I’m happy to share that we’ve hit an impressive Roku Search milestone! Just a few months ago I shared that we hit 50 streaming channels in Roku Search. Today we’ve doubled that number and now search across 100+ streaming channels – more than any other streaming platform and ranging across a diverse collection of streaming channels including movies and TV shows, music, comedy, lifestyle and more.

Our comprehensive and unbiased search combs 100+ streaming channels (whether you have them installed or not). You can save time and conduct a search for a movie, TV show, actor or director to see where content is available. Results appear in order of what is free or lowest price for you.roku-search-home_roku-expressFor example, conduct a search for your favorite actor or actress and bring up their filmography – you may stumble upon a title available to stream for free! Check out the results below for actress Uma Thurman.


The predictive search will save you time and populate as your input characters – no need to type the entire name or title in most cases.



Roku Search will save you time and often can save you money. Uma Thurman’s movie, Motherhood, for example, is available to stream on WatchFreeFlixFilm RiseOVGuide, and SnagFilms for free!

And don’t forget our Roku Feed feature. You can follow a movie or TV show to receive notifications when it’s available to stream on select channels and when the price drops or the title becomes free. In addition, follow an actor or director to be alerted when one of their movies or TV shows becomes available.


So, get your searches ready everyone! These are the 100+ streaming channels you can search across:

Movies & TV shows

ABCAcorn TV, Action ArenaAmazon Video, Asian CrushBIGSTARBYUtv, CBS All AccessCinemaNow, , Comedy Central, Comedy DynamicsCONtv, Comic-Con HQCrackleDove Channel, DramaFeverEncore Play, FandangoNOWFandorFilm Rise, FlixFling, Freeform, FrightPIXFXNOWGoogle PlayHBO GO, HBO NOW, HuluIndieflix, Midnight Pulp, MTVNAT GEO TV, Netflix, Nollyland, OVGuide, Popcornflix, Pop Flix Classic Movies, Pop Flix Classic TV, Premiere, Screambox, SeesoShout Factory TVSHOWTIMEShowtime Anytime, Shudder, Sling TV, Smithsonian ChannelSnagFilms, Spike, Starz Play, TED, Thriller TheaterTime Warner CableTribeca ShortlistTubi TV, VH1, Viceland, Vid AngelViewster, Viki, VimeoVUDUWatchFreeFlix, WATCH Cooking ChannelWATCH DIY NetworkWatch Food Network, Watch HGTV, Watch Travel Channel, Yahoo

Family & Kids

Disney ChannelDisney JuniorDisney XDFamily Flix, NickelodeonNick Jr., PBS Kids, Popcornflix Kids


ABC News, AOL On, Bloomberg TVCBS News, CNNgo, Fox Business NetworkFox News ChannelNBC News, NewsMax TV, Newsy, Wall Street Journal Live


Documentary Depot, Honor, DocuramaSundanceNow Doc Club


Fawesome.tv, Made to Measure, PowerNationYahoo


Met Opera on Demand, Qello Concerts


Tennis Channel, UFC TV, WWE

Looking to learn more about Roku Search. Check out these 5 tips to get you searching like a pro.

Happy searching!

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  • Very cool! One question, though… what about Plex? I’d love to see that on the list. The Nexus Player had it way back, but I went with the Roku 3, since it had way better surround sound support. Thanks!

    • Michael Rusignola

      Great idea. Plex is a little tricky given the personalized nature of the content, but it is something we’d love to see happen.

  • Brian Rener

    So Sling and Hulu are in the search but not PlayStation Vue ? Do you plan to add Vue to the search list soon ? Thanks for the continuous improvements.

    • Michael Rusignola

      PlayStation Vue is a really new app to our platform, but we’d love to see it in Roku Search. Hopefully we can bring it into Search soon!

  • Jan H

    Do you have to have all of the channels installed for search to work?

    • Michael Rusignola

      No — nearly all channels will show in search even if they are not installed.

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  • Sharron Jones

    I cannot get all the shows on A&E or on the history channel. Why are these programs never updated?

    • lang.lachance

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    • Michael Rusignola

      Hi Sharron – unfortunately, we don’t handle the content within a channel. Best to reach out to A&E and HISTORY if you feel the content in the channel isn’t working right. –Michael

  • IHC

    After calling AT&T yesterday inquiring about DirectTV – the customer service rep recommended to get in touch with Roku since management refuses to mount a required dish. Being linked to this site via TechCrunch I will purchase your product to be able streaming channels etc.. I am not sure which one is best for my TV although I purchased a 50 inch LG Smart TV with 4k. Maybe you – Michael Rusignola – can assist me in finding the appropriate type that works best on my TV??

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    • brenda.pfister

      Work over internet from two-six hrs every day, and get paycheck in the range $1000-$3000 weekly http://bc.vc/RBHzEez

    • Michael Rusignola

      Hi IHC — check out this page https://www.roku.com/products/finder.

      • IHC

        Your recommendation is highly appreciated! Thks!

  • Greg Morrison

    Is this only on the new players you just released or will it work on already purchased Rokus?

    • delores.russo

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    • Michael Rusignola

      Hi Greg, this works on all US Roku players and Roku TVs -Michael

      • sherri.smith.1991

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  • knowingisgrowing

    This is good to hear. I remember about a year ago I was searching for movies on Starz/Encore *before they became one channel, and it didn’t find either network. Yet easily found 2-4 buy now links. Ensuring the search is unbiased is vital to customer satisfaction.

    • Michael Rusignola

      Totally agree. Glad you’re enjoying it.

      • lynne-johnson

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  • Susi Haskins

    Looking for TCM app have on tablet and fire stick. Can’t find on any of my 4 Roku boxes?

    • Michael Rusignola

      Hi Susi — they don’t have a channel directly on Roku, but you can watch it through Vue and Sling.

  • George

    no search/access on/to CW USA or EWTN?? Shameful

    • mary.riddle.91

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  • Ron

    This article notes VidAngel for Roku search but it does not appear to be a search partner now. Is there a plan to resolve this?

  • bbro

    New to Roku and I love the search feature but Sing TV is not showing up in search results despite being listed as a search partner. Is this temporary? Would also love to see PBS on the list.

    • Jeffrey Spalding

      I have seen the same issue. I watch Taboo on FX through Sling TV. They have all the episodes available for VoD through FX on Sling TV, but the Roku Search and Feed do not find the show at all on Sling TV. This is also the case for all other VoD episodes of other shows available through not only FX on Sling, but AMC and every other cable network on Sling. The VoD episodes from other streaming services (Vudu, Hulu, Amazon, etc.) for the exact same episodes do show up, just not Sling TV.

  • I have purchased titles on iTunes, Amazon, and am planning to convert my DVDs on Walmart Vudu. I would love for Roku to create a way for these OWNED and hence free titles to be scrollable as a single list and included in search results and better yet listed first.

  • Prime

    It looks like Popcornflix and TubiTV are no longer part of the search. I’ve tried searching for movies available on each service and Roku show nothing form either.