The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is always an exciting time for us here at Roku and it’s no different for 2015. We have big news to share about Roku TV and the momentum it’s gaining.

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We first announced Roku TV at CES 2014, and our first partners TCL and Hisense began shipping their models in the fall. Today you can buy a TCL Roku TV or a Hisense Roku TV from major retailers including Walmart and Best Buy. The reception has been astounding and we’re very proud of this first chapter for Roku TV.

Roku TV has received tremendous praise from customers, top-tech media outlets and the industry overall:

  • If you tuned into daytime TV this holiday season, you likely saw Roku players as must-have gifts on a few daytime TV shows. However, the biggest splash was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, with an unveiling of a wall of TCL Roku TVs to surprise audience members with a set of their very own to take home.

Every TV needs Roku OS. We are working with global TV manufacturers and brands to bring more Roku TV models to the market and continue to raise the bar for the TV experience. We’re thrilled about the following Roku TV news we announced today…

  • First, TCL – one of the fastest growing brands in the U.S. – will release 12 new TCL Roku TV models in the first half of 2015. The new TCL Roku TV lineup will feature new hardware designs and deliver the same great Roku TV experience that customers love. It’s fantastic to have TCL’s commitment to Roku TV with this growing number of TCL Roku TV models.


  • Second, we announced two new Roku TV partners: Haier and Insignia. These great brands are known for making high quality and affordable products. Insignia Roku TV models will come this spring and you’ll be able to purchase them exclusively from Best Buy. Haier Roku TV models will be available this summer.

Haier Roku TV


  • Third, we announced the availability of a Roku TV 4K reference design for our Roku TV manufacturing partners. This means that our TV OEM partners can begin development of Roku TV 4K models that merge the latest in TV viewing technology with the Roku operating system and experience. TCL is an initial partner working to deliver a TCL Roku TV 4K model in the future while Netflix is our initial 4K content partner.
  • And finally, Roku TV has been recognized by Netflix for an exceptional smart TV experience and is part of the “Netflix preferred TV program.”

We’ve made a lot of great strides in 2014; and 2015 will no doubt be another year for the record books as Roku TV continues to power forward. With an expanding group of influential partners and 20 new models expected to be available by summer in the U.S., we look forward to an amazing year ahead.

Happy Streaming.

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  • Rachel

    I dropped Comcast and got a Roku. I listen to fox on my Sirius radio. I had three tv’s on cable so I had two box rentals @ $35/mo, taxes and fees. I also had to pay for any on demand movies, not currently showing on my subscribed channels. I kept the Internet and phone. I save over $100/month. I bought a Roku, which is a one time cost. it is easy to set up and can be moved from room to room. I pay $8 for Netflix, $8. for Hulu plus and $10 for the blaze each month. Unlimited viewing everything is free with these subscriptions. i don’t have to DVR, because on Hulu Plus, and Netflix, the entire season is there. Roku also has utube, which you can use your phone to find a video and project it to your tv. Lots of free channels, including religious channels. I will never go back to cable. More cable stations are waking up to the Roku. They may start abandoning cable. Who knows? Just wish I could get live news in case of an emergency and pay direct for stations that require a cable subscription.

    • Thor

      Antenna will pick up local news. Can also get up to date news from Internet.

    • Janine

      Get an indoor antenna. They cost about $40 to $60 depending on brand and range. I did so and get most of my local channel groups, about 12 channels in all.

      • Beachwalker

        I am too far from television towers to use an indoor antenna, but I am seriously considering installing one on my roof – just like the old days.

    • Chilli Sauce

      $19, at walmart free and alot moreClear TV eliminates expensive and unnecessary cable bills for those consumers who are just looking to enjoy their favorite network shows.

      Clear TV is easy to set up, and provide viewers with the opportunity to receive hundreds of crystal clear digital and HD shows.

