[UPDATED 5/30/17: Now available on select Roku devices.]

[UPDATED 3/23/17]

AT&T announced that it will launch DIRECTV NOW, a new live over-the-top (OTT) streaming service, which will be available in 2017 on Roku players and Roku TV models in the U.S.


DIRECTV NOW subscriptions will range between $35 – $70 per month and will offer 60 – 120+ live streaming television channels from your favorite TV networks, delivered with more choice and flexibility than ever. No satellite set-top-boxes, satellite dishes, annual contracts or credit checks required – perfect for anyone in the U.S. who has dropped cable or is flirting with cutting the cord.

To learn more visit www.directvnow.com and stay tuned to the blog for more updates!

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  • Nolan Johnson

    This new service is exciting for me. I’m particularly interested to learn if the DirecTVnow service will have access to local broadcast channels, either as a part of the basic service or as an add-on?

    • Sherry Jewett Clark


      • tammygrogan

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    • Gary Lesniewski

      To watch local channels, your device’s location must match your billing zip code. Local, regional, and national providers hold the streaming and broadcast rights to these channels in local markets. To learn more about channels available in your billing zip code, please visit our Channel Lookup Tool.

      Access to local channels depends upon the licensing agreements DIRECTV NOW has with local markets at your current location. AT&T continues to work with providers to add local streaming options.

      When using a mobile device, local channel availability will depend on your billing zip code and your physical location at the time you are streaming. Location services must be enabled on your device to access local channels where available.

      Access to local channels depends upon the licensing agreements DIRECTV NOW has with local markets at your current location. AT&T continues to work with providers to add local streaming options.

      Note: At this time, local CBS and CW channels are unavailable. NBC local channels are unavailable using streaming devices or Smart TVs.

      • Nolan Johnson

        Thanks, Gary. Follow-on question. Your reply speaks to the DIRECTV NOW app on mobile devices. But the original article is about the ROKU device specifically. My question was specific to the ROKU device service. Shall I assume that the ROKU device will work similarly – zip code that matches the billing zip code?

        • Gary Lesniewski

          My reply actually speaks to any streaming device. I would assume the roku app would work the same way, but who knows. As you can see in my last paragraph, they state that NBC locals will work on the mobile apps but not other streaming devices or TVs. It’s all based on licensing agreements, which can change.

          • ReaderV

            To help you, ABC, NBC, CBS all areas and CBSN, their 24 hour news station and PBS various feeds are all on Roku. As is over 3000 other channels. You get to decide which channels you like amd which ones you want.

          • Nolan Johnson

            I’ve got that part figured out already, ReaderV. Getting feeds from the network directly isn’t my issue. I’m looking for access to my LOCAL AFFILIATE stations’ live broadcasts. In my town, the broadcast towers are all grouped together on a hillside close to downtown.I happen to live within a couple miles of the towers, down in a “hollow” in the hillside. The focused beams of the tower signals don’t penetrate into the “hollow” but shoot right over the top of us, instead.I’ve tried a (embarrassingly) large number of antennas, to no success. Hence my interest in accessing local network affiliate stations as a part of this package, as I could if I had a DirectTV dish on my roof.

          • Dean Stibbs

            Try the Roku app NewsOn, it may at least get your local affiliate’s news .

            You will get live feeds of all the newscasts that the local affiliate does.

          • ReaderV

            You might try sending ROKU a email, they do offer some local market acess. I don’t know where you are so, you’ll want to ask them about your area.

        • Dean Stibbs

          It will whenever it comes out. It won’t be out til 1st Q 2017

    • P.Turner

      Just get the GE Pro Outdoor Antenna. I got it yesterday and haven’t even put it outside yet, I am getting channels 72 miles away from me with it just laying across a desk. There is no reason for ANYONE to want local channels on any service. Antenna technology these days is amazing. You can also get a DVR for antennas and not to mention it’s totally free.

      • Nolan Johnson

        Thanks, Turner. I’ll give this antenna a try, but it’ll be my last attempt. In my town, all the broadcast towers are on a hillside near the center of the metro area. I happen to live within a couple miles of the towers, down in a “hollow”. The focused beams of the tower signals don’t penetrate into the “hollow” but shoot right over the top of us, instead. The antenna needs to be very sensitive, and/or boosted up about 100 feet into the air. I’ve tried a (embarrassingly) large number of antennas, to no success. Hence my interest in accessing local network affiliate stations as a part of this package, as I could if I had a DirectTV dish on my roof.

      • Dean Stibbs

        You don’t seem to understand that not eveyone can use antennas for local service.

        Some people live in dead spots, some people live in areas with too much interference, some people live in apartments and get nothing with indoor antennas.

        Having locals is very important to a lot of people

        • FrugalFreak

          buy this, buy that, screw all that buy everything else stuff. defeats the purpose of spending LESS MONEY!

      • 1duhgurl

        Thanks for the info. I appreciate the tip.

      • Daniel Richards

        My Brother lives 15 miles CLOSER to the broadcast stations then I do and he can’t get all of them, I get NONE of them. Only a few Ion stations.

    • UncleNine

      Local TV stations have adamantly resisted/banned carriage by streaming services. Even though TV broadcasts are “free” over the air, and are supported by outrageous, ever-increasing and never-ending amounts of commercials, they ALL feel that they should be paid (more outrageous fees) for allowing “re-transmission.” They feel that if someone else is making money on “their” (publicly franchised) content, they should make more money too. There should be Federal action “requiring,” in the public interest, that local, government franchised TV stations be carried on streaming services at no cost to the consumer or the streamer. There is NO chance that will happen with the current Republican, Corporate-Loving Trump administration/Republican Congress in charge. Consumers/The Public are of no interest to them.

  • Donald Bunce

    Does Roku know if DirecTV NOW will work on the older Roku models? I have a Roku 2XS that I love, and am hoping the software will be compatible.

    • Kevin Lee Austin

      You should upgrade just to have a faster ROKU. It is worth it.

      • Donald Bunce

        Unfortunately, to have a USB port like the one I have now, I’d have to get the top-of-the-line model.

    • Yes, DirecTV NOW will work on your Roku 2 XS.

      • Shawn

        Any update on a launch date of Driect TV Now channel?

  • OneEyedJakes

    NO ONE should PAY for TV with COMMERCIALS…

    • Harry Balsaq

      you work for free? Nope. Open your own business then I’ll come dictate what you should charge. Let’s see how that flies. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything,

      • OneEyedJakes

        Ever hear of OTA transmission? Read up.

      • FrugalFreak

        free? what do we pay with? wooden nickels? nope that is just greed.

    • John Moody

      Lol so your cable tc should be free to then right? And the bandwidth used to send u TV and commercials. Think before you speak.

      • OneEyedJakes

        Ever hear of OTA transmission? Read up.

        • John Moody

          LOL sad. comparing old school airwave tv to a paid service… Ever watch MOST of these channels OTA with an antenna? No. you haven’t.

          • OneEyedJakes

            Yep. Everything I want to watch is OTA. You want to spend your money on crap TV, be my guest.

          • John Moody

            I shall!

          • P.Turner

            OTA has lots more channels now with digital tv than it did decades ago with analog. There are a lot of OTA channels that are very similar in programming to paid cable channels. It’s a lot more than just CBS, NBC, etc.

          • John Moody

            IF you are in range. Very limited at best. Still no comparison to 120 channels from around the world. Apples to oranges.

    • P.Turner

      The commercials are to cover the cost of the highly overpaid actors making millions per episode. That is the biggest issue with cable prices and commercials these days. Judge Judy for instance, she makes $47 million a year as of 2013. That money comes from commercial air time and networks that air her show. The more actors make the more the commercials and cable prices will increase.

  • Ken

    Very disappointed Roku owners will miss out on Directv Now $35 for 100 channels introductory rate. 😔

    • Jeremy Simard
      • Ken Spress

        you can not use DTV Now on Android 4.x

        • Tom

          Get a FireTV stick and use it for a couple months, the $35 for 100 channel intro offer is worth it.

          • shirley.wood.92

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          • CitizenKane

            Yep. Pre pay one month and they give you a free Amazon stick….well worth it….don’t wait.

            I am on week 2 of Direct TV now and am enjoying it. Far superior than SlingTV….the quality is very good. Sports viewing is good.

            When they roll out a DVR then we will be very close to perfect TV viewing.

          • taylor-sherri

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          • lorene.richardson

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        • Cully Rob

          It works on my cheap android grand prime.

        • fritzo2162

          If you’re using a device with Android 4.x, you need an upgrade anyway. You’re 3 versions behind.

          • FrugalFreak

            that isn’t the freaking point, we like roku, not gonna buy hardware just because ya’ll are fanboys of other devices. I’m not gonna put out cash for hardware for a singular TV service to deliver.

          • Phone Guy

            Its FREE. Get a month of Direct TV, get a free Amazon stick. Put it in your other HDMI port. FREE. When the Roku app comes out, throw away the Fire stick because it was FREE. In the mean time enjoy Direct TV and lock in 35 per month with your FREE stick or Apple tv.

          • MadScotsman

            Can you give us some idea of how much extra they’re charging for the Amazon Stick and Apple TV?

          • deebrown921

            They are offering the free devices to attract customers. It’s a sales Promotion. Just like Hulu and Sling anre giving away free devices.

          • Scott Vollmar

            Prepay 3 months and get Apple TV 4th gen free.

          • Steve Johnson

            yeah, concept makes sence… for ONE TV. What about the other two in my household?

          • virginia.cutshaw

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          • shirley.roybal

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          • viper71

            You can stream up to 2 tv’s at a time with Directv Now

          • Josh Josh

            Steve… buying the fire stick is still cheaper than comcrap charging $10 fee per TV set. ($30/month you’d be paying to rent similar devices)

          • Foreverfrugal

            Hi Steve. If you do what I did you will have more than one streaming device for free. I had purchased the roku (which I like best of all) during black friday 2 yrs. ago, then I received a free roku from Sling TV (you can get an amazon tv if you prefer) by paying 3 months up front. Did not like sling so I cancelled after 6 months. I will try Roku now and get a google chrome (but again you can get apple or amazon which ever you prefer) for free with a 3 month subscription. Then when spectrum offer there streaming tv service I received another Roku. I liked their service but you have to subscribe to their internet service. When I moved to an area they did not cover I lost the streaming service and internet.

            But as you can see I now have a streaming media player for each tv (4 in all) and only paid for one.

          • Foreverfrugal

            I mean I will try Directv Now not Roku.

          • SirLance99

            What is it with you cheep ass people.

          • Jesse Mack

            throw it away??!! ill take it!

          • MARVIN BURNS

            I paid for one month to get the fire stick. It’s been two weeks and no fire stick and no email saying it’s shipped. Chat said it’s processing no conformed date? Sounds like AT&T are reverting back to their old ways. Grr.

          • Irene Hodges

            Got nothing either and took about a week and a half. Just showed up yesterday.

          • James Lauseng

            i pre paid one month got my fire stick 3 weeks after ordering my directv now service. be patient

          • That’s one reason I went into an AT&T Store and did the deal.

          • Susan Pittsley Tate

            Don’t throw it away 😉 fire is a beautiful interface and offers benefits to prime members keep all of them!

          • Lotech

            FREE? Did you say FREE and you get to keep the service at just $35 per month as long as you want it? Heck man, if it’s FREE maybe I will get one for FREE. You’re right Phone Guy. It’s a no brainer.

          • knowingisgrowing

            Did you fail to process the fact that the apple hardware is free with prepay signup? LUL

          • FrugalFreak

            what are you talking about? got link?

          • deebrown921

            The hardware is free dude.

          • Scott Vollmar

            I have a Roku 2 (received “free” for prepaying 3 months of Sling), two roku 3s, and AppleTV 4th Generation, for which I paid full price, and an Apple tv 2nd generation which I’ve had for many years and still works, just does not have access to the apps store. I just signed up for the Directv Now promo at $35 prepaid 3 months and I get another Apple TV 4th generation. Been using both Apple and Roku now since cutting Directv and moving to streaming about 6 months ago. The Apple TV interface is LIGHTYEARS ahead of the Roku.

          • Alex Wisniewski

            I have a apple tv 4th gen and I must say at first I wasn’t a fan of it, but after using it for awhile it is really good. The voice search is perfect and they just did an update where everything in the tv is in one section now and its really good. The only one thing I dislike is the remote. It really needs more functions to make it perfect like a rewind would be great. But overall I am really impressed with it and I like it better than my roku’s that I own.

          • Scott Vollmar

            It does have rewind. Click the top of the remote to pause, then slide the scale back (rewind) as far as you want. Then hit play.

          • Alex Wisniewski

            Thanks I didn’t know that. I’m still figuring new stuff out about it.

          • Kimberly Hochstetler

            You can rewind with the Apple TV remote. Once you hit the pause button on the remote you can forward or rewind with the touchpad portion.

          • Interface is subjective. Objectively, Apple TV doesn’t support Amazon Prime Video, so it’s LIGHTYEARS behind Roku.

          • ImLegitCusImThaSht

            It’s funny you say that because other set top boxes are better than Roku. I’m only on a Roku temporary to give it a chance

            Faster, more storage space, more apps, root, jail break, Kodi, etc.

      • disqus_SVk7V1z4IW

        Ken, not sure this addresses your concern, but I just signed up and can stream on tablet, pc or mobile device. I have Roku Stick as well. App available on Roku in Q1. However I’m now locked in at $35 rate nonetheless.


      • Bluesjack

        That’s what I’ve done. Took the three months prepaid offer for free Apple TV and waiting for the Roku 4 Directv Now app for that platform.

        • UncleNine

          Nobody said -anything- about JUST Roku 4. If it’s ONLY Roku 4 I will be gone from ALL of them. That would be a complete rip-off. I signed up with DirecTV Now because I have EIGHT Roku 3’s.

          • Bluesjack

            I have the Roku 4’because it is the only one currently putting out 4K video and my.TV and.A/V receiver are both 4K (the Integra receiver upscales all signals to 4K for a better video experience).

            My second reason for the Roku platform is that DirecTV Now announced that it would be Roku compatible 1qtr 2017.

            I purchased the three month advanced pay for the Apple TV which actually costs more than the promo price and gives me a platform for DIRECTV NOW in the interim.

            I hope that this may encourage you who have not jumped on board to grab the three month/ Apple TV opportunity.

          • Susan Pittsley Tate

            Totally agree! Note Roku doesn’t have Alexis and my fire tv dunno about stick is 4K my Roku not that I got free from Sling TV so if you have multiple HDMI ports why marry to one platform?

          • DoubleTap45

            ROKU rocks. Fire Stick, but for the top models, has a rep for dropping signal in play. I have the Premiere +. I’ll get another for my downstairs set and another later for the 3rd set and Optimpum can venture forth and fornicate themselves.

          • Rightway1208

            Is the free Apple TV opportunity through DirectTV??

          • Scott Vollmar

            Yes. Pay three months in advance at $35 per for the Go Big package and get the Apple TV. Great deal. So much better than Roku…I have both.

          • jjimg1474

            What are these folks drinking? Roku is by far the most used streaming device, because it is by far the best streaming device.! Cnet the Apple fanboy, even agrees with that statement.

          • Not better than Roku. I’ve tried them all. I’m currently using the Firestick and IMPATIENTLY waiting for Roku. Apple TV can’t even support Amazon Prime Video. Soooooooo, nope…not “much better”.

          • Susan Pittsley Tate

            But you didn’t get the free fire stick or Apple TV? In streaming devices more is more. Free always good.

          • Chris Mackie

            thats what you get for using Roku 3 LOL LOL LOL

          • UncleNine

            You’re a genius, Chris. Turns out it is -all- Roku platforms. LOL LOL LOL. Roku is head and shoulders better than Apple TV or Fire. Much better.

          • Bluesjack

            The Roku platform for DIRECTV NOW will definitely cover the Roku 3. I have the Roku 4 because I have a 4K t.v., a 4K AV receiver and wanted the 4K advantages. If any Roku platform is not covered, it will be the Roku 4.

            The DIRECTV NOW app is on the Apple TV platform, which is why I paid DirecTV NOW 3 months in advance for the free 32GB Apple TV. This Apple TV costs more than The $105 I paid for 3 months of DirecTV NOW at $35 a month.

          • UncleNine

            Thanks Blues. What I would really, really like to know is WHEN? What is the status? I feel AT&T (DTVN owner) cut a deal with Apple and Amazon to purposely delay Roku to help them steal market share from Roku. There will never be any proof of this, but the only evidence you need is the free $150 Apple box for a $105 sign-up, and that the delay is actually happening (with NO explanation.) Neither Roku or anybody else will ever say anything about it. Of course, some stupid people are blaming Roku because they don’t understand that Roku doesn’t write the apps, DTVN does (and Netflix, and HBO, and HULU, and MLB, and all the streamers write their own “channels,” not Roku.)

