Who doesn’t need a good laugh every once in a while? If you are in need of some comedic relief in your life, or are just a fan of stand-up comedy, then you should check out Comedy Dynamics on in the U.S. Channel Store. Comedy Dynamics offers full-length unedited performances and clips from some of the biggest names in the comedy business. The best part is that this is a totally free channel. You can find it in the “Comedy” category in the Roku Channel Store. Be warned, some of this material is pretty blue — that’s comedy speak for mature language is used to convey humor. They have numerous stand-up specials from the hilarious minds of people like D.L. Hughley, Tom Papa, Kathleen Madigan, and Gary Gulman. Check it out…if your funny bone needs some tickling.

Comedy Dynamics

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  • Dynamics Fan

    Really excited to see this launch!

  • Austen Saltz

    Can somebody explain why the Bob Saget special on this app is the only thing that ever shows up on our city skyline screensaver? Me and my roommate are really perplexed, we’ve never even watched it and didn’t download the app and it’s very strange.