Today marks the biggest streaming player launch in Roku history! We’re introducing the Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra. With this lineup, plus our recently updated Roku Streaming Stick®, there’s a player for everyone. In addition, we’ve reached another first – now there are 100+ streaming channels in our search feature allowing you to find more of the content you want to stream.

At just $29.99, the Roku Express offers 1080p HD streaming with a complete channel lineup and is a great solution for new streamers or for those who wish to extend the experience throughout their home. The Roku Express+, at $39.99, is for older TVs and supports a composite jack and A/V cable (red/white/yellow).roku-express-streaming-playerFor those who seek fast performance through a quad-core processor and the ability to stream up to 4K in up to 60 frames per second (fps)*, Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+ offer powerful performance at an amazing value: $79.99 and $99.99 respectively. The Roku Premiere+ also supports HDR* for vibrant picture quality, and cool Roku features like a headphone jack in the remote.


Rounding out the line is the fully loaded Roku Ultra for the awesomest streaming experience which also includes support for Dolby Digital Plus decode, voice search and lost remote finder for $129.99.


These five new streaming players complement the extremely popular upgraded Roku Streaming Stick® introduced in April, and offer consumers the most complete streaming player lineup.

All Roku streaming players offer access to 3,500 streaming channels including 350,000 movies and TV episodes. Features like Hotel and Dorm Connect** makes it easy to access public networks to stream when away from home. The simple remote control or the free Roku mobile app for iOS® and Android™ mobile devices can be used to control a Roku device and access features like voice search, private listening and more.

We look forward to getting the new Roku streaming players in your hands soon! Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra streaming players will be available for pre-order beginning today and are expected to be in stores on October 9. Roku Express+ will be available exclusively at Walmart.

Learn more about the new Roku streaming player lineups in Canada and Mexico.

Roku Search

Roku has the most comprehensive and unbiased search in the industry now combing 100+ streaming channels. Search for a movie, TV show, actor or director and Roku will display where content is available and serve results in order of what is free or lowest price for you. Roku has added unprecedented depth in free movies, comedy, news, sports and more as well as unique catalogues from a wide variety of channels. Learn more about this exciting milestone!roku-search-home_roku-express

Happy Streaming!

*4K requires a compatible 4k TV and 4k content. HDR requires a compatible HDR TV and HDR content. Such content will not be available on all channels and may require payment. Check with channel provider for specific bandwidth requirements to access its 4k and HDR content. 60 fps requires compatible TV and content.

**Hotel or dorm use requires a wireless-connected phone/computer, USB cable, power adapter, and Roku remote. Visit for details.

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  • Jenn

    Exciting day! FYI, the links are not working??

    • Please try the links again, Jenn. Sorry about that!

  • Don’t forget the 3 Limited Edition Rokus: The ROKU AllNightLong, The ROKU LikeAHurricane, and The WeWill Roku

    • Shogunv Samurai

      You forgot the O[roku] Saki xD

  • G. D. Smith

    Which of these feature ethernet support?

    • The Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra support Ethernet.

      • teh_Jughead

        Do any have Gigabit Ethernet? That’s what prevented me from purchasing the Roku 4.

        • brontide

          That doesn’t make any sense as I doubt the availability or playability of 100mbps+ video content.

          • Sarkoon

            Actually the Ultra HD Blu-Ray spec maxes out at 128Mbit/sec, which would obviously require Gigabit to stream. This is supposed to be a 4k player right?

          • Andy Roid

            Where would you be streaming a blue ray from?

          • teh_Jughead

            Gigabit NAS

          • teh_Jughead

            Looks like the specs show 10/100. Strange because the WiFi is 802.11 AC which is probably somewhere between 866 Mbps and 1.2Gbps depending on the technology they used. When I purchase stuff like this I try to get 3-5 years out of it so I would prefer a 1Gbps NIC for my investment.

          • EnTerr

            Do you also buy your car based on the maximum number on the speedometer? Just like with a car, be prepared for big disappointment when you test what the actual max throughput of your streamer is

          • teh_Jughead

            That’s like saying cars sold in NYC can only go a maximum of 50 MPH because they couldn’t even drive that fast in the city. With TCP overhead and throughput you’re not even getting close to 100 Mbps. So if you have a 4K HDR rip on a NAS, then what? Deal with buffering or quality change. Why aren’t you upset they put 802.11 AC chip in this and not just 802.11N since the speed isn’t needed in your eyes.

