NBC Sports logoSports lovers, get your favorite spot on the couch ready. We’re excited to announce that NBC Sports Live Extra is now available on Roku players and Roku TV models, just in time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Triple Crown.

The NBC Sports Live Extra channel offers more than 3,000 live events a year, including exclusive coverage of some of the most-watched properties and events in sports.

NBC Sports Roku home screen

NBC Sports Live Extra streams all live sports content televised by NBC, NBCSN and Golf Channel, including: the Summer and Winter Olympics; Sunday Night Football and NBC’s NFL pre-season and post-season coverage; NHL regular-season games and Stanley Cup Playoffs; the PGA TOUR, including the FedExCup Playoffs; the Premier League; the Triple Crown; studio content surrounding many of the aforementioned properties; original programming such as The Dan Patrick Show and Men In Blazers; and much more.

NBC Sports Roku replay sports categoriesLive streaming is available to customers who subscribe to NBCSN through a participating cable, satellite or telco provider.

You can find NBC Sport Live Extra under “Sports” in the U.S. Roku Channel Store now on Roku players and Roku TV models.

Happy Sporting!

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  • Wayne White

    Another Roku channel that’s useless to those of us who do not use cable TV. Why tease us with this stuff? It’s annoying to say the least. Stop advertising channels that we need cable providers to use.

    • kas63032@hotmail.com

      SyFy Now is on my laptop and currently all episodes are locked. You’re told to click on your provider, except Charter isn’t listed. IMHO, well over half the available programming is crap.

    • DS

      Another obligatory complaint about something that has nothing to do with Roku! They don’t develop the channels they just create the hardware and User Interface.

      • Alex R

        And then plug channels that might attract more interest to the hardware…

    • Kwebb867

      If I had this channel on my dish I wouldn’t need the roku box. The whole point is to get rid of the dish. I’m with you Wayne.

      • Mee Too

        Same HERE. We dumped Dish and added Roku. This is worthless.

    • Tom Vermeulen

      Owning a Roku does not necessarily mean you do not have Dish or cable. I have both a Roku and Dish, but love being able to take my channels with me by putting my Roku in my pocket. I only wish they had a DishAnywhere app or something like that, It’d save me having to drag my laptop around. I think TWC has an app… hmmm.

    • DiamondDNice

      it’s not for you. you don’t make money for NBC if you don’t have cable. This is for people that do have cable but want it on a tv that doesn’t have a cable box. Like a kids room or a bedroom.

    • Don Crawford

      I have to agree. We dropped cable over a year ago to get away from cable and dish providers ripping us off. Roku needs to be able to independently provide the channels they are offering. If we wanted to pay to have cable still we would have never invested in all our ROKU boxes.

  • JohnG

    Awesome! I was just doing a search on this earlier today because I was looking to watch the IIHF World Championships on my Roku (When they aren’t live on TV). Thank you!

  • SuperGarcia

    Got access to NBC Sports outside US on my Roku thanks to this https://www.unblocknetflix.co.uk/nbc-sports-live-extra-watch-vpn-dns-uk/

  • Eice Princess

    Try PlayOn. It’s got everything and is a private channel on Roku. I got a lifetime license and it has more than paid for itself in the nearly four years I have had it.

    • Wayne White

      I tried PlayOn, It’s not free. I’ll need to save for it.

      • Eice Princess

        Hi Wayne! I hope you can get it! When I got my lifetime license I paid $79.99 for it! They have since dropped the price and they have specials where you can get both PlayOn and PlayLater for maybe $49.99 for the lifetime license. Keep checking their site for the special offers. My lifetime license paid for itself in about 16 months and now I pay nothing to watch. The real bargain is all the third party private scripts! you can find just about anything on it! Best investment I ever made for my Roku!

        • Andy

          Tell me more…how do i find out about this…

          • Eice Princess

            Go to PlayOn.com and they will have the info on how to order and set up your Roku. There is a holiday weekend coming up so they probably have a sale running too. They also have a Facebook page. Great bunch of CSI guys too. Good luck!

  • robert parah

    it would be nice if I could get the channel to work!

