All eyes are on Washington D.C. for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration and there are plenty of free news channels that will stream the Inauguration live on your Roku device. On Friday, January 20, Donald J. Trump will take the oath of office and officially become the 45th President of the United States.  To watch and see this moment in history, add the channels below.

Opening remarks begin at 11:30 am ET with the official proceedings, Presidential and Vice Presidential oaths of office and inaugural address at noon ET.

Happy streaming!

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  • Razrbak1117

    I’m hoping that someone tells him right after he is sworn in that he’s fired.

    • Sheila

      OH SHUT UP, thats not going to happen, you whining ugly mouth lousy loser, get over it, Trump is our president, and he is going to be for four years maybe longer, just get over your whatever it is

      • Razrbak1117

        FU. The popular vote, that is most of the people in the US voted for Hillary.

        • Thomas Mag Malaglowicz

          No such thing as a “popular vote” to elect a president. Not ever. You don’t win the world series by scoring more runs than the other team dipshit. You win by winning more games.

          • Razrbak1117

            Csucker, I did not state that the president is elected by popular vote, I simply said more votes were made by the citizens for Hillary.

          • Jerry Davis

            Incorrect, you are right that she did get more votes. But those came in California who does not verify citizenship, so you can’t factually say she received more votes from citizens (it’s unknown how many of those were non citizens). If you deduct California, Trump won the popular vote in a landslide as well as electoral.

          • Gerri Modic Candelaria

            Really hate to make this political but, heck, I’ll jump in. Not necessarily more votes by citizens, many by illegals whose votes are fraudulent.

      • Doug N Carol McGraw

        Thank God the founding fathers had the foresight that didn’t permit wacko states like California, New York and other leftist bastions control the country.

      • Pennyb9

        This is what I love about trump supporters, Sheila. The absolute inability to be civil and enter into an intelligent discussion, but instead resort to name calling and/or profanity. But then, you are only following the example of the man you support.

        • Gerri Modic Candelaria

          I think you’ve got that backwards. How many Trump supporters do you see rioting, burning cars, littering, marching with vulgar costumes? Not even when Barry was elected.

    • Alex Magno

      Looking forward to November 2020, when together with millions of my fellow Americans I shall chant: “FOUR MORE YEARS!!!” and VOTE to re-elect President Donald Trump, the new Ronald W. Reagan.

    • Tony

      Even if it is a joke, it would still be funny.

    • Vicki Watts

      We think alike… except that was what i said about Obama 8 years ago..going to sit back and enjoy the next 8 years of reform, progress and re-assuming leadership in the world without apologies for being an American.

  • Camille Sehlmeyer

    I’m looking forward to having a President that has the people as his best interest. President Trump will really work to try to make America great again. I don’t expect to get everything that is important to me, but I do expect that his efforts will be without failed Liberal ideology as his agenda.

  • Jerry Davis

    You can also watch the inauguration on Right Side News via the Youtube Roku app.