          • EnTerr

            No, it’s like saying if you will ONLY drive in NYC, don’t look at the speedometer past 50mph ;-). Get your analogies right.

            In fairness, I don’t care if they put N or AC, either way it’s fine. Same applies to 100 v 1000mbps Ethernet and streaming – it matters not for streaming. Hence you shouldn’t care either.

            Pray tell – in what legally-authorized can one get a “4K HDR rip” ? Inquiring minds want to know.

          • Brian Noftsier

            Rip a BD you already own to a media server…..

          • Terry Lange

            Wire it. No issues..

  • PhilS

    Any chance of a UK launch? We don’t even have the latest streaming stick or the Roku 4 yet…

    • Colin P

      We never got the 4 unless as a grey import which I wasn’t prepared to do.
      Would love a UK release of the Ultra.
      Any news on this?

      • bt75alfa

        Would love to see a UK release date for the ULTRA too, it looks to be the best of all the streamers as it supports SKY, Amazon instant and Netflix. Instead of having my room full of streaming boxes.

  • Dan LeVasseur

    Is there still a fan in the 4k units?

    • No fans in these products.

  • Registered User

    Will there be a trade in program for those of us who just bought Roku 4? You waited less than a year to replace it, come on.

    • Sandy Barnett

      Or only had any unit for less than six months.

      • Harry Balsaq

        You guys CHOSE to buy these. If I buy a 2016 car 3 months before the 2017 ones come out do I get a new car?

        • EnTerr

          Except when buying 2016 car you know when 2017 is coming out ;-). Luckily technology is cheap and you know what you buy will be outdated in couple of years.

        • Mattgreenbean

          But you can trade in a car.

    • Jake

      Lol, never bought a tech gadget before? I hope you’re kidding.

    • EnTerr

      Not really. But i suspect Roku 4 will get quietly upgraded to support as much as possible (e.g. HDR if feasible)

      • Andy Roid

        Lol, why would they do that? They would literally be losing money by providing additional features for free and removing any incentive to upgrade to the new model

        • EnTerr

          Brand loyalty / customer retention.
          Don’t get me wrong – they’ll only do it if it’s easy – and will not promote it. But RokuCo does not go out their way to be Evil. (Nor do they go out of their way to be Good either)

          • Brian Noftsier

            sure they do. Rather than offer a 79.99 model that does everything they cheese out and offter 6 different models. None that properly implement CEC or MHL. And the Roku TV has the same issue the others do – no sound on a lot of MKV so I cant just get a TCL Roku TV my USB media files won’t play. So I stay with ym Samsung and is it for Netflix and local USB and my one Roku only app I keep a stick around for.

    • Mattgreenbean

      Ebay or pawn it.

    • Marie G

      Check Amazon. They have trade-in for Roku boxes. You get an Amazon credit. Or sell it on ebay or OfferUp or something.

    • Brian Noftsier

      The Roku 4 was rubbish. I hat the fact I wasted money on mine

  • JohnBoy Vega

    Will the Ultra play 1080/24p and 2160/24p for Netflix,vudu and amazon?

    • EnTerr

      My (somewhat educated) guess is “no”

  • Bubba2Shanks

    might want to fix dem der links, homeslice!

    also model creep..2 many 2 choose from yo!

    • Website is up and running. Please try again!

      • Zach Dta Somerset

        I just read a comment on a Best Buy site about the Roku premier…. doesn’t support audio for videos from local storage anymore???!!!!! Please say this is not so, that would be assanine for a streaming player!

    • EnTerr

      I agree – “analysis paralysis”. Stores will have to hire “Roku consultants” to advise on which one to get. Or perhaps through FUD everyone will get the $130 one 🙂

  • RussJ

    Is there a release date for these? I did not see it mentioned.

    • Harry Balsaq

      Oct 7th. It’s right on the website and in very website talking about this.

    • Pre-order starts today and the products are expected to be in stores on October 9.

      • Marie G

        Why no free shipping for pre-orders? I’m not going to pay $5.99 shipping when I can wait till it’s on Amazon in two weeks, and get free Prime Shipping. I don’t need to buy multiple there, or spend $50.

