comcast-xfinity-LogoThe holidays are nearly here, and if you’re like me, you’re already planning which movies and TV shows to catch up on with the extra time off at home. The Newsroom and Boardwalk Empire from HBO and Homeland and The Affair from SHOWTIME®, to name a few, are on my stream list. Needless to say, the HBO GO and SHOWTIME ANYTIME® channels stream some of my favorite TV shows.

Just in time for the extra holiday streaming time, we’re pleased to announce Comcast has been added to the list of participating television providers that support HBO GO and SHOWTIME ANYTIME on your Roku device. We are glad to be able to bring this long-awaited feature to Xfinity TV customers.


The Affair on Showtime Anytime

Roku customers tell us they get more value out of their pay TV subscriptions when they have additional ways to watch through “TV Everywhere” channels. These channels, like HBO GO and SHOWTIME ANYTIME provide unlimited access to original series, hit movies, comedy, sports and much more. Whether it’s Game of ThronesTrue Detective or Silicon Valley on HBO GO or Ray DonovanMasters of Sex or Penny Dreadful on SHOWTIME ANYTIME, you can indulge in every episode of every season of the best HBO and SHOWTIME shows.

So how do you activate your Xfinity TV subscription on your Roku player or Roku TV? If you don’t have the HBO GO or SHOWTIME ANYTIME channels installed, head over to the Channel Store. You can find both channels in the “Movies and TV” category.

  • To activate HBO GO, start up the channel and click “Activate your Device.” Next, visit, choose “Roku,” click “Continue” and choose your provider from the list. You’ll see a pop-up to enter your provider’s ID and password. Once you sign in, you’ll land on a page to enter your activation code – enter the code you see on your TV screen. Once you see the following message, you’re ready to go: “Your device has been successfully linked to your account.”
  • To activate SHOWTIME ANYTIME, start up the channel and click “Activate SHOWTIME ANYTIME.” Next, choose your provider from the list then visit Click “Log in” and choose your cable provider again. In the pop-up enter your provider’s ID and password, then choose “Roku Streaming Players” from the pull-down menu and enter your activation code – enter the code you see on your TV screen. Once you see the following message, you’re ready to go: “You have successfully activated SHOWTIME ANYTIME on your Roku Streaming Player.”

In addition to Comcast, customers who subscribe to HBO through the following providers can also access the HBO GO channel on their Roku device:

  • ATT U-verse
  • Bright House Networks
  • Charter
  • Cox
  • DirecTV
  • DISH Network
  • Mediacom
  • Optimum
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Verizon FiOS
  • View the entire list

And those who subscribe to Showtime through the following providers can also access the SHOWTIME ANYTIME on their Roku device:

  • ATT U-verse
  • Bright House Networks
  • Charter
  • Cox
  • DirecTV
  • Mediacom
  • Optimum
  • RCN
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Verizon FiOS
  • View the entire list

Big thanks to Comcast for expanding support to Roku! If you do not see your provider listed above, we encourage you to contact your provider and request that they add support for HBO GO or SHOWTIME ANYTIME on Roku devices.

Stream on!

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  • Alb

    Great news, I guess I can now get rid of my Chromecast

    • Jason Chapman

      Ha, that was exactly my first thought too! I have Rokus on every TV (although I did put a Fire Stick on my bedroom TV to try it out) and a floating Chromecast that was only used for HBOGo.

      • knowingisgrowing

        It’s a good idea to stick with Roku – the other companies can’t keep up with their focus and content provider deals.

  • o/

  • jd

    Xfinity parental controls are really awkward – to watch a “grown-up” show on either of these channels you can’t just enter a PIN on the Roku, it seems that you have to go to and change the settings there, watch something, then change them back to lock it.

    Is this going to work better soon?

  • Pedro

    it sucks that still need the cable provider to watch the “good” channels, instead of just subscribing to the channels one wants.

    • knowingisgrowing

      What, you don’t have retired grandparents who don’t know their ass from their appetite when it comes to mobile TV? Well, I do!


  • Devin Serpa

    Yawn, let me know when these are a la carte.

    • Frothing

      But Pedro, this is a capitalist etched-in-stone rule. You’ve got to have 2 or 3 middlemen to share the gravy.

  • Jim

    You mean I still have to pay xfinity for the privilege of watching hundreds of channels of junk to see one or two? No thank you! I dumped cable for a reason.

    I can buy entire seasons of shows I like on dvd with the money I am saving.