          • Bluesjack

            According to a DTVN representative I spoke with today, she could not give me an exact release date for the DTVN app, but said that they still plan a first quarter release. So, if they don’t derail somewhere, then before March 31st we should have it.

            As far as a corporate conspiracy to delay the release, AT&T would be hurting their investment in DTVN in a serious money way because of the promises made, if not delivered to the base clientele could destroy the whole project .

            As it was, they were about three days late starting the rollout which already hurt their integrity. Besides, Amazon has no special love affair with Apple. They already have a place on TiVo and Sony smart tv’s etcetera. They have only themselves to promote and promote vigorously.

            That’s my take and what I know for what it’s worth.

      • Susan Pittsley Tate

        Yes I did that! Still find it stupid they didn’t open service to Roku I have it, Fire and now Apple.

      • Comefollowme

        I did the same. Got free Apple TV with 3 month pre-paid plan. But I can’t stand their remote control though. I want buttons. I only use it for DirecTV that’s it. Switching between channels is pretty fast though I must say may be it’s due to the faster processor inside. Can’t say the same on my first gen Fire TV. though. It takes almost 10 to 15 seconds and I have fast internet speed connection. I hope it’s just as fast on my Roku 3 when it’s released, either that I have to update to the latest Roku box.

    • EnTerr

      Hmmm, is it just me or Roku is losing its edge?!
      Already available for AppleTV, FireTV and Chromecast… quo vadis, Roku?

      • Joe Erickson

        It’s just you

        • Mikeyallen

          No its not u m SUPER DISAPPOINTED that Roku can’t download DirectvNow app? Hello? Im happy that Directv decided 2stream live content but…the picture has been shady at best most of the time at other times it straight shuts off & WILL NOT ALLOW U BACK ON.
          Yes, im happy my bill will go from $200 to $35 but id like to still watch my tv…not a 1/4 of the time., plus NO LOCAL CBS, ABC, FOX OR NBC. There’s your SuperBowl – Daytona 500 – NFL, NHL & NBA

          • Scott Vollmar

            To go along with my Sling (and now my DIRECTV Now trial), I installed an HDTV antenna myself, one-time cost of $35. I get about 19 stations and I live in the middle of no where….I get two stations of each major network (one in SD and one in HD.

          • Bruce Wayne

            I get 31 locals and superior pic on most of the channels to any other source for identical channels. I didn’t realize that everybody did not have the same available except out in the boonies till I started reading the posts from those who don’t. Indoor small antenna gets me 18. Simple outdoor ant up 30′ gets me the rest.

          • Scott Vollmar

            I just signed up for directv now yesterday. Running itnside by side with sling (which I have been using for 6 months). So far my experience is DTV Now is superior in many ways. On my tv (55″ Visio HDTV) the K-State vs Texas A&M game last night looked clearer/better on DTV Now. The channel access is crisper/faster than sling, and the game time was about 45 seconds ahead of Sling (I’ve notice do “live” games on sling are always between 10-60 seconds behind real-time).

          • Bruce Wayne

            The competition can only benefit the customers in the present and in the future barring a one or more of the Mega communications corporations buying up the best of the startups. If Sling is offering similar product to DirecTV now or similar service and they are not up to par then they will be forced to upgrade their service/product or lower prices. Or so it would seem. Cable TV is not under this competitive situation because it of its regionally monopoly framework. And we all know full well how that has not been beneficial to the customer with how the cable companys treat their customers and price their product/service. Competition FTW
            And of course this all plays into the Net Neutrality legislation now in the works. Hold on to your hind end with the pro biz republicans controlling this legislation.

          • They are building out. Los Angeles has all local networks except CBS, of course. I guess if I really need it, my antenna will have to do.

          • Bruce Wayne

            Basically if a station is owned by their parent national network (ABC, CBS, FOX…..) then they can and if not at present most likely will appear on the service. If a station is privately owned (even though it may carry and identify with one of the major networks) then it most likely is not being carried at the present and who knows in the future. In the largest markets most of the main network stations are owned by the networks. Once you get away from the largest cities it is hit or miss on an individual basis.

            At least that is what I saw posted elsewhere and it made sense.

      • knowingisgrowing

        ROKU has about 4x the market share of each other devices. They aren’t looking their edge, only gaining momentum. You should research how roku apps (and how many more of them) are created opposed to other parties devices.

        • EnTerr

          🙂 I do my research well, thank you. I am a well-informed optimist. Being optimistic about the potential of a platform does not mean turning blind eye to the playing field dynamics.

          Roku has been steadily losing momentum during the past year, as exemplified in other cases of major releases slighting Roku, like say twitter/NFL a few months ago.

          • knowingisgrowing

            Great, since you’ve done your research, how many millions more roku 3’s we’re sold compared to say, apple tvs, or Amazon fires? last gen? Again, I ask, how many more thousands of App’s do the ROKU’s have?

            NFL game pass IS on Roku.

          • EnTerr

            If your question is not rhetoric, i would _love_ to hear these specific numbers, please. I would greatly appreciate it!

            Saying “go buy NFL Game Pass instead” is changing the subject from app availability. Surely, you can watch the games on CBS or the NFL Network too…

          • knowingisgrowing

            NFL gamepass is Sunday Ticket on the Roku. It’s every game/every team. Please.

            Parks Associates announced its latest findings on the streaming media player market at INTX showing an overall increase in ownership of streaming set-top boxes. At the top of the list is Roku which accounts for 30% of all streaming media player from the first quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of 2016. It appears Amazon and Google are tied in sales at 22% apiece while Apple TV trails the pack with 20% of streaming device sales.

            Are we done?

          • EnTerr

            Apples & oranges again:
            – “NFL Sunday Ticket” is a $40/mo live streaming by DirecTV.
            – “NFL Game Pass” is a $100/season replay service by NFL.
            – Twitter on FireTV/AppleTV/Xbox is a free video streaming app with live games.
            You are confused about the meaning of “twitter” on streamers – and understandably so. But people don’t care how and why Twitter got license from NFL – the just stream the game for free.

            Please don’t tell me they should go to CBS or NFL Network instead to forgo streaming. The point was that big venues like DTV and Twitter are daring to consider Roku as “2nd tier” platform (“when we get to it”).

            So you too don’t know the sale numbers? Pity.

          • Darrell Birkey

            Game pass is delayed streaming not live. Sunday games are not available until Sunday night.

          • knowingisgrowing

            I didn’t know that. Show’s what a football fan I am. It surprises me that the NFL has allowed Directv to so dominate their ‘total package’ ave. However, as of recently, like this season It’s pretty clear the NFL is open to streaming in general.

      • kt

        Hi @EnTerr:disqus – I don’t think Roku had anything to say about the timing of release for the DirecTVNow app. I *think* the various OEMs are responsible for delivering their apps to Roku, then Roku implements them to their device. The reason I suspect this is the vast difference in quality and design from app to app. I don’t think this is Roku’s fault.

        • EnTerr

          Roku has a lot to say about key channel releases, since they work directly with the key partners to help them deliver, it’s a top priority for RokuCo. Of course an individual provider like DTV can decide on their own to delay or forgo release on Roku – or which is likely the case here, put it on the back-burner (“when we get to it”). What i asked is why is this happening, in the big picture of things?

          • kt

            @EnTerr Hi! Your question is certainly valid. My gut sense is that AT&T was in a hurry to get to market with DirecTVNow. They had to decide what to get done quickly and what to save for phase 2 release. Their choice to delay a ROKU app was a mistake IMO. I share your frustration. Happy New Year!

          • EnTerr

            @kt, we are on the same page here, since Roku is in the top tier – should have released the app already.

            I find the reasons for that in RokuCo, who for 5 years had neglected the developer program and SDK, trusting that “we can do this by working directly behind the scenes with the whales”. Well… a payback to that policy came in 2016, iOS and Android coders can be found dime-a-dozen – and there is no deep pool of good Roku developers to dip into. And so some of the whales started putting Roku and its antics on the back-burner.

            Happy 2017!

    • P.Turner

      Why not just go ahead and sign up for it? you can still use it with other methods, not to mention locking in the price is well worth waiting a month or two.

      • Brooklyn Bob

        I signed up and got the lock in rate plus a free Fire Stich which I will use to watch it on until Roku has the App

    • disqus_SVk7V1z4IW

      Ken, not sure this addresses your concern but I have a Roku Stick and although it’s not available on Roku I can still stream in tablet, laptop or mobile device. I’m locked in at the $35 rate. Just signed up. It’s expected to be available on Roku in Q1.


      • Zukppr

        I’m not a roku user (my roommate is) and am curious if one can stream from their mobile device to their roku?

        • disqus_SVk7V1z4IW

          Zukppr , you can by using Roku’s “screen mirroring” technology. Or you may be able to buy an HDMI or USB adapter for mobile device to TV depending on whether it’s a tablet, pc, or phone. Here’s a link from Roku on “screen mirroring” :

          • Zukppr

            THanks so much. She’ll be here in about a week, and (of course) I’m the one who gets to set up all of her tech stuff.
            I’m hopine in thr future they’ll add the ability to add a viewer and DVR type service. But I set up my things tonight and couldn’t be happier.

          • disqus_SVk7V1z4IW

            There are already DVR devices available. You can set up a pc to record from your TV, you can use a capture device from a company like

            Hauppauge :

            Here’s a DVR from Tablo :

            There are others and other options but will need to research what’s best for you and your situation.

          • FrugalFreak

            you must think people are full of money for hardware? PSVUE and Sling have DVR

          • disqus_SVk7V1z4IW

            I know some people are full of something else other than money.
            Whatever works for your situation. Go for it. Those are options. Nothing more , nothing less.

      • Steve Johnson

        my family gathers around the TV in our living room.. not our tablet. We don’t even let the kids watch TV on their tablets… TV or nothing.

        • Daniel Richards

          So take the 1 month prepay and get a free Fire Stick and you’ll be able to watch it on that till it launches on Roku, thats basically what I did, I have a Fire TV on my Living room TV and a Roku TV in my bedroom, since Roku isn’t yet supported I prepaid 3 months and got the Apple TV FREE (just so I could have 1 of each type of streaming device), I’ve hooked up the Apple TV to my Roku TV till the Roku app launches at which time I will move my Apple TV to my Living Room and gift my Fire TV to my dad to replace the slower performing Fire Stick.

          • Steve Johnson

            That’s what I did.

            I’ve been watching on my tablet while waiting for my stick to arrive. The interface is pretty good. I believe this service will get better with time.

            Glad to have direct tv back in my living room.

    • knowingisgrowing

      Pretty lame that we have to pay more because they don’t have the APP for ROKU ready on release….. I’m thinking about other options now.

      • Steve Johnson

        the reality is, Sling TV isn’t much different than what Directv Now is offering … and a little cheaper, work on Roku, and we aren’t being “lured in” with a “introductory offer”.

        It would be a lot easier if they just made it work on Roku and avoided this concern all together.

        • knowingisgrowing

          You should compare the SlingTV and Directvnow channel packs (especially with the amazing discount for the 100 channels pack on Directnow) – Slingtv doesn’t come close to the value, as of yet.

          • Steve Johnson

            I will certainly take a closer look at it. I used to be a DT satellite subscriber and had the Sunday Ticket, but when i moved, my new house did not have a good satellite “view”… so I lost it. I can’t stand my local cable provider, so I took that to be a sign to cut the chord. Between a high quality OTA antenna (which actually has better quality 1080p that Time Warner cable provided), and Netflix, Hulu, and Sling (via my Roku), we haven’t really skipped a beat. I don’t even need a DVR because everything is available on demand know within a few days of it being broadcast live.

            I agree, for $35 DT Now is a superior product to Sling… I will probably just bight the bullet, and do the 3 months and get the Apple devise… just knowing that my other TVs won’t get DTN until the Roku app works. may be able to get rid of Hulu too based on the networks that DTN is offering.

            The REAL question for me is, when will Sunday Ticket be available on DTN? I assume it will be “extra”, but getting that back would be awesome.

          • CitizenKane

            Yep. It is a no brainier to sign up for Direct TV Now and get locked in on the ridiculously low rate of $35 per month.

            It is worth it for the local sports programming; i get all Ranger, Stars, and Maverick games.

          • Truth

            I’m paying $20 a month for the Sling Blue with 3 simultaneous streams because I signed up when the multi-stream package was in beta. Yeah, I have a lot of channels and, just like cable, most of them I don’t watch. And I get Thunder games!

        • CitizenKane

          Direct TV is superior – channel line up, pricing, streaming quality is far superior. My sports viewing on Direct TV Now is far better than SlingTV.

          I signed up for Direct TV Now and will drop SlingTV as soon as my free Amazon Fire stick arrives.

          I am a loyal Roku customer..in the meantime, I can stream Direct TV Now to my computer.

          Did I mention NO data caps if you are an ATT customer? SlingTV can’t say that.

          • deebrown921

            I have Fire TV Sticks, Rokus and Chromecasts. so the hardware issue is irrelevant to me. I’ve researched all the availables streaming services (Sling, Vue, DirecTV Now). I chose DirecTV Now because the channel selection is excellent and the intro pricing is too good to pass up. As a bonus I found that the video resolution is amazing. Problem is that WiFi, phone and DirecTV Now is more expensive than my current cable promotion. But I think it’s gonna be worth it. Especially after my cable promo expires and they raise my prices again.

          • Truth

            That’s because both are AT&T services, and AT&T is the poster child for anti-competitive policies. If you’re a T-Mobile customer with BingeOn, there are no data caps for SlingTV, DirecTV NOW, Playstation Vue, and over 120 other services.

          • Micheal Garza

            Playstation Vue is the way to go for now. 5 streaming devices at once. Great price.

          • Bruce Wayne

            Presently no caps at Charter either. I emphasize the word currently and this stuff is new and growing leaps and bounds. However these are the same companys that have disrespected and price gouged their customers over the years so that in itself is something to be aware of. Current legislation in Congress dealing with Net Neutrality weigh in heavily on the viability and cost going forward for TV streaming. All commercial streaming actually.

      • Bruce Wayne

        The HDMI cable is an option for some and I use it with GREAT results. For others location of their computer or placement of the cable can be a deal killer for the HDMI hard wire option.
        BTW I use it on Linux Mint computer and Chrome just fine. And little or no lockups or dropped app access which leads me to believe it is not the service itself but the app/device issues which need fix’n.

    • Beca

      Watch it on your Android device and screen mirror it to your Roku device until it is available directly on Roku.

    • Mark G

      I prepaid for 3 months got the apple tv and sold it for $125…. now im locked in for free

    • Bill Coggin

      You aren’t missing anything. Check out the DIRECTV now forum the service has a lot of issues! It isn’t ready for prime time yet

      • Mark T. Thompkins

        AMEN Brother. AMEN! There has not be a 1 hour period we have not had the damn thing freeze up on us. All using Apple TV 4th gen. DirecTV says it’s our ISP, but it’s funny 100mbs pipe never freezes on any other app we use. Including 4k content.

      • Bruce Wayne

        Its new and I suspect the bugs will be worked out sooner than later. Roku had big issues when it first came out and some customers still have complaints which may or may not be the box/companys fault. Just check out the whole early Roku/MLB fiasco in their message forum archives to see what I mean. I am already seeing some fixes and as new as it is, updates to the DTVnow software in only a month after its intro. For the lock-in and what it got me at the present I like it. Your mileage may vary.

    • Bluesjack

      I’m very happy with the $35 /Mo offer. I prepaid three months and received free Apple TV 32 GB unit and will add the Roku Directv Now app when it is released. There’s no need to miss the introductory offer or feel sorry for yourself unless you just want too.

      • Bruce Wayne

        I also bought into the intro DTVnow offer. The best part for me was the no contract and no question discontinue policy. At any time. I knew that if I didn’t like it I could get out in a day, week, month, anytime with no financial consideration. I have both Roku and Amazon FireStick. Each does something the other does not so at the present they compliment each other. When I sit down to watch my favorite show it matters not to me who is #1 and who is #2. Just which one will give me the program and quality that I want at that time. My Roku was my first and as they say you never forget your first but I do love my Firestick. For the $35 I paid for each on special the hardware cost me less than 1 cable TV monthly bill. (Not counting the gimmicky cable and satellite $29 or there abouts “Specials”.

    • AussieB

      You dodged a bullet. The service is a nightmare. Most early subscribers are canceling so I wouldn’t be surprised if they launch another promotion to coincide with Roku launch. It does not work

    • Susan Pittsley Tate

      Also fire stick was free with a one month payment so everyone did have options.