        I already have several roku boxes, and I’m not buying extra just to get free shipping.

  • Harry Balsaq

    What the CPU difference between the Streaming stick and the Express?

    • Harry Balsaq


    • rv65

      Streaming stick is a quad core, but the Express is probably not as powerful!

  • Walt Duncan

    Does Roku Express support 1080p 60 frames per second, for channels that support it like YouTube? I saw the Premiere supports 4K 60fps, but wasn’t sure if that’s implying no 60fps on the Express.

  • Proghog

    What is the difference between the Ultra and the Roku 4?

    • PhilS

      Ultra supports HDR

    • HI there! The Roku Ultra is smaller. It’s 4.9 x 4.9 x 0.85 inches compared to Roku 4 at 6.5 x 6.5 x 0.8 inches. Roku Ultra supports Dolby Digital Plus decode, HDR, Night listening mode and private listening via enhanced remote as well as via the Roku mobile app. Learn more here:

      • UberCrew

        Which SoC is the Ultra running? What is the speed? How much RAM is installed? How much internal storage? I assume it only has a USB 2.0 port and not the more up to date USB 3.0 or the current USB 3.1 standard port?

  • Arthur Hinty

    Please post a checklist/chart comparing features of the various new units. Does the Ultra have USB in for a hard drive? Which ones have micro SD cards? Ethernet ports? Thank you for not increasing prices.

    • Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra have microSD card slots and Ethernet ports.

      • Andy Roid

        Such a confusing lineup

      • Joe A.

        Doesn’t answer the question completely… I’m also trying to find out which of the new models accommodate connecting an external USB drive to watch local copies.

        In fact, as of the date of this comment, the links for PDF user manuals come up empty from the support site.

        • Terry Lange

          Set up a PLEX server. Problem solved… free to set up and ridiculously easy

        • Clyde_Frog

          Only the Ultra model supports USB which sucks. The Premier + should as well just like the Roku 3 it’s replacing.

  • AnClar

    Will the Roku Ultra support DD+ > DD transcoding over the optical port? I’m considering buying one, but I absolutely will not without an answer on this feature. It has long been asked for on the R4, and I got rid of the R4 because it would not, and despite many requests for a decision, Roku chose to remain silent on the question. Can we please get an answer about the Roku Ultra? Thanks.

    • AnClar

      OK…I’ll take the deafening silence as my answer and stick with Fire TV.

  • Jack Meier

    USB port for playing video media still and option?

    • Chip Chapin

      According to the weblink, the Premiere+ has a USB port and supports HEVC (H.265), VP9, MP4 (H.264), MKV (H.264), AAC, MP3, JPG, and PNG formats. I love this feature, as I store all my movies and images on an external hard drive, which hold’s 1,000’s of movies, slideshows, etc., and can then access them without searching thru my DVD collection. (Other Roku models likely have the USB port also…but I am interested in this Premiere+)

      • PhilS

        From what I can see, only the Ultra has a USB port, although the Premiere+ page does list ‘USB Media Formats’, it does state USB port in the specs like the Ultra does.
        Perhaps Roku can clarify?

        • PhilS

          Sorry, that should have read, “it does NOT state USB port in the specs for the Premiere+”

  • Christopher Levy

    Is there an updated product feature chart showing which DRMs and Formats these devices support?

  • Steady VG

    Is remote with headphone jack available separately and will it work with other roku devices. Example – can I buy the remote with headphone jack and use it with roku 2 or roku express?

    • shelwood

      The app for IOS and Android allow you to use your phone headphones the same way as the remote headphone jack, so if all these work with the app (which they seem to), you can get the functionality that way.

      • EnTerr

        that was only true for “New HDMI stick” #3600. TBD which of the new will have it.

  • Steady VG

    4 default app buttons should be configurable via settings. Buttons can be different colored. This will allow user to set quick buttons for their favorite apps rather than default options. I have Rdio app button on my roku device which doesn’t do anything now.

    • EnTerr

      It’s a great idea, but what you don’t know is that said button actually have been sold by RokuCo to the respective apps. I.e. the shortcut buttons are paid-for advertising. The advertisers the Co has sold the buttons would have bad words to say if “deprived” from what they paid for

      • How do you know people don’t already know that? It’s obvious that if an unaffiliated logo is on something, they paid for it to be there. The moral of the story is that it limits the user experience and shouldn’t be done.