    • Andy

      NBC team thinks I am talking greek when I try to explain that they need to fix their app. It so freakin frustrating.
      I just with the NHL would let me pay them to watch on Gamecenter.

  • Trey21

    Good, Now we just need Fox Sports go and that pretty much covers the sports apps cable subscribers need in order the not pay a monthly cable box fee.

    • Hugh Jass

      If you don’t have cable, you can’t use the NBC app. The app is for valid NBC Sports subscribers only.

      • Trey21

        Yes but like i said before some of us don’t want to pay to rent the cable company’s box.

  • Anthony Altman

    Can someone figure out why the Stanley Cup Playoffs are no longer available on ROKU?

    • GD

      I’m having the same issue with the app not updating any available Live Extra events since yesterday afternoon.

    • GD

      Anthony, I had to log out and re-activate the Live Extra app and now I am getting updated content.

      • Anthony Altman

        GD, thanks for the info. I logged out and the content updated. However, once i logged back in the NHL event went away. Did this happen to you as well?

        • GD

          I don’t see any NHL events at this time but since there are no live games right now I don’t know if you will. I was looking for Premier League games and the IIHF medal games this morning. Will look into this again when the Hawks/Ducks game comes on.

          • Anthony Altman

            Still no NHL. If i log out the content appears. If i select, it asks to verify, i verify, then get kicked out of the app. when i go back in….content is gone.

  • Mee Too

    So this is worthless to those of us who cut the cord. Well another garbage offer from Roku.

  • Nick Demola

    I am an XFinity customer and activation will not work. nbcsports.com/activate says that the activation code was taken, but Roku won’t activate and stays on the page with the code.

    • Sea

      I have same problem- the channel will not update on the roku even thou on the nbc website it says its been activated! I also use XFinity so I think they’re the problem.

      • Gloria Flucks

        I have tried activating with other providers, so it’s not an Xfinity issue.

  • Jon Compagnone

    I am curious to know if we, as Roku owners can simply purchase the channel or subscribe to the channel and pay for it? I currently have Brighthouse but in order to get NBCSN they want me to buy an extra 200 channels for 50 bucks a month when they clearly have the technology to allow us to purchase one channel at a time, but they just simply will not allow us to do so!!! Does anybody out there know… if so please let me know if I can subscribe to NBCSN through Roku, the same way in which we subscribe to Netflix??? Thank-you

    • SRingr

      It is not up to the Cable providers the Networks have the control.
      During negotiations the networks bundle all of there channels together.
      example Disney controls ABC, ESPN, Disney channel ETC..
      I worked at Bright house years ago and the networks require their channels to be in basic in order to get a cut from everyone.
      The networks have a good thing going they get paid and the cable companies provide the customer interaction.
      the most expensive channels and the ones that you miss when cutting the cord are sports.

      • Jon Compagnone

        SRingr thank-you for the explanation, I now have a better understanding. I just wish some of the cable channels were available for purchase through roku and part of that revenue go back to the network providing that channel. Someday maybe

      • david

        That’s not true either, it’s the cable providers that insist on this as part of their agreement. For the last few years they’ve known they are/will be losing ground to outside streaming, and it’s becoming even more so now than ever. It’s to the point where they’re finally starting to realize that they need to change their business model faster than anticipated. Especially since the FCC is now in the process of forcing the issue.

        • The Franchise Ronny Blaze

          One of the major companies (hopefully Directv) need to make the leap first. People would flock to them and the other companies would have to follow suit. It is time for a pay-per-channel system. Sports fans are the only ones who can’t cut the cord.

  • Gav

    I don’t see the golf channel portion anymore. Is it just me?

  • PowderBud

    Maybe I’m slow, but I don’t get it. Why would I use a Roku box when I still have to have a cable/sat subscription to watch this network? As a person looking to dump Dish but trying to find a solution to watch Formula 1 races which are broadcast on NBCsn (most of the time), this seems to do nothing for me. I know NBC is the culprit here, but why bother announcing that if people have a cable/sat subscription they can watch something via your device? Seems like you’re just adding another layer of HW for no purpose to me.

    • Jason Adams

      I used Roku’s in 2 bedrooms to avoid having monthly fees for extra DISH receivers. So there are people this is useful to.