  • ovationlady

    Tried to activate Showtimeanytime, but Showtime’s website is just a blank, literally a blank page. Suggestions/comments?

  • ML

    why would anyone who has a Roku also pay for cable? Isn’t that the point of the Roku….that you don’t pay for cable?

    • Jason Chapman

      Roku gives you access to a bunch of other stuff too. You can play files from your phone or tablet on your TV, you can access Netflix and Hulu and other streaming services that you might have in addition to cable/satellite, you can get free content through the PBS apps (kids and regular) for content on demand and many many other apps, you can put the Roku stick on tvs where you don’t have room for cable boxes, such as wall-mounted bedroom tvs (in my case) and you can take the Roku on the go with you to access your content anywhere, hotels, friends houses, etc.

      • fvgov

        BUT!…no Game of Thrones.

        It;s worthless.

    • knowingisgrowing

      No, it’s to avoid a 21.65 dollar fee every-month to lease an x2-xfinity pos set-top broken hardware/app package from xfinity.

      Their lease fee’s on our modem and set-tops were over 46 a month alone, cause they are an evil company.

    • MB996

      because every time I decide to quit cable, Comcast begs me to stay and gives me a promo package that would cost as much as Internet by itself. Fortunately, Google Fiber is set to come to my city! Frabjous Day!

  • JC

    Playon tv will allow you to get them will it not?

  • ZoeSouls

    I think it’s great that we can now watch HBO and Showtime shows on our devices but I’m having an issue where Showtime is concerned. When I try to add “Showtime Anytime” I get a message asking if I want to add “Showtime On Demand” to my subscription (which I don’t) and when I choose not to do so, I can’t activate my device. Any suggestions anyone?

  • Roscoe1

    I bought Roku to cut my cable TV. Therefore I don’t have HBO or Showtime with my “Provider”. So Roku Execs, you need to convince Those “Networks” to provide us Roku users the ability to stream their channels without a Cable Provider. Otherwise, what’s the point if i already have it on my TV thru the provider.????

    • knowingisgrowing

      What you NEED to do, is sub to HBO-GO, since you have no friends/family to loan an account to, as they now (and others will soon) offer individual network subs.

      It’s amazing that the same companies set to block the age of TV evolution are themselves forced to allow it, in the name of public image and wishful merger.

      I can’t wait for the FCC to say “hell no” .

    • MB996

      this is a baby step in right direction, believe it or not. Comcast was preventing Roku users like me, who ALSO already pay for HBO, from being able to watch it on our TVs, simply because they could. They weren’t even giving paying customers the “privilege” of watching the channel how we want.

      • fvgov

        Baby steps in the “right direction” isn’t going to let me view the Game of thrones season premier. So I’m pissed and if I could get my money back, I’d get my money back. I want to take the Rokus outside and smash them with a sledgehammer after hearing this. It is now officially a worthless hunk of plastic.If i didn’t have a wife and kids who watch the garbage, I would smash the devices into a million pieces and send them back to Roku.

        Oh, and I love the chippy, “Hey good news, folks” way this announcement was made. All it basically said is that you have to continue to get raped by a cable company and you can get that one channel for that one show! YIPPEE.

        All of my hate. All of it.

        • Hal

          HBO will be offering a streaming only solution before GoT premieres. First month free. Apple devices only for the first few months.

      • U.N. Owen

        So, you w/out hesitation admit to being an idiot – who has both a(n OVERPRICED) cable subscription) AND a free except for WiFi Roku?

        Seems like a lot of people are becoming morons and are happy to admit it.

        • MB996

          what’s with the unnecessary hostility? I have both because the Roku was a gift and every time I call to cancel, Comcast gives me a promo price on a package deal of cable + net that is less than internet alone.

    • autotech101

      I agree 100% with you.

    • darkman69

      I laughed when I read your comment because your exactly right…. what sense does that make and how dumb are these execs. What a joke.

      • Roscoe1

        Hey I understand that in order for Roku to stay alive they need $$$$ input. Either from subscribers like you and me or from these companies, Comcast, Showtime or whatever. Apparently people like you and me weren’t coming on board like they had expected. So they attached themselves to these Cable Companies in hopes that it will produce more people to buy Roku devices, I get it. BUT they are forgetting the Prime Directive of the program. Cut Cable cord and watch other providers over the internet. So Roku, do what you do best and work on getting us ALL off cable !!!!!!

