Today we’re releasing the latest version (v4.0) of our popular Roku mobile app for iOS® and Android™ devices that delivers a fresh new look and an exciting new feature! This update to the Roku mobile app has been designed to make your mobile device an ultimate streaming companion by giving you one-tap access to features that make streaming what you love fast and simple. Navigation to popular mobile features, including the remote control and search, is easier than ever. And starting today, you’ll be able to quickly browse a selection of great movies and TV shows that are available to stream by simply tapping the new “What’s On” tab.

The FREE Roku mobile app comes packed with useful features that are sure to make your phone a great addition to movie night. You can use it as a remote control, plug in headphones for private listening, search for movies, shows and more with a keyboard or your voice, and share your own videos, music, and photos to your TV.


Here’s what’s new today on the Roku mobile app for iOS and Android devices:

Simpler navigation and sleek new look

The new navigation bar found across the bottom of the Roku mobile app makes many of our most popular features more accessible. With just one tap you can view and launch your installed streaming channels, browse What’s On, use the remote or share photos and videos to your TV. In addition, a quick tap of the Roku Search icon located at the top of the “Channels” and “What’s On” tabs makes it easy to quickly find the entertainment you want to watch.

When you launch the Roku mobile app you’ll see a scrollable view of all of your streaming channels – now it just takes one tap to get to Netflix, Hulu, or any other channel you have installed. We know that getting to the channel you want is only the first half of streaming the content you want to watch. To make this transition easier and faster, once you launch a streaming channel the remote control will automatically appear on the app giving you a seamless experience to find the show you were looking for. Now you can quickly go from deciding where you want to watch to finding what you want to watch without additional taps.Roku mobile app iOS Android My Channels

See What’s On

Never spend another minute wondering what to watch next. Simply tap the “What’s On” tab to browse a hand-picked selection of entertainment to rent, buy or watch for free. With a few taps, you can watch a blockbuster movie or a hit TV show.

Roku mobile app iOS Android Whats On

Controlling your Roku device with your phone just got easier

The on screen remote within the Roku mobile app has always been a great way to navigate the Roku OS. And today, we’ve made it better! The new remote tab now more closely matches the buttons on your Roku device remote, with the buttons and directional pad moving closer together so it’s easier to press the onscreen buttons with one hand. We’ve also included a channels icon at the top right of the remote screen so you can quickly access your installed streaming channels and navigate from one channel to another.

Roku mobile app iOS Android Remote

What’s your favorite feature of the new Roku mobile app? Let us know in the comments below.

Stream on!

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  • Kithanas

    Visually the new app’s remote is much easier to use. However, there is still the issue of connecting to a Roku device if it is on a different band, 2.4GHz vs 5GHz, than the mobile device. Shouldn’t it be capable to communicating to the Roku as long as it’s on the same local network?

    • bozzykid

      Sounds like your router isolates the two bands. There’s not much Roku can do about that.

      • Kithanas

        That’s the thing. My router doesn’t isolate the two bands. I’m able to ping and access all the other devices across the two bands, but the Roku app refuses to do so.

        • EnTerr

          Ha! That’s a good puzzle. If you tap “switch device” and then “connect manually” and enter the IP – is the app then able to control the Roku? Alternatively try in iOS browser. (Asking this as troubleshooting steps on suspicion what’s going on)

    • Which router and Roku model do you have?

      • Kithanas

        It’s a Linksys WRT1900AC and a Roku 3500R Streaming Stick.

    • tensuke

      I have a Roku Stick (3600R) that connects via 5Ghz and use private listening on my phone which uses 2.4GHz, and I have no issue. Something must be up with your router.

  • ndcart

    I do like the update, but will there ever be single sign-on for Roku devices? That would be a great feature.

    • Glad you like the update! We will pass your request for single sign-on to the team.

  • Michael Menzie

    great update to the app. i could see myself using it more. i really just wish my Roku 2 (the updated model) did not reboot as much as it does. any updates for that?

  • Steve

    I do not see the tabs on the bottom of the screen as shown above. I just purchased the Roku Ultra several days ago. Could I still be seeing the prior app version on my iPhone?

    • Hi Steve, let us know if you still don’t see the update. It was updated in the morning on 1/17.

  • Liz

    I wished my Roku wouldn’t buffer as much as it does can’t hardly watch a movie and I have high speed internet

    • Irma Shainberg Sheon

      Did you get a response to this? I can’t even stream anymore because of frequest interruptions to reload.

    • Rosie Gee

      There is a secret way to speed up your roku. Google your question on internet. How to boost roku streaming device. Instructions. Are easy to follow. Good luck! You can check the download speed on Hulu for free.

  • Brian Obillo

    Enjoying the update. Keep it up.

    • Thanks, Brian!