      • PowderBud

        Ahh, I see. I didn’t realize that application but I get that now. Thanks. Seems like a long return on investment to me but whatever works for folks.

    • DiamondDNice

      To watch on a tv without a cable box. To watch replays of events, shows, games that you could not watch live. You don’t need to rent another cable box or another dvr. It’s another piece of hardware in fact with a purpose. It’s just not your purpose.

      Your purpose is to access nbc content without paying a cable fee. NBC’s purpose is to give current customers that pay a cable fee more ways to access the content they are already paying for.

      The reality is NBC get’s paid by Dish, Cable, Direct tv. That’s their income. If you don’t want to pay those services well NBC Sports isn’t going to get paid. They don’t make money off you not buying cable. And as much as i REALLY REALLY want ala carte right now they don’t make enough money off of you to make more off that than cable. My guess is in the future they will as subscriptions go down, and the fees cable and satellite companies will pay declines. But right now that’s not enough. Bottom line you won’t pay enough for a single channel to make it worth it for them to offer it to you standalone over the internet. These apps are not for you. They are not for cordcutters. Personally, i’m hoping alacarte comes soon.

  • Airborne

    If you know somebody that has cable, with an online acct, and password log on, you can use there cable acct to get nbc sports for free, and it won’t cost anything to either party.

    • Mike

      That’s what I do. I’m surprised nobody here had figured that out.

      • Jason Adams

        I was wondering when this would be brought up. I assumed it’s what most people did.

        • The Franchise Ronny Blaze

          True, but then you guys are the scumbags that are driving up the price of cable for everybody else. I guarantee you are using your parents logins. But hey at least you finally moved out of the basement.

  • Tom Lange

    This app just crashes and crashes and crashes. you have to restart the stream every 30 seconds. I get the same issues with NBC Sports streaming on other devices, so its not a Roku thing.

  • Bimm

    Dear Ed, any channel on Roku that requires a subscription from a cable provider as a part of a bundle is of no use on Roku. Suggestion: get NBC to put out a channel exclusively for Roku users that does not need a tie to any other provider. I am about to return my Roku 3 due to this misleading advertising.
    You are deliberately misleading the public by advertising channels that require a cable provider for access.
    I would pay $3.99 per month just for AMC, NBCSN, and BBC America by themselves.
    I do not wish to have any other channels at this time.
    Best Regards,
    Cable Cutter.

    • The Franchise Ronny Blaze

      I am totally with you on the pay-per-channel idea. I really hope that is the future. The only problem I see is the resistance from the cable/satellite companies. That is a powerful lobby. Take sports for example…the only reason I still have satellite. NASCSR recently got a new tv deal from NBCSN. Cable/Satellite and NBCSN partnership need each other to see return on investment. NBCSN would piss off people they need in order to offer stand alone channel. It gets tricky. But as far as the Roku goes it is very useful to people with cable. I use it for ESPN3 to get games I can’t get anywhere else and follow my small college team that isn’t on major networks. I travel a lot and take Roku with me. I also have them in kids bedrooms so they can watch Netflix and I don’t need to pay the extra money for cable boxes in their rooms.

  • Tom Lopez

    The NBC Sports Extra app on Roku has serious issues. Every 4 or 5 minutes it goes back to the “WATCH” screen. Please fix this. It’s impossible to watch live events.

    • MAS

      Exactly! And yesterday it kept taking me back to the Roku home screen when I tried to watch something. And a few weeks ago it kept saying “Coverage resume shortly” when the match I wanted to watch was clearly happening. Too often this app is garbage. Putting aside the problems with being a subscriber or not, even if you have access the app is really hard to use. It keeps failing. Different reasons each time. Problems that I don’t have with ESPN or MLB.tv. And I have problems on my kindle as well. Really great idea but they just can’t seem to get a channel/app to work.