    • Chris Mackie

      thats what you get for using Roku LOL LOL LOL

    • Chris Mackie

      I am happy that you miss on the $35 deal

    • Sunny Rain

      Who needs Roku when you’ve got Apple TV? ROKU just looks ugly and its remote is so archaic.

    • Jack Gurney

      Why should we have to get another streaming device? Roku and Directv dropped the ball and need to get their acts together, and get it done.

  • Edward Ryder

    whats happening with the xfinity app

    • Coming this year!

      • Dean Stibbs

        This year as in 2016? That’s coming to a close pretty quick..lol

      • Kyle

        Let’s put the turbo on the xfinity app, I’ve been waiting for it all year!

    • Dean Stibbs

      A Comcast rep in one of their forums said it was supposed to start beta testing 11/30

      • Anthony Turri

        I hope so,I have 4 Rokus I bought to get rid of cable boxes,been waiting for this app for all our tvs can access Comcast in the house without paying monthly for each box…

  • Dana Whitney

    I specifically decided to use Roku when I cut the cord a few months ago. Disappointed… DirecTV Now and WatchAir… two channels I need that are not on Roku. Why is your app approval process so onerous!?!?

  • Eddie Fernandez

    What if you already have directv? Can you use your log in info?

    • No, this is a separate streaming service.

  • Vote Them All Out

    No pausing live TV? No Roku app out of the box? No DVR?
    Are you kidding me AT&T?

    • Alex Wisniewski

      PSvue was good, but now its horrible. They cancelled a bunch of channels and jacked up the price. I am leaving PSvue for Directv Now.

      • Dean Stibbs

        Vue has never raised their price. In fact, they lowered it shortly after they rolled out. And it’s always been $10 more if they get a certain number of live locals in your area

        • Alex Wisniewski

          I was locked in at $45 the same plan I have is now $55

          • Dean Stibbs

            That’s because they reached enough locals to elevate the account to the next pricing tier. Like I said, they charge $10 more once they get 3 or 4 locals in a market. That has been the case since day 1.

            Again, Vue has never raised their rates.

            Your rates went up because of the added locals..which has always been how the pricing works

          • Alex Wisniewski

            You must not be able to comprehend things very well? Let me try to explain this to you. The price went up $10 now that is a price increase, a rate increase, or any other kind of increase you want to call it. Pure and simple English it’s an “increase”

          • Dean Stibbs

            And you must be pretty stupid to not understand that it is their normal pricing.

            They reduced their monthly charges for people who did not have local access until they could provide that service.

            If you live in an area with local channels and have the Elite plan, you pay $54.99. If they don’t provide you with 3 or 4 of your locals, they give you a discount of $10 until the time comes when they can add them.

            Yes, it’s $10 more when they add the locals, but it only brings it up to their normal pricing.

          • Alex Wisniewski

            Sounds like you work for Sony?

          • Dean Stibbs

            No…I just take the time to read before signing up for a service. And I called and talked to Vue support. They actually reduced the costs of the packages across the board by $10 when the finally rolled out nationwide.

            The pricing since then has been 39.99/44.99/54.99 for normal pricing (Ultra came much later). They then further discounted prices for people in areas where they had less than 3 or 4 locals, this made those rates 29.99/34.99/44.99. But Sony has always been working on adding locals to all the markets. The discounted price is only until they can get the locals under contract.

            I’ve heard signing locals is time consuming and tricky, because so many of the locals are affiliates.

            Sony actually did the right thing by giving people a break until they could get them signed, then people complain when the locals are added and the discount goes away.

          • Alex Wisniewski

            Since you are so informed than you know that sony just cut out channels and that for the price directvnow is the best value out right now.

          • Dean Stibbs

            I disagree.

            For 44.99 with Vue I get locals for ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS (I can’t get OTA), and I get CSN Philly. So I can watch the Eagles, Flyers and Philles. No CBS and no CSN Philly with DTVNow.

            Also with Vue I get a dvr, something I use constantly because of my work schedule.

            The VOD is much better with Vue also.

            I trialed DTVNow…it had some good things but it had far more issues than I want to deal with. Lots and lots of issues.

            Most of the extra channels you get with DTVNow are nothing I would watch, except History and TWC. I could care less about Viacom. One of the reasons I got rid of cable in the first place was because I grew tired of the glut of useless channels.

            No…for me…not having a DVR, no CBS, no regional sports, limited VOD, and tons of playback errors, makes DTVNow a poor choice.

            And the 35/100 deal they are handing out is nothing more than another way of locking you into a contract.

            One of the advantages of being a cord cutter is the ability to go back and forth with services or to stop and start your service at will. DTVNow is trying to take that away, because if you drop it, even if just for a day, you lose the pricing and then have to pay almost double for the same service to start it again.

            For me, the extra 9.99 I’ll spend a month for Vue and their dvr service is a steal.

          • Alex Wisniewski

            You must be high. Just for the extra $5 a month HBO makes Directvnow a better deal. Much more channels. I haven’t had any issues with playback. Also dvr on vue is only available is you have a playstation which I don’t and never will. Much more channels with direct. Plus getting the free firestick or apple tv is a complete no brainer. Anyways go back to spending more on vue and watching your lame channels and leave us people who actually know which is one is better alone.

          • Dean Stibbs

            You are an absolute idiot.

            And a liar.

            You obviously have never had Vue and are just a DTVNow troll.

            PS Vue has a DVR in every format, moron.

            I use the Vue DVR on FireTV AND on Roku.

            So again, you prove to be completely clueless.

            As for as problems with DTVNow, doesn’t matter what YOU say, it has been well documented in tons of articles that DFVNow has had tons of problems.

          • Alex Wisniewski

            Go F*ck yourself. I have been using psvue for awhile now on the Roku. Well apparently I didn’t know about the dvr function if you add it to my shows. Wish they would of told us that because I know it wasn’t available when I first got psvue.

          • Dean Stibbs

            Not too bright, are you?

          • Alex Wisniewski

            I wouldn’t be talking. Defiantly brighter than you. Only a stupid ass would spend more for less.

          • Dean Stibbs

            And you may want to edit your post, dope.

            When you try to call someone else dumb, it helps if you actually know how to spell..and in your case, you may want to keep a dictionary around.

            Your post… “Defiantly brighter than you”

          • Gardo

            I agree with you, Playstation vue is a superior product with the DVR, next day on demand content and being able to log on to networks apps, no other service has that. For me Playstation vue f*ck it up when they removed the Viacom channels, losing Nick JR for me is a deal breaker, I went back to Sling just because of that. I paid for the one month on Directvnow to try it out and the service reliability is a disaster. The app has a nice design but if your service works half of the time then is not worth it.

          • Dean Stibbs

            Obviously, when I laid out the differences between Vue and DTVNow for ME, it was too much reading for your little brain to comprehend.

            And as far as your comment “would spend more for less”, that doesn’t even make sense.

            I get a LOT more with Vue…better stream, smoother playback, Roku support, a DVR, and CSN Philly (which DTVNow will never have).

            Only a fool lets themselves be sucked in by total number of channels and then uses that as the only gauge. Most true cord cutters don’t want a glut of channels, and most people only watch around 20 channels…


          • Dean Stibbs

            So I see you are talking on the DirecTV Now Facebook page about going back to Vue since the outage tonight….

            So who’s the stupid ass now, loud mouth?

          • Dean Stibbs

            Hahahaha…..you are such a little wuss. So you send a couple of profanity filled messages (complete with misspellings since you aren’t that bright) then you go run and hide by blocking me before I can respond? What a little b*tch…hahahaha

        • Paul

          Sony you lost my business when you forced customers to pay for locals. I will not pay above $35 for streaming. I went w/ Directv Now. I will wait out the bugs. Thinking long term. Get a ton more channels, too.

    • SonoranSeeker

      I was able to pause channels when I tried. DVR feature is in the works and about 50 or 60 channels have a 72 hour “rewind” function.

      • vartan

        Please tell me AMC & History (Vikings) has Rewind. Also Roku is Q1, is DVR Q1 as well? or Q4 lol

    • P.Turner

      You can’t expect it to have everything available as soon as it’s launched, None of the other ones had that feature at launch either, and Slingtv still has no DVR service. Majority of shows are available on demand anyway so I see the need for a DVR becoming less and less. The price of Directv Now is well worth waiting for it to be added, as it will be. $35 a month is the cheapest of ANYTHING for the amount of channels it comes with. It’s cheaper than any cable or satellite package, by far. I always tend to laugh at people who are so dependent on technology they act like they will not be able to live without it.

  • Jack Miller Jr.

    If you’re android device is rooted it will also not work

    • John Moody

      Not true. It works fine with CM.

      • Jack Miller Jr.

        It is true.. won’t run on my rooted OnePlus 3T. Even gets supersu to popup. Works on every other android in my household.

        • John Moody

          Lol. I am running it on an HP touchpad running evervolv and am ascend mate 2 on CM. Just because it isn’t working in your one device doesn’t mean it won’t work on rooted devices. That’s called failed logic.

          • Jack Miller Jr.

            Actually just confirmed with AT&T that it will not work on rooted phones. So either you are a liar and a troll or you don’t have the setting set in CM for access to root for apps. I’m going with troll after viewing your history thru disqus.

          • John Moody

            Lol you are a troll. Try a different device. Evervolv has been around a long time as has CM.
            Screenshot taken. Send me a email to drop it too. If you aren’t just trolling.

        • efishta

          Did you accept the supersu prompt? That’s one method that these apps check root status. You press Deny/Cancel/No in those situations. Otherwise you’re responsible for the detection.

          • Jack Miller Jr.

            no.. I denied it.. duh. i downloaded root cloak for Xposed and it did the trick. I know how supersu works. smh thanks for trolling 8 days later though.

  • Chaz

    Amazon Fire Stick and Chromecast = Directv Now

  • Chuck

    Can someone from Roku explain why Roku, as the content neutral streaming box, seems to be the last to get the main live TV streaming apps? In particular, XfinityTV and now Directv Now. I would think that being content neutral would mean that Roku was the go to streaming box for live TV providers. I have two Roku boxes, including a Roku Ultra, and I am tired of feeling behind the other products out there. If the problem is the app approval process as one of the comments suggests, Roku really needs to improve this process before people start switching to other boxes, especially since Directv Now is giving away free Apple TVs.

    • Mad Scotsman

      I need an answer to this question as well. I can’t think of anything that should have been a higher priority for Roku than this integration. If they plan to compete with the likes of Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, etc. then they are going to have to dramatically step up their game. As the previous comment pointed out – Apple TV’s were given away FREE with this launch. As were Fire TV sticks. I recently purchased two Roku boxes as my cord-cutting device of choice after much research. Now I’m seriously questioning if i’d made a poor decision. When the other other services roll out next year – is Roku going to be weeks late on those as well? Can’t express my disappointment about this.

      • ReaderV

        Discribe what your concen is.

    • pixelstuff

      Maybe it’s based on user base. I would imagine Android and iOS have more users than Roku so they probably seem more appealing for the app developers (or the bean counters) to start on.

      • Chuck

        Among all streaming devices, Roku is tops in sales, but last to get Directv Now.


        • pixelstuff

          That’s for dedicated streaming boxes. iOS and Android phones (and tablets) dwarf the total market share for those kind of devices.

          Therefore, Chromecast and Apple TV support coming ahead of Roku may be just a side effect of having apps already running on iOS and Android.

          Amazon fire doesn’t make sense though. Unless it is also based on Android and therefore easier to port over. Or perhaps Amazon paid extra money or developer time to help create the app. It would be interesting to know what actually happened behind the scenes with that.

          • P.Turner

            Technically since Directv Now works in Chrome’s Web Browser, no further support was even necessary for Chromecast, as Chromecast will stream ANYTHING in Google Chrome. It works well too, I signed up for Directv Now as soon as it launched and have been streaming it with first gen Chromecast ever since, works flawlessly and I have very slow internet speeds. However, Slingtv always stutters, just shows which service has the better servers.

          • All Amazon hardware (Fire TV, Fire Stick, Kindle Fire, etc.) is powered by Android. You are spot on.

    • ReaderV

      I’m not from Roku, Those people are flat out busy adding new markets ect. I’m just a user. Roku adds somewhere around 20 to 30 new channels every month. Personally, I’ve had Xfinity since the fist time of was offered over a year ago. I can’t think of a reason for Roku to add Direct tv. Roku offers everything Dorect tv has plus thousands of other channels. The question to ask would be, why doesn’t Direct, Apple or Amazon offer everything available on Roku?

      • Chuck

        I’m sure Roku has a marketing department that handles questions like mine and others. In fact, Roku issued this post and responded to certain comments in this post.

        Every streaming box has channels that the others will not. The issue here is that there are three main live TV streaming channels out there (PSVue, Sling, and Directv NOW – I won’t include Xfinity TV) and Roku currently only has two of them. Apple TV and Amazon have all three.

      • P.Turner

        It’s all about wanting people to buy their own services. It’s just like Amazon Fire products not being sold at Walmart, because Walmart is Amazon’s competition. The same thing applies as to why not all streaming services are available on every device, they want your money all for themselves. Apple TV and Amazon have all 3 services because they aren’t an actual cable provider. Slingtv is Dish Network, Directv Now is obviously Directv (AT&T), and PS Vue is Sony, which Sony Pictures. It’s all about money and competition.

    • Hey Chuck. Here is my opinion on why Roku appears to be last to get new services. What you first need to understand is that Roku doesn’t actually create these channels. They are merely the platform that distributes them. They rely on developers to make channels and submit them to the Roku store. So if a service (like DirectTV Now) isn’t instantly available on Roku but exists on other platforms like AppleTV and Amazon Fiie Stick and Chromecast, that is because said service has not yet built the channel for Roku yet but has built channels for the other platforms. Although Roku is a popular product, they are not popular in the world of developers because they chose to use a proprietary programming language for their channels (called Brightscript). Whereas Apple TV channels can be built by anyone familiar with development on iPhones and iPads. And Chromecast & Amazon Firestick use the Android operating systems so if you are familiar with creating apps for Android, you can very easily make an app for those products. Most companies primary focus is to make it available on mobile phones. So they build apps for iOS and Android immediately and that makes it easy for them to make a few tweaks to make it also available for other hardware running those operating systems. Services like Roku require a complete rebuild from the ground up and that takes a lot of time. Brightscript is not a popular programming language at all. It’s hard to even find people who know how to make apps using it. To make a long story short, I just want you to understand that this isn’t Roku’s fault. I wouldn’t even blame this on DTV either. It’s just a logistics thing. From a business standpoint, it wouldnt make sense to postpone launching a service for 3+ months so that they can build an additional app just for us Roku users. They would lose revenue. It’s not like we aren’t going to get the channel at all. We just have to wait for DTV to finish building the Roku app so we can enjoy the service. Rather them take the time to do it right since its a service we’d be paying for.

      FYI: I am a developer so this is just my 2 cents. I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned products or services.

      • Chuck

        Thanks Jay for your detailed explanation as to why Directv Now, and probably Xfinity TV, is coming later to Roku. I don’t necessarily blame Roku for these delays. However, live TV is now the most important new video streaming product out there. Other than the screen mirroring suggestion made in one of these posts (which has significant drawbacks), my only option to watch Directv Now on a TV set is to use the Apple TV 4 I’ll be getting for free for subscribing to Directv Now. So there will be potentially 4 months that my Roku Ultra box will be collecting dust while I use an Apple TV. If enough people use Apple TV over their Roku boxes for this long, Roku could lose these people as customers forever. Therefore, regardless of fault or ease of programing, I think it is in Roku’s best interest to reach out to Directv Now and get this service on Roku immediately.

        • vartan

          He said already, its not Roku’s fault….they can reach out all they want. DTVN is the one who has to write it.

          • Chuck

            Just unplugged my Roku Ultra and hooked up the free Apple TV 4 I received from DIRECTV Now. Had to do this because I can’t watch Directv Now on Roku yet. My kids like the flashier interface of the Apple TV and it will be very difficult to unplug the Apple TV and plug the Roku back in when the Roku DIRECTV Now app appears on Roku, because I doubt the interface will be as flashy. Like I said, it may not be Roku’s fault, but Roku could lose a lot of customers over this. Roku really needed to incentivize DIRECTV Now to have the app ready on launch day.

      • Soul_of_Wit

        Jay is correct. It is much harder to program a decent interface for a Roku. The key word there is “decent”. That’s why a lot of Roku Channels are simplified versions of the better interfaces for that same app on another device. There is a basic template channel that a lot of Roku channels use and it is not that great.

