Black Friday Roku deals on your favorite Roku players and Roku TV models in the U.S. start today! The good news is that you can shop these doorbuster Roku deals from the comfort of your couch. The even better news: Bonus 2-month FREE* trials of SHOWTIME, Hulu and CBS All Access are included with every new Roku player and Roku TV purchase. That’s $55 in FREE entertainment.

Prepare to be crowned ‘best gift giver’ by friends and family this year. You can thank us later. 😉

Be sure to keep this blog post handy – we’ll be updating it all week as new deals pop up. Note: all these deals are available while supplies last, so get ‘em while they last!

*Must activate device by 1/14/17 & redeem by 1/21/17. Cancel before trial ends to avoid monthly fees. New subscribers only. See terms.



Available at, Amazon, Best Buy, TargetWalmart and major retailers starting 11/20 (ends 11/28)

Available on (while supplies last)

Available exclusively at Walmart starting 11/24

Available exclusively at Kohl’s starting 11/21

Available exclusively at Best Buy starting 11/24



Roku TV deals at available now

  • Get a 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for the living room.

Roku TV deals at Best Buy starting on 11/24

  • Special deals on 32″- 55″ screen sizes. The perfect Smart TV for your home or as a gift.

Roku TV deals at Target available now and more on 11/24

  • With these great deals you can get a 4K Ultra HD and FHD/HD Smart TV for every room.

Roku TV deals at Walmart available now

  • Great offers on 4K Ultra HD and FHD/HD Smart TVs.

Have you found any killer Roku Black Friday deals? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy shopping!

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  • freemachine

    An advertisement for this promo has now appeared below the menu on my home screen. I bought the Roku to avoid being advertised to, yet Roku has used every opportunity to push ads in the past few years. The huge ads on the right of the tiles take up about 1/3 of the screen. The “Roku News” of aggregated video clips is now filled with annoying commercials. I have to watch a 30 second commercial to watch a 30 second clip. Ridiculous. Now the ads, like this promo, are showing up below the menu. Is there no place on the screen Roku won’t hesitate to turn into ad space? I can absolutely tell you with all truthfulness that I tell people now to avoid buying a Roku. I’m now looking into buying a gaming console to stream my Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc. Bye-bye Roku, it was fun while it lasted.

    EDIT: Did I mention while Roku is perfecting it’s advertising, the quality and reliability of the streaming on my Roku 3 has degraded? Yup, it’s turning into a $100 paperweight.

    • HI freemachine, thank you for your feedback. We have passed it on to the team.

      As for your issues with your Roku 3, can you send us more details so we can look into this for you? Are you having trouble with specific channels or across the board? Please email us at

      • adamcrae

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      • Mike Thaler

        Suggestion – You make it possible to “self program” the “speed dial” buttons at the bottom of the remote.
        For us, would be: Netflix, Amazon, HBOgo, (not HBOnow) and CNNIntl which is a subset of CNNgo.

        • EnTerr

          Sadly these have been sold to the highest bidder already (nearsightedness much? as demonstrated by the dearly-departed “Rdio” button).

          However, the A/B game buttons are available and can be made perfectly usable as shortcuts.

          • karen.moss

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    • EnTerr

      You have a point regarding Roku “selling out”, in little things like infecting now all remotes with “sponsored” shortcut buttons (imagine Apple selling real estate on their keyboards to the highest bidder).

      And making grave mistake by not having a “ransom” option (cue YouTube Red) to remove ads from the news.

      And tainting Roku’s image of being vendor-neutral by not having an option to hide “Movie Store by M-Go” and “TV Store by M-Go” from RokuTV (counting here that people will stick through the mild irritation, since hauling a TV back to the store is much more involved than returning a small box).

      But one thing in defense of Roku – the 1/3 screen poster ad is not bad, since it pops from the side only when browsing the channel list – it flows in naturally as part of the navigation and can occasionally be informative about new releases.

      • pattinielsen

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  • EnTerr

    I recommend people keep an eye on the “community radar” on Roku deals, the forum thread

    During the past month we had some red hot deals listed, like
    Roku 2 = $17, Roku 3 = $25, Roku 4 = $30,
    48″ RokuTV = $250,
    50″ RokuTV = $300,
    55″ UHD (4k) RokuTV < $400
    These sell out fast though, so keep an eye/subscribe there.

  • Josh Stickler

    These are “door buster” deals? If anyone is busting doors to get these ridiculous deals I’d like to meet them. Where are the discounts on the good devices? The cheap ones are already a low price. When I saw mention of this deal starting on Sunday, I planned to pick up a Roku ultra even though I have a Roku 4 right now. Without even a small savings, there’s no reason to. Way to jack up everyone’s expectations for nothing, Roku.

    • Mike Thaler

      +1 I would get a(nother) Premier+ for 2nd home.

  • Donna

    I’m trying to get Google or some type of internet search this smart tv sucks

  • Really Over IT

    Down for the count–STILL!
    I think they need to take down all the ‘how great Roku is’ advertising—
    after all–what good is it if you can’t use it!? 3 days ago I purchased 4 of the Series 4 but I still can’t create a logon. I called and made it through the maze to India—only to find they can’t help either….”they are trying to fix it as quickly as possible…” Guess if they can’t get it fixed soon I’ll need to make another trip to the department store for return–sure glad it’s not Christmas or anything import to do…save sit around and wait for Roku!