Did you know there are hundreds of free channels in the Roku Channel Store? From movies and TV shows to music and news, there are plenty of must-add channels to keep you happily entertained. With the election news heating up you’ll want to check these free news channels out!

Roku new channels

  • CBS News – 24/7 digital streaming news network and on demand video from CBS programs, including CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning and 60 Minutes
  • ABC News – live news stream and on-demand content, entertainment news, live hourly updates, original programming and more
  • Sky News – 24/7 live news stream and on demand video covering world, US, business, politics and more
  • Newsy – gives you “news with the why” through concise videos available on-demand or a 24/7 live stream
  • Bloomberg TV – a live 24-hour global business and financial news TV channel with key segments from Bloomberg TV’s critically acclaimed shows like Bloomberg West, With All Due Respect and Charlie Rose as well as topics such as technology, autos, luxury and travel
  • NewsON – live and on-demand local newscasts and local news clips from 154 stations in 105 markets
  • Reuters TV – Choose your video news program length and watch news that’s ready when you are
  • AOL On News – your one-stop-shop for breaking news stories around the globe
  • CNBC – real-time U.S. stock quotes, watch lists, and CNBC’s top video
  • NBC News – the best business, political, health and entertainment reporting from Nightly News, TODAY, Meet the Press, Morning Joe and The Rachel Maddow Show
  • Fox News – catch up shows including Fox & Friends, The Five, Special Report, The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity and more – plus, you can listen to Fox News Radio live
  • Wall Street Journal Live – features in-depth features and segments

Stream on!

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  • meaf

    there is no free channel on ROKU! everything i try it says: “Apologies, but the web channel store is not currently supported in your region.”

    • Sandra Stevenson

      where do you live ?

  • jena

    I have had my built in Roku smart TV for about 2 weeks…I wish I would have just paid less and got bigger flat screen. You have to pay for everything including Pandora and Spotify. Every program makes you enroll, and pay…even those with free trials…what a pain. Going g back to cable.

    • Jude Aucoin

      roku has MANY FREE channels… For movies try Cracke. It is very sim to netflix. you tube also is free, PBS is mostly free, IHEART is free. frightpix, kung-fu. And many more. You just need to search them out. I Have been without cable for YEARS. I do not miss it , bill and all

  • Dolly

    To Jena and Meaf three months ago……That is just not true…i watch free channels almost exclusively and have a great selection. Just search the Roku and put some effort into finding them. This has been a great money saver for me. With effort Roku can be the same for you.

    • Dorothy Larson

      Me too

  • Michael

    Most things on Roku are free! We pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime. We would have paid for them with our without the Roku. Everything else we get is free (Pandora is free, BTW). Agree with Dolly. We’ve been cable free for 5 years. Roku helps save a lot of $$.

    • AS48

      I agree – I have cut back to the very basic satellite package and am only keeping it until the contract is up so I don’t get hit with the early termination fee they charge (which is ridiculous). I have had Netflix and Amazon Prime for years already, and SlingTV offers a ton of other options if I want to pay a little extra for that – and I would still be paying far less than I was with cable or satellite for a similar TV package (which was loaded with channels I didn’t watch anyway!).

  • funbuns

    NBC is my favorite news channel, but the options have changed. I want my Rachel Maddow!!

    • Donna

      Did you ever find MSNBC with Rachel Maddow on Roku

      • Kathy

        Not the whole show, but you can see segments on the NBC News channel, along with segments of Today, Morning Joe, etc.

  • RevSixEight

    Looks like they have the lying media covered.

  • Virginia S Wood PsyD

    Does anybody know if ABC is live-streaming election night coverage on the Roku app?

  • Geri Goodson

    I would like to add any available free channels to my Roku. However, I am 90 years old, and severely untechnical. Is there a way that Roku techs could program my Roku to receive all free channels?Thank you

    • jeanmh100

      Search the channels you would like to watch, download them. You can call Roku techs to ask them for the names of the free channels and to tell you how to search. I am sure you can get some kind of help by calling.

    • Frank Hanson

      Do you live in New York Area? I can program Roku for you. Call me 6469197610. I am a electrical engineer retired fro NYC.

  • Russ Gillispie

    I am having trouble with my Roku Stick and nothing online has helped solve it How in the hell can you find a phone number to call a live person. They recently called me and I bought the extended warranty, not much good if I can’t contact them.

  • joem

    Ok bought the express. Can’t get signed into my internet carrier. Password etc. is correct. Help!

  • I have a premiere plus and I pay for OAN (One American news network). The system keeps going to a downloading signal and interrupts all the news, I can stream all day with movies or shows. I am using Yfi on 5 and have tried 2.4 same problem and only on OAN. What is the problem I they only support liberal news then it is time for me to take back to Best Buy

  • ConservativeSenior

    Why doesn’t FOX News Channel stream live?

  • Donna

    I love my Roku. This is the second one we have had. I would love to get rid of satellite but my husband loves MSNBC and haven’t really found this channel live on Roku. Also the sports keeps him on the satellite and can you get local stations on the Roku

    • Mike Thaler

      MSNBC is on Comcast cable – on a higher priced package than Fox and CNN. Most of these streaming packages do have it. That’s why we are finally aiming to cut the cord. MSNBC doesn’t have a “go” stream option like CNN or Fox. Don’t know why they play so hard to get.

  • Joyce Carr

    Isn’t there a list of the free channels available on Roku. I don’t have a list of channels streaming through my head.

  • Mike Thaler

    There is a free Channel called “Euro News” on Roku. Don’t know who owns it. Had never heard of them