        • EnTerr


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        • John Friend

          Umm or just use your own learning remotely and program the codes you want…

          • I haven’t looked into it but is there really a programmable remote that will learn how to open whatever app you want?

          • John Friend

            Just Google it my friend. Here’s an example for one

          • appreciate the tip but that link didn’t seem to help much. I did some of my own research and it looks like Logitech has a harmony remote that will work with Roku and might have some customizability features. I was thinking it would be nice to be able to assign the A&E app to a button, since my wife watches it pretty frequently. I know they would lose some ad money but it would be great if Roku integrated this function into their own equipment without making people get third party products.

          • John Friend

            Don’t go buy a harmony unless you absolutely need to. Just research there are ways around it.

          • alma.jackson.1994

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          • delores.russo

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          • M. “Sealman” SEALS

            What is wrong with the Harmony remotes?

          • sherri.smith.1991

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          • Y2Bogus

            The price is really the only downside. The remotes themselves are awesome.

    • Ryan

      I agree, these buttons can be a pain. I usually use the Netflix and VUDU buttons, but never used the Rdio stuff. If it’s that much of a problem for you, just get the app. It’s great!

      • barbarakissel

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      • taylor-sherri

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    • Umm or just use your own learning remotely and program the codes you want…

  • Nat Ramnan

    The Roku Ultra looks just like the Roku 4 feature wise! What is the difference please?

    • PhilS

      HDR support

      • EnTerr

        if at all any difference.

    • The Roku Ultra is smaller. It’s 4.9 x 4.9 x 0.85 inches compared to Roku 4 at 6.5 x 6.5 x 0.8 inches. Roku Ultra supports Dolby Digital Plus decode, HDR, Night listening mode and private listening via enhanced remote as well as via the Roku mobile app. Learn more here:

      • EnTerr

        Won’t DD+, HDR etc be coming to Roku4?

        • teckel

          The Roku4 can’t do HDR, it’s not a HDMI 2.0a device

          • EnTerr

            The “a” is protocol (software) extension to HDMI 2.0. It does not require different cable nor connector. Where do you see a problem?

          • teckel

            What I’ve heard it it’s not software, but hardware. The hardware HDMI chip can’t do the meta data that 2.0a needs. People that were hopeful that HDR could be added have questioned if it was simply a software update. But, it appears that’s not the case as it requires a new HDMI chip to upgrade to 2.0a and HDR meta data. I’ve put an order in for the Premiere+ and will sell my old Roku on eBay. That’s probably the way to go if you have an HDR capable TV. I’m doing the same with the XBox One S (upgrading and eBaying my XBox One).

    • Andy Roid

      Roku 4 used to overheat and catch fire because they forgot to put the heatsinks in some models. The new one fixes that

  • BrianG

    I think it is a shame that the USB port has been cut for all but the top end model. It is this that has just made me decide to go ahead with my purchase of a 2015 ROKU 2. I will see not benefit from the 4k or HDR on my 1080p bedroom TV but still want the option to plug in my flash drive that contains digital copies of all our DVD’s.
    Also, 5 models seems a little excessive. I understand having a stick and low end model but why two low end models? Why not make the Express+ the sole low end model? As for the Premiere, again, why not offer USB and optical ports as well as the extra remote features over 4K / HDR. This would be attractive to those who recently purchased top end 1080p TV’s who are unlikely to replace them with a 4k model over the next few years. This would also make the models much more distinguishable, as is, I feel it is a bit of a confusing mess…

    • EnTerr

      It’s a sales tactic to corall you into buying higher tier

      • Harry Balsaq

        I guess if you are stupid and be conned easily. Are you suggesting people other than yourself are too stupid to make wise purchasing decisions?

        • Andy Roid

          Yes. Americans are notoriously stupid

          • M. “Sealman” SEALS


          • jromes713

            and yet Americans run this world.. hmm guess that makes you really dumb

          • Nancy lucky

            I am American and I agree we also are very rude to other people but not all of us! I am a kind person!

          • Nancy lucky

            So where do u live that makes you so smart? We have to pay for our colleges and work hard in America!