        Sling TV has a decent app for the Roku because Dish’s developers went to a lot of trouble to create a great app. Compare Playstation Vue on the Roku to other devices and it is clear that they used the Roku template app. The other devices get a real channel grid and other things that you just expect with a TV app. On the plus side, it sounds like DirecTV will be creating a decent Roku app.

    • FrugalFreak

      it’s because roku won’t update their UI and only allow strict layout. That is why PSVue doesn’t have a guide for roku, they have to design specially for roku instead of roku following a standard

      • Chuck

        Kind of wishing right now I went with Apple TVs instead of Roku boxes.

  • Erik Xtreem

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  • Steve

    I just signed up for the intro offer and will get my free apple box and then wait for my other devices to get software updates to work. For now it’s easy to use airplay (or google/firestick) and watch on any tv and then be set after the software flashes.

  • ReaderV

    I feel very sorry for the folks who will be overpaying only to have direct tv service. Come on over to Roku, Ive had it working perfectly for nearly five years and the channels grow every month. By choice, we do subscribe to three pay channels but Roku doesn’t charge anything.

    • P.Turner

      Being someone who takes care of an elderly 73 year old man, Live TV cable channels > Roku. Slingtv, PS Vue, and Directv Now are the ONLY real cable/satellite streaming comparisons. Everything else is just available as on demand after it’s already aired. Roku is only good for utilizing the live cable channel services. Regardless what people say about any of them, whether it be Netflix, Hulu, Roku, etc. You cannot access EVERYTHING that is shown on live cable tv without having some sort of cable subscription or actually having the channel. TNA Impact Wrestling for example, if you don’t have the Pop channel, you aren’t going to watch it, legally. PS Vue is the ONLY service that even carries the Pop channel, unfortunately they lost the Viacom channels so I went with Directv Now, as I HATE Slingtvs terrible service.

  • Dman

    I have a solution for Roku users that want Directv Now. You need an Android device with a newer version of Android.

    If you have a Roku device that is not too old (Roku stick etc.) There is a mirroring option in the settings. When selected you can then go to your android phone’s settings up in the tool bar (if you have an android phone, not sure about iphone) and select “smart view” (most newer Android phones should have it and you can then “cast” your phone’s screen onto your big TV. (Make sure to plug your phone into it’s charger cause this will drain a lot of juice if you don’t)

    Next Open the Directv Now app on your phone. You will see the screen of your phone “mirrored” onto your TV.
    Select your channel and maximize the screen of the show you want to watch . . . . and boom! You have Directv Now on your TV! The quality is actually pretty decent.

    If you have a good WiFi connection it should work just fine till you can either get a streaming device that is supported or wait till it is added to Roku.

  • Wayne Dwyer

    Can I get that here in canada

  • Roku doesn’t develop these kind of channels. It’s up to Direct TV to do it and it takes (a lot) more time to build a Roku channel than it does to build an Apple TV (iOS) or Fire Stick / Fire TV / Chromecast (Android) channel. Especially when you already have mobile phone apps for iPhone and Android – then its just a matter of adjusting some styles. For them to build a Roku channel they need to use a totally different programming language and usually different developers. DTV could either postpone the release of the service altogether for an extra 3+ months to make sure that Roku users get it at the same time as everyone else (losing revenue) OR they could release to the Apple and Android devices first and then launch the Roku channel shortly after. It could be worse for us. Think about the smart TV brands that use custom programming languages. They likely won’t EVER get this service. Patience, people.

  • Ken

    Seems I’ll have to box my new 39” and go on with my old TV set. Payment is exorbitant at the running exchange rate (s) we’r having in Venezuela.

  • Ken

    I enjoy my actual Direct TV and it’s capacities. I expected my purchase to be Friendly with that system.
    I’ll have to check with my phone billings but I doubt very much that it is a 35 plus monthly rate

  • Erik Xtreem

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  • Brian Chilton

    Why would they not release the app on Roku starting out along with the others? Makes no sense.

  • Cully Rob

    The direct TV now promotion is good till March 31st 2017. 100 channels for 35 month. So if roku don’t have it before then ,you might want to get a different device.

  • Daniel Strohmeyer

    Does anyone know if you can use Directv now as a service provider in other apps on devices. For instance if I want to go to the Disney specific app on firetv I can log in with current provider and get access to stuff. Can you do this with directv now?

    • vartan

      You can do the HBO GO app on Roku using DTVN as provider login….havent seen others

  • ColoradoMike

    You get a 4th gen Apple TV worth $150 for $105 and get 3 months of DTV Now for free. (One way to look at it!). Plus lock in 100 channels for $35 a month, maybe permanently. Seems like an awesome deal to me!

    • vartan

      Except its NOT awesome…1 week of Buffering, Blackout, No Customer Serivce, etc…….I think this is also has to do why it wasnt available on Roku (besides wirting the app from the ground up)…Roku wants only a reliable service on its platform, not a hogwash

      • ColoradoMike

        I’ve had no issues with buffering or blackouts, and I bought this at my local AT&T store where I have great assistance from a helpful customer service person. I’m on 50 gig internet so maybe that’s why I haven’t had any performance issues.

      • MadScotsman

        As have a LOT of people. So far… it’s barely usable. Freezes constantly, constantly (as in sometimes as often as in every 2-3 minutes) you get the “WHATEVER channel is having difficulty loading” message. It’s very bad. Check the article on BGR for a long list of customer complaints. So far… it’s a mess. I’m sticking with it, because I have confidence they’ll get it corrected, and it has absolutely nothing to do with internet speed, I’m on a 50gb hard wired connection and it still happens.

        Problem is… that early next year Hulu, Amazon, Apple, and a host of others are coming out with competing services, and SlingTV is expected to up it’s game significantly in the coming months. It’s about to be a red ocean market, and AT&T will have to dramatically step up it’s game to be competitive. As will ROKU.

        • Dottie Derewicz

          It freezes every now and then, but hey.. this is just getting off the ground and this is the way of the future. Cable will be at some point a relic from the past. I am in on the ground floor and I love the line up they have. I still have cable for now for my other TV’s, but will be canceling that as soon as roku gets on board.. Then I will have everything I need except I do have to keep comcast for internet. I have 50 blast from comcast, but it still freezes on certain programs. I am willing to be patient..this is only going to get better. Again..this is the future..

          • MadScotsMan

            Check out their Facebook page and the myriad calls for a class action lawsuit. It’s beyond broken. Had a house full of Christmas family Saturday evening. Couldn’t watch movies. Couldn’t watch sports. Froze every 3-5 minutes. Family laughing stock. Switched over to Netflix movies and it was fine. This is a debacle for them. Unfortunately I paid for 3 months in advance. Only about 70 more days before I’m GONE.

          • Edward Ryder

            Comcast Nationwide Data Caps ruined it for us,no longer saving.

        • deebrown921

          My cable freezes all the time, the On Demand doesn’t work sometimes. So…

      • CitizenKane

        I am on week 2 of Driect TV NOw; very few issues,,,,less issues than I had with my full up $150/month uverse package.

        I am now paying $35 for Direct TV Now and have everything I watched on the Uverse Package. And my sports viewing is as good quality.

        The only downside is the inability to record/DVR capability; but that is coming soon to DTN.

        I don’t need (want to pay for ) customer service……….

  • Justin Harvey

    The thing that’s disappointing to me about this is I’ve been hoping for a DirecTV app on the Roku TV for a long time now so that I didn’t have to switch inputs back to my box this would have been a good app if they would’ve let people that already have DirecTV in their home use it as well I’m also an avid Apple user and yes this app is already available for Apple users but I find that the Roku TV has more content options than Apple does

  • sdnative25

    Hate the Time Warner app it’s always buffering or freezing up and that’s with Time Warner 300 mbps internet service.

    Hopefully the Direct TV app will be solid.

  • Steve Johnson

    Will the $35 special rate last long enough to wait for the stream to work on my Roku? Or is it worth it to sign up for the 3 months and get the Apple TV Box? The only problem with this is, I have three TVs that already have Roku on them, so I would need 3 Apple Boxes.


    • SonoranSeeker

      Giving you 100 channels, including just about everything anyone could ever care about, including virtually every sports network known to man, for $35 can’t last too long obviously. I added full HBO access for a lousy $5 more. I cancelled my SlingTV and am happier than a clam. That being said, I am looking forward to seeing what the Roku app looks like. Also the 72 hour rewind is broken and no virtual DVR yet.

  • Mary

    Are they going to have commercials ? I don’t pay for any TV with commercials. Love Neetflix & Hulu & Amazon Prime……

  • American Voter

    Just unplugged my Roku 3 and replaced it with my new, free Apple TV 4 from Directv Now. The Roku 3 is now in the bottom drawer of my AV cabinet (along with the remote and wall wart), while I’m watching Netflix & Directv Now on the new Apple TV 4 – as I type this. Maybe I’ll check back here in a few months to see if Roku ever got the Directv Now app…that is, if I remember to.

    • vartan

      Dont you miss the earphone plug on the Roku Remote?

      • American Voter

        No. Formerly the Roku (now the ATV) was connected to a pre-Amp that splits Video to our monitor, and sound to our 7.2 system. Never even tried it without speakers. I don’t even know whatever became of those purple earphones…

  • Paul Kunkle

    If you have an android phone with the smart view option (like Samsung Galaxy 6 or 7) or mirroring effect, and you have a Roku from 2015 and up, this includes roku 2,3,4 and the newest roku stick. The Roku has a beta mirroring option. So you can mirror your phone to the Roku device over your homes secure wifi device and watch. Of course you will need to download the direct tv now app onto your Android. I have 5 tv’ s and 5 newer roku and it works good. Only problem is you can only use on 2 devices at a time. Which is same issue for everyone. Directv now needs to work on that asap. Playstation vue does 5 at once, no extra charge.

  • daanderzon

    Question: Can I use my Android phone app and stream thru my roku to my TV? Its a 2-3 week wait for the firestick

  • Will Sullivan

    when would the first quarter be? cause id like to know so I know when it will be available on my Roku streaming stick.

  • Will Sullivan

    and I know that when it is ready to be used Roku it should be available on all Roku players.

  • Chris Lewis

    No NFL Network and especially no REDZONE means no thank you. The channel lineup is very good. If DirectvNow had Redzone I would switch from Sling. I have been a subscriber to Sling since it was first released. And I am still on the introductory pricing for the blue package. There were issues on start up for sure. But it has really gotten stable and I love Sling now. The sports programming on Sling blue with the sports extra is outstanding as well. I will be sticking with Sling.

  • Barbara

    I cancelled my Directv yesterday, purchased the Directv Now and paid 3 months for the free apple tv and I ordered the Roku Ultra for the 4K content. if you join now while the 64.99 package is 35.00 as long as you keep it you will be grandfathered in and never lose that package. Directv is coming to Roku the first quarter. Since we have Iphones and older Apple TV’s I can airplay the Directv Now to my smart tv. We have at&t service for our phones with unlimited data, but if you don’t have unlimited data, you will not use your data plan while using Directv now when you are not on wifi. i have had 0 issues with directv now and the picture looks like it did when I had the tv service.. I am one happy girl!

  • Brian Dow

    Directv now does not work on Chrome on Mac, has endless loading you must use safari… so not chrome cast on mac yet. google search, free apple tv with directv now then select slickdeals and link is in there.

  • maineman11111

    any updates when DIRECTV will be on Roku?
    I just took on the 30 FREE trial
    100% of my TV is Roku Channels

    Yes, There are issues with DTVnow….its new,thats why

  • wburg

    OK It’s Q1. Where’s the download for Directv Now ?

    • vartan

      DTVN needs to write – lets go bug them on their website

    • Jeffrey J Nelson

      I could be mistaken, but aren’t there about 90 days (give or take) in Q1? You don’t think they’re gonna rush, do you (although I wish they would)? 😉

  • Viper1171

    I am on a 1 month FREE preview, then I am locked in at $45 for their special offer and I also get HBO & Cinemax for only $5 each. I will save a TON of money and have enjoyed the service thus far! Thank you Roku for announcing that an app will be available in the first quarter of 2017. I am tired of paying too much money for cable, now I can jump on this deal and save tons of money!!!

  • John Luvgren

    I was wondering if there is a way to get a nice grid display of channels in alphabetical order on the device that I have Roku 3 of Playstation streaming? At present the channel directory looks like a bunch of apps and are not in alphabetical order. I have the Apple TV and the TV Guide is in a nice gird of Playstation and Directv Now. W/o getting into my present situation of needing one device here or there, I was wondering bcoz when the Directv Now app comes to Roku I was hoping to have it in gird form. Thx

    • John Luvgren

      I talked to Roku and they said to contact Playstation

  • Stephen Rambin

    Any update on the actual date of release yet?

  • TIM

    I have been a Roku subscriber for a number of years and feel it is the #1 streaming device out there. I just heard about Directv Now and see that the $35.00 special for Go Big expires today
    I don’t understand why Roku has not created/released the Directv Now app yet for Roku. Streaming TV is the only business that Roku is in and you think they would be first to market in supporting new content products. What gives?
    I talked to Roku and all they can tell me is that they will release the Directv Now app in the first quarter of 2017. That isn’t very helpful
    I am going to take a chance here and sign up for Directv Now today so that I can take advantage of the $35.00 special for Go Big
    I hope that I am not throwing my money away here and will be able to use the Directv Now service in a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months

    • UncleNine

      Tim, you have to understand that Roku does NOT write the “apps” for it’s box. The channels write the apps. This is NOT Roku’s fault, it is AT&T/DirecTV that isn’t doing it’s job, not Roku.

  • Danny Turnpaugh

    Well directv now is losing money by not having people like me paying for it till Roku has it. I have an antenna and roku 3 so I can watch lots of stuff along with about 300 DVD;s.

  • Hasti

    Im a loyal huge fan of Roku. Have been advertising it everwhere, and love my Roku 3. However, because Im renting a place that doesnt have a good cable package, I decided to go with DT now. So, I first tried it for 7 day. Liked it a lot. Then with the guidance of their customer service, closed the first account and opened a new account, prepaid for 3 months to also get an Appletv. Its been 4 days since then and they just shipped my Appletv which will be here in three days. That’s it! Great customer service! And now I can easily wait for Roku to release DirectvNow app

  • Matt Hawes

    If you have DirectTV NOW, and have a device like ROKU which doesn’t have the app yet, you can still use the native APPS like ESPNGO and HBOGO, just put in your DIRECTTV NOW creds ,and off you go.

  • Richard McGlothlin

    They should bring back the $35 for 100 channels just for Roku subscribers since we missed out on the original offer due to Roku apps not being available.

  • Glenn Queen

    Why not just subscribe to Sling???

  • Jack Gurney

    Roku knew about DirecTV now and never made any deals to stream the service. Now, we can’t get the 100 channels for$35. My hope is that it can be offered when it’s finally streaming.

  • Joe Bisaccio

    Why the horrible drum music on MSNBC?

  • Nathan wilson

    Any update on when roku will have this app

  • Fred DeFalco

    I subscribed by my andriod devise this may grandfather thev $35 deal I received on my Samsung 7, on to my Roku 4, it still being Direct TV Now, has features sling doesn’t… Competition is a good thing! Thanks

  • SnoDa

    iOS devices won’t stream DirecTV Now to Chromecast

  • Amy Alsip

    I keep checking daily for the Directv Now streaming channel to be added to Roku, but sadly nothing yet. I’ve Googled it, and the only thing I found was a blog article posted Jan 4th that quoted someone at Roku that Directv Now would be on Roku within the “next few weeks”. That said, it’s been a “few weeks” since that was posted. Come on Roku! I’m paying $35 a month and am not able to watch Directv Now on my TV, only on my small screen devices, phone/tablet.

  • lpalasty

    We are in Q1 of 2017 and I would like to know if there is a launch date for the Roku/Directv Now availability? I purchased the $35 GO BIG plan with Directv Now with 3 mos advance payment to get the Apple TV for free and to get the low monthly rate but Im still waiting for Roku to get on board. Any update for this to happen would be appreciated (so that I can buy Roku devices)

    • vartan

      Plus 1

    • Alex Wisniewski

      I asked the person at directvnow help chat and they told me they are waiting on Roku to complete the release of it. No specific date yet.

      • UncleNine

        I doubt they are “waiting on Roku.” They are stalling. The high-school kids who write their software are incompetent. Just look at the overall interface on DirecTV Now! Very poorly done, very poorly thought out, and very unreliable. It’s going to be a while I think for their “lowest cost” business model to be ready for prime time. None of it is ready now. Typical AT&T. In one hundred years, they have NEVER spent a nickel on anything they absolutely didn’t have to–except lobbying, and wining and dining regulators.

