Whether you’re a super streamer or new to the Roku family, there are always fresh Roku channels to discover. With more than 4,500 streaming channels available in the Roku Channel Store it can be difficult to find those hidden gems so we put together 30 channels to pique your interest. Bonus: the majority are FREE!


Popcornflix (free) – Currently streaming popular movie titles including Revolutionary Road, Flashdance, The Heartbreak Kid, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Naked Gun, Bloodsport and more.

Pluto TV (free) – Features a channel guide with something for everyone: MSNBC, NASA TV, The Weather Network, Pop Sugar, CNET, Classic TV, Sports News, among many others.

OVGuide (free) – Films and TV from over 15 different genres, including comedy, horror, and action.

Tubi TV (free) – A collection of popular movies such as The Usual Suspects, Mad Max (1980), Crash, The Man in the Iron MaskParanormal Activity and All Dogs Go to Heaven.

SnagFilms (free) – Currently streaming movies Motherhood with Uma Thurman, The Slaughter Rule with Ryan Gosling, biopic Amy Winehouse: Fallen Star and much more.

Flix Premiere (standard movies start at $4.99) – Discover movies exclusive only to Flix Premiere, with your first movie free.

MUBI ($5.99/month after a 30-day free trial) – Whether it’s an acclaimed masterpiece, a gem fresh from the world’s greatest film festivals, or a beloved classic, there are always 30 beautiful hand-picked films to discover.

Feeln (starts at $1.99/month) – Stream heartfelt stories of love and togetherness with the beloved library of Hallmark Hall of Fame features, handpicked Hollywood movies and TV series, and expertly crafted originals.


Reuters TV (free) – Lets you choose the length of your personalized news program, from 5 to 30 minutes.

Popular Science (free) – Short videos that explain, inform, and entertain. You’ll always know what’s going on in the world of science.

CuriosityStream ($2.99/month in SD, $5.99/month in HD after 30-day free trial) – Dive deep into science, technology, and history commercial-free and enjoy documentaries crafted by the world’s top filmmakers.


Bob Ross (free) – Paint happy clouds, mountains and trees in about twenty-six minutes with the beloved Bob Ross.

The Scene (free) – Original programming from Vogue, Buzzfeed, ABC News, WIRED, GQ, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and more.

Tiny Desk Concerts (free) – Intimate video performances, recorded live at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen.

James Kingston (free) – Follow British “forerunner” and adventurer James Kingston as he climbs skyscrapers all over the world.

Saveur (free) – Stunning cooking videos from ‘How to dice an avocado in 10 seconds’ and ‘How to fix a cracked pie crust’ to ‘How to cook clams with Jacques Pepin’ and ‘The real bananas foster with Ralph Brennan.’

Comedy Dynamics (free) – The largest independent comedy library in the world including stand-up specials from DL Hughley, Kevin Nealon and Whitney Cummings.

PTA PlanesTrainsAutomobiles (free) – This is a must-add for travel lovers looking for a unique perspective through PTA originals such as Foreign in the USA, Day Off with Noah Abrams and Staycation.

Baeble Music (free) – Experience concerts from Ellie Goulding, CHVRCHES, Sara Bareilles, Hanson and more up-and-coming artists from the comfort of your couch.

Relax My Dog (free) – 4-hour long playlists and slideshows composed to relax your pet or keep them company when you’re away.

UPROXX (free) – Short form videos covering fascinating stories from around the world, a three-part documentary on Guns & Roses, the story behind the man who inspired the legendary movie, The Big Lebowski and more.

Great Big Story (free) – Videos on the flat-out amazing including the voice behind Nintendo’s Mario, the story behind the iconic Seinfeld theme song and a 17-year-old Olympian and much more.

Above Average (free) – Premium comedy series featuring top digital entertainers, celebrities, and comedians such as SNL cast members Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Mike O’Brien and Sassier Zamata.

TED (free) – Browse more than 2,000 TED Talks with topics ranging from science and nutrition to love and psychology.


Telemundo NOW (free, log in from participating TV provider required) – New episodes of La Chema, Mujeres AmbiciosasLa Fan available the day after they air on TV.