          • Operator61

            A more apt name might be Him Roid

        • EnTerr

          Lighten up, Donald!

        • Nancy lucky

          It’s very sad to see such disrespect towards others when u r just discussing a TV remote. This is exactly why our world is going to hell. No one has any kindness social media allows people to just say the meanest cruelest things to complete strangers. We need to start caring for others again. As you never know who you are talking to on the side of the computer. I really grew up in the best of times! Social media could be used for so much good but seems it has caused so much harm. Good luck Harry as you will need it in your life when you have a hateful heart. I will pray for you

          • MrHominid2U .

            I agree completely.

    • Harry Balsaq

      Last time I check you are free to choose whichever model you like.

      • BrianG

        No need to for such comments fella, we are all of course perfectly aware of our ability to exercise choice. My point was that in my opinion, too many features have been cut from the middle tier models, there is no real choice for those that want USB but not 4k.

        • Harry Balsaq

          I can comment any way I feel like. Just like you can. Fella?

          • Vengence

            Just so you know you’re a ©unt, I know it, you know it and everyone else here knows it. OK?

          • Andy Roid


          • Quit being an ass.

          • Harry Balsaq

            I’m not and you’re not a mod. YOU quit being an ass and try to tell everyone how to act.

          • Wendy Elston

            Apparenly someone needs to tell you something. It appears as if you missed out on the home training thing,. I have empathy for you becaue I dont know your story or your past to know what made you so disrespetful, but you can choose different, Dont be offended plz….i say this in love.

      • Joy Brooks

        Hhahahahaa!! This thread is hilarious!

    • D.M2.S

      They’re not getting rid of the Roku stick. The upgraded one just came out in April and is available now.

    • Brian Noftsier

      USB on the Roku sucks…my Samsung TV plays more formats than my Roku 4

      • Terry Lange

        No… no it doesn’t

  • Viejo Jubilado

    Not available for Pre-order at Amazon? Only available at Best Buy and Walmart. Isn’t Amazon going to carry the new models?

    • teckel

      You mean the company that makes a direct competitor to the Roku? Ah… No…

  • Jay

    When will you add a switch to the remote to disable the buttons so that when I’m laying in bed with the remote and accidentally roll over on it it doesn’t knock me all the way back to the main menu.

  • Daniel Parrish

    will they be discounting their older players now ?

  • shelwood

    This post doesn’t mention, but the press release says all the remotes for the new models are IR. Is that correct? It seems like a huge step backwards if true.

    • Harry Balsaq

      No it’s not. A little reading goes a long way.

    • EnTerr

      Read more carefully said press release. For some it mentions “IR remote”, for others “point anywhere” (aka radio) one

  • Luke

    What about HD Audio passthrough (DTS-HD/TrueHD)??

    • gamera87

      What content provider do you think is sending such audio?

      • Dennis

        Plex for one.

        • Jack7

          Yup definitely plex. Would love to fully utilise my ht setup.

  • Andy Roid

    Ugh, shouldn’t be segmenting the 4k market like this. Will just lead to confusion and disappointment when HDR is held back.

    Plus dolby digital plus decode should be standard on a 79.99 device

  • Tale 85

    I currently have a TCL Roku TV. Unfortunately the Enhanced Remote (with headphones) isn’t compatible with it. I’m wondering which of the new models support the Enhanced Remote? I know the Roku 2 and above do.
    Also which of the new boxes work with the headphones feature on the app?

  • Janos

    Does the Roku Express work with the Spectrum TV app?

  • teckel

    There’s some problems with the specs of the Premiere+ and Ultra. It lists USB media formats for the Premiere+ which doesn’t have USB. For the Ultra is lists USB media formats but mentions the Roku 4? So… That should all be reworked. But, what I really want to know is if the Premiere+ will playback H.265/HEVC (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV). It lists H.265/HEVC, but not the supported containers. This section is such a mess I can’t tell which model supports what.

  • Janos

    Does the Express work with TWC/Spectrum app?

  • Len Mullen

    This is a VERY complete lineup with support for virtually every situation — and no fans. Great job. Stabilize the firmware and I will be back on board.

  • HobbesGrrrr

    Well, the problem is that Roku has a rdio button that is dedicated to a site they no longer support.