    • UncleNine

      It is not Roku who is “not on board.” Roku doesn’t write the channel, DTVN does. They are delaying it, probably at the behest of Apple and/or Amazon. Paid off.

  • AussieB

    Is it going to be as awful as it is so far on Apple TV, Chromecast and Fire Stick? Constant errors, freezing, buffering. Lack of On Demand. No phone support & incompetent Twitter @DIRECTVNowHelp account. 2 month in & they’re still using the be patient, these are known issues excuse

  • Paul

    Any update when Roku will launch the Directv Now app? I’m tired of having to reboot this stupid Fire Stick.

    • UncleNine

      Roku will not “launch” the app. It is DTVN’s app. They are (not) writing it. Blame them, not Roku.

      • Paul

        Any update when Directv Now will launch the Roku app? I’m tired of having to reboot this stupid Fire Stick. Happy now?

  • exmark2k

    Would be nice if XFINITY would release their Roku App that was promised last year or give a updated statement. They have gone silent.

  • Jeffrey Sterling

    Still waiting on ROKU … It streams with everything else you can stream on.

    • UncleNine

      You are not waiting on Roku. You are waiting on DTVN. Roku doesn’t write the code, DTVN does. And AT&T probably hired high-school kids to do it on the cheap. NOT ROKU, DTVN (AT&T)

  • Michael Scott

    Just about to go insane here trying desperately to find out why I can’t get into ANY of the Roku support pages.
    I’m logged into my account on Roku.com
    I click on support…..nothing. I click on Add a channel…..nothing (takes me to blank page). Log in to my account is EXTREMELY slow…….IF it happens at all.
    I’m using a Lenovo Win 10, 64 bit laptop, running Chrome, Firefox, Edge……doesn’t seem to matter WHAT browser i try this on. Cannot add channel……cannot access support pages……can barely log in……most of the time. What gives?
    Thanks for any help.
    P.S. I’ve done a hard reset ON the Roku and on my TV screen. Oh, and, all this said, the Roku works great, I just can’t navigate the website or add a private channel which I’m trying to do in order to stream IP TV.

  • UncleNine

    So, WHAT NEWS? When will the DirecTV NOW Roku channel be here??? Is there a Beta or Preview available???? This blog hasn’t been updated in months.

  • UncleNine

    Where are the updates about the DirecTV Now channel? Why are my comments on this topic being deleted? Is Roku and/or DirecTV still committed to a DirecTV Now channel on Roku or not.

    • SonoranSeeker

      Yes they are… not sure about the virtual DVR service though. I’ve seen articles on the Internet stating that they might not have it all in 2017.

  • aniyak24

    This app availability needs come out soon. Many people that would like to enjoy their subscription has to suffer to amongst limited devices. The promotional price was too good to pass for a person who has tried other tv apps since cutting the cord. But I refuse to replace all devices in my home just for one app. And plus I am a huge fan of Roku. I have four of them in my house in use.

  • SonoranSeeker

    Reports are that AT&T lost $350 on each person that signed up for three months of Directv Now to get the free apple TV. I was happy to relieve them of their money, but sure wish they would hurry up with the ROKU roll out.

  • RandomUser99

    Hulu says their new live TV service will only be available on Apple and Android at first, just like DTN. What the heck?? roku is the best streaming box out there. Apple must be paying these people for early adoption. Makes no sense.

    • knowingisgrowing

      Very odd, especially since HULU already has a fantastic app for the ROKU, and a strong partnership.

  • Amy Alsip

    My comments keep being deleted for spam. I’m NOT spamming I’m simply wanting to know when DTVN is going to be added to Roku. I’m paying $35 a month for something I cannot watch! The last thing I saw on this issue was on Cord Cutters News. They posted a blog in Jan 4, 2017, and quoted the VP of Roku as saying Roku would have a Directv Now channel available in “a few weeks” but it’s been more than “a few weeks”

  • Mike

    Hey All…. I have ATT IPhone 6 and Roku 4 Ultra. Want to stream DirecTV from my phone to my TV via Roku. Neither Roku or DirecTV are any help. Any suggestions?

    • knowingisgrowing

      Since there is no ROKU app for DirectVNow (yet), you’d have to use PC to HDMI ; I don’t think you can stream from the Directv APP, on the iphone, to your ROKU. If you have a PC, or Mac, you’d simply need to connect them via HDMI cable to your Television.

  • knowingisgrowing

    Xfinity and Directv seem to really fail hard when it comes to timely releases to the ROKU. These delays have caused me to cancel all tv services but Netflix and Amazon Prime. Because I’m not giving them a penny for their hardware leases.

    • Amy Alsip

      Xfinity beta is finally available, but Directv Now is not. When was Xfinity promised fit Roku users? Just curious, trying to gauge how long it’ll be before Directv Now is available and I’m paying $35 a month for something I cannot watch.

      • knowingisgrowing

        Xfinity promised the app would be released (and confirmed during the tech demo’s it would be a way to access without paying the lease fee’s of their X1 units, in fall.) Well, it’s Winter, and the app is broken on almost all systems, works on only the models made since 2015, and is completely limited to xfinity internet accounts that are connected to a LEASED Comcast Modem. At the same time, I too have ALREADY cancelled Directvnow due to its performance and lack of Roku APP.

        My current solution is maintaining xfinity access associated to I.P. and modem – allowing Xfinity.tv access, without hardware, via PlayON ( http://www.playon.tv )

  • UncleNine

    Ok, “early in the first quarter” is now over. What is status of Roku channel for DirecTV Now?????

  • Rahul

    Extremely disappointed Android TV owners will miss out on DIRECTV Now $35 for 100 channels introductory rate.😔

  • David Hodgdon

    Why this is not available on Roku is beyond me. Seriously Roku get it together. Roku is now well behind all its competitors in terms of just about everything it seems. I can’t even browse the internet on my Roku. Moving on.

    • UncleNine

      Roku is not writing the channel, DTVN (AT&T) is writing it. This is -not- Roku’s fault. It is DTVN.

      • David Hodgdon

        And as the end user it matters little to me where the blame lies.

        • UncleNine

          David, I don’t disagree. But I believe the public should know that Roku is not the guilty party here. I believe Roku should be publicizing the fact that AT&T made a promise they are not living up to. Maybe on purpose. That’s all. I agree that the end-user is suffering. But isn’t that always who suffers when corporations lie and price-gouge and live off government franchises and cushy “regulations”, like AT&T does?

          • David Hodgdon

            Agreed. I have a Roku TV and to me it’s silly that if I really wanted to receive directv now, I’d have to purchase another device.

            At this point, I will probably resubscribe to PlayStation Vue which does have a good channel selection, and the last time I checked it also has my local CBS channel. The main drawback for me was their clunky user interface. It’s sloppy. So, I suppose my interest in directv now was ultimately limited to a better channel surfing experience. I have tried Sling TV but found the channel offering to rather limited.

            So I suppose I will live with VUE for awhile and hope they improve the user experience.

  • vartan

    Well, 1st month of 1st quarter down…why can’t we get some kind of teaser or something??? Just radio silence from both parties 🙁

  • Fred

    Another week goes by and not a peep about Directv Now app. Disappointing…

  • UncleNine

    AT&T executives publicly stated in NOVEMBER that the Roku “channel” for DirecTV would be available “EARLY IN THE FIRST QUARTER.” We are now in the MIDDLE of the first quarter and there is NOTHING–No Update, No Beta Release, No Progress Report, NOTHING.

    I bought a 3 month subscription to this lousy service based on that PROMISE.


    • vartan

      Dude Screaming in Caps is not gonna speed up the process

      • UncleNine

        “Dude,” I am SO TERRIBLY SORRY if I hurt your feelings and your sensibilities. I just don’t know what I was thinking. I completely forgot that you were reading these comments. And that you could read. Your reply was very useful for all of us. It really added to the discussion. We are all better off now.

        • vartan

          My point was we have to be patient. What good does it do to put stuff in cap lock

          • z

            Anything you say (in real tiny tiny letters. So tiny only seen under a microscope. I don’t offend anyone, either. Especially the CEO who makes promises he can’t deliver.)

    • MadScotsman

      Yah. I made a TERRIBLE mistake when I decided on Roku as my platform of choice for chord cutting. I’ve regretted my purchase immensely since the debacle with DirecTVNow. It’s clear to me now that Apple and Amazon will always be right there with the latest apps for the latest streaming services, and Roku will always be MONTHS behind. Wish I’d known that before I bought a house full of them. The free Apple TV I got is head and shoulders better. All other buyers beware. You’ll get a lot of excuses about whose fault the delay is. Roku for not being ready, DirecTV Now for not prioritizing the integration. The backwardness of Rokus platform making development hard, blah, blah, blah. What you WONT get are the Roku apps for the current streaming services With the competition getting ready to get crazy, I’ll move to a platform that knows how to get it gone instead of months of excuses.

      • UncleNine

        Sorry Scotsman, I think you’re going a bit too far here: I wouldn’t call the DirecTV situation a “debacle” at all. That’s a little much. It’s only a few months. I have also made Roku my OTT box for YEARS. I have EIGHT of them. I am not even a -little- disappointed. Apple TV and Fire Stick are way behind in function and channel selection. No way they are “head and shoulders better.” No way. It is not Roku’s fault that “DirecTV Now” is taking longer to develop. It is because there is more function in Roku channels and a higher quality interface.

        DirecTV Now is either doing it on the cheap, or they’re getting some kind of kick-back from Apple/Amazon. Remember, Roku isn’t developing the channel, DirecTV is. Apple and Amazon channels are easier to write and who knows what “incentives” they are getting from those two companies? Giving away an Apple TV IV means there is some kind of relationship there, and Apple or Amazon may be bribing AT&T to hold back on Roku.

        Roku has a bigger install-base than Apple and Amazon combined, but Roku is a MUCH smaller company than either of them. I’m certain Apple/Amazon would do -anything- to gain share. Don’t blame Roku, and don’t get down on them Roku has voice, headphone in remote, and wireless remote. Any one of those three (let alone all three) would make me stay with Roku–Plus Google Voice now.

        Nope, Scotsman, you did NOT make a terrible mistake. I can wait a few months…

        • MadScotsman

          More excuses, excuses, excuses.

          Where’s the DirecTV Now app promised early Q1?

          It’s on FireTV.
          It’s on AppleTV.

          Where isn’t it? ROKU.

          It’s absolutely a debacle.

          Its clear to me that Roku is going to continue to lag as the OTT market gets more competitive.

          My new (FREE) Apple TV seems poised to have all the new apps in a timely manner. Plus it functions as my HomeKit Hub. I can use my phone as. Remote easily and voice control with Siri.

          Head and Shoulders above is an understatement.

          Of course… I never would have had cause to find out about how good the Apple TV was, if Roku had been ready at launch.

          Blame all on someone else if you like, but when the product with the “bigger install base” is last on the list you need to ask yourself why.

          I expect Roku users will be waiting months for the new apps coming from the new players in the OTT market.

          But… I sure won’t,

          • UncleNine

            Scotsman: You still don’t get it. Roku doesn’t write the app–DIRECTV does. As sure as I am sitting here, DirecTV cut a deal with Amazon and Apple to delay the Roku channel in order to steal market share from Roku. IT IS NOT ROKU’S FAULT.

  • Dave

    Roku…probably the biggest OTT platform out there and we are still waiting on an app for Direct TV Now.
    Come on folks!!!

    • Bryan

      I just wish that they would give us an estimated date. The last thing we heard was within a couple of weeks and that was about a month ago.

      • Paul

        Bryan, that’s my issue. The silence is deafening.
        BTW, this long wait gave me time to look for options. I sucessfully installed Kodi on my free Fire Stick (without a computer) the same Fire Stick DTVN forced me to use. I have opened a universe of tons of free channels. Some very high quality. So…DTVN/Roku, you are on the clock…

  • UncleNine

    Everybody needs to be aware that Roku does NOT write the app for it’s box. DIRECTV does. They are delaying to steal market share from Roku–probably as a deal with Apple and Amazon. Roku has the biggest OTT share and Apple and Amazon want to steal some of it. THIS STINKS. It is NOT Roku’s doing. Or Roku’s fault. It is AT&T/DirecTV.

    • CitizenKane

      You could be right; or it could be that the Direct TV Now app isn’t up to the Roku standards and Roku won’t approve until DTNow works out all the bugs…

      I have 3 rokus and am waiting for the app rollout; but in the meantime I am streaming using the free Amazon Firestick…..there are alot of problems with the Direct TV streaming….alot of dysfunction and interruptions…….

      • UncleNine

        Thanks Citizen. But if the app “isn’t up to the Roku standards” that is still not Roku’s fault, right?

        The MBA’s that run AT&T are trained in ONLY one thing: Expense containment. They are raised in a publicly franchised mentality and feel entitled to take money in, but to spend as close to zero as is humanly possible. The CEO of AT&T even publicly stated that they could offer the $35 price because it cost them next to nothing to offer the service. Clearly, they spent next to nothing on the high-school kids who designed and wrote the code, and on the huge resources that would have been required to provide decent bandwidth–zero. They -love- zero. I feel this explains all of it. The dysfunction, the interruptions, the horrible interface and “human factors”–all of it.

        AT&T spends money lavishly on only two things: Executive payroll and lobbyists.

        • CitizenKane

          No…not necessarily Roku’s fault….I love Roku; have 3 including one in the garage……..the Amazon Firestick sucks compared to Roku……..I wouldn’t be surprised if Roku won’t let DTVN onto their network because of performance issues.

          if true, Kudso to Roku for keeping quality high.

  • Chuck

    The issue is not whose fault it is. Maybe it’s Roku’s fault. Maybe it’s Directv’s fault. Who cares? Bottom line is Roku still does not have the Directv Now app and everyone else has it. Roku does not even have the courtesy to give an estimated date that the app will be available. In the meantime, Roku is losing customers and money. My Roku boxes are collecting dust and will be appearing on eBay soon. However, the Apple TVs (including the free one I got) are getting used everyday. And yes, the Apple TV experience is head and shoulders above the Roku experience.

    • UncleNine

      ROKU DOES NOT HAVE AN “ESTIMATED DUE DATE” !!!! Roku isn’t writing it. The high-school kids at DTVN are writing it. Apple paid DTVN to delay Roku for this very reason: To buy market share from the leader. and to get you to think this. The Apple TV “experience” is certainly NOT “head and shoulders” above Roku’s: Apple offers fewer channels, no headphone jack in the remote, no cross channel search, and a Bluetooth vs. WiFi Direct remote. Both AppleTV and Amazon Fire are -inferior- products. The interface may -look- prettier, but it does less. Why do you think they gave away a $150 product for a $135 contract?

  • boston3p

    Sounds like the issue is with Directv. Waiting a few more days as my current billing cycle ends soon. If there’s no Directtv app still for Roku, I’ll be going back to SlingTV… or maybe I’ll try out PS Vue. Directv needs to realize that there are other streaming options out there and it’s a lot easier to switch a service than to buy a streaming device for each TV that I have.

    • boston3p

      Just cancelled my Directv service. Cannot wait anymore. Got two 50+ inch TV’s and did not want to go through the song and dance to watch Directv on them anymore. Guess Directv does not want my monthly $40 (added HBO). Oh well, SlingTV will gladly take my money.

  • Derek Hotter

    Is there an update on the launch of the Directv Now app for Roku? Been using the Apple TV provided as an intermediate solution…but the longer this is taking, and the more familiar I become with Apple TV, the more likely I am just to sell off the Roku.

    • UncleNine

      DTVN writes the app, not Roku, right? So, this is -exactly- what the tie-up between Apple and DTVN was designed to do: To get you to try AppleTV and like it so you’ll think again about your Roku. Even though both AppleTV and Amazon Fire is inferior to Roku: Fewer channels, no headphone jack, bluetooth vs. Wi-fi remote, and more. They can’t win in the marketplace, so they’re paying AT&T to delay the Roku channel. DON’T FALL FOR IT. So far, the DTVN offering is poor. Wait for the Roku channel, and for DTVN to get their act together in other ways.

      • Chuck

        What proof is there that AT&T is getting paid to delay the Roku channel?

        • UncleNine

          Chuck, AT&T -gave away- a $150 Apple TV IV for a 3 month $105 DTVN subscription. What other proof do you want? What possible reason would Apple have for GIVING an expensive product away for free? They were -paid- by AT&T. AT&T and Apple cut a deal on DTVN. They (Apple) are trying to BUY market share away from Roku. Business 101.

          • Chuck

            That does not prove that Apple is paying AT&T to delay the Roku channel. It’s even likely that AT&T is subsidizing the Apple TVs and Fire Sticks.

