Hey everyone! We’ve been busy here at Roku headquarters, unveiling not one but FIVE new Roku players. The new Roku ExpressRoku Express+Roku PremiereRoku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra offer endless streaming entertainment at multiple price points, offering a player for everyone. If you’re curious about our new lineup, are considering a new device or want to upgrade your existing one, check our unboxing videos for the new Roku Express and Roku Ultra.

Roku Express ($29.99 MSRP) and Roku Express+ ($39.99 MSRP) offer 1080p HD streaming for new streamers or those looking to expand their streaming experience to different rooms in the home. The Roku Express+, available exclusively at Walmart, provides the added bonus of a composite jack and A/V cables so even older TVs can be smart TVs.

Roku Ultra delivers fast performance via a quad-core processor as well as stunning 4K streaming and HDR support*.  It’s is great for HD as well – no 4K TV needed! At $129.99 MSRP, Roku Ultra is our ultimate player with features such as remote finder, an enhanced point anywhere remote with voice search, headphones for private listening and gaming buttons.

And let’s not forget the Roku Premiere ($79.99 MSRP) and Roku Premiere+ ($99.99 MSRP), both of which offer powerful streaming and stunning 4K resolution. The Roku Premiere+ offers an enhanced point-anywhere remote and headphones for private listening.

The Roku platform features more than 3,500 streaming channels and 350,000 movies and TV episodes, giving you easy access to a huge selection of content. With more than 100 streaming channels in Roku Search, you can easily navigate your way to your favorite content.

We’re very excited for you to get your hands on your very own Roku streaming player. So, which one are you picking up?

Happy Streaming!

*4K requires a compatible 4k TV and 4k content. HDR requires a compatible HDR TV and HDR content. Such content will not be available on all channels and may require payment. Check with channel provider for specific bandwidth requirements to access its 4k and HDR content. 60 fps requires compatible TV and content.
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  • Gary Sutcliffe

    Which ones support hardware DRM, as I am told that the Studios will only allow 4K movies using hardware DRM? If so are both Widevine and PlayReady supported?

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  • Paul Billings

    On the Express+, can 2 devices watch content at the same time if 1 tv is connected to the HDMI port and another tv is connected to the composite connection?

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  • Chico

    I have been a big fan of RoKu for many years when it first came out. But as time went by, newer models came out. My beef with RoKu is with the marketing department which didn’t use their heads by making their models with better distinctions. It’s very confusing for the first time user.

  • Bere

    Does anybody know hot to connect the wifi without the remote ??? My dog chew my remote 🙁

    • J Wake

      There’s a phone app that serves as a remote.

  • Russell Stevens

    Purchased a Roku ultra three months ago. Started acting up after two months and useless after three. Attempted to exchange it with the retailer as per Roku site with no luck. Could not understand most of what the customer service person was saying. Bottom line it was a waist of time and money. Just purchased a Fire Stick to replace it. Better quality unit from first impressions.

  • John Daugherty

    I’ve had my Roku 4 for 20 days and the remote has stopped completely. Does anybody know how to claim a warranty repair with roku. I’ve been on the customer support section of their website and it seems to go in circles. This is my 4th roku product I’ve bought. ARGGGGGGGGGGGG.

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  • Troy Bell

    Why don’t you fix what you made before first? Or should we toss that and just order a amazon or chromecast device? I don’t see much difference. Guy on support told to me call back a few days later if my problem was still not working right….that is total horse dung. I could cast/stream two days ago and now I can not. There were no issues here. Just you downgraded mysoftware as the tech rep said. WTH?

  • Kathryn Flaim

    I’m confused (& I’m not very techy) – I bought a roku TV & I’m thinking about getting another…do I need additional “stuff” connected? I want to get rid of the cable but if I knock out TV access my domestic harmony may be seriously impaired 😉

  • JeramdVicP

    I have owned a Roku2, a Roku3 and a Roku4 and without fail all have overheated and burned out within a year of ownership. Although the Roku4 perports in the settings to have a fan come on to prevent overheating, never once has it worked. Anyone up for a class action? I will post this as many places as possible. My Roku’s start degenerating quickly after the overheating and fried circuts start. I have mine mounted loosly on the wall surrounded by open air space to prevent atmospheric causes of overheating. Pinocios to Roku gor denying this problem. Seriously I am 3 for 3.