      • Frank

        Also having the same problem with live NASCAR events. Does not seem to be problem with recorded events however. BTW NBC sports live does not seem to have a problem like this on my PC or Kindle

  • Greg Ragan

    Has the Golf Channel been removed from the NBC Sports Live Extra channel on Roku? I do not see it listed under the “Live” area inside the channel. I do see some live golf tournaments, but nothing about the normal Golf Channel stream. This is not the case for the iPad app, as I can watch the Golf Channel without problems. Just wondering why it would have been removed from the Roku NBC channel. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Todd Franz

      I noticed that could days ago as well. It’s gone? Anybody know what’s up? Still have it on Android app version. Please help

      • Kevbo

        Same thing happening for me. Really hope this gets fixed.

  • Peter Lorenzo

    i agree

  • Christine McGowan

    Was excited to watch a competition on my Roku and it won’t stream, what the heck? Tried getting NHL too and nothing works, what am I paying for?

  • Mike

    The only sports which make in mandatory to have some sort of cable subscription seems to be auto racing, [F1, NASCAR, IndyCar etc] outside of the few and rare ocasions when a race might be carried on one of the 3 original alphabet networks.

    If I could find a reliable source for these events, I’d drop my TWC tv subscription today.

  • Jason

    So I cut the cable (Dish) a month ago. Purchased a Roku thinking I could subscribe to channels such as NBCSports Live with a subscription to Sling TV. Nope! Not listed. However, I can go to ESPNLive and register with SlingTV but can’t catch the games that have rights to ABC, CBS or NBC. As others have said, it’s pointless to list a channel that requires a ‘cable’ service connection. I was initially excited about my my Roku purchase, however, that faded fairly quickly! I’m not impressed with the apps or streaming channels to date. My 4 resets constantly to home screen and the latency with 100MB wired service is concerning. Anyway, I’d pay a couple duckets a month to receive ala-carte channels (live streaming of course). SlingTv is okay, but it’s owned by Dish.

    • DiamondDNice

      No offense but you simply did not understand how these apps function. Because just all the other cable tv channels you need to be paying for cable to access their content. It’s been like that on xbox, playstation, roku, appletv.

    • Hugh Jass

      Did you do any actual research before buying this product? Good lord.

      • t_newt

        Research? Do you mean that Google search result or that notice from Sling that says that even though you just bought access to NBCSports through Sling, that doesn’t give you access to NBC sports streaming through Roku?

        Oh yeah, there are no such pages. Hey, maybe when someone does a Google search, my comment will pop up and let people know.

        And it may be obvious to DiamondDNice and Hugh Jass, that the only way to get access to a cord-cut version of NBC Sports is to have a cable connection, to some of us that is just ridiculous.

        • So ya, just Googled this. Your comment is pretty much the only thing that addresses this issue so far.

  • Gary

    If I get the Time Warner basic cable package that includes NBC but not NBC Sports live will I be able to access NBC Sports on the Roku ? anyone know.

  • Chris

    This app is absolute garbage. Lately it has trouble streaming live events or won’t play a replay that is listed. It just goes back to the watch screen r worst case reboots the Roku.

  • Rob Gregory

    The ROKU app doesn’t show the NBA!!! I can access NBA games on my PC and IPad with the NBC Live Extra apps, but on Roku the NBA is missing! Help!

    • Julian

      Rob did you ever get NBA? I got this thing purely to watch warriors games!

  • Andrew E Miller

    this app constantly crashes, won’t lot and just plain does not work more thank 15% of the time.

  • Greg

    Does anyone else have a problem with the NBC app and fast forwarding? The only thing I use the app for is to watch Premier League Soccer. A lot of times I don’t get to watch the games live, so I’ll watch the full event replay. When it gets to half-time if you try to fast forward, no matter how far you go the stream always goes back to the moment that it cuts to the “Coverage will resume shortly” screen. So you’re left with no choice but to wait. Today, the second half started while I was waiting, then it had to buffer and when it was done buffering it reset back to the moment that you get the “Coverage will resume” screen at half-time. This is super annoying. I have the roku stick, I subscribe thru DirecTV, and it’s on a Samsung 7000 series smart TV. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Gwevt