  • Tom Sutherland

    Headphones?? Those controls aren’t showing up. Nexus 6p

    • Tom Sutherland

      Figured it out. It only works on certain models..Not mine

  • Mike C Works

    grate app but can you put a over the air TV guide on it and lets you tap on the guide it will switch the Chanel to it and be able to see what is on later in to the day . to be able to used the headphones on over the air broadcast

  • EnTerr

    @rokuUS:disqus – you replaced the full screen menu with tab bar at the bottom?
    Phew, good riddance from the bizarro slider-bars!
    What took so long? UITabBar component has been available since iOS 2.0 / 2008 i think – before there was even Roku remote app 😉

  • Armsof Putty

    Is there a way to know which cell phones work/don’t work when using the headphones? I just downloaded the app and i could not get any sound coming in through the headphone jack connected to my cell phone while using the app. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 active.

    • Lon

      Same problem. No earphone acessable on iPhone6s+

      • Armsof Putty

        I heard back from Roku on the headphone issue:

        “This feature is only available on the Roku Express, Streaming Stick, Premier, Premier Plus, and Ultra models. The Roku 3 is not compatible. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

        • k2

          Does that only apply to Samsung Galaxy S3 and Roku 3? Is the app compatible with Roku 3 AND iOS for headphone?

          • Armsof Putty

            I don’t know. You might try their support: @RokuSupport That’s where they answered me.

  • Thanks! regarding the new Feed…

    Can you use it in a manner similar to TiVo Season Pass?

    That is, I’d like to subscribe to various shows, and when new episodes are available, they appear in the Feed.

    Is that available? Thanks!

  • Kage

    Why do I have to turn on the tv with the remote, because the app can’t seem to “wake it”.

    It’s a TCL with the built in roku.

  • Tampammm

    On a related topic, when I want to use the “give us feedback” option through the app/remote, there are 8 options to choose, but you are missing the most common/critical one! Whenever I have a problem with a channel it’s ALWAYS the same reason which is “insufficient or no content”. Sometimes a channel is added which opens and has no content on it, or more often there is only very little programming content on it – not nearly enough to warrant a user to keep it.

    Please notify your Roku team they are missing this most obvious feedback option, and have them add this choice in as soon as possible.

  • Raquel1007

    Hi there! Any news on when roku remote app will be available to other countries app stores? I would love to download it and get the most out of my recently bought roku but my app store is Brazilian. Any reasons on why the app is regionally blocked? Thanks

  • Mark Adam Carter

    The app is no longer working for my Roku stick or Roku 3. Wtf.

  • Julie Arellano

    My Roku remote app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t working anymore since the new update. Please advise

    • Fran

      My Roku seems to be stuck on home and I cannot get it to switch over to the antenna TV what is wrong

      • lyn386

        I pick antenna I’m there

  • lyn386

    So far I have not had a problem. I love the remote

  • Teologa

    How do I find this discussion page without searching thru every Roku announcement? By fluke I find it one day but can’t access another.

    • lyn386

      Type in the search bar

  • Paris L Johnson

    Do you have to get some sort of device to watch from your laptop? I’ve been up and down through the support help and can’t find anything except how to use your PC to change or add channels to your ROKU account. I just added a month free trial of HBO NOW that says no contract no cable provider. So what’s the point if I can’t lock and load?

    • Paris L Johnson

      And by the way I have a ROKU Smart TV. I just don’t have one in my bedroom

    • Rosie Gee

      Well, in order to watch some channels you do need a paid subscription to watch on roku. Some are not free.

      • lyn386

        You are correct but dome channels let you try out for 30 days

    • lyn386

      30 free trial Netflix awesome
      Thank you

    • lyn386

      I think you need HDMI cable to work with your laptop

  • Rosie Gee

    I wonder why they do not have an on and off swich….very strange.

  • Gary

    New app works great on Android devices. How about a Windows version? Would be very useful for tablets, laptops and work stations.

  • Barry Roskin Blake

    Will there ever be a native iPad app for Roku?
    Thanks for any help.

  • Pinky

    What is PLEX?

  • Cong Dinh

    I hate the new update i can no longer use roku at hotels or dorms

  • I really like roku app. In my IOS it works properly and enjoyed to use it. Thanks for sharing! Is it available for any other platform?

  • silencer211

    How to connect to roku TV without remote?

  • T

    Just tried to download the mobile app after having bought a stick, only to discover that it is not available outside of the US APPStore. Is this a joke ? Come on…. I hope Roku will score points on other aspects of its offering…

  • Luis Grimaldi

    Hey, there is life outside USA, in fact, you have customera outside usa! Please make the all available for all of your customers around the world!!

    • David Hughes

      Agreed… they should have a page for canadian users and/or other countrys

  • Canuck

    Why does the remote app not show the headphones logo for voice search. I do have that remote but mobile iOS app not recognizing it.

  • ihatebeingright

    Will the private listening feature in the mobile app work with surround formats like Dolby Digital Plus? I plan to stream to a Roku device from Serviio via DLNA, with audio passthrough to my receiver over HDMI. Are there any limitations using the mobile app with that setup?

  • Terri

    can 2 phones connect to the roku device…