), Roku 2 XS (3100X) and the Roku HD (2500X).

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  • BD

    GREAT!! Powerful addtion

  • Another awesome reason to hang onto my Roku. Thanks!

  • Yarsh

    One can only hope that this opens the doors to finally having Google Music streaming to Roku.

    • I can’t say that I saw this coming. Google Music would be awesome.

      • Bill Foody

        There is another App that does do Google Music, though it’s not as well organized

    • Greg Episcopo

      There is a free, third-party channel app out there that does Google Music. It’s okay, but not perfect.

      • Kelley Chambers

        The “NoWhereMan” app is extinct now. Which is a real shitter!

    • any love for the rokutv?

  • Jack Holt

    Hasn’t shown up in the store on my Roku 3 yet.

  • Woah! That’s a very addition!

  • Mordalo

    Awesome! Now work it out so Google Play Music is on the Roku, and I’ll be incredibly happy.

  • Paul Mather

    Oh so the UK actually get something? That’s a surprise. Roku usually shaft us. I’ve not turned it on once since buying it as you refuse to support Amazon and won’t give us a search facility.

    • quidpro

      You know it’s the huge media companies shafting you and not roku, right?

      • Inaba-kun

        Actually the reason there are no Amazon services on UK Rokus is because Roku accepted investment from Murcoch (SKY), who don’t want Amazon services available to UK owners. Roku could have said no, but I guess they want to leave the door open to more dirty Murdoch cash.

        It’s rancid and corrupt, to say the least.

        • Paul Mather

          Yup. Especially as it’s not made clear that Amazon nor search facility isn’t available to the UK. I have a genuine dislike for Roku after this experience. I will actively put my friends and family off buying them.

        • quidpro

          I’m assuming Murdoch is what you meant and yes, he runs a huge media company.

      • Paul Mather

        As pointed out, the issue is Skys involvement. Because of that, I’ll never buy another Roku product. Roku deserve to go bust as far as I’m concerned for allowing Sky to do this.

  • Disqus User

    Will this channel be added to Roku Search?

    • Douglas Morrison

      Please add to Roku search results to be considered for our media purchases

  • Nate

    This is awesome!

  • Ian Emmons

    any love for the rokutv?

    • Hi Ian, Roku TV support is coming soon.

      • JP

        Any more details on when this will be supported? Can’t wait!

      • Ian Emmons

        still dosent work even though the page has been updated to claim that it’s supported.

  • Joseph Marszalek

    Someone just gave me a $50 gift card to Google Play and I was only going to get music becuase I had no way of watching the content on my TV. Now I can get some movie/tv content. Thank you Roku and Google for working together.

  • Disqus User

    Roku really, really needs to enable the option of passcode protecting channels, at the user’s discretion. As best I can tell, Google Play lacks parental controls and has an R rated movie displayed on the splash screen. While Google could easily add parental controls (I assume, since Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, and Target Ticket all have parental controls), since it lacks them, if Roku offered the option of passcode protection, parents could still restrict their children’s access to the channel. As of now, I’ve deleted Google Play after finding no way the implement parental controls.

    • guest

      Check out their new Roku Home feature. It does exactly that. 🙂

      • Disqus User

        Where did you find that? I looked for this and can’t find it. Thanks.

  • josh

    Seems to be lacking a lot of basic functions so far. No visuall search for fast forward. Playback amd resume are pretty bad. Anyone havy any clue how to enable close captions?

    • Peanuthead22

      Just press the * button (to the right of the OK button) to activate closed captions on Roku when watching a Google play movie.

      • Barb V

        Thanks but that doesn’t work. Any more ideas?

  • Graham Purnell

    I’ve got the new Google Play channel and previously purchased content is showing in my library; however, I can’t add the X-Men free gift movie. Every time I choose the ‘Add to library’ button the list of options changes, leaving only ‘Play trailer’. When I return to my library the film isn’t there on the Roku (or any of my Google Play devices.)

    • Michael Koch-Schulte

      Same problem.

      • dvdmike


    • Graham Purnell

      Google now seem to have fixed this. I’ve now added X-Men to my library.

  • dvdmike

    My gift from Google won’t redeem and add to library

  • Brian Richards

    when will Roku TV be supported?

  • jeffgummy

    When I try to watch a movie in google play, I get an error message stating that internet connection is jot sufficient, try again later. My internet works just fine, I watched the same movie in vudu when google play wouldn’t work. I tried uninstalling the app but that didn’t help. I have a roku 3, a any ideas?

    • Chris Sampson

      I’m getting the same thing on my new ROKU 3 for the last week. I’ve tried all troubleshooting on this page:
      I’ve called Roku and Google and can’t get it fixed. Google Play cs team seems oblivious.