    OK don’t know if it’s NBC Sports Extra or Roku’s problem but it sure is frustrating. We have this primarily to watch World Cup Ski Racing, moved to the NBC arrangement when they took over the Universal coverage (that was a great set up, pay monthly just for that access the way you do Netflix) and so far had problems more than 50% of the time we have tried to use it. Races are in Europe this weekend so we are trying to watch the “Full Replay” (or something like that). Yesterday the Men’s 2nd Run opened with a woman coming out of the start gate and eventually moved on to the “event will resume in a minute” screen and filled approximately the first hour or so of the replay before the actual run finally began. Took me several times checking back and then some time trying to ff and check things out several times before I went far enough and discovered the run was actually there to see, no doubt many people never did find it. Now today I haven’t been able to play any of the “replay” selections, every time I select “watch” on any of the selections I’ve tried (and I have tried several including a different sport just to check) it takes me out of the channel or app or whatever it’s called on Roku. I see from reading through some of the stuff below that others have had similar problems at times but no info on how it was fixed.

    I have to say it’s really frustrating not having a clear place to go for letting the Roku and or NBC techs know I’m having problems as well. No info on where to call or who to email or even where to ask/comment. I did find this obviously but I’m not sure it seems like the right place, just the best place for now and a community section where people can report these things and even help each other but know that it’s being monitored regularly (not monthly or weekly or even daily, I’m talking about multiple times a day, regularly) by techs that can fix problems in real time if it isn’t something we can help one another on. Dare I say it, even Verizon has a community board for this that is monitored by Verizon techs and does produce help in many cases.

    Again I don’t know if this is a Roku problem or a NBC Sports Extra problem but it sure would behoove whichever one isn’t the issue to apply some pressure to the one who is to fix it because the frustration rubs off on both of you. You decided to hook up, presumably because it benefits both of you financially which means you are linked to the point that anything giving your shared customer a negative experience leaves a negative mark on both of you. However if that negative experience is turned around and fixed or taken care of in an easy, quick and efficient manor and the customer service experience is a good one you both benefit.

    • Rene

      I dropped my cable service for Roku and PS Vue. I established an email and password/log in with my cable provider before I cut the cord. I still get my high speed internet from them and my cable provider login still works for these apps that require it. Just an FYI to anyone who may still have their cable provider email and password. Give it a shot.

  • peter herrera

    So dumping cable and resorting to Roku for CSN Giants and Warriors is just a waste of time and effort. Thanks for the useless product, Ed Lee.

  • T-Rav

    Don’t worry no one is missing out on anything! I have both cable tv and Roku… It never works! 90% of the time I try to watch a live program on NBC Sports. I click the watch now and instead of viewing the live program, it returns to the first page. When I call they say thanks for the call, we know we are having issues. We will get it fixed as soon as possible.

  • Robin

    prob is the app is garbage. roku should a least test it before trying to foist this on people. relaods constantly, returns to main screen, freezes

  • Terry Moore

    NBC Universal is owned by Comcast. I think it was intentional monopoly strategy for Comcast to make it so you must have cable to watch many things and not be able to cut the cord. NHL Hockey, lots of racing like IndyCar and Formula One, etc. It makes no sense to complain about Roku. The problem is Comcast and our congress allowing this monopoly to exist. I think we should all be complaining to the NHL, Formula One, etc., about not being able to access their events and ask them to sell the rights to someone other than Comcast or better yet to create their own apps. Why should NBCSN make an app that works well even? They want everyone to get upset with options like Roku, Sling, Apple TV, and others. Because it’s in their financial interest for all of us to say the hell with them and go back to cable. Make your complaints where they will help all of us. Complain to your congress representative and complain to NHL, or whoever is selling their viewing rights to Comcast so they can exploit and manipulate us to gouge us on pricing.

    • Mike D’Angelo

      TAMoorelndy you make a lot of sense. The real enemy to reasonably steaming sporting content in a format fair to both the league in question(for me it is the only the NHL that matters), and end user. It is criminal what Comcast/Xfinity is able to get away with. Anyone should be able to pay a fair price to watch the specific sporting events that they’re interested in, regardless of geographic location, and /or cable subscription status. Is there any group, forum, or form letter you know of that would make it easier to take the action you suggest?

