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Last month DISH introduced Sling TV, a live, over-the-top television service. You may have seen the buzz and accolades from CES and recent reviews from the Wall Street Journal, The Verge and Yahoo! Tech, just to name a few. Over the past few weeks, Sling TV reviewers have had the chance to test the new TV service on a variety of devices, including Roku 3 streaming players.

Well, streamers, the wait is over! Sling TV is available on all *current-generation Roku players and Roku TV models. Find instructions on how to install Sling TV on your Roku player or Roku TV on the Sling website.

If you need a Sling TV refresher, for $20 per month (no commitment or annual contract required), subscribers will get access to the “Best of Live TV” core package, which includes top sports, lifestyle, family and news networks—ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, ABC Family, Disney Channel, CNN, El Rey and Galavision—all delivered directly through Sling TV on the Roku platform. This package additionally features access to WatchESPN and an array of Video-On-Demand entertainment.

In addition to live channels and VOD options, Sling TV customers have access to content from Maker Studios, one of the largest online content networks. Available now is a Maker playlist featuring short-form videos from Maker’s vast library of content. Videos will be refreshed consistently to maintain new content.

You can expect Maker’s Polaris+ channel, featuring long-form original programming, to launch soon exclusively on Sling TV. Polaris+ is an extension of Maker’s existing Polaris brand, the no. 1 online gaming network, and will be included in Sling TV’s “Best of Live TV” core package at no additional cost.


Looking for more channel customization? Sling TV offers add-on packs to access additional programming at only $5 per month. If you want more channels for children, check out the “Kids Extra” pack, which includes Disney Junior, Disney XD, Boomerang, Baby TV and Duck TV. Or, if you’re looking for more news channels, subscribe to the “News & Info Extra” pack to get access to HLN, Cooking Channel, DIY and Bloomberg TV. Sports fans will love the “Sports Extra” pack, which includes SEC Network, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, Universal Sports, Univision Deportes, beIN Sports, and college sports live cut-in and highlights networks ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Bases Loaded and ESPN Goal Line. With this collection of programming, customers can watch live basketball, baseball and football, plus La Liga soccer with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Sling TV also announced the addition of Univision entertainment, news and sports content, as well as content from AMC Networks, and the service expects to expand its core package, VOD content, online video and add-on packs throughout 2015. We’ll definitely update you here on the blog with any news on these additions.

Happy streaming!

*Current generation players include models LT 2400 and later – Roku LT (2400), Roku LT (2450), Roku HD (2500), Roku 2 HD (3000), Roku 2 XD (3050), Roku 2 XS (3100), Roku Streaming Stick, HDMI (3500), Roku LT (2700), Roku 1 (2710), Roku 2 (2720), Roku 3 (4200) 40″ H4 Series Hisense € RokuTV 40H4 (48″ 50″ and 55″ variants are available as well) TCL Roku TV 32S4610R, TCL 40FS4610R 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (Roku TV), TCL 48FS4610R 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (Roku TV), TCL 55FS4610R 55-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (Roku TV)

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  • Steve

    The channel code is not being recognized. Is there an issue tight now?

  • Cal-gal

    If they added Fox, subscribership would be out the roof! Watch out Comcast if they bring them on!

  • a.boss

    Now they need to do packages with amc and lifetime and heck even mtv channels bet they would really make money then cause those would be ones I would add for sure!!

  • Tim

    They just announced AMC Networks (BBC America, Sundance, etc) today. What they NEED is 2-3 weeks of VoD on those networks (just like on the cable box).

  • Jill Turner Odice

    nevermind I got my answer 🙂

  • Dwayne Brinkley

    Just added the channel on my roku 3 this afternoon, so far lots of freezing during live playback and at least 3 different error messages. They have 5 days to work out the bugs, It’s not even close to being worth 25 bucks a month with this subpar quality.

    • Vriff

      I haven’t had any playback issues besides the occasional bug where if i switch between channels too quickly it’ll end up on the wrong one, is your roku up to date?

    • casmi

      I’m having the same issue on the PC. I’m not paying for it yet, I’m still on the 7 day free trial.

    • I’ve had it for 2 days. No issues whatsoever. I only stream on my PC. Never used Roku.

    • Jack Shepherd

      Totally agree — but they’ve only got 3 days to work out the bugs for me.

    • That’s exactly why I recommend everyone to stream right from the laptop or smartphone/tablet. You might however need to go for PureVPN in order to stream your favorite channels easily. They offer SmartDNS as well for fast streaming. Deserves a try.

    • Brian

      Streaming to my PC isn’t much better. Freezes every 10-15 minutes or gives some sort of error message that it cannot provide playback. Not thrilled so far, they have 6 days to win me over.

  • Disco63

    Why bother? Roku already has the Watch ESPN channel. If you don’t have cable, just log in with a family members login

    • Tom

      Strange, I wasn’t aware that Sling ONLY offered ESPN.

    • Martin Pagh Ludvigsen

      Or: Why pay for content when you can get it for free illegally?