            Once again, it’s not a matter of blame. Fact is the Directv Now app is still not available on Roku and people are using devices to stream other than Roku, which is not good for Roku’s business.

            This might be the most commented on blog. I would think Roku would issue a response here.

          • UncleNine

            Chuck, of course there will NEVER be any “proof” of such conniving, right? No way. But is it possible? Is it even PROBABLE??? Of course it is. Roku will NEVER make any such a statement. It can’t be proven and it would just sound like whining. But, I’d bet a steak dinner that it’s true.

  • Rodney

    MSNBC is impossible to watch on SLING TV due to the ratcheting horrible drumtrack during the commercial brake!!! Why??! Why can’t it just be silent? Or lower in volume? I think Sling TV has a problem with liberals…. shame, I really only ordered for MSNBC and 30$ for the package to receive… canceling

    • Bryan

      That is actually the music from the MSNBC app. I just started using Playstation Vue and they run commercials instead of the music. I was tired of hearing that too. I really like Playstation Vue, but still holding out hope for DTVN to give that a shot.

  • Realgrande

    Paid the $35.00 (plus tax) per month, got a free firestick stick, viewing Fox News Channel, Watch ESPN, Sponge Bob on Nick, etc., etc., works perfect on the new free fire stick, no complaints..Wow! What a great deal. Sorry to have dropped Sling TV but it lacked what DirectTV Now had to offer. Now need a Roku app for my bedroom Sharp Roku TV. And now how about a Windows 10 app?

  • Jack Gurney

    Roku knew about Directv Now and did nothing to get it up and running. The original promotion is no longer available, now there’s no incentive to get it.

    Roku dropped the ball on this. Now they need to get the original promotion back when it becomes available.

    • UncleNine

      Roku DID NOT DROP ANY “BALL.” Roku does not write the channel programs. The channels do. Netflix, MLB, Vudu, Hulu–THEY write the channel app to access their content. NOT ROKU. It is DirecTV/AT&T that is delaying this–maybe at the behest of Apple and Amazon (?) Were they bought off to delay Roku???

      • Bryan

        That is fine that they did not drop the ball, but maybe they could at least provide some kind of update or notification as to what is going on. Many of us paid for the service and are not really using it and just want an update. I am about to cancel DTVN, but am afraid that it will and the next day it will be up and running.

        • boston3p

          Just do it… unless you like getting jerked around. I cancelled my Directv Now service already.

        • UncleNine

          How can Roku “give an update” on something they have NOTHING to do with? It’s not their product (the channel app) and it’s not their place to comment on the progress another company is making on another company’s product, is it?

          • Bryan

            Do you work for Roku, because I wasn’t trashing them? I was just asking for an update. I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t know anything, their programmers and managers would be communicating with DTV and they could provide an update, like hey in a couple days or a couple months. Its not like the app will just come in a box wrapped in gift wrap. The two teams have to be working together in some form or fashion.

            You seem to spend a lot of time on here and get really offended by anyone who has concerns about this process. By now we all know (thanks to you) that it is not Rokus fault.

            We are all just frustrated and that is what these boards are about. You really do not have to reply to everyone.

          • UncleNine

            Bryan, I am terribly sorry if I have offended you in some way. I don’t work for Roku. I like Roku. I am certain that outside of this blog, which has even been deserted by it’s owner, the general public blames Roku for this, not DTV as they should. There is much misinformation–even in this blog about why this might be happening. For example, someone above conjectured that the reason for this delay is that Roku channels are more difficult to write than Fire or AppleTV channels. Total B.S. Tiny companies like Plex, and Media Mall have TERRIFIC feature-rich Roku channels. For a huge company like DTV to claim po’folks is just nonsense. They just aren’t willing to pay for the resources.

            Do you work for AT&T or DTV? You seem to know a lot about a process that you don’t know anything about. How would you know that “their [Roku’s] programmers and managers would be communicating with DTV? What would make you think that? What would lead you to believe that “the two teams have to be working together in some for or fashion?” There is a very strong probability (for legal, proprietary, and liability reasons) that exactly the opposite is true. Roku provides an SDK and Channel “Templates” to channel developers, and possibly break-fix support, but anything more is HIGHLY unlikely. And even if Roku knows something beyond what you and I know, it isn’t their place to say a single word about it.

            Finally, Bryan, what I “really” do, or do not “have to” do is my business, isn’t it? Why do you care anyway?

  • Shichi

    Another day goes by and no Directv Now Roku app. Forty three days have passed since that do-nothing Roku CEO told the crowd at CES we’d have an app “in a few weeks.”

    • UncleNine

      Again: ROKU IS NOT WRITING THE APP. DirecTV/AT&T is writing it. This is NOT Roku’s delay, it is AT&T/DirecTV !!!!

      • S.T.R.U.

        Shut up you dumbass.

        • UncleNine

          Ok. Sorry sir. I will now stop posting because I am just in awe of the glow of your brilliance. You are my hero, sir/madam. Just awesome.

    • PJK

      As @UncleNine:disqus has indicated, the Apps used by Roku are written by the providers and not Roku. This is also why you won’t see a Sling TV app to use with your Tivo as there is no incentive for Dish Networks to spend the resources to create that as it forces you to depend on their services.

    • knowingisgrowing

      Dude, we’re all as anxious as you, but that CEO was just reporting what he was told by Directv – the delay is on them, and it’s likely being delayed because the entire service, even on the PC is completely trash right now.

  • David Hicks

    Will the app available for current owners, or will I have to buy new devices?

    • UncleNine

      If you are referring to the Roku channel, all indications are, when the high-school kids who write code for DirecTV get done with it, the app will work on all Roku platforms. No Roku channel has ever “not worked.” Not yet anyway. They have multiple set-top boxes and multiple brands of TV’s with Roku built-in. I’m guessing Roku would deny any channel that tried to obsolete any box or TV. Just my guess.

  • Futbolbd

    WTF, is ROKU really going to wait until the last day of the 1st quarter to roll out DIRECTV NOW? Checking everyday on the search app is getting monotonous!

    • UncleNine

      Futbolbd, Please, understand, it is NOT Roku who is “waiting until the last day” of anything. Roku doesn’t write the channel, DTVN writes the channel. Just like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, HBO, MLB and all the other streamers. They write the channels for Roku, not Roku. Roku is not delaying anything. DTVN is delaying–maybe on purpose, at the behest of Apple and/or Amazon. Clearly, giving away a $150 AppleTV IV for free, in exchange for a $105 sign-up means there is some “partnership” there. Perhaps DTVN also agreed to delay supporting Roku. Anyway, you are directing your ire at the wrong place.

  • UncleNine

    The silence on the Roku channel for DTVN is DEAFENING. When will DTVN actually say something about why their high-school-kid programmers haven’t delivered a Roku channel yet?

  • Guy Werre

    If I buy a Roku now will I get the DirectV app on it when it becomes available?

    • UncleNine

      When the DirecTV Now (DTVN) channel becomes available (WHEN ?????) it should be installable on all Roku boxes and Roku smart TV’s. Up to now, every Roku channel has been installable on every Roku platform. There has been no indication from either DirecTV or Roku that DTVN will be any different. Remember, DirecTV is writing this app, not Roku. They “Delay” is DTVN’s, not Roku’s.

      • Guy Werre

        Thank you!

  • Blind Owl

    The “free” firestick arrives 3 weeks after you sign on and prepay for the month. That provides about one week of viewing the content on your tv if you only have roku devices. I’m not a big fan of sitting at my desk to watch the content on my computer or a 6″ iphone, so I’ll wait to see if dtvn actually writes a roku app.

  • KV

    For now, I have Fire TV in one room that works great with DirecTV Now. But for the other TV’s I just hook up my desktop or laptop. Voila, use the TV as a monitor. (RGB connection on one and HDMI on another). They have Roku 3’s so I won’t have to do this much longer.

  • Harry_Wild

    Any word on the launch of Direct TV Now app on Roku Box? I know there is still another month till March ends!

  • Tom Hood

    Any update on availability? Any way to get a beta version??

  • Chuck

    Bueller? Bueller? Roku? Roku?

  • Julie

    I did find a way to use my Roku boxes to stream Directv Now. I downloaded the Directv Now App on my smartphone and then I cast the show onto my screen using Roku’s Screen Mirroring function. You can find the Screen Mirroring option under system and then settings. From my phone I select WiFi Display. You do need to be on WiFi using the same WIFI for both devices. Not as good as the Roku App but it allows me to watch Directv Now on any Tv where I have a Roku Box. It works! It’s the only thing that has kept me from cancelling Directv Now. I now like the service but I hate Apple TV. No comparison to Roku!!

  • Any updates on the Roku app for DTVN? We’re into the last month of Q1.

  • Phuq_Me

    Quarter 1 is almost over.

  • Andrew

    Umm, the first quarter is 2/3 over. Where is the app for Roku devices? Do we have a ETA?

    • Indirectv

      Better hurry up…I’m ready to sledge hammer this stupid fire stick.

  • L.B. Bach

    Each day I awake I realize we are one day closer to a Directv Now Roku app.

    • Chuck


  • Countdown

    25 days until the end of Q1.

  • Countdown

    24 days until the end of Q1.

  • Is there ANY update on this?? Q1 has a little more than 3 weeks left.

  • Countdown

    23 days until the end of Q1.

  • C.A.G

    when will this release. I have thought about returning my ruko’s to get the fire stick to get this..?

  • C.A.G

    when will this be a available on Roku.. I just got my 3 Roku sticks… I may need to return them and get the fire sticks.

    • Alex Wisniewski

      Return them. I just went out and bought two firesticks and a fire tv. They are much better than Roku.

      • Bob

        I find the DTV Now app on the Fire stick I have crashes a ton. Works fine though on a Fire Tablet so I use that instead.

        • Alex Wisniewski

          I don’t have any issues with the app on either of my two fire sticks or fire TV. Are you sure you have the latest update for the fire os? Maybe try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

      • knowingisgrowing

        LOL. Except they are not. Roku’s technology is shown time and time again to be statistically superior. Please, do yourself a favor and watch a youtube video of the technology compared.

        • Alex Wisniewski

          I thought the same thing until I bought the fire tv. I now own two rokus, apple tv, two fire sticks, and a fire tv. I prefer the fire tv.

          • knowingisgrowing

            That’s nice, but statistics and analysis shows that the Roku Premium + is faster. You can look it up yourself.

          • Alex Wisniewski

            Honestly don’t care what statistic’s say. Might be faster, but overall the os on the fire tv is better. I never said that the fire tv was faster. Honestly I like the apple TV even better than the Roku. I wouldn’t put it down until you try it. I would of never even tried anything else if it wasn’t for the slow release of the directvnow app and now I’m not going to go back to Roku unless there is some major advancements in the Roku os.

  • Dale Atwater

    Tick tock.

  • Chuck

    On April 1st, I’ll be returning or selling my two Roku boxes and getting Fire TVs.

    • knowingisgrowing

      Why Blame ROKU for AT&T’s terrible service?

      • Chuck

        I have had very few issues with directv now on an iPad and Apple TV. I don’t look at fault or blame. Bottom line, I want to use directv now, and it’s not on Roku, and Roku has not said a word about it despite over 350 comments on its blog.

        • UncleNine

          It is not Roku’s product. What would Roku POSSIBLY say? Legally, what COULD they say? Roku is not writing the app, Even if they are working very closely with DTVN, they would be legally very foolish to say a word. Very small companies like Plex, Media Mall and Tablo have rich, high-function Roku channels. DVTN/AT&T have NO excuse. There is something else going on here.

  • Kevin

    First quarter is almost up…….TIC TOC, I am starting to question my decision to subscribe based on the “soon” commitment

  • Michael

    This is pretty poor customer relationship management on the part of Roku. Now perhaps they are in charge of creating the app and perhaps they are not. But I can not help but to notice the looònnnnggggg line of devices that Directv now does work on. I am not seeing conspiracy by Directv now. It makes no sense. They teamed up with Apple ..but Android has the app? And whether or not Roku does build the app…if they are not going to be directly building it then good business says they develop strong relationships with those that do. To blame it off is just not taking responsibility. But let’s play Devils advocate. Everybody is teaming up on poor Roku….cause all the rest are just jealous. Then why has there been no communication ? It could have been as simple as…….issues in the app have caused delays and release is now set for an undetermined time…..or delays from Directv Now in troubleshooting will cause delays in the release. Now was that so Hard? They are not responding for the same reason that we do not have the app. They more concerned with selling you a new model than they are with customer service and supporting the model that you have.

    • UncleNine


      • Michael

        Which part of what I said was unclear to you? I have seen some of your other post. I take it you work for Roku?

        • UncleNine

          You take it wrong. I don’t work for Roku in any way. I have no connection to Roku, other than being a LONG time user of what I think is the best set-top box. I am a “supporter.” I don’t want Roku (a relatively small company) to be smeared by the failure of DTVN/AT&T for the fishy delay of this app. And, IMHO, it -is- fishy. What do you care anyway?

  • knowingisgrowing

    This is clearly an issue less with the ROKU, and more so with the very poor state that Directvnow is in, even on the current devices it “works for” now.

    From sport subscriptions to simply being able to use it, the reviews, at least according to AT&T forums is that the service is currently “out of order”.

    It would make sense, from a business perspective to hold off adding thousands, more if not millions more accounts into a service that isn’t working well.

  • DTVY

    DTVN- don’t get a Roku app. Keep saying we’e getting closer. Keep screwing us. And raise prices, too. And eliminate channels. And give us more QP1005’s. We suck.

    • Alex Wisniewski

      Really? When did they raise prices? Which channels did they eliminate?

  • Bill_in_Tx

    It is the middle of March and still don’t see DirecTV Now in the Roku store. The only reason I bought this Roku 4 is because it was listed as a device that would have DirecTV Now and I have been waiting for months. What gives Roku? I will just buy another Apple TV next time.

    • UncleNine

      I believe this is exactly why the DTVN channel for Roku is being delayed. Roku is the leader in the set-top box category, with more installed than Apple and Amazon combined, and more channels than any other box, plus a better remote and better feature/function. Might there be some way to attack Roku than actually improving their own product? What better way to steal market share than to get AT&T to delay DTVN implementation on Roku? No way to prove this–ever–but it makes sense, no?

      • Michael

        Read through his postings on this thread. It is becoming clear that UncleNine is an employee for Roku..or has some sort of tie in with them. Look..the way you talk UncleNine, you clearly have access to things that the general public does not. Can you just go ask your bosses why they can not give us the common courtesy of an update? Delays happen. We all get that. But they are ignoring us…that is a very different thing.

        • UncleNine

          And you, Michael, must be responsible for all the “Fake News” in the National Enquirer, Fox News and other places. I have NO connection to Roku, employee or otherwise, no matter how “clear” you think it is. I have no access to “things that the general public does not.” None. I have no “tie-in” to Roku, and I have never claimed such. I have made it clear that my opinions are my own, and I do it again right here, they are just my opinions. I have no “bosses” to ask about anything.

          And, Michael, what “ax” are you grinding? Do you work for DTVN or AT&T Enterprises? What do you care what I think? All I have said in my posts is that this delay is not Roku’s fault, that it is DTVN/AT&T’s product, and that they are the ones “ignoring” us, not Roku, and that it is not Roku’s place to say -anything- about another company’s product, and that the launch delay by a HUGE company like DTVN/AT&T is fishy.

          • Michael

            I find it interesting what people call rants these days. Fair question UncleNine. The answer is no. I have no connection to either Roku, DTV, DTVNOW or At&t. The closest that I have ever come to a connection is that I own a few Roku boxes, had DTV sometime back in the 90’s and had the Iphone 3GS on At&t back when they carried iphone exclusively. And while we are at it…I have no connection to FOX or the National Enquirer.
            As far as the AX that I am grinding. It is a very simple thing. I have had to deal with service issues..as have we all. And I get that there can be delays and problems. But what separates a good service from a bad one in these cases are COMMUNICATION. A good service would give updates. Perhaps the updates are brief. But they show that they are actively working the issue…they show that you business matters and they show that they are making your needs a priority. We have had NONE of that from Roku. We have had a single blurb when DTVNow launched and then………..crickets.

            UncleNine…you say that you are not connected to Roku or At&t or DTVNow. OK, I will take you at your word. But that also means it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to know that this delay is not because of Roku. That means that all these defenses of Roku by you are IMPOSSIBLE for you to know. All those sites you spoke of….pure BS guessing. Take the Apple/At&t collusion conspiracy. But Android has the app? C’MON!!!!! Even casual thinking about the issues highlights the absurdity of some of these causes that you propose. Perhaps Roku does not write the app. I do not know that but let’s assume they don’t…just for fun. Then why have they not developed better relations with those that do? And this crap about Roku not wanting to release it until it is perfect. BS!!!!! Have you ever heard of a Beta release? And do not tell me that Roku does not do Beta because their screen mirroring clearly states that it is a Beta and might be unstable.