DW (free) – Latest insights and analysis of the issues that are moving the world. Programs are live or on-demand and in four languages.

Acorn TV ($4.99 per month) – Streams world class mysteries, dramas, and comedies from Britain and beyond.

YuppTV (starts at $9.99/month) – One of the largest online TV platform with over 200 live Indian TV channels, 7 days of catch-up TV, and latest regional and Bollywood/Hindi Movies.

Vivoplay ($8.99/month) – Live TV from Latin America, including 30 live channels and more than 2,000 hours in on demand video.

Looking for more free channels? Check out the links below.

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  • Kyle

    How much longer until the Xfinity app is ready??

  • James Frye

    Can i controll the roku os and just run the TV with my uverse remote

    • James Frye

      Without using the roku remote

      • grinlap

        I think it will depend on your universal remote and whether it can replicate the commands needed by the Roku. See if the Roku is listed in the UR manual. You can also control the Roku from your smart phone or tablet with the free Roku app. It makes searches much easier because you have a key pad available for typing or you can use a voice search which the Roku remote can do also (some models at least).

    • smithmm

      My Logitech Harmony 650 remote controls the Roku. You don’t need the Roku remote. The smart phone apps also work.

      • Doris Casey

        great !!

  • Awesome! Great hidden gems 🙂

  • The Art of Brooklyn Film Festi

    Speaking of hidden gems, Brooklyn On Demand streams “The best stuff you haven’t seen.” Great indie films and series in all genres from the world-renowned creative scene of Brooklyn, NY. Check out the award-winning comedy “Hunter&Game” starring Nico Tortorella (TV Land’s Younger) and Cameron Scoggins (Nashville) 100% free exclusively on BKOD!

    Updated often, always free, no passwords or logins! Produced by the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival.



    • Sandra jester

      How about adding grit TV also it has westerns and all that good stuff.

      • The Art of Brooklyn Film Festi

        But add Brooklyn On Demand first!

      • If you have an antenna you can get grit for free

        • Tampammm

          I would like to see Grit TV and others like it develop a separate channel for Roku also. For example, COMET TV just did that.

  • peterbit

    When are you going to add Max Go?

    • RobbieSDA

      I’m waiting for Cinemax on Roku as well.

      • Chad Patterson

        You can subscribe to Amazon and get Cinemax through it.

        • RobbieSDA

          Can you use your current cable subscription that includes Cinemax to watch it through Amazon? Or is it a separate pay add-on only? I would like to see a separate Roku channel that allows me to use my current subscription. Thanks for your reply.

  • JohnofKent

    My wife and I are watching more on Acorn than on Netlflix and Amazon combined. We have cut our cable TV off, so we added CBS All-Access ($4.99/mo.), PBS (free), and CBS Sports (free). Big net savings and all the shows we want to watch. Thanks, Roku.

    • Bob Reed

      Hi John, if you like Acorn, then think about going with SmartDNS (http://www.smartdnsproxy.com) and adding the BBC iPlayer app. Tons of stuff on there and it’s all pretty top-notch quality. If you do this, you will need to change your DNS servers in your wifi router to SmartDNS servers. Then you can use UK channels.

    • menotq

      interesting how did you get cbs all access for $4.99 I pay 6.99? btw try searching roku for XTV & tubitv are some good free movies as well

    • Drifter

      What kind of sports on CBS?

    • Doris Casey

      I dont pay for anything -so much free , Im a news junkie , and I get all the news I want , free ,

      • k2

        Do you get BBC WORLD News (NOT BBC America)?

        And do you get C-SPAN?

        • faithful_sentinel

          I get all three C-SPAN on XTV… Free

          • k2

            XTV is free? If so, sounds great!

          • Whispercrafts

            XTV is free and for the most part works awesome… There are some channels that work sometimes, but who cares when they have such a great selection of movies, even new ones every month…

      • April Hk

        I am new to Roku…It has a free local news app.News On..when I go to it …nothing! Help! Thanks!

    • Linda Sell

      JohnofKent: I have had Acorn for about a year and I am in the same boat you are……cut the cable and have basically been watching Acorn all the time and still there is a ton to watch! I love my Acorn!