  • JPB

    You know, my FiosTV isn’t a bad deal these days at $65 considering I get all my local MLB games plus all of these channels. But I do have to wonder…since Verizon has stopped expansion of Fios, sold off their west coast fiber…if FiosTV is living on borrowed time? It’s a shame because it is so much better than my Cablevision option. Cutting the cord isn’t a no-brainer yet since there’s still a lot of sports that I don’t get any other way (still need MSG, BigTen, SNY and YES in our household, yeah I know about using VPN to get blacked out MLB but they’re getting wise to that).


    It has been nearly a year since we went off Time Warner Cable TV package. We still use TWC for internet and the TVs are still connected to the cable for local channels. On Saturday we started getting all the basic cable channels. We didn’t order this or do anything to the cable and aren’t aware of any kind of promotion. Then Monday, Sling becomes available. Is it just coincidence that TWC turns on or unblocks virtually all the same channels Sling offers a couple days before Sling becomes available? Whether intentional or not, we currently don’t have any reason to purchase Sling now. Anyone else have a similar experience?

  • Joseph Weigel

    I tried sling tv before it was launched to everyone and had many issues with channels continuing to play. It wasn’t an internet issue like I would think it would be. I had bought a new router modem combo even to make sure everything was above par. Yet still their service couldn’t continue to stream their own channels without issues. The main problems seemed to be on Disney and Disney junior on the roku/pc that i know of.

  • Mike

    I am trying the free trial and I like what I see so far. However the channels available are limited for
    20 bucks a month. When they add TCM and other channels I will definitely drop Comcast and
    sign up for the monthly service. Good Luck keep sticking it to cable.

  • Evelyn Sapp

    sling keeps loading and reloading and reloading during prime time

    • Jack Shepherd

      You’re right: for me, Sling is GARBAGE in primetime when streamed through a Roku stick. Works pretty well with my Android smartphone and Kindle Fire HD, but the Roku experience has been lousy so far.

      • Unhappy

        I am having the same issue. Come primetime I get nothing from the channels I want to watch. HGTV and Food Network are the only 2 channels that will work during prime time. I called Roku support (haha) that didn’t work out so well. Anyway….I hope they get this fixed quickly or I will be canceling. I am a big Duke fan and ended up having to watch via the ESPN app on Roku…which had it’s issues during the game last night as well.

      • robb

        How are you getting sling on your kindle? I can’t find it in their app store

        • Jack Shepherd

          Robb, the Sling TV app is no longer available for Kindle Fire HD. I DID have it for about 6 weeks, but now I’m getting messages that my Fire is no longer compatible with the app, which really sucks. Just one fewer device that I can use to watch Sling (and another strike against me continuing my subscription).

  • Kat Vaughan

    received the invite, but the channels would not change. could only receive hgtv. when i called rep, he asked me to wait 24-48 hours for a fix, after spending 50 minutes on the phone trying to figure out what was wrong. After twenty four hours, still not changing channels, and no reason as to why this was happening. After forty eight hours, still not fixed. When I tried to cancel, they pulled a “comcast” on me, and made me upset rather than just cancelling. My daughter had to take the phone and become very firm with the rep, because she kept telling me that I didn’t need to cancel, just let her help me fix the issue. I thought this was a very good idea, and signed up as soon as I saw the offering coming down the pipe. But until they fix the bugs, I’ll have to pass on this potential great deal! I’m disappointed…it’s the only channel I’ve ever added to my roku that has given any issues! You can do better DISH!!

  • Jordan Turner

    I signed up for the 7 day trial just to check it out and see if if it’s worth the $20. So far I’ve experienced problems with loading, I’ve lost picture but kept sound and vice versa many times, and I wanted to add extra channels but didn’t find any option for that. It’s a really good concept but needs work.

    • TexMarine

      Did you have to call to start the free trial? I’ve signed up online, downloaded the roku app, but it says I’m not subscribed…wth?

      • Miranda

        I just signed up and received the same thing . Did you get it worked out?

        • TexMarine

          Yes. What happened was that when I signed up I closed my browser (having second thoughts) and then came back to finish up, but you can’t do that.

  • Carl Zetie

    The deal-breaker for me is the absence of DVR capability. I time-shift *everything*, and my kid likes to rewatch shows endlessly. So here’s an OPPORTUNITY for Roku: see that USB port on the side of my XS that’s currently doing nothing? Let me attach my own hard drive to it and record to it (encrypted, if that’s what it takes to get Dish to agree). By the way, if somebody came up with a slick way to add OTA channels as a Roku channel, I’d be down to one box…

  • Greg

    Not worth it without the FX channels.

  • Timd

    Works great on iPad but can’t get all the channels to work on roku. Not worth the wasting time or money.

  • cooderbrown

    This is a huge fundamental change in delivery of channels that have been traditionally tied to cable. Sort of begins the “ala carte” era for us non-cable users.

  • Mike

    If I own a Sling Player, do I have to pay to watch my own player? I have had a hard time trying to watch mine through Roku in another location.