            And you notice that the one thing…..the core thing that I have brought up….is the one that you never touch. Why has their been no communication from Roku? I am not talking about some conjecture from a website whose 3rd cousin knows a guy who works at DTVNow. I am talking about official updates. I am not suggesting that Roku say anything about the quality of another company. They do not have to do that in order to simply say that bugs at launch…….issues with the app that was developed…etc …is causing a delay. So unless you can cite what credible line you are getting to prove DTVNow is causing this delay….and you have very clearly stated that you cant…then perhaps you should not be as quick to exonerate Roku.

        • DLTTUNQ

          Michael, don’t listen to that fayg.

        • knowingisgrowing

          It’s clear he does not work for them, as he’s stated. The information he’s shared here is available on countless cord cutter websites. What’s clear is you took offense to his reply to your rant below. The rant in which you assumed countless ideas in a run on statement.

  • Daniel Richards
  • UncleNine

    Close to the END of the first quarter. (“Early” in the first quarter is long gone.) Not a peep from DTVN/AT&T. We all know that It is not Roku’s product. It is DTVN/AT&T writing the app, like ALL other Roku channels, it is being written by the streaming service, not Roku. And what would Roku POSSIBLY say about the status? Legally, what COULD they say? Roku is not writing the app. Even if they are working very closely with DTVN, they would be legally very foolish to say a word about another company’s product or activities.

    Very small companies like Plex, Media Mall and Tablo have rich, high-function Roku channels. DVTN/AT&T have NO excuse. There is something else going on here.

    • Chuck

      Not sure why it would be legally foolish for Roku to give a status on the Directv Now app. But it’s definitely business foolish to say nothing about it to Roku customers. No one cares whose fault it is, people just want the Directv Now app. If this is some vast conspiracy to get people to switch to another device, it’s working. I know if the app is not up on March 31st, I’m out.

    • Michael

      So I responded to UncleNine…and somebody tried to flag it as spam…..LOL I wonder who is trying to hide the other side of the conversation around here.

  • allsmiles277

    Yeah yeah yeah……still waiting and you struck out with Roku owners

  • Tom

    Well, Q1 will be over in a couple weeks, and still no Roku support for DirecTV Now. Looks like if it’s going to happen as promised y’all better be getting it done soon..

  • UncleNine

    Somebody from DTVN tweeted (or whatever) that the Roku channel is “ready” and that they (DTVN) were “negotiating” with their “partners.” WTF does that mean? “Negotiating” at this late date? Not a clue what that means, unless they are setting up to blame ESPN or HGTV–or somebody–ANYBODY–for their failure to release a Roku channel. Or simply to make their “partners” at Apple/Amazon just giddy with delight? Huh?

    (BTW, Michael whatever, I don’t work for Roku, or the Russians, or anybody… My opinions, including the above opinion, are my own…)

    • MadScotsman

      More babbling about things you know NOTHING about. Just knee-jerk jumping in to defend your beloved Roku. Accusing DirectTV now of colluding to keep poor Roku down. Problem is, you’re completely WRONG on ALL counts. Roku’s development platform is a well known nightmare for all involved, and, while they don’t do the primary development, they are ABSOLUTELY responsible for the platform on which it’s developed, and for assisting with the integration. So you see, they ARE at fault for the integration lagging for DirecTV Now, despite all your knee-jerk fan-boi babbling to the contrary.

      NOT to mention – that the HULU service you’re talking about will release FIRST on – you guessed it folks – APPLE TV. Roku integration won’t be until much later in the year. And the YOUTUBE service you’re talking about will be on CHROMECAST first – not on Roku. Oh… and Facebooks new video streaming service will be on (wait for it) APPLE TV first – and no mention of Roku. At all.

      So… you see… Roku appears that it will continue to lag in these integrations. You can jump in every 5 minutes to defend them all you want, but it just won’t change the facts. Roku will continue to be the last platform to get the new services, and this is (and will continue to be) directly attributable to their platform, which is, in every way, ROKU’S FAULT.

      • UncleNine

        You are one sick puppy. Have a drink and go back into you hole. Goodbye.

      • Guy

        As for the YouTube service being on Chromecast first… well, that makes sense because Google owns both YouTube and Chromecast. It’s all their product, so totally makes sense to push it on their own product first and probably has nothing to do with what you claim about Roku’s integration. As for Hulu’s service, and probably for DirectTV NOW, the delay in pushing to Roku is probably more so they can test it in the real world on fewer people before launching it to a large audience. Roku still has the majority market share of streaming devices, even though Apple, Amazon and Google are all bigger companies. Those three companies got to the table too late on streaming boxes, so the little company of Roku still has the majority market share. Lastly, you claim that Roku’s integration is bad… but they still have the most apps of any of the streaming boxes by a longshot… so, if it’s so hard to develop an app for them, why do they have so many by far?

        • MadScotsman

          You are absolutely correct that Roku had a loooong head start in the streaming device markets.

          You are absolutely correct that the other devices are way late to the party.

          You are absolutely correct that Roku has the lion’s share of the market at this time.

          Your statement about why the others aren’t releasing on Roku, however, is 100% pure SPECULATION.

          Let’s focus only on the FACTS in evidence, backed up with a little “Google is your friend” goodness.

          DirectTV Now – On Apple TV and Fire NOW. Not on Roku. Maybe later.
          No verification necessary. It’s 3/23 and DirecTV Now integration promised for Q1 on Roku is… (INSERT SOUND OF CRICKETS CHIRPING)

          HULU’s new streaming service – will be released on Apple TV first. Not on Roku. Maybe later.
          Says : Business Insider article dated 1/7/2017 – “I got a sneak peak at Hulu’s new TV service”

          YouTube’s new streaming service – will be Chromecast. Not on Roku. Maybe later.
          Says : CNNTech article dated 3/1/17 – “YouTube launches streaming TV service.”

          Facebooks new streaming service – already released on Apple TV and FireTV first. Not on Roku. Maybe later.
          Says : Forbe’s article dated 2/14/17 – “Facebook debuts video app for Apple TV and Amazon FireTV”

          Realistically, how long do *you* think Roku will be able to retain their marketshare, when they are consistently the last platform to get new services?

          Realistically, do you REALLY think that any new platform would opt to ignore the vehicle with the biggest market share and say “Eh, those Roku guys have TOO many customers! I don’t want MY service on it!”

          You DO see how silly that sounds? Don’t you?

          Doesn’t it make more sense to ask yourself WHY Roku is consistently last in these integrations?

          • Guy

            You seem so angry. Maybe you need to take a breath? Or did you have a bad customer service experience with Roku, and are just out for vengeance?
            Everything you list is speculation as well. Do you think all of these companies tell everything to the media that you site? No. They hold back some info.
            CNET article on Hulu’s service only says no mention of Roku, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.
            The article you mention for YouTube’s service only says Chromecast, and not Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. This only further proves my point that Google is going to use the YouTube service to push their Chromecast.
            And I’m not going to even mention Facebook. Is anybody really going to use their service for this?
            Realistically, you’re speculating on how long they can retain market share with this happening. We’re both guessing. But my guess is they can retain it. Look at Apple’s iPhone. Consistently gets features 1-2 years after Android phones have already had said features. But when you break down phones by company (not OS), who still has the market share? Apple. Why? Because if your product is good, people will stay with it.
            And realistically, yes, I think some would ignore the biggest platform if there are other motives. Such as, can’t handle the number of users yet. Or, to push a product (see Google with the YouTube streaming service).
            So, no, it’s not silly. You’re just a little too angry and aren’t willing to see any other viewpoint. So, I still think you must have had a bad customer service experience with Roku and are just out to bash them. Hence why you’re posting on here.

      • UncleNine

        Exactly what am I “wrong” about? Which “facts” did I get wrong. Not opinions, FACTS. And where are you getting your “well known nightmare” comment from? Who says this? Just you? Why would Roku have more channels than all the other platforms combined, if it is a “nightmare.” ALL the platforms are about equally easy/hard to code for. They’re all different and require coding expertise.

        Roku uses “BrightScript” which is similar to JavaScript and Python and Basic or Ruby or Lua and -any- programmer who know any of these languages can learn BrightScript. Therefore, why does Roku have Netflix, MLB.tv, Amzaon Video, Vudu, YouTube, HBO NOW, Spectrum, CBS News, Starz, >>>>Sling TV<<<<, NBA, Fox Business, Hulu (1), CBS All Access, ESPN, Nickjr, Disney Junior, ABC, NBC News, and on and on and on, if it is such a nightmare to code for?

        I know why I am a Roku supporter, it's because I am a satisfied user and I don't want Roku to be unfairly bashed by jerks like you. The thing I don't know, is why you hate them? And why you feel so justified is insulting me?

        • MadScotsman

          You mad, Bro? LOL!

          Sorry, but it’s not my job to educate slobbering fan-bois on why proprietary programming languages cause problems for platforms that aspire to be widely adopted. You’ll just have to Google a few more things. LOL.

          But I suspect you and others are about to get really educated, as the date for DirecTV Now on Roku gets pushed farther and farther back into 2017.

          Instead I think I’ll go watch Fox News on DirecTV Now.

          You should too.

          Oh wait… you CAN’T!


          And when the new service rolls out on Hulu in a few weeks (*with* CBS content no less!) you won’t be able to watch that EITHER!

          But I will.

          Because… I can!

          Enjoy your Roku.

          • Guy

            Fox News… figures… BWAHAHAHAHA!! Go get fed what to believe.
            And I guess you’re speculating now about when the new Hulu service will come out. Only thing they have said is spring… and spring just started a few days ago. So maybe you’ll have a few months to wait too. And keep waiting on 4K with your Apple TV. Enjoy.

          • knowingisgrowing

            You sound like a fox news viewer. That’s for sure.

          • BattleChild

            Another Dumb-ass bashing Fox News. Get use to next 8 yrs of trump genius.. BTW FOX NEWS ratings top all of you LIBTARDS garbage propaganda lame stream media machine. People have woken up..


          • knowingisgrowing

            You sound very emotional, much like many Fox news loyalists. His national approval ratings have him at under 40 percent. But you go ahead and maintain that ideology of yours, screw the facts! See how far that gets you.
            Oh, and I’m sure you feel like Bill O was the REAL victim, right?

          • BattleChild

            LMAOOOOO OK JACKASS w/e you say. Another disoriented librard as I stated before.




            TOODLES JACKASS..

          • knowingisgrowing

            Use even more all caps to make yourself look even more foolish.

            Trumps average of ALL polls in terms of approval is the lowest of any modern incoming president, ever. It’s only going lower.

            When you use all caps and words that are meaningless, your point gets buried. But lets be real, you have no point! You’re an ideological, uneducated person who is obtuse and confused as the rest of the uneducated loyalists that elected the man.

            BTW, it’s HILARIOUS that you post an article from Alabama times, as opposed to what I showed you, a conglomerate of ALL polls, taken nationally. Even (R)assmusen ( a republican polling firm) has him in the negative.But think about it, in ALABAMA, he’s only at 50%???? Doesn’t that tell you something?

            You poor kid.

          • BattleChild

            OK JACKASS. . YOU GOTTA LOVE THOSE NEW JOB NUMBERS THE obUma administration hardly saw.. LMAOOOOO ..

          • knowingisgrowing

            More bold text to make you sound like a fool. I’ll even give you more facts, that you obviously wont read:

            President Trump proclaimed Thursday that he has created “more than 1 million private sector jobs.”
            That’s not true.
            Official government data from the Labor Department show only 493,000 private sector jobs have been added since January, when Trump took office. Trump is trying to take credit for double that amount.
            Trump was talking up his jobs record as he withdrew from the Paris climate agreement — a deal he described as a jobs-killer. Here’s the president’s exact quote on jobs:
            “Before we discuss the Paris Accord, I’d like to begin with an update on our tremendous, absolutely tremendous economic progress since Election Day on November 8th. The economy has started to come back and very, very rapidly. We’ve added $3.3 trillion in stock market value to our economy and more than a million private sector jobs.”
            Notice that Trump specifically said “private sector jobs,” a term that excludes government jobs at the local, state or federal level. CNNMoney’s Trump Jobs Tracker gives the president credit for 522,000 jobs so far. That’s because we’re counting both private and public jobs.

          • knowingisgrowing

            Wednesday, April 19
            Race/Topic (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
            President Trump Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 44, Disapprove 50 Disapprove +6
            President Trump Job Approval Quinnipiac Approve 40, Disapprove 56 Disapprove +16
            President Trump Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 48, Disapprove 52 Disapprove +4
            President Trump Job Approval Gallup Approve 42, Disapprove 52 Disapprove +10
            Congressional Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 14, Disapprove 61 Disapprove +47
            Direction of Country Economist/YouGov Right Direction 35, Wrong Track 53 Wrong Track +18

          • knowingisgrowing
          • knowingisgrowing

            MSNBC | RATINGS
            May 2017 Ratings: For First Time Since 2000, MSNBC Beats Fox News & CNN on Weeknights

          • dan9el

            Fake news.

            The fake news conglomerate

            Who are this people?

            Well, here is the answer , the rv tabloids ( MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC….and the rest…and , of course, their sister yellow press publications such as, New York Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, Washington Post,…and the rest.

            All of them are corrupted, and dishonest,…we all know that, and they know we know what they really are.

          • UncleNine

            Your handle is appropriate. You -are- mad. I’m through communicating with you.

          • BattleChild

            STHU YOU IDIOT. Go watch your darn Apple crap.. Uncle Nine knows what hes talking about Jackass.. Now Piss off..

          • MadScotsman


            That was MEAN and it hurt my FEELINGS. .

            You’re so mean and ANGRY.

            You need to get in touch with your feelings and not be so MEAN.

            You should spend some time watching nice, feelings oriented movies on the Hallmark Channel on DirecTV Now like I do.

            Oh wait. You have a Roku.

            You can’t.

            Never mind.


          • BattleChild

            Sniff sniff, dtv NOW is on ROKU LMAOOOOO. .

  • knowingisgrowing

    Anyone else notice the article was updated today? Instead of reading 1st quarter it now reads “which will be available in 2017”
    Instead of addressing the comments, they just change the information.

    Roku, please….. you said something and just changed it. Your communication on this matter is as bad or worse then AT&T!

    • Chuck

      Unbelievable. Looks like I’m out.

      • Jim

        I am VERY disappointed!! Been Waiting. Need my Roku to project my DirecTV Now in the Bedroom. I got rid of my cable with the assumption from the posting for 1st Quarter rollout. DirecTV….Don’t disappoint us like the Cable companies do…Very Frustrating and Customers aren’t being valued. Do the right thing (2nd Discounted Apple TV 4th Gen) or Get this done NOW! Roku….if you are the reason for the delay…..Let do something to please those that spent money on your product. Thanks! Jim

    • g l e n

      It’s DirecTV’s responsibility to create the channel; not Roku. DirecTV / AT&T is delaying.

      I’m considering going back to Sling. AT&T launching this service and not supporting the most popular platform(Roku) from the start is a bad sign.

    • UncleNine

      I didn’t notice this. I too am very unhappy. But Roku is a tiny company compared to AT&T/DTVN and I wouldn’t want to cross them in -any- way. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Roku is pretty silent. The lawyers for the Behemoth AT&T could tie up Roku for a decade with nuisance actions that could paralyze the company and it wouldn’t cause even a tiny blip on their earnings statement.

      It should be very plain to speculate that something fishy is going on here with the DTVN/Roku channel. The other comparable streaming services (SlingTV, Netflix, HBO NOW, etc.) are up and running, and running very well, on Roku. Is it reasonable to speculate that the absence of a DTVN/Roku channel is purposeful? Whether to favor Apple/Amazon? or because they haven’t applied reasonable coding resources? or because the service is straining to support the users it now has and would break with several million more? Roku would be sued out of existence if it even speculated as I have just done. So I don’t hold their failure to “communicate” against them at all. It is certainly not, as you say, “as bad or worse than AT&T.”

  • george

    Absolutely disgraceful. I signed up on the promise that it would be delivered to Roku by March. And now you have modified this article to simply read 2017. This service is a freaking sham.

  • Brad

    Glad I have an Apple TV, much better service and line up with Directv Now than Sling! Too bad Roku lied about the March 2017 date of having Directv Now, I would have bought another Apple TV! Love the 30 days free of Directv Now, too, unlike the 7-days with Sling!