  • steve peil

    Like the others are saying PAY ATTION if we wanted cable or dish I WOULD not have bought two ROKU 3’s. now do your jobs and get us HBO and SHOWTIME you will make more money without cable.

  • ResponsibleIndividual

    COMCAST IS AWFUL and their customer support is even WORSE

  • Cable TV Authorized Dealer

    Super Blog you people have maintained there, I totally appreciate the work.

    • fvgov

      I hope you fall into a fire pit and it takes you 30 minutes to die in screaming agony.

  • Richard X

    Showtime Anytime on Roku sucks! It is always dropping and trying to reload service.

  • IVdude

    Please Roku, make the deal with HBO & Showtime (and Fox Sports One while you’re at it) so we can call our sat/cable companies and tell them to come and get their equipment out of our houses. The sooner the better.

  • SamIamTwo

    I get it, you want me to go back to cable. ROTFLMAO

  • john

    I bought a ROKU yes to stream but that is not the point I’m streaming to drop an expensive cable bill that makes me pay for channels I don’t want to get channels I want. So as of now the cable company’s monopolize the prime channels to sell the unwanted channels as well as blocking streamers unless again I buy something I don’t want to get something I want. Must have cable to use ROKU WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP

  • fvgov

    Well, we were going to get another ROKU…but now we’re not. I don’t know who is to blame, all I know is whoever they are i hate them and hope they die in agony.

    All I wanted was Game of Thrones. All of the fat cats start stringing their violins talking about how wrong it is that people simply bypass all these middlemen and go straight to torrent or streaming sites. I was going to do the right thing and buy a device and a service, but Apple TV isn’t worth it, HBO Now is only desirable to me because of Game of Thrones. I’ve been hearing for months that HBO would start a stand alone service. I was excited about it. And then comes reality crashing on my head. It has to suck, like everything else in this stupid friggin’ world. There has to be a catch to the Apple TV thing, like you have to get an iPhone or iPad, neither of which I want or have ever wanted,

    Roku dropped the ball. Apple TV just screwed a lot of people and HBO, which has become aggressive with internet subscribers who download torrents, hasn’t left fans of their shows very many options. Here’s a newsflash, dip5hits, anyone who’s been online over a decade can get around your surveillance as far as torrents go. But I’m not even going to do that. April is just officially ruined. But the bright side is that halfway through the season, all the episodes will be available for free. It’s better to get a whole season than episode by episode, anyway, so the hell with it. You will give us what we want or we will break you. Eventually. It may take decades, but broken you will be.

  • Lee

    How to discontinue HBO GO with my Roku account?

  • Roan

    The greed and power of the media providers because they can! If HBO and Showtime reached an independent deal with Roku the “Providers” umbrella organization would blacklist these HBO type producers on a national level. Thank our congress and the industry lobbyists.

  • U.N. Owen

    So, let me get this straight: I COULD fork over $15/mo to watch one of these, IF I ALREADY happen to pay OODLES/mo for CABLE, AND have a Roku?

    I dunno – but, having them BOTH seems at OPPOSITE ENDS of logic. Great if you’re an idiot.



  • Sam

    ROKU go to HBO we don’t want cable and will not pay for it but I would subscribe to HBO-Go, like I do for Netflix, and Prime let me choose what I want not the cable companies. I am looking at Amazon Fire since I read somewhere they allow HBO-Go without a cable subscription don’t know yet if it is true more research needed.

  • dmaaaaax

    I have Showtime on TWC and added the channel to my Roku, however when I click on the channel there is no place to click “Activate SHOWTIME ANYTIME.” There is only “Sign into account” or “start 30 day trial”, so the above instructions do not work! Any ideas?!

  • poundness

    I just find a step by step guide on how to download videos from xfinity
    at allavsoft.

  • Crazbuderfly

    So frustrated with Roku Showtime Anytime… I travel between 3 residents. I use my Roku often and for the most part it does really well, except with Showtime Anytime! This is a Roku issue as I do not have any problems using my smart tv, cell phone and laptop! I continuously get the same error code 310 or 311, I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times, disconnected the power and reconnected etc, it doesn’t fix the the issue, will not load or it will reload every minute almost as if it’s buffering. Roku this is your glitch please fix!

  • Craig Schweitzer

    the link doesn’t work with Roku and Xfinity …. Comcast website keeps reporting “error loading this page” when trying to activate a Roku TV with HBO GO. I think it’s an Xfinity website issue.

  • alex watson

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