Ever wanted to stream live TV on your Roku player or Roku TV? Now you can! The VMedia TV channel just launched in the Roku Channel Store in Canada – enabling Canadian streamers to watch live TV.

vmedia-on-roku-players Canadian consumers will be able to watch up to 20 live TV channels, including Canadian and US networks such as CITY, CBC, GLOBAL, ICI, TVA and V, as well as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and PBS, all in HD – streamed to their TVs for convenient viewing from the comfort of home.


Canadians with a Roku player or Roku TV™ will be able to access VMedia TV and register directly with VMedia through their device, and immediately start to enjoy a free 7-day trial offering all the channels. In addition, VMedia TV features VMedia’s unique VCloud cloud-based ‘look back’ feature, which allows users to catch up on shows they missed in the past week.

After the free 7-day trial, Canadians can subscribe to VMedia TV for only $17.95 per month. The service requires no commitment or contract, credit check or hardware installation, and customers can cancel anytime.

Happy Streaming!

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  • Scott Crawford

    Nice to see this type of thing finally available in Canada. Maybe a bit pricey though.

    • RyanJStanfield

      Still cheaper than Rogers and Bell though even with using their box.

  • Peter

    Using the 7 day trial. It seemed to work for a while but late in the evening there was a lot of buffering and stopping of the picture. VMedia don’t say what bandwidth is necessary or what the resolution of the picture is. How much compression they perform? The HD stations seems highly compressed!

  • Can someone link to the actual channel? I can’t find it on my Roku 3 🙁

  • Neutral President

    $17.95/month for channels available for free with an antenna? No, thanks.

    • Soon2bfree

      Yea I’m sure a couple of sticks and my imagination will microdize this not very well presented highway robbery with no complimentary dinner don’t steal from people government hates competition

  • Greg

    It’s almost interesting. But then you realize the channels for that price suck and they don’t include any sports channels. And VMedia doesn’t have an option to add sports channels at this time. But I guess that’s because Rogers is trying to get people to pay $30/month for Sportsnet Now streaming.

    • antonia.spellman.92

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    • Chris Legh

      I just found a way to install kodi on firestick. But i am confused that this method will work or not. Can you advice me.

  • Wolf 359

    The Roku channel store now has a channel called CanadaTV. It’s 1.99/mo. Has anyone tried this one out?

    • ada.roman.91

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  • Gail

    I just signed up for CanadaTV and it seems reasonably good – It includes CityTV, 3 different Global TV feeds (Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver), 4 different CTV channels (an odd collection from Regina, Lethbridge, Edmonton and one other Saskatchewan city I can’t recall). However CBC is available in French only, not in English. There are a few other French channels and the History channel. Sort of a strange assortment overall. Having an Ontario or Eastern CTV channel and English CBC would make it a lot better. But then, it’s only $1.99. However, not sure if I’ll keep it, as might look into combining my Roku with an OTA antenna instead.

    • Cathy

      Why do you suppose they aren’t including the English CBC? That is the only thing holding us back from going this route as we do NOT have any OTA channels available where we live?

      • alma.jackson.1994

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      • nickshan

        what the link for canadaTv. thanks

    • Wolf 359

      I signed up for Canada TV. I’m not really impressed that there is no guide though. I also signed up for the free trial VMedia. It has a much nicer interface, but I think the price will likely scare me off once the trial ends. I’ll probably cancel the Canada TV subscription as well because of the non-existent guide.

  • Michel

    Do you know if you can watch Canadian channels in app v-media on the united states?

    • jennifer_dumont

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    • Jan Rohrback

      CanadaTV is not available in the US

      • Michel


  • Andrew Edwards

    I have just used the Trail version of VMedia and it was horrible. 90 percent of the times it was buffering. At first i thought it was my network, but after pulling the device into the router, and still had buffering. I tried other apps to make sure it was not my network and all worked fine. I had high hopes for this app, and was going to subscribe, but now looking for other options.

    • delphia.rodriguez

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    • BobK

      did you find any other optons? I’m new and looking for reliable content for “normal” channels.

      • Patti

        I found the private channel channelpear… Not perfect but it works. 5 channels for free after that it’s 2.99 a month for premium.