    • knowingisgrowing

      Most critics disagree with you about the ROKU ultra vs. the 4th gen AppleTV. But it’s nice you like it. You sound like a paid spokesperson for apple, seeing as how ROKU reported the release date that was given to them by AT&T at the time. It’s clear that ROKU didn’t lie about anything, but hasn’t been very helpful in the matter, either.

      • zac

        agree – as an amazon prime customer, i’d much rather have DTVNow on the Roku than my Apple TV since i have to switch back and forth for Prime (This is Apple and Amazon pissing contest). Unbelievable they dont give paying customers access to a beta or anything on Roku.

      • UncleNine

        Roku doesn’t write the apps. The streaming company does. Roku doesn’t comment on the products of other companies. They could be sued. Roku doesn’t have any “inside” information about the AT&T (DTVN) Roku app. Certainly none they could publicly share. They can repeat public statements from other companies, or make statements the other companies specifically allow them to share–such as the original announcement in November that they got from AT&T (DTVN.) We all know now that this was, IMHO, a lie.

        I believe AT&T (DTVN) is in bed with Apple and Amazon. For payment. I have no proof of this, and it would be impossible to prove, but what other possible reason could there be for a streaming service to monstrously delay release of support for the Number One streaming platform in the world, if not to benefit Roku’s competitors? There are -many- reliable, rich function Roku channels out there from -many- companies both large and small. AT&T is the biggest there is, so this delay–and AT&T’s silence–is very fishy to me.

  • Feelings1

    What if I have a Roku, and want to take it too my sister’s apt in Fl., where she has only antenna. I have Verizon phone, due too no ATT coverage in my area, have to have Verizon extender here. Any way to get my Direct on Roku?

    • george

      As long as you can get internet to your roku device then you can access it from anywhere in the USA.

  • tommyr

    Man their web site SUCKS.

  • Brooks

    Is there a Beta version of the DirecTV now app available to test?

    • knowingisgrowing

      No. Not an external one. Perhaps they have an internal beta test with their employees. I’d like to think they are conducting stress tests and the APP itself is finished. But they release no information.

  • Lin

    I just purchased directv now service. I want to watch it on my tv using my Roku stick. How do I get the service through Roku?

    • knowingisgrowing

      ….. It’s not out yet. You can watch it on ROKU when DirecTV now releases the app. (Which was supposed to already be out).

      • Lin

        Thanks so much for finally putting this question to rest for me.

  • Tracey Rea

    Ken, I am also disappointed that DirecTv still has no Roku service. Hopefully, there will be a special price when they finally get on the ball.

  • Jack Stevenson
  • Jack Stevenson

    Look at my screenshot DirecTV representative is blaming roku for delaying them with negotiations…. I think he is lying personally you decide and boycott DirecTV with me if you have the service

    • CoreyC

      These CSR are probably trained to show empathy with upset customers. I’m sure that can be hard when you have no answers…

  • knowingisgrowing

    So I had a (directvnow chat agent) blame ROKU for the delays. This is getting completely out of hand. Is ROKU, or AT&T trying to nickle and dime someone, or is Directvnow just letting it’s chat agents say whatever they want?

  • Kropotkin

    simply put ATT directv now lie

  • Biuld That App

    Directv Now available on Roku– but only on United Airlines flights.

    • MadScotsman

      Better watch that. Some of the posters on here might want to “reassign” your post.

  • Oliver Greenwood

    Works nicely on the Kindle Firestick. And Apple TV.

  • lutona

    Has there been any info one a drop date for the DirecTV Now? I am missing some of my favorite shows!!

  • Almost the end of April….still nothing on DTVN on Roku? This is really disappointing.

    I tried YouTube TV and Sling and both suck horrible in terms of channel line up. Do I really need to buy an Amazon Fire Stick to get Directv Now??!!!

  • Paul

    I see Amazon says the Fire stck will be in stock on May 9th! Lots of demand. I suspect Kodi users are snapping them up. I installed Kodi on the Fire Stick DTVN sent me. I love the additional programs and live games. Fire Stick +DTVN + Kodi = perfect. Ironically, had DTVN had Roku from launch I probably never would have known about the treasures of Kodi. Thank you AT&T!

  • The Lady

    Will Directtv Now be added to the Roku TV as well?

    • knowingisgrowing

      Roku TV’s have the same access to app’s as all the stand alone Roku models. In fact, they prioritize the Roku OS updates for the Roku TV models. So in short, yes.

      • The Lady

        Well I tried searching the Roku TV’s apps and couldn’t find the Directtv Now app.

        • knowingisgrowing

          It’s not out yet. That’s what this blog post is about. It was supposed to be out 1st quarter this year, but now, it’s only due out ‘sometime’ this year.

      • Daniel Richards

        Roku TV is sorta the best way to use Roku really, I just downloaded Pluto TV on my Roku TV and it actually integrates my live locals (the mall few I was able to scan in with an antenna on the TV) right into the Pluto TV guide, which is something my Fire TV does not do (although I will note Pluto TV runs FAR FAR faster on the Fire TV 2nd gen box).

  • After messing with the DTVN app and Chromecast, the whole system sucks! They really need it to work on a Roku and add DVR. Cancelled today and moving to PS Vue. Fyi. Tried YouTube tv and that sucks too.

  • stevenblanchard

    If you are looking for Roku customer support then do Call @+1-866-237-3847(Toll Free Number), available 24×7 so get quick support for Roku over the phone. Grab the amazing guidance for Roku streaming player & other devices by Roku. Avail the roku support now.

  • UncleNine

    AT&T or DTVN is promoting all the Roku channels you can get using your DTVN now credentials. B$. Sure, you can log in to the CNBC channel and get activated. Only trouble is YOU CAN’T WATCH CNBC LIVE ! Only their useless episodic shows and replays of Cramer. These guys are just like Trump. Hype and Lies.

    • Buffal0Bob

      Do you inject politics into everything?

      • UncleNine

        Just making a very legitimate analogy. If you don’t see the striking similarity you are a blind moron. And no, I don’t “inject politics in everything,” whatever that means.

        • MadScotsman

          Oh! Oh! ME! Pick me!

          It means that no matter how far removed from politics the forum or subject matter may be you are the guy that drags politics into it in order to derail the conversation and keep it focused on inane political discourse rather than the topic at hand. Which is why Roku can’t get its collective crap together and get the DirecTV now app for the Roku over the finish line as promised.

          It’s usually done by internet trolls and slobbering fan-bois that live in their moms basement and talk like they e got a mouth full of schpit.

          Does that help?

          I found this, maybe it will help :

          In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll’s amusement.

          • UncleNine

            You are so full of B$. Jeez I have never heard such moronic nonsense. I suspect you are actually a fan of corporate malfeasance and a Trump moron. A hateful, low-life moron. Or, maybe you are just an AT&T shill, Which is it Madman? Moron or Shill?

          • MadScotsman


            That is one triggered little snowflake there. LOL.

            You should go find your safe space.

            I’m sure cuddling up with a therapy bear and watching CNBC on DirecTV Now will make you feel ever so much better.

            Too bad you can’t.

            Because… well… Roku.

          • Maxine S. Wig

            He voted for Hillary Clin- TONNN. She was so out of touch.

    • mosquitoguy

      I don’t know which Trump you’re talking about, but he’s been effective. More Mexicans are staying across the border for fear of getting deported even before the wall is built. Can’t blame Trump for Islamophile judge striking down his executive order… I guess women covered up like patio umbrellas suits well with Hawaiian beaches.

    • Daniel Richards

      “Hype and Lies” and here I was thinking that was motto of the Democratic party

      • UncleNine

        Huh??? Are you serious? Neither of us have -ever- heard as much political flatulence in our entire lives as has come out of the GOP in the last year. The entire Democratic Party, in it’s total existence hasn’t lied as much as Trump has in the last 100 days. How can you hate so much that you actually believe what you just wrote? Unless you have been paid by somebody to post this nonsense. Either you are a moron or you are a shill. Which is it?

        • Daniel Richards

          and there it is, either a moron or a shill, the 2 current goto’s for all the pissed off SnowFlakes, Hillary Clinton lied more in the last year then the Republican party in it’s existence.

  • UncleNine

    Why aren’t either Roku or DTVN making any public statements????? This is one of the worst Consumer/PR deceit/failures in my memory.

  • Terry Andrews Jr.

    Ready to cancel my Directv Now service at the end of this month going to give Sling TV a try, been paying Directv Now for the privilege to be a Fire Stick “Beta Tester” for a few months now. The service is an exercise in futility! Free HBO that cannot be watched without constant glitches, buffering or App crashes. Tried putting WiFi router right next to Firestick and both away from TV for best possible WiFi signal, no improvement! Entire service is really frustrating and the Wife has had enough of it already! Seemed like a really good deal, lots of channels with great early adopter pricing offer. And the promised first quarter of 2017 Roku app is now delayed, I own 3 hardwired Roku devices and cannot use any of them with this service! ready to say good ridden’s to Directv Now service and we will NOT be returning at any price. Terrible service and broken promises!!! Directv Now……You really screwed up, rolled out the service WAY before it was ready, had no support for Roku devices (Duh!) and then changed the Roku App roll out date from End of March to just sometime in 2017???? Giving away a free year of HBO service to early adopters was a great idea but ONLY if it function’s correctly. Were done being your “Guinea Pig’s”! You only get one chance to make a first impression and our first impression is that we have all been screwed…..

    • Daniel Richards

      on the RARE occurrence I decide to watch something on HBO, I don’t even bother with the DTVNow app, I skip right to the HBO Go app and watch the OnDemand version of the movie from there so I’m not reliant on the horribly unstable feed of DTVNow’s servers.

  • Z K

    Any updates on this? Was supposed to be here Q1 2017…..it is now almost May and nothing new….

  • rob

    OK, so when now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This isn’t a crackerjack fly by night country. ATT should be able to get this resolved. What gives???

  • Frank

    Amazon’s strategy is working. I’m contemplating ditching the Roku all together. This ridiculous.

  • shimie

    Why did you edit this article without qualifying that you edited it? You went from stating first Quarter 2017 to just 2017 without any explanation for changing the information here, why? You have smart customers, please explain further.

  • MadScotsman


    Hulu just announced thier new Live TV service. $40/mo with CBS and a cloud DVR.

    Available first on… (wait for it)… Apple TV.

    Not available on… (wait for it)… Roku. Apparently for Roku it’s… (wait for it)… “coming soon”.

    Now… where have I heard that before? Hmmmm.

    How long do you think you can maintain your market share when you aren’t out of the gate with the new streaming services?

    How long will you rest on the laurels of the past couple of years?

    How damaging is it to be introducing thousands of users to other platforms because they can’t get the new services on yours?

    Do you know how many thousands of Fire sticks are being sold at $40 for Kodi installs and slowly, inexorably, eating away at your market share?

    You need to be pondering the answers to these questions if you hope to remain relevant in this rapidly evolving space.

    Those who claim to be your supporters would do well to be pressing you for answers to these questions as well, if they truly have your best interest at heart.

    • Guy

      For someone who doesn’t appear to like Roku, you spend a lot of time on the Roku blog.

      • knowingisgrowing

        Huh? His point is sound. ROKU, (my preferred stream device), is sadly late to the party time and time again, and then, when apps do get developed, (like for PS Vue), they SUCK. ROKU won’t last if they don’t help innovate or make partnerships. Hulu not supporting roku out of the gate concerns me, a fan of roku, dearly.

        • Guy

          Read some of his other comments further down this thread. Then my comment will make sense.

  • Harry_Wild

    Roku said end first Q1 2017! Nothing! What going on? Now it 2017 but open for release. Terrible for DirectvNow customers! Roku seems not to care talking with Roku customer service. “It will come when it comes!”.

    • Jackie

      Unfortunately, Roku can’t do anything until DirecTV Now/AT&T does. I read on an AT&T forum a direct quote from an AT&T employee, it comes when it comes. It looks like it’s not a Roku, it’s an AT&T problem.

  • knowingisgrowing

    Will be funny on January 1st 2018, this article get’s edited again to say coming in 2018. The lack of communication is shameful, on both parties.

    • Noku

      That’s funny. And they probably already programmed it to change when the ball drops in Times Sq.

  • John Goodrich

    Like most people here, I have been waiting for MONTHS for this app. Got DirecTV Now with the ATV promotion in January. I have been HIGHLY impressed with the Apple TV service and streaming, although the on-demand freezes on me regularly still. The live channels have been excellent. On Roku–which is how I planned to get DTV NOw to my other televisions, I
    finally got fed up and tried streaming from my phone’s DirecTV Now app
    (android HTC One) using the miracast feature on the roku
    and…..SURPRISE! The quality is very good and I am having no
    pixelation/buffering issues two hours in. So while we wait for this app,
    I strongly recommend you try this work-around if you have the app on
    your phone. I was skeptical the quality would be any good. Sure wish I
    had done this sooner!! Hope this helps some of you who are stuck in this waiting line that will not budge….

  • Tom

    Any update on when this will be available? I’d hate to have to switch out all my Riki’s for FireTV.

    • Filament

      All you see on FireTV is the spinning retangle when trying to load direct tv,…

  • Gordon Galey

    I’m done waiting on Roku. Just ordered my Fire-stick from Target because Amazon is back ordered until 5/26/17. I’ve been a loyal Roku user/customer and have referred many people and bought Roku devices for people to spread the good word. But since the CEO makes the choice to lie to us about the release of Direct TV now in 1st quarter, clearly misses the date and never follows up, then the company uses a deceptive practice of changing the stated release date to cover up the lie…. Finally refusing to speak to the issue and let this go on and on….. I’m gone. I will have about 4 Roku devices for sale on Craigslist and ebay next week

    • Vicki Leeks

      Good for you. Purchasing power is the only we have these days.

    • knowingisgrowing

      Even though the technicalities speaks to the fault of Directvnow far more then the CEO of Roku advertising false data (ATT is the developer of the app, not roku) – I don’t blame you for having decided to move on. For me, I’ll stick with my ROKU premium+ as it’s far faster and better. ROKU is also in a transition with their developer kits, so perhaps this transition as well as Directv STILL freezing on android devices is a more logical reason as to why we still wait.

      • Jim

        I’m using both now. The added value of Kodi prompted me to buy an extra Fire Stick like Gordon did from Target. Once again, thank you DTVN for delaying Roku. I have discovered the world of Kodi.

      • Daniel Richards

        it’s been 6 months since the switch to the new SDK for Roku, I could understand holding out during November and December as devices waited to receive the 7.5 Firmware update, but at this point it’s just another example of how the MORONS over at DTV Now have NO CLUE what they are doing, just like how they released a Fire TV app that was so screwed up you had to log back in every 2ish hours of watch time and instead of rolling back the update forced people to keep that buggy update for OVER 2 WEEKS until they released a fixed one.

  • Tom Hood

    Any update on this??

    • knowingisgrowing


  • UncleNine

    Crickets from Roku and AT&T. Just a stunning lack of customer information. Of course this is not Roku’s fault, they don’t write the app. But you would think their PR people would cobble up some sort of statement for the ten million or so loyal Roku users.

    Why not say something like,

    “As many of our users, and all industry and tech insiders know, Roku does not write the Roku software supplied by streaming providers. The provider writes the software. Under NDA, we provide support and assistance to these providers, but we don’t actually write the code.

    We encourage streaming companies to keep their public commitments and to keep consumers aware of the status of release dates. We cannot and do not comment when providers remain silent, or miss schedules, or change release dates. In this regard, we know no more than the public at large. In other words, your conjecture is as good as ours.

    Roku is the number one streaming platform in the world. We feel that it is in the best interest of all streaming services, as well as our millions of users, to have a rich, high-function Roku channel.”

    Huh? Roku?

  • Dump TV Now

    I have to take a really stinky dump. I’m working on a smooth delivery. Expect it any day now. I promise it will smell really bad by the end of Q2 2017.

  • Guy

    It’s finally here. 2 months after promised. And yes, the word “promised” is used in this CNET article today. From the article:
    “When it launched in November 2016, DirecTV Now promised it would come to Roku in the first quarter of 2017. The first quarter ended in March, so by that measure it’s almost two months late.”

  • knowingisgrowing

    It works fantastic on my roku premium+ , it’s also nice to get a free month of service. It’s unfortunate users with ROKU TV’s are not getting the app currently though. Lets make sure to get those people squared away.

  • Robert Lukenbill

    We bought a streamsmart box instead. No monthly fees or annual renewal fees. http://Www.streamingentertainment.co

  • Marty Whitaker

    I have two roku’s one in the bedroom and one in the living room will we still both be able to watch DirecTV for the one price and can we watch the same channel

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