      • Steve Patterson

        Same thing. It makes no sense because I can watch the free X-Men movie just fine but “The Interview” I rented will not play at all with the “isn’t sufficient” error. Please fix, Google. I wasted my 6 dollars.

        • Guest

          I’m having the same issue. Roku pointed at GooglePlay. Google pointed at Roku or my Internet provider and refused to refund me for my movies.

          • Lydia D York

            Same here. I used the 75% off coupon to watch a movie, then – when it kept stopping, I filed a complaint – and instead of helping me fix the problem, they just cancelled the movie altogether. Now I can’t rent another movie at that same rate. Nice scam, Google.

      • Guest

        I’m having the same problem. Roku pointed to Googleplay. Google pointed to Roku and my Internet provider and refused to refund my movies.

      • vipersdad

        Same issue yet with the bandwidth I have, I can watch Google Play movies on my laptop, phone, tablet, or Desktop PC (all streaming to a smart TV). It’s JUST the Roku that doesn’t work.

        • MayorSwiss

          I have the same issue. There’s nothing slow about my connection. If I try to play it gives me ‘the internet connection is not sufficient’ BS. I just keep trying over and over, and after like the 10th try it will start playing perfectly fine. Annoying

    • beth harbin

      Have you resolved this problem? I have the same issue.

    • quick note

      Still going on- I had the same problem last night and I tried again today but get the same message. My connection is fine, we watched other movies on Netflix. Wonder how to go about getting a refund on this since it doesn’t seem like they’re fixing the issue.

    • Benny Blanco

      Same thing here can’t watch anything – have no problem watching HDX movies on vudu and eveyother HD streaming provider so try again Google (speed test 21.9 MBPS)

    • Brian Sparks

      I have 50meg download with brand new dual band router at 1:30 am. Still with the error.

      • Coquettto

        Problem is the server not the Roku…try another Chanel..

  • David Howard

    I would like to see ROKU add a over-the-air TV Tuner so I can connect an antenna and get my local channels. They could add this to the ROKU 4, or even better add USB Tuner support for older models, so I could purchase a USB TV Tuner and make use of that with what I already own?

    In the DC area, I could get all my local channels with a TV Tuner and antenna. I was doing this before I got my ROKU. While I can get NBC through USTVNOW, and I can also watch the local news through an addin called NOWHEREMAN, I have to switch channels once the news goes off to continue watching NBC4 in my area. I would still like to use the Internet channels, but this would make my 4 local channels easier to watch.


    • appalled

      That would be awesome! In the meantime you can add a usb tuner to your computer, record using WMC or XBMC or what-have-you, then use the Plex app to watch what you recorded. It does not work for love tv and it is a bit clunky but I hate ads and don’t watch live TV so it works for me.

  • Colleen Kronman

    However, probably due to a high volume of traffic due to the release of “The Interview,” I was unable to watch anything on Google plus on my ROKU last night.

  • Natalie W

    This channel sucks and won’t even load/let me log in!

  • beth harbin

    Unsufficiant internet try later. Watched movie on netflix no problem with the internet.

  • fuck roku fucking retards

    it doesnt even fucking work. it doesnt let u click shit

  • Klachow

    Google Play was working fine a few days ago, but now it will not let me select anything. I can’t even try signing out and signing in because it will not let me.

  • owsleyf

    I have same issue, no problems stream on Netflix or Amazon just the Google Play app. Any ideas?

  • Someonereadingthis

    I don’t see anywhere where it says if this costs or how much. So does it and how much? For the US.

  • an

    How much is google play??

  • rltmlt

    No more separate credit card accounts ! I have an account established with ROKU that they charge all Movie rentals too. Now they want me to establish a separate Google Wallet account to pay for movies I watch on the Google ROKU App. Too many account records and codes being stolen by hackers, or who ever, to provide them even more targets to go after !

  • amrish

    Hi how can I blocked pop ups on my roku tv

  • Jane Byrnes

    The error message stating insufficient internet connection is still occurring. Please fix.

  • Chris Sampson

    Roku team: I’m on Roku 3. I see multiple people reporting the issue where google play won’t connect giving an error “insufficient internet connection.” When can we expect a resolution???

  • Jason

    Why isn’t it available yet for Roku TV? It seems ridiculous that I need to connect my Roku 3 into a Roku TV in order access this channel.

  • Alex Burkert

    Okay, I’m thoroughly confused about Roku TV support!

    When this blog post was originally written, it was clear that Roku TV was not yet supported. That original sentence has since been stuck through, and, now instead states as available “for current Roku TV models”.

    I have a current Roku TV model. So… how do I add the channel to my Roku TV?

    Tried checking System Update a few times, and, no new channels are picked up. I would have expected Google Play Movies & TV to appear after checking for a System Update.

    Thank you!