  • Damage

    Will the Ultra support Dolby Vision HDR? Some Netflix shows are streamed in this format.

    • teckel

      I believe it will just pass the HDR meta data, it’s up do your TV to be Dolby Vision compatible. Also, when Netflix says Dolby Vision, it’s not exclusive Dolby. They just label it that way. They really should label it HDR to be more accurate as they deliver both HDR meta datas.

      • Damage

        Thanks! This seems like it may be a very worthwhile streaming unit.

  • Mills

    Does using the headphones in remote still quickly drain the remote’s batteries. I thought my remote was going bad because it kept rebooting the Roku device. I stopped using the headphones and everything has been normal since then. It would only act up when the battery level was low and the headphones were plugged in.

  • Pontus Strindlund

    It looks like there’s finally a solution for the battery drain issue when using headphones connected to the Roku remote. My Roku 3 eats up 2800 mAh batteries like nobody’s business. Is it correct that only Roku Streaming Stick (Model 3600), and Roku Ultra supports private listening using the smartphone app? Are there any plans of having more models support this?

  • John Friend

    I’ll stick to my Google adt-1 nexus player. With the addition of a $10 Flirc, my $11 learning remote controls my TV, cable box, stereo, heater/ac, and ceiling fan/light. No need for fancy antiquated and not updated logitech hub.

    Also now easy to watch Amazon prime with Amazon prime launcher (AND can download eligible titles to storage or usb drive, I use a hub for flirc and storage when at home). Running kodi is great for “channels” but most importantly my cloud storage drive or local NAS.

    Can also run xfinity x1 app and use box as a cable box or watch my shows in the cloud anywhere while traveling. Since it has a browser easy to connect to hotel wifi without doing the usual call support and manually add MAC address.

    I want to know if Netflix profiles have been added to the new basic model. That would be great for less technologically savvy relatives.

    Glad to see roku using IR or having ability on all the non stick models!

    Prior to Amazon prime launcher, it was only firetv/stick and roku. But I will definitely be ordering a premiere or premiere plus for a special someone! Roku setup and layout is awesome!

  • Adi Yagil

    Indeed a great launch but what about the folks who bought the Roku4 just a few months back for $129 and don’t have HDR?!? That’s really disappointing.

  • Ryan

    That’s a lot of options! I have been very pleased with my 2nd Gen. Roku Stick, so it will be a while before I have to upgrade. Honestly though, I’m moving towards cutting out the boxes all together and getting Roku Tv’s in the house. My TCL’s have been treating me well!

  • Chris

    Is the Roku Express and Express+ dual core or single core?

  • dukester

    does anyone know if these new devices have a graphics card in them??

  • Thomas KingoKpopdemos Lingard

    My question is have you fixed the overheating problem that the ROKU 4 has had? I will absolutely purchase the ROKU Ultra as long as the overheating problem has been fixed. I’m on my 3rd ROKU 4 (all exchanged through ROKU customer service) and I’m tired of constantly having it freeze up after 3 hours and have to unplug/reset the unit.

  • I noticed that the most recent Roku firmware (7.2) supports 1-touch play via HDMI-CEC.

    Is there any chance the volume buttons on the Ultra remote will control volume by HDMI-CEC also? That would be most excellent and worth the price of the upgrade alone.

    • Steve W

      I just returned my first streamer, a Roku 4 for that very reason.

  • rockness

    Do any of the new models support Micro SD? If so, what is the max that it will accept?

    I have come to understand that it isn’t for outside media but rather to help Roku load faster. Can you verify that is correct, as well?

    • rv65

      I have a micro SD card on a Roku 3 and 2XS and you really don’t need a big one! I have a 32GB on a Roku 3 (2015) and I have a ton of space left over!

    • Brian Noftsier

      Its for channel storage only. I would think the cheap implementation they use would be too slow anyway – I end up using 128 GB USB drive. If you have a 2.5 in USB hard drive the Roku 3 and 4 powered it so the new ones might

      • rockness

        I have a 64gb microSD that I am using for a whole lotta nothing right now. To clarify my question further. I am asking about the newest models coming out. The Roku Premier, Premier+, and Ultra models.

  • rockness

    Can you customize the App buttons on the controller? I have no need for Sling.

  • Jim Vugteveen

    how long is the power cable that is included with Roku Express?