  • peterbit

    You combined Encore with Starz, BUT I have no way to remove Encore from my current list.

    • Chad Patterson

      the Encore/Starz combination was at the Channel Owner level not RoKu. Starz bought out Encore and made the change. Roku has no control over that. As for channel removal, I was able to do it using the menu on screen.

      • peterbit

        You misunderstand my intent. As far as I can remember Encore has been a part of Starz, my problem is I have been unable to remove Encore from my Favorites as you can no longer find it on their Channel menu and have found no other way to remove it. If you know of another way please tell me how it is done.

        • Tampammm

          Can you explain the issue a little better? What do you mean by “favorites”? Where is that.

  • Walter Clark

    When will Roku add the Own Network?

    • RobbieSDA

      Keep in mind, Roku does not make the different channels that are available (with a couple exceptions), the network owners do. So E-Mail or call Own to find out there plans to be available on Roku. Happy streaming!

      • Walter Clark

        Thank you

  • philipcrites@yahoo.com

    we want discover channel

    • Mark

      I originally signed up w/ SlingTV. Their interface was great, but lacked Discovery Channel. I now have switched to Playstation Vue. Playstation Vue has packages that include Discovery. No more missing Gold Rush.

      • Jim

        Found Discovery Channel on channel pear, TCM also. Looks like if Sling doesn’t have it they do.

  • Wind Rider

    When is Directv Now going to be added. I keep hearing soon but no date.

    • It is available but it is compatible with certain television

  • Donna

    Any possibility of getting Destination America,?

    • Chow

      Available on all PlayStation vue plans

  • smartsenior

    I prefer HULU because I can skip commercials for a few bucks extra. I wish ROKU would do that too.

    • Gt Larabee

      I agree. So much of a pain that I quit watching my roku.

      • Harry Williams

        I’m not so sure Roku has control over that

      • Kate

        It’s the individual channels, not Roku.

    • JesusFreakKassy

      Isn’t comparing HULU to ROKU kinda like comparing a book club to an EReader? You might be able to read novels with both but they r not the same product & not in competition with each other. I use ROKU to watch HULU.

  • ken bell

    Is it going to be possible to watch the Super Bowl on Roku….

    • Through sling

      • Chow

        Fox Sports app with PlayStation Vue credentials

    • Chow

      Yes, thru sling, PlayStation vue, and free through fox sports go app.

  • Firebird7478

    Tubi-TV has great foreign TV series ie. Australia’s “Underbelly”. If only it can get its butt in gear. I am hardwired to my Roku via ethernet and it still freezes and has buffering issues. They need to correct that.

    • menotq

      could it be your isp connections speed, you may have to purchase upgrade. Mine buffers to but I only downloading 2 mgb but I’m paying under 40 bucks, may have to upgrade, trying to hold off awhile longer.

    • Kate

      It’s not your Roku. It’s your internet speed. Check with your ISP and see what speed plan you’re on. I guarantee it’s too low for streaming. I never have a problem and I’ve had my Roku 3 for years.

  • Hukdonfonx

    Unfortunately in my area Comcast has decided to sabotage the connection if you only keep them for internet and no other services so that you can save hundreds per year by having a Roku, Hulu and/or and Android streamer like NexBox

    • k2

      What has Comcast done?

      • Ken Janulewicz

        In order to get certain channels, you have to sign in to your cable TV account. If you don’t have cable and just internet, you can’t sign in. Comporium does it too.

        • k2

          With Verizon (until they dumped our entire state’s residential customers by selling us to Frontier) and Frontier, the requirement to sign in with cable subscription credentials was the same as with Comcast. My hunch is that all the cable companies do this as part their agreements with the channels.

          • JesusFreakKassy

            And u r correct…. for instance w/Cox you can get the premiums u pay for on Roku & some On Demand but w/Dish Network you only have free access via. Dish On Demand yet it’s a much larger collection then Cox On Demand. These terms r laid out in the channel agreement.

          • Jim

            Dish owns Roku in a round about sort of way.