  • Erick Radline

    Sling TV is terrible so far. At least 6 of the channels (ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network) I cannot watch at any time of the day. In the morning they all work fine but by the evening, these 6 channels do not work at all. Its not my Roku device because all the other applications we have work just fine. Customer service is terrible and have provided no helpful support. They tell me they’re opening a ticket but after 4 separate calls, nothing has improved. Big waste of $$

    • Ryan

      @erickradline:disqus, did you ever get a resolution from them? I have the same problem with those channels when trying to watch on my Roku, but fine when on my ipad. I haven’t seen this problem addressed anywhere on FAQs, other message boards, etc.
      Really frustrating and will be a deal breaker if I can’t get it fixed.

      • Erick Radline

        Actually I figured out on my own. Their customer service was no help. I plugged in a cable instead of using wifi and some channels were still not working. I went into the Roku settings to network settings and had to refresh because it wasn’t picking up the network key etc. Since then I’ve had no problem

        • Ryan

          Awesome, I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!

  • Rahul

    I added sling to try out but all what I saw were some indian channels and Bloomberg. No CNN or ESPN or others unlike what the promo email mentioned. So, I deleted it.

  • LongtimeDishUser

    We just started the 7-day trial, looking for an alternative to our $85/month DISH bill. I love DISH and have been a customer for 15 years, but we just don’t watch it, except for my kid watching CN and DisneyXD. So we decided to give Sling a spin. The lack of VOD or DVR already puts this into nearly unusable territory.
    I doubt we’ll keep it after the trial.

  • Unhooker

    A dud in primetime on Roku. Just fess up and say the bandwidth issue is being worked, rather than tell the fib of “opening a ticket to fix in 24 hours”.

    • Unhappy

      I’m having the same issues Unhooker. Primetime I get nothing. I will be dropping very soon!

  • Ruark

    I haven’t tried Sling yet, but I’m suspicious of what appears to be “package creep.” If you want this channel, you have to get this package, if you want that channel you have to get this package, and so on. And who wants to bet that those fees won’t gradually creep upward?

    • debra wellman

      if like netfix you would be grandfathered in and when prices rise only new subscribers at that time would pay the higher prices

  • cooderbrown

    Wow – surprised at all the negative comments. We are 4 days in and am pretty thrilled with the service. A few hiccups here and there. The biggest issues being a 5 minute delay of The Walking Dead feed finally resolving itself. But really – for a “newborn” channel – I’m thrilled. El Rey network, IFC, AMC – all awesome. ESPN during football season will be great too.

  • BLB

    I would really like there to be SOME On Demand aspect. I’d love to catch up on episodes when I want to. I like the idea of real time TV for watching news, but beyond that, that’s not what I miss about cable. I guess I thought On Demand was on offer with this, maybe I’m not seeing it on my Roku? I won’t continue past the trial period if it isn’t, and would come back when it is.

  • Scott Blais

    Agree, would pay for TCM, can get most of the rest of the content other places, but not TCM

  • Bnizzle

    dont have fox then no deal, sorry. im not getting stuck watching msnbc garbage. Hailing Barack hitler as the supreme king of the world and shizz. MSNBC is like watching news channels in North Korea in regards to how they report on issues related to Kim Jung Un

    • Scot


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  • Maumelle AR

    Sling Tv is great, They have added lifetime, ifc, and other channels. I get over 20 channels for 21.00 with tax. Can uverse, or cable bet the cost. I have not had an issue with the product. I love it. Just note, you can watch this on only one service (laptop, roku, or other streaming service at a time) but not an issue for me.

  • I would jump a Sling, if only I didn’t have to pay for spanish channels…

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  • Gabrielle Michel

    I’m watching Wimbledon on my Roku 2 (the newest version) and ESPN keeps randomly reloading, at some of the most inopportune times!

  • Raji Raji

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  • Linda Y

    I signed up today. The only channel that will NOT play is AMC, the one I really wanted. Even at the lowest setting it goes in and out. None of the others do that. What a waste!!!!!

  • Chitra kannan

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  • arachana

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  • Arun

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  • Lee G

    Sling TV runs poorly on the ROKU 4. There are problems with data flow control; picture quality degrades as the bit stream slows and wavers and the picture frequently just hangs. I suggest avoiding a ROKU 4 if Sling TV is important to you.

    • Saleh

      do we know of any fix?

  • GA

    Why does Disney XD get blurry today and then cut off? This happens on a lot of the content often.

  • Robert Klive

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  • Nagarjuna K

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  • Linder42

    I’ve had no problems getting channels on my Roku but my complant is that some channels allow pause and I can go back a day or two to watch something I’ve missed. Unfortunately, most don’t allow that and it’s quite frustrating. Also can’t seem to get CC on any programs. Paying 20 bucks is still better then Dish or cable outrages fees.

  • Hung Le

    sign up with sling and payment in advance 3 months + get Roku 3 for half price. Hook up on the TV, Roku request an account to activate and ask for payment ? So is there a charge for using Roku ? Why a big name like Roku has no phone # to contact ?
    Any ideas to get through this !@#$%^.

  • Jim Vugteveen

    any idea as to why sling tv has times where signal freezes and loosing signal completely.

  • Devora Wharton

    I signed up for the free trial, too many loading issues. So for now I am going to do without. Something else will come along only want 2 channels anyway TCM and El Rey.