  • Lisa

    I dumped cable Miroku and now they want to charge for these prime time channels this is totally ridiculous

    • Iptv Guy

      I can get you all your live TV channels for a small monthly fee with a private Roku channel if you are interested and want more details. email me 1iptvguy@gmail.com

  • JJ

    This app is pure trash. Streams (especially BPL) crash every 15 minutes. Every few days I need to reinstall it because it won’t open. It can get laggy at times. Live Extra is a total waste of money if this is the only way to use it.

    • Iptv Guy

      I can get you all the sports channels live on a private Roku channel if your interested email me for more details 1iptvguy@gmail.com

  • pixiedust8

    While I appreciate Roku being innovative, the cable channels need to figure this out. I only want premier league soccer, and cable is not worth the cost. In ten years, cable won’t exist anymore because they aren’t being forward-thinking. Bye, Felicia!

  • Hugh Jass

    NBC is owned by Comcast. Why the hell anyone would expect this to work without cable is absolutely beyond me.

  • Network TV has to get over the fact that we’re no longer going to pay $120 per month for a ton of trash, to see a couple of channels we want. NBCSN is sometimes useful, and I’d pay $20-$30 per year to stream it. Not a lot more, because it’s only rarely that I’d watch it. But this story requires paying the full $120. Get over it, ain’t happening!

  • Tom Cordes

    activated my Roku on-line and says successful but then the Roku never activates. it says it will ‘automatically update’ but the screen does not change – I tried this last week and same thing – never activates even though on-line it says it worked??? “Congratulations, you’ve successfully activated your device and can now watch NBC Sports Live Extra. It may take a moment for your device to update.”

  • d1comment

    Can’t activate Roku 3 on NBC Sports Live Extra..gone through the process multiple times on multiple browsers after rebooting Roku and PC….Whatsa problem…?

  • Chris D.

    So, It’s “Free streaming” as long as I subscribe?
    Who wrote that copy for you guys, Gary Bettman himself?
    Look, I get it, cable generates revenue for the league, but I’ll NEVER understand how blacking out NHL fans is better for the game in the long run.
    When the owners are sitting on a pile of broadcast money and no fans in their buildings, don’t try to “expand the league” by placing another team in Atlanta and hope thats going to fix everything.
    AT&T seriously expects me to subscribe to a 360 channel package to get NBCSN? Please. I’ll just keep pirating.

  • Tom Smith

    why are NHL playoff games now blocked from the Roku app but not my phone app?

  • Embac

    Tried to activate Roku for NBC Sports Live – Got “Congratulations, you’ve successfully activated your device and can now watch NBC Sports Live Extra” however still unable to watch. Tried to activate several times with same result. What a piece of garbage

  • Dave K…

    Apple IV Supports a Golf Extra Live channel with a subscription. Are there any developments going on, in the Roku Support Groups, working to provide a similar service as a Roku channel?

  • Jarrod Harris

    NBC Sports Live Extra doesn’t work with ROKU! I have been trying for 2 days to watch the US Olympic Trials of Track & Field, and each time I try I get an error saying “Media type is unsupported”.

  • TheNerdy9

    No longer works. Has been down for several weeks. Tries to load and then, “ERROR PLAYING VIDEO Media error; the media format is unknown or unsupported”

    Thanks NBC SN. Was nice while it lasted.

  • Katie

    This does not work on my roku. Says there is a media error and that it is unknown or unsupported. Very upset as I wanted to watch the Olympic gymnastics trials – please fix in time for the olympics!!!

  • Derek Torres

    I would like to know if I can stream csn-ba to watch all the SF Giants game???? Anyone know if you can?

  • Raffi Arabian

    Why can’t I access F1 Grand Prix Races???

  • marlrat

    Was excited to think I could watch the Olympics on NBC Sports Extra on my ROKU. Tried to find out how to add that channel to my ROKU as suggested on internet and could not. So I came here to find out what I could do and find I have to have cable!! On Comcast we had something like over 100 channels 4 of which we actually watched. So cut the cord and haven’t looked back.
    Not crazy about sports but would like to watch the live Olympics at different times of day NBC sports extra seemed like the perfect thing!

    But NBC NEVER matched the excitement of the ABC telecasts anyway.I so wish ABC still had them. I get SO tired of seeing Costas’ face. He gets more airtime than the athletes!