  • Mike Casillas

    Will this new line be able to stream content directly (i.e natively) from a DLNA media server with out having to use that transcoding POS Plex crap? If not, I’ll just stick with little old WD TV Live box, it can handle pretty much anything I throw at it.

  • Lloyd Stewart

    Yeah, OK, I was disappointed with the old Roku 4K. Mine got super hot, a Roku tech told me that, since it does get so hot, it would be best to unplug it when done with it for the day (shouldn’t it just have an on/off switch on the remote?), it wouldn’t play nice with my new Denon S910w receiver, I blamed it for some some jerky video motion from a certain site, and it wouldn’t butter my bread!. But, with hope in my heart, and with the lure of the $50 discount for folks who bought the first Roku 4k, I just purchased the new Roku 4k HDR Ultra!

    I’m really hoping that the good folks at Roku learned some lessons from the initial offering and that we’ll have a really nice product this time. Hope springs eternal!

  • iKoshee

    Does they support 5G That’s the main question. Previous Roku only supported 2G WiFi connection which is really old now. All my devices linked via 5G, I can connect my uni remote to 2G but then I’m sacrificing everything and will have to run 2G on all devices.

  • Plumr51

    I have a Roku 3600r stream in stick. I can’t find anything in the instructions about how to power it on and off. Does it stay on all the time?

  • UberCrew

    Would be nice to see the full specs of each model. Can’t even find complete specs on Roku’s site. Which processors will each model have. How much RAM? USB 2.0, 3.0 or 3,1? I have read that the models that have an Ethernet port will only have 10/100 and not gigabit. How much internal storage? The Roku 4 has a paltry 512 MB. Well at least it appears the higher end models will include a microSD slot.

  • Danny Baker

    Have 5 ROKUs ! We use for time warner cable and more!

  • Deb D

    My roku express stick is always going out. Returned it and had the same problem with the new one. I don’t really want to resend all the stuff back again! And it has this white strobe light that emits which is very annoying!

  • Warpig

    When can you design a unit that offers one person the option of using the earphones while at the same time your partner can listen through the speakers?

  • jacdem

    please add kodi 16 or 17 thanks

  • Dex66

    The Roku Ultra looks remarkably like the Roku 4 that I bought 2 months ago. Instead of creating a new product, just rename and existing one. Voila, new and improved !!!
    And that piece of Roku 4 junk does not come out of sleep/standby mode unless I hit the remote finder button on top or unplug the stupid thing. And Roku support has confirmed that this is by design.

    • newktrane

      In terms of that 2 month-old ‘piece of junk’ you purchased, to get out of sleep/standby mode- all you have to do is press any button on your remote control…….at least thats the way I’ve been awaking my Roku 4 since I purchased it last November.

      • Rollo Tamasi

        I know from personal experience that that doesn’t always work. It most recently happen ed just a few hours ago. I had to press the remote finder in order for the Roku 4 to wake. Once at the home screen, my remote was functioning perfectly. The first think I did was check the remote battery life. It was at 80%. This has happen many, many times with my Roku 4.

        • newktrane

          Okay, I’ll seems your ‘few hours ago’ and raise you to a few minutes ago- as I just woke my Roku 4 out of its sleep slumber by pressing one time a button on my remote(pressed the home button this time and my battery level reads at 72% onscreen) and within a second of doing this my Lexar 16g USB connected stick starts flashing as well as the ethernet jack slot back of the Roku 4 and then my blank tv screen changes into the purple home screen we know and love. I remember when the Roku 3 first came out a couple years ago and folks were up in arms saying they couldn’t turn that device off, it doesn’t work, etc…..with the 4 the Roku owner decides to either turn the box completely off or allow the 4 to shut off into the low power state. By going to the screen guide and highlighting ‘settings’ then clicking on the right side of the guide -‘system’ then after clicking that you scroll down and click ‘power’- which takes you to 3 choices- ‘auto power savings'( which I have enabled), ‘system restart’ , and ‘power off’. Note the auto power savings is the one where I can wake my Roku by pressing any key and in the almost year now of having the Roku 4 I’ve resorted to this feature many, many times.