  • Muttmom

    I sold my Apple TV for Roku 3 and have spent the last 4 hours trying to get it working. It won’t recognize my Netflix account and it won’t let me add channels…so, 4 hour wasted. I hate Roku and wish I hadn’t sold my Apple TV. Soooooo angry!

  • Kenneth Lang

    Recently rented a movie on GP–what an awful experience-took FIVE minutes to load at the beginning, stopped half way thru with ‘insufficient bandwidth’ msg, attempt at fast forward caused another 5 minute load with just 10 minutes left to go. NOT renting again!!
    NO similar problems with Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  • Autumn Falls

    Sooooo annoying to pay $41.00 for a season of Family Guy but have to keep going in and out of the program because of the “insufficient internet” error message.
    I’ve set and reset my Roku AND my modem over and over (and quite frankly it’s a pain in the @ss to keep resetting the Roku as I have to then re-log onto EVERYTHING service I subscribe to.
    I wish I would have saved my money and just watched it on Fox or Global online.
    I can understand why people illegally download movies and TV shows when they work better than the ones we pay good money for.

  • viewer

    Where is the Google Play App? It has disappeared from my channels and I cannot find it in any of the channels offered on my Roku LT.

  • cjd

    I have a Roku 1 and I get an error message on Google Play but Netflix works great. You really need to fix this on your end because it’s not on ours. Do you read the blog comments?

  • disqus_Ghh8kq7skv

    Please add support for Google play music!!

  • Autumn Falls

    This problem still has not been fixed. If I WANTED to hook my tablet up to my TV then I would have DONE so and not bothered to buy a Roku.

    Roku should discontinue allowing purchases from GooglePlay until they fix this problem. As it stands they are basically just taking money for a service they know that they cannot provide.

    NOT happy with Roku for not fixing this issue!!!!

  • food

    this movie charm me phew I leave you with a desire to see her again very good wow thanks for this excellent blog USTE do a good job indeed excellent love


  • otis

    I get the same errors many others are reporting when trying to use Google Play on Roku (ie, insufficient… – I’m on a 50Mbps network!). Spent almost an hour on the phone with Google Play support. Of course, their conclusion was it’s Roku’s problem (none of my other Roku apps have any trouble streaming). Uninstalled the app from Roku and will not use it again. Too bad as I own movies in my google account that I’m not able to play on anything but my Android phone (where the app works fine).

  • Tomi Harrold

    Lighttening hit our cable boxes, att had to come replace and now watching amazon prime and just keeps stopping and starting and re streaming over and over. Any ideas?

  • jazzymofo

    Just bought my boys a full season of one of their favorite shows on google play. It was not cheap. We can’t watch it on either of our Roku3s because of the “internet not sufficient” issue. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all work fine, why is this the outlier?

  • Timothy posey

    I have a roku 2 and tried to sync my google movies account i went to the web sight and it no longer available where do i go to do this?

  • Evo

    Can i use a google play card for my roku movie rentals?

  • L-Love Lewis

    How do I get the account I don’t see how the suit sending me everywhere but where I need to be

  • How about adding Google Music???

  • Pete Klein

    Google Play still does not work on Roku. Other discussion sites, including Google, have threads on problem of getting insufficient internet signal to play. Wasted money on movie. YouTube work around works to watch movie on smart tv. But reason for Roku ismtomuse on non smart tv. Roku and Google please get together to fix. Issue been around for over a year.

  • DMB

    What about Google Play Store that was advertised on the package to download other apps?

  • daryl rafter

    I cant get googleplay movies keeps sayng invalid payment here in spain ok in UK

  • Esteban Alvarez Gil

    Last week I bought a ROKU 2. The box says that have google play and have de icon of google store but ROKU 2 don´t have google play or google store. The box also says ROKU 2 have “spotify” “vevo” “sesame street GO”, etc. and doesn´t have it .The remote control have “rdio” channel bottom and when you install that channel, when you set that channel ROKU 2 says “This channel is no longer available”. The remote control have “google play” channel bottom, and you can press at any time and never addressed you nowhere it doesn’t works that bottom and the google play it doesn’t exist in the “channel store”. ROKU 2 have 3 web browser, two are paid and the free browser “POPRISM Web Browser” is a disaster it’s like using a pc in DOS no colors, no bottoms, no photos, no videos. All the movie channels are about movie trailers or movies from 1970. Sure this is the worst tv gadget

  • Daniel DiGriz

    No wishlist on Google Play for Roku. Completely missing so seems kind of pointless.

  • Treasure Goblin

    Does anyone know if the app lets you download the movies with “pin” like you can do on the phone?

  • chhota kaka

    there is logo on ruko box of google play store but its not there how to install that app

  • gapot

    Why is GOOGLE PLAY not available in Australia when NETFLIX is on the standard ROKU