    • Krythis

      +1 for indoor antenna. I use a refurbished amplified Mohu Leaf from Amazon. For DVR functionality for local broadcasting I have a second indoor antenna hooked up to my home PC that records programs using a TV card and Windows Media Center. I access those files from Roku via PlayOn’s My Media channel.

    • Brian Crosen

      In my experience with Comcast, it is generally cheaper (or close to the same price) to bundle TV with internet service, so I always end up with Comcast TV even though I barely use it. On the bright side, the bundle comes with HBO so I can use my Comcast account to log into the HBO Go app on my Roku!

      • bop jones

        it’s always “cheaper” when you get it. Then you get the bill. I’ve found that just getting the internet service puts me under 70 or so bucks, when I get the “bundle” thats “only” 100 USD, it always ends up being 120+ after fees, tax’s, increases in premiums or whatever else


      Rachel, I totally agree with you. Did the same thing (minus the phone – we have Ooma) with TimeWarner. I have three Roku’s in the house, Netflix and Hulu – totally happy. The HGTV shows we missed are now on Netflix!

    • Jeanette Hernandez they have long range (50-60 miles) antenna.


      ICC World Cup 2015 Live on STAR Sport HD1, 1, 2, 3 , 4, GTV, PTV Sports, Geo Supper Channel. Just Goooo…


  • Andy

    Great to see Roku continue to lead the market they single handedly developed out of nowhere, with visionary product design, amazingly simple and fluid interface, and the best channel selection. I’ve been a fan since I discovered and bought the original device, now finally retired and replaced by a stick in the living and a 3 in the bedroom. Wifey loves it too. Roku made it so easy to remain a cord-cutter years ago.

  • donny ames

    any news of when sling tv will be available?

    • Thines

      It’s available now. You get a trial version before you have to pay 20/month pay as you go!!

  • mhenderson83

    This is really great news! However, as someone who already owns all the TVs I need or want for the forseeable future, here’s hoping this isn’t the only focus and a proper Roku 4 is in the pipeline. Would be really amazing to see a standalone device with the latest ac wireless capability, a faster quad core processor, voice search and support for 4K streaming. Roku is already the best platform around so a box with those specs would be a huge hit and a proper response to newer devices from Amazon and Google (with the benefit not being a closed platform). Keep up the great work!

    • Rob

      I agree. I was disappointed that the CES announcements this year focused on integration with third parties rather than new hardware in a standalone Roku box. Since the major channels/apps are common across platforms and Roku is not hardware competitive with the Amazon FireTV, what reason do I have to buy another Roku 3 instead of adopting the FireTV as my next device? Please, Roku, give us what we want and release a new piece of top end hardware to compete with the FireTV!

    • Aero.Sullivan

      Completely agree. we want ac wireless, faster processer, voice search, 4k streaming… I would also suggest a coaxial port and ‘over-the-air’ channel(to attach an external antenna for local live programs). Finally a DVR option for over-the-air programs. That would be one box / remote to control everything a cord-cutter would ever need!

    • Thines

      Have you checked out the latest Roku TV????? I think you will like it!!!!!

      • N_Da_Game

        I agree with OP – I have 3 HD TV’s and have no interest in a Roku TV. When can I get the next generation successor to the Roku 3?

