As you prepare for your summer vacation, first, don’t forget to pack your most entertaining travel buddy
(see Roku travel tips here)! Next, pack up those cameras.

When you get back from your trip, there’s no doubt you’ll want to show off all those gorgeous photos and videos on your living room big screen.  Here are three easy ways you can display personal photos and videos on your Roku player or Roku TV.

For the photos and videos taken on your mobile phone or tablet


Like most of us these days, you probably take the majority of your photos and videos on your smartphone or tablet because it’s so convenient. To send the photos and videos to your TV, all you need to do is download our mobile app for Android, iOS or Windows Phone*, select “Play On Roku” from the main menu and choose photos or videos. No really, it’s that easy.

You can even add to your slideshow’s ambiance with your favorite music. Click “Add Music” to play music you have stored to your smartphone or tablet to accompany a photo slideshow.

Roku Mobile App iOS_Play On

* Play On Roku video support is not available for Windows Phone at this time.

For the photos and videos stored on your local

It’s easy to stream your personal photos or videos (such as MP4, MOV, JPG and PNG files) through our Roku Media Player channel. It enables you to play content from a DLNA server on your local network.

Another option is through a USB drive attached to a USB-equipped Roku 3, new Roku 2 (model 4210) or Roku 2XS. The Plex and MyMedia channels are also very popular among Roku customers to stream their personal media.


Free with up to 1GB of space
Do your friends and family members also have Roku players? Encourage them to add the AirCastLive Roku channel so you can send photos and videos stored on your smartphone or computer back and forth, right from your TVs.  Visit the AirCastLive website for additional storage subscription packages.

For the photos and videos you’ve uploaded to your favorite cloud photo services

Do you have your photos uploaded to web-based sharing services such as Flickr or Shutterfly? You’re in luck – they’re all available in the Roku Channel Store! Each of these services offer free photo storage as well, so upload your heart out.


For the vacation videographers, two of the most popular video sharing services, Vimeo, and YouTube, each have their own Roku channels. Simply add the channels and follow the instructions to activate and/or log in with your current account.

Go ahead and relive that vacation from the comfort of your couch!

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  • dvm

    My preference is to use JRiver Media Center which can create static or dynamic playlists of photos. Then I use Roku’s own Media Player app to select and display the playlist. If I know someone is coming over and I have photos of them, it’s a simple matter to create a quick playlist – if I don’t have one already – and stream the photos to my TV using my Roku. Our guests love it and it sparks many conversations!

  • Pat Pucker

    Why when I use my Play on Roku to view photos aren’t they appearing in full screen size?

  • svenj

    On the WP version there seems to be no effective way to choose what pictures to show. When selecting pictures, it takes you to the pictures folder, and if you click a photo, a check appears but it goes immediately to displaying that picture. There seems to be no way to check more than one photo. You can at that point move through pictures with forward/back, but it is not clear what photos are in the set. All in camera roll? Needs a little interface work on WP.

  • Raymond Marx

    Ok, so what do I use to view what’s on an actual cloud account such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Box, etc.?!?

    And why doesn’t the Roku do this out of the box or at least using the Roku Media Player app?

    • Ian_SAfc

      You can add a channel called Roksbox, which has worked for us for a few years now, but recently ERoksbox has been freezing.

  • Matt Thimgan

    I have yet to test some of these newer streaming options with Roku and my devices. I do have a Plex server installed on my Linux Desktop which I think has DLNA support as well but I’ve not taken the time it needs to fully integrate it to my network but look forward to exploring these features with Roku. Cloud storage support, sharing with other Roku accounts, and even easier interegration with all our gadgets is the future here. This is the kind of media experience I’ve always thought would be very successful. Thank you Roku for your continued development.

  • Brock

    Videos aren’t accessible via the app.

  • Jeremy Marin

    There is no option of video in my Roku app on iOS, only music and photos. I’ve got a Roku HD. Any advice to make this work would be appreciated.


    Just bought the Roku 3. Have 1000s of pictures on my hard drive. And both are on my network. But I don’t understand: ” It’s easy to stream your personal photos or videos (such as MP4, MOV, JPG and PNG files) through our Roku Media Player channel. It enables you to play content from a DNLA server on your local network.” What is a DNLA server, and how do I get one?

  • frustrated roku

    What a half-a$$ed story leaving so many question unaddressed. If you are not technical enough to write a complete story then leave the topic alone.

  • CT

    Yes, totally half a$$ed article. What about if you have an iPhone or Mac???? Why doesn’t it even address what the options are if you non Windows or Android devices??

    • Cardinal Fangg

      Another lovely reply to someone’s attempt to help. Would you talk to someone like that face to face? Gotta love the web’s anonymity. So many people are big shots when they are not in the same room.

    • jimn

      Most of the options mentioned are platform independent but you likely only half a$$ read the article.

  • Starman_Andromeda

    Ouch! No Mac support?!

  • Mike Cohen

    I am new to the Roku system.
    I have managed to connect a Roku 3 box via wireless to both my domestic network and internet.
    My photo collection on my PC now display on the TV via Windows Media Player (WMP) and Windows 7.
    However I’m concerned that if I upgrade my PC to Windows 10 – which no longer supports or installs a WMP – my ability to show photos will be lost!
    Any suggestions from users? or Roku Ltd?

    • Inframan

      My W10 upgrade from W8 still has media player and the built in DNLA function. I used it last night for the first time with the roku and it was ok. Hope that helps.

      • Mike Cohen

        Thanks for this info

  • Chaz

    I can’t see how to display photos that are on iCloud on the ROKU. I am assuming that can’t be done yet? I have a ROKU 3