          • Rollo Tamasi

            That’s great. My settings are exactly as yours. (auto power savings enabled). And sometimes it (Roku 4) wakes as a result of pressing a button on the remote (the remote’s home button is always the 1st that I press) and sometimes it doesn’t.

            So, to reiterate and quote myself from the post you’re replying to:

            “that doesn’t alway work.”

  • Chas Iliff

    I just bought the Roku Ultra. The Roku does not recognize my JVC RS500 as 4k HDR capable. This is using a 3ft Monoprice Redmere cable. As a comparison, I have a Philips UHD player outputting HDR via 3ft Redmere cable to Yamaha RX-V679 receiver to 25′ Monoprice cabernet cable to JVC RS500 without any problem. (The Philips also works when connected directly to the JVC. I hope Roku will work on this quickly.

  • Bren

    Im a little surprised I didn’t get an email about the new line up. I didn’t find out about it til I started searching for a new roku.

  • Jim Martin

    does the Roku 4 have to be connect to an ethernet cable or can it connect to my wireless router

  • Rob O’Brien

    Where are they? I got a message saying my pre-order units were in stock but no shipment notification yet.

  • UberCrew

    Which SoC does each model use and what are the speeds? How much RAM does each model have? How much internal storage do they have? The Roku 4 only has 512MB of internal storage, if any of these only have 512MB then a microSD card slot and/or a USB port is a must. What type of USB does the Ultra have (USB 2.0, 3.0 OR 3.1)?

  • Mike

    I just got my Roku Express’s today. It is slowww to respond with the horrible graphics overload on the “new”Netflix ap but all the aps that crashed on the Roku 2 seem to work now.

    The picture quality is pretty good compared to the Roku LT and it doesn’t crash like the Roku HD 2

    I gave the feedback to Netflix but I’m thinking of leaving the old Roku’s hooked up to use with Netflix. You can hardly see the icons on a 20″ or 32” screen.

    I do appreciate the price of the Express- I don’t care about features.

  • John Orishyn

    I want to keep my Comcast feed and stream it through my new roku (i dont pay for cable, my landlord does). It is going from the coax to my Tivo (with a comcast card in it) to my TV through a HDMI port (1 of 2 on the tv). Can this be done?

  • Clyde_Frog

    That’s garbage that only the Ultra supports USB now.

  • Kim

    Need Slingplayer update for new Roku Ultra model 4640. Splingplayer does not see this new box.

  • Rick Minor

    Anthony … could you please tell me which of these Rokus have USB ports?

  • topleya

    What about details for UK launch?

    • Neil Fawcett

      …and STILL no UK news???

  • Ankur Patel

    This still cannot play Kodi, any plans to add the support?

  • Linda Villalobos

    I have a Sharp TV that says ROKU. I understood I didn’t need another device. We want to add a channel, but it asks for our PIN but we either don’t have one or don’t remember it. Comcast set up the TV.

  • Operator61

    Does the roku express or express + support profiles on netflix… my older roku player do not.

    • They both support Netflix profiles.

    • Yes, both the Roku Express and Roku Express+ support Netflix profiles.

  • Don

    Just curious when the Roku Express will support streaming from my phone (Android).

  • Marko

    Does the Roku express have a dual voltage USB adapter? It is labelled as 110V but I know the Roku 4 is working dual voltage even though it is labelled 110

  • pilar.marcell

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  • James Prahl

    you can stream from Kodi with Roku using free Plex client coupled with a free Plex server great

  • Questions:
    If I don’t already have a 4K TV is there any benefit to the Premiere over my Roku 3?? It actually seems like a downgrade with a lessor remote, no MicroSD or USB. I store some workout videos on a USB stick. If I was buying this directly, I think the Premiere+ would be better, but I got this Premiere from SlingTV. I’m wondering if I should sell it or use it over my Roku 3. Hmmmm….

  • Melissa

    Will I be able to stream Superbowl 51 through Roku Express? It’s on Fox this year, so all I need is the Fox Sports app, correct?

    • Melissa

      Or NFL app?

  • Mike

    Pretty disappointing that a Roku with Ethernet is now a $100+ investment.

  • sheronda Farrow

    Question. Which Roku shown above has DVR capabilities?

  • Concerned roku-er

    Does Netflix profiles work on the roku ultra?

  • Fred

    Please advise when we can get an Ultra in the UK. Thank you.