  • Dean

    How do I add private channels in Canada?

  • Brandon

    The service is terrible and VMedia cannot deliver. Constant buffering renders the service unwatchable. Also VMedia will delete any negative comments from their website so keep that in mind.

  • Old Man

    I just purchased a ROKU premiere+ several weeks ago, when they became available. MY ADVICE IS RUN DON’T WALK AWAY FROM THIS PIECE OF EXPENSIVE JUNK. The programming is very limited, unless you want to pay for pretty well everything you watch. The operating system is difficult to get anything done play store and other android apps not assailable. If you want to add video from you TV you have to add a patch program called PLEX on the roku and on you TV, then try to make it work. As I said save you money and buy an android box for half the price that does 10 times as much as the roku and runs a 1000 times better. That is what I wound up doing. AMAZING WHAT GOOD AD MEN CAN DO!

    • Bobby Smith

      My laptop streams wirelessly and effortlessly to my Roku 3 box .. I know for a fact that

      the new generation Roku boxes are waiting for a firmware update that’s just starting to roll out .. they’ll be able to do a lot more than you can imagine

    • Will Arbuckle

      Not sure about that, I have about 40 “free” channels, live TV, US / Canada etc……………early in the assessment (2 days), but search online, a lot of free content out there, you tube is excellent for finding more
      as for an android box, I made my last 2 LG phones into 2, and picked up a powered OTA antenna, so between the 3 lots of contents to watch simply by changing the source on my TV remote, 3 clicks done, bye bye cable

  • Clotaire Voufo

    Hello I just bought a ROKU and I can not create my account

  • grapemanca
  • M G Denwinson

    Can I watch American channels on Roku? I think this will be simplified If we can able to install Kodi on Roku. Kodi will provide live streaming of any TV Channel. Thanks for the wonderful information.

    • Steve

      An Android box with KODI…..is the best, but you should load FUSION on your KODI app to get the best of everything….all FREE. YouTube videos will show you how to easily load FUSION….

  • gron

    According to a Judges ruling, VMedia can no longer offer their Skinny package without providing internet service.

  • Rexall

    I tried to set up the 7 day free trial but the return email did not include the sign-in code.

    The Vmedia agent said I needed Vmedia internet to start, plus there is no 7 day trial anyways?
    They seem to be totally disorganized; he then said that they are working on the issue.
    I would not be looking at them again, for a long long time.

  • Jim

    how do I get Amazon Prime Video in Canada? I can pay for the subscription but can’t find the channel on my device(ROKU 2)

    • Jan

      There is no Amazon prime video app for the roku yet 🙁

      • Jan Rohrback

        Amazon prime is not available in Canada if you are not seeing the app it is not available in your area

  • MJ minir

    You can get Terrarium TV app (http://terrariumtvappdownload.com) to watch all latest movies and TV Shows for free on Terrarium TV app. You can download it right on your Roku device to enjoy with some entertainment.

  • Seemore

    Very disappointing that amazon instant video is not available. Otherwise my new ultra has been working well and is easier to use than my android box. It is so annoying that Canadians continue to get reduced service over the US services,

  • Steve

    it seems that anything good to watch on Roku, you have to pay for it. But using an Android Streaming box with a fully loaded KODI app….is all FREE….and you can find just about any movie or TV show ever produced.

  • Ian Cohan

    Hi. Would there be any conflict with my Eastlink cable provider; I have a DVR box connected to the tv.

  • BobK

    does anyone know how to get hbo and cravetv live on roku?

  • Rmace

    You can install megabox hd and chromecast that to watch the movies and Tv shows. I personally use roku but some times I use megabox hd as well http://megaboxhdappapk.com

  • adi
  • Leslie Lane

    Canadian choices; it is frustrating that Canadian customers get less in terms of channels and service. Does anyone from Roku customer service read these posts? I am having a few problems but contacting /e-mailing Support Assistance has not been a straightforward experience. Really Roku it is 2017 and this technology isn’t brand new. Website information and support could be so much better and why isn’t the channel store supported in “my region”, I am not on the moon.

  • Mo Chibli

    They suck you cannot get the tv package unless you get internet service with them.