    Why is this country heading back into monopoly territory?! Not just sports but at all levels of business.

  • Boblablaw

    This app is crap anyway. All I can find after signing in are highlights… Can’t seem to find ANY full-length events to replay at all. This is terrible. And these entertainment companys wonder why people pirate. Give me what I want in the ways I want to consume it. I’ll pay for it – just stop trying to control how I can watch/listen to it!!!

    • Felinespirits

      If you have cable and aren’t getting the Live events, hit the * button and sign out. You will get the live event options, then have to re-authenticate when you click one. From then on out, you get the live events.

      From what I can figure, your NBC Sports Extra login/authentication doesn’t carry over. I wasn’t getting the Olympic live options (until I signed out/in) even though the screen said Xfinity in the top corner. That said, its easier to watch them on the computer anyway because the stream on the Roku pretty much sucks. Constantly cutting off and trying to re-load…sheesh.

  • 1776usa2014

    And they wonder why people are still using bootleg streams.
    And that’s never going to stop until they begin to properly serve the cord-cutters.

  • Brendan Gorla

    i used this app last year to watch premier league games. why aren’t they live on the app this season?

  • Daniel Cruz

    will this work on roku for csn bay area to watch warriors games?

  • Scott

    Wayne White—I was just wondering the same damn thing!–Why would you want an app that requires a Cable or Satellite connection if your already paying the Cable or Satellite to watch it from their services. It was my understanding that if you wanted to “Cut the chord” from those thieving Cable and Satellite companies so that you might be able to save some money because the Cable and Satellite companies way over charge you for their service—Why would you want to stream a station app that you already have access to from the thieves known as Cable and Satellite. It does make a bit of sense as to why you would do that at all—I had Satellite at the same time I had my Roku and there wasn’t anything better about streaming the app vs watching it from the people I already paid–How Stupid do you people think we are?? This is reminds me if the movie Idiocrasy and how the people became stupid. Please start applying Apps that you can actually use that doesn’t require a Cable or Satellite access because the whole reason that the majority of your users are streating through Roku’s is because they got sick of their Cable or Satellite providers ripping them off. Do a survey and ask your members why they have your product–And if you don’t reach a number higher than 75% then I’ll re-write/edit my comment and publicly apologize to you for even making such an outlandish claim. We need apps to ALL of our Local channels that you can even watch NFL games on–And the Hidden Channels provide a great way to see the Basic cable and Premium channels but as for Local channels–Especially channels for the Southwest you have virtually NOTHING but two local stations apps available to watch—Do you realize how many people live in Texas?? And the reason I say we need apps for local channels is because Texas is huge and I hear people say you can get local channels via an HDTV antenna–Well that’s great if you live close enough to pick up those stations but again Texas is Huge and it’s spread out over vast distances and trying to hold the rabbit ear antenna wrapped in aluminum foil and getting into the fox viewing position as they did in Married with Children isnt the way we should be watching Tv in 2016—You know I grew up when we only had Black and White TV without remotes and technology for televison has come so far that for those of us live in Rural areas shouldn’t be getting into the Fox viewing positions just to watch a Damn Football game or their local channels. Now I don’t know what everyone else is missing or what apps their looking for but for me it’s mainly locally stations and Ive done Sling TV and they suck 20.00 for not near enough channels–Hell the Hidden channels give me 300 channels with PPV with all the Premium channels, with nearly 2000 recent movies and with most of all the Porn channels—I get all that for 20.99 and what does SlingTV give not even a quarter of those channels. NO MORE APPS THAT REQUIRE CABLE OR SATELLITE CONNECTION PLEASE!!

  • Butch

    Agree with most of the posters this is a worthless plug for a product not worth consideration for cord cutters.

    When will NBC (e.g. Comcast) get it thru their heads their current approach is in the stone age? There was a recent survey of the top ten “cord cutter” apps and top ten “sports apps” … and NBCSN wasn’t listed in either.

    What’s interesting one can subscribe to Sling TV … and get access to NBC Sports via Sling … but not directly thru NBCSN. They are behind the curve and will only CONTINUE to lose market share to WatchESPN and others.