  • jealous canadian girl

    Hi! I just learned about roku device a couple days ago….I was really impressed until I started reading online that here in Canada we cannot access the same amount of channels as the USA, or simply even the same tv channel listings available. This is again same as Netflix Canada & Netflix USA….why is our selections SOOO poor & limited??? we are paying the same amount if not more….I am DYING to buy a roku but I would love to watch american tv shows.I don’t understand why, we have all these channels avai;able by cable or sattelite tv…so why can’t we access the same online? I would even want to pay for Hulu or HBO go just like they do in the USA, but it is not even available to us & there isn’t a similar canadian version to access these channels. Just like many people here, I mostly watch american tv entertainment & it’s always been this way. I tried searching & researching what was available to canadians….& I was mostly shocked at how much information is NOWHERE to be found. The Canada roku website keeps switching back to the USA roku….the pages are mixed between french & english (american version works well without any issues)…& there are no official canadian channel store. I found a couple times unofficial channel lists gathered by canadians roku owners & not only they were all channels nobody has ever heard of, but the list was fairly disappointing. Also, absolutely no extra details/description were available like you can find for the american channels.Worst case, there are plently canadian official channels I would have been satisfied with, but none of them exists on Roku. Can anyone confirm if what I’m saying is true? or if my research were not guided properly? Can any canadians confirm if some of the USA channels advertised everywhere also work in Canada? the whole point is to watch what you already love watch without paying the crazy cable fees…I don’t want to pay this device to only have access to weird channels.
    If not, any news about new official canadians/american channels for Roku 2015? it’s time to get us canadians up to date before adding new partnerships.

    • grapemanca

      I’ve had a Roku 2 for a year now, and it’s a wonderful technology, but the Canadian channel selection is a joke. Aside from Netflix, NFB and a couple of special interest pay channels (like the NHL), there’s really nothing of interest. There are no Canadian news shows or networks, no proper streaming services like Amazon or Hulu, and no American channels like PBS. Just lots of amateur hour garbage.

      Frankly, Roku should be banned from selling its product in Canada until it actually delivers on its marketing hype. Selling it here in Canada is almost fraud.

      • jealous canadian girl

        Well I had a good laugh reading your comment but you are confirming what I believed to be true!!!! Glad I didn’t spend the money on this….why even sell this in Canada? We all know it’s all about $! They don’t care about pleasing us! The promotion for this product is not properly advertised here. Glad I took the time to research this. Thanks for your reply!!!

        • TVB

          any VPN will get you what you want..I watch Amazon HuluPlus and US/UK Netflix daily with Unblock-Us…I’ve have since june last year,coupled with Distributel Unlimited 25/10 and No problems whatsoever. 3 Roku’s 1 droid box and 1 Pi..all working flawlessly. Learn before you bitch and you might actually be rewarded.

          • jealous canadian girl

            Did you even read what was previously said?! Not bitching…valid statement. Nobody should have to jump through hoops & spend extra money to get access to extra channels that are considered basics on the US roku. The promotion is not adequate for canadian market…but Glad you found your fix…

      • disqus_ey6RUGEBvh

        How to get HuluPlus in Canada without a U.S. Credit Card |

    • SmartOneBC

      Just subscribe to the world will be your oyster. You get all usa content and then some.. Best $5 or $45 a year you can spend, and make the Roku useful. Hulu, vudu, Amazon prime all regions of Netflix and more..

      • jealous canadian girl

        I found out about this site through my online research, but some people were complaining of getting disconnected after paying the monthly/annual fee. As good as this deal may sound for a whole year, I am not willing to risk losing a dime! I will keep researching this & I will keep this in mind but thanks for your suggestion!

        • SmartOneBC

          I’ve used it for 3 years they would never do such a thing. Where ever you read or who told you is full of bs.

  • Melanie Tighe

    Why has Angry Birds the game been removed? That was one of my favorite channels. Very disappointed : ( I contacted Roku customer service and was told the game is no longer available and to contact Rovio (which I have done). What can be done to return the Angry Birds game to Roku? Thank you.

  • lee

    Roku has set the standard for companies to catch up to. Have three rokus. Netflix and vudu do it for us.
    If I can get the locals and a few cable shows I can kiss about $130.00/mo good bye. That would feel so good. Thanks.

    • bob jones

      While I love Roku, they really need to step up the game and offer something other than a device to stream netflix, hulu, and youtube .. because every other device is doing that now.

