The first ever 4K Ultra HD Hitachi Roku TV™ models are available this week in the US! Hitachi has incredible brand power and is recognized by customers for making great TVs, and we’re pleased to welcome them into our Roku TV program.


The three new TV models feature the Roku® OS for one of the best streaming experiences in the industry and have access to more than 3,500 streaming channels, including 350,000+ movies and TV episodes, and the 4K Spotlight channel that offers curated 4K content making it easy to access stunning video from Netflix, Amazon Video, FandangoNOW and 10+ other streaming channels.


All 4K UHD Hitachi Roku TV models include a quad-core processor and 2160p resolution for brilliant image reproduction. The 55”-Class models (55R7, MSRP $599) will be available at Sam’s Club in early October and the 65”-Class (65R8, MSRP $999) and 50”-Class (50R8, MSRP $499) models will follow shortly thereafter.

It’s been a great year for Roku TV thus far. In the first half of 2016 we captured 12%* of the US smart TV market share, up from 8% at the end of 2015. With Hitachi on board we will launch 100 Roku TV models in North America this year.

Keep your eye on our blog for more details on Roku TV in the coming months!

Happy Streaming!

*Based on smart TV retail sell-in data from IHS and Roku data

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SVP and general manager Roku TV & Players
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  • Brian Richards

    Do these have HDR? If not, when will there be a ROKU TV with 4k and HDR?

    • Andrew Nelson

      And 3D

      Some of us are not willing to give up on our 3D movie collections yet

      If at all

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        • Andrew Nelson

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    • resource

      It’s almost 2017. I can’t buy a 4K TV without HDR

      • Brian Richards

        None of the roku tv’s so far have had HDR.

        • hazel.spicer

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        • Dave X

          Why do you need HDR?

          • Dave X

            I answered my own question in that I found this on the Roku Stream blog:

            “What is HDR?
            If 4K is about number of pixels, then HDR is about the quality of those pixels. HDR displays a wider range of colors with better contrast to create more natural, beautiful, and true-to-life imagery. It delivers rich, realistic color detail—even in the darkest shadows and brightest highlights. Like 4K, HDR also requires a compatible HDR TV to watch HDR content. Roku devices featuring HDR playback support the HDR-10 standard.”

          • barbarakissel

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  • sherri.smith.1991


  • Shannon G

    Do I need a roku player and a roku TV?

    • Dianne Days

      Both aren’t necessary.

    • Dave X

      No, you need only one or the other. The Roku TV already has the apps installed in the TV. The Roku player has apps installed and you can you it on any TV with an HDMI port.

      • Shannon G

        OK thank you.

  • william strich

    will my old roku 2 remote with headphone jack work with new roku express

  • Rina Gen

    If this will make me stream more <a href="link text“>movies then I will try it..

  • Rev Rande Muscatell

    I just bought a Sharp Roku TV and I have strong network signal excellent reads the settings but can NOT get netflix or hulu or ANY channel to stop retrieving or reloading. movies won’t play and I have subscriptions for both Netflix and Hulu. Can anyone tell me how they are supposed to work or get them to work.???

  • milmascaras

    50″ Hitachi 50R8.
    Still NOT Available as of Mid-December 2016:
    Was supposed to be available “shortly after” the October release of the 55″ Model (55R7).
    Will the Hitachi 50R8 be available before X-Mas 2016 ??
    Need the 50″ Model to fit perfectly in mounted viewing area.
    Please Hitachi and Roku, get that 50″ one in stores (Sam’s Club), this year if you can!

  • rachel laframboise

    this company makes terrible products and then doesnt stand behind them when they break due to a defect. i would look for a different brand if i were you.

  • Tampammm

    Since 4K is virtually a useless streaming medium at the present time, will Hitachi also be making mainstream 1080p Roku TVs?

  • Nancy

    Help! I just set up my new Hitachi Roku 55″ TV and can’t figure out how to switch HDMI ports. I have my PC hooked up via HDMI – how do I switch to my PC? It only came with the Roku remote…

  • milmascaras

    Finally got my Hitachi 50R8 last month, and as a 5 year user of Roku’s, I gotta say I am impressed.
    50″ TV’s for less than $400, and with a 4K UHD spec (no HDR, 60Hz Refresh, ignore the fake market speak “120 Backlight Refresh Rate” it is meaningless obfuscation), its pretty damn decent nonetheless, once you fine tune the picture, colors, etc. The remote is has a TV power on and volume control, Finally on a Roku Remote (no headphone jack nor voice control), when coupled with a ‘SideClick’ remote add-on for Roku remotes, gives the best minimalist remote that has allowed me to get rid of my Logitech programmable remote. Coupled with my OTA antenna, AppleTV2 with Kodi, and Plex Server, I celebrate my 4th year as a cord cutter. The integration is pretty much flawless. The only downside? : The internal speakers on the Hitachi 50R8 are GARBAGE, and you definitely need a soundbar to use, but luckily I already had a great one from BlackFriday sales…

  • Allison Davis

    I have a hitachi roku tv. Closed captioning is ON and I still can not get it to work. Any help would be grateful!!!! Cc was working and stopped one day. Please any help would be great!