  • bob jones

    Roku really needs to perfect what consumers want with regards to consuming media on the fly. Installing multiple apps and then attempting to hunt down something to consume is alright on the Roku, but Roku has the means to create a dedicated full time tv “channel” that streams content in live time provided by third party or internal exlusive items made by Roku. If the Roku device is signed into Netflix, then the channel could ‘upgrade’ itself to stream netflix exclusive content. Add additional channels, etc.

  • boBNunny

    Why are HBO Go and Showtime Anywhere only available with subscription on cable? If I had cable, why would I have Roku? What am I missing? I would think they would say fine as long as you still pay $8-10 a month for it.

    • dudley76

      Now you know why these companies are pushing for net neutrality legislation passage.

  • GLevi

    I am a big Roku fan. The media content is available through a wide diversity of products; I believe we want to own a Roku (or more than one, like me), because we want to gain access to that content in an easy, simple and affordable way.

    While Roku does that, I’d like to see Roku more focused in making sure that their alliances for content are actually supporting the product (vs. the opposite).

    I am talking about the very well known issues of Time Warner Cable content with Roku. Basically, TWC is experiencing challenges to provide a reliable service, specifically to Roku customers (in the words of one of the managers of TWC Customer Service).

    According to TWC, they struggle to keep the content/channels consistently available, “more than with any other player”.

    And that is probably true; as an example, during the week of 2/19, dozens of channels were removed from the TWC App for Roku, for virtually all US audience. This was not the first, nor the last time this happens. As of now, there are several TWC channels not available via Roku (but available via other products), including their own TWC News Channel!

    Here some details:

    TWC is unable to providing a resolution time frame for this on-going issues, in fact “they can’t ensure that the problems will be fixed”, as they provide this “free service, as a bonus”.

    In my case (and I guess the majority of Roku and TWC customers) it is not “Free” (i.e. we pay a monthly fee to TWC and purchased a Roku player to be able to watch the content, as we don’t rent/own cable boxes), and it is not a “bonus”, as the whole reason to spend the money is to access the content; if the content is not available, there is no reason to get the Roku and to contract TWC.

    I’d like to see Roku more focused on quickly increasing the “live” TV Content options for their customers. Sling is a good step in that direction. I think “live” TV/Network content is a big competitive advantage of Roku against other options, like Apple TV. I guess, that advantage plays a huge role in the performance of the Company.

    The situation at TWC is potentially damaging the reputation of Roku and the great products they manufacture; perhaps Roku can work together with TWC helping them to improve the quality of the service they provide to their mutual customers, so we can continue relying on Roku products vs. looking for other alternatives.

  • LJ

    Who out there can ‘turn on day time television’? Although the consumer has no way of knowing, learning, or being advised, Skitter TV (the grand voice of “expatriate”) who promise to provide the 7 networks- already free, for free….
    It is not until 45 days pass that the free folk learn: free isn’t free you gotta pay the price, sacrifice, if you want to continue watching No longer FREE Daytime TV!
    You gotta buy a box…not all boxes however, have access to The FREE NETWORKs! For that a cable provider is absolute and an antenna and a converter box ’cause if we were wealthy we would have Direct, Dish, Infinity not be disabled, out of work, raising our family or just love to eatch Judge Judy.
    The solution? The Judges of Daytime will need an app, the Steves of Daytime will need an app, along with Maury and Bill, then the rest….
    Perhaps the best app of all would be:THE BIG 7 ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CB, PBS, AND THE LOCAL STATION!
    Now thats an app everyone wants!

  • Jose

    Purchased a Roku 4K in march, used it for roughly a month and then it sat without use for roughly 5 months. I decided to use the unit again and to my surprise the remote will not link to the base unit, I called support and I was greeted with “sir you did not purchase a service agreement” wth! It’s less that’s a year old! Doesn’t manufacturers warranty cover that!! Needles to say the call was received in “India” they helped me troubleshoot the issue and it turned out to be a hardware issue! They promised me a replacement remote within two days and I’m still waiting for it over a week later. Please review this product before purchasing!