          • JesusFreakKassy

            If they put Roku in the hopper I’d be in heaven! I knew they had something to do with Sling but I think the Dish Air is definitely the best idea available.
            How Dish is Winning by Cannibalizing Itself: AirTV, Dish-on-a-Stick, Native Alexa Voice – CE Pro

          • peterbit

            Don’t know about your setup, But I have Dish and get all the channels I have on Dish on my Roku, Have to reactivate every few months for some of them but only takes a few seconds.

          • JesusFreakKassy

            I would have to pay monthly fees to get CBS & others on Roku. Even if i already pay for them on Dish

          • peterbit

            Only thing I pay for, and I had Amazon Prime long before I got the Roku, My family uses the free shipping for all kinds of things and with the Prime Movies it pays for itself, and my wife signed up for Netflix. I have all the movie channels, except Cinamax, which they don’t have an app for. Have ESPN and all the Network news channels as well as Fox. Also have Dish anywhere on my Laptop and Tablet for trips. Never tried to get local channels on my Roku, just stuck mainly to the Free Apps and the ones I already had on Dish. Showtime is the only one that has 2 apps, one that I get thru Dish and 1 I would have to pay for.

          • JesusFreakKassy
    • Braylin Taylor

      I had the same experience. Found out that my upload speed was capped at 5mbps. Upgraded to 25mbps and it’s amazing. No longer have issues streaming.

      • k2

        Braylin – As far as the cable company sabotage when you only got their internet, had they capped the speed before you got rid of the bundled services besides internet? Or had they added a speed cap AFTER shedding services so that you only had internet?

    • Kate

      What jerks ! How can that even be legal ?! I’m clearly too old for this crap. I’m guessing you don’t have any better options, (another ISP), either.

  • Gaetano

    Still negotiating with FilmStruck?

    • k2

      I wish TCM was available as a streaming service! FilmStruck is NOT the same!!

  • Tea_Lady_Elaine

    I wish CSPAN would get a channel. I’d like to back and review Congressional hearings that take place during the day.

    • NoCoincidences

      C-span.org online has libraries of their channels that can be accessed..

    • Mark

      So, you have trouble sleeping? 😉

    • k2

      NoCoincidences had the answer that I was going to give.
      Also, I wish TCM was available as a streaming service!!!

      • Jim

        Found TCM on channel pear

        • k2

          Thank you, JIM! I went to its site, but couldn’t find TCM (Turner Classic Movies). Are you sure that it’s on Pear? [I did see TLC, which is The Learning Channel, listed.]


          • I’m a newbie + will start streaming this summer when my cable contract ends. PLEASE explain more about “channel ‘pear.”

          • Did you find TCM on the free channel pear or the premium pear that costs $?

          • If TCM is available on pear, what steps would I need to take to subscribe to it after installing channel pear?

          I look forward to your answers. Thanks again.

          • Jim

            I can’t find it anymore guess it was removed.

          • k2


          • Gilded Splinters

            TCM is an add-on option to SlingTV

          • k2

            Thanks, Gilded Splinters. However, after reading your reply, I went on the Sling website + didn’t find it. The closest ones to it were TNT, TBS. What gives?

          • Gilded Splinters

            Go to the very bottom well past where you would normally stop looking and there are several $5 add-on packages. One is a Hollywood pkg which has TCM, the Hallmarks and a couple other channels. Live TCM plus a selection of TCM on demand.

            I have it, so if you still can’t find it check with Sling customer service.

          • k2

            Thank you, Gilded Splinters! I found it. So, please forgive my lack of knowledge on the topic: I won’t cut the cord/start streaming until my cable contract ends this summer.
            I’ve got 1 TV w/Roku + another with Chromecast + these ?s:

            –Live TV (+ some on demand)–Is TCM via Sling just like watching it on cable, everything broadcast (not just portions of broadcasts)?
            –So i’d have to do a basic subscription plus the add-on for $25/month, right? (vs adding individual channel only for $5)
            –Sling subscription–someone told me it was free if I have Roku: T or F?

            Thank you for answering. ––k2

          • Gilded Splinters

            I’m only one day into this, but the TCM live feed is the same. What I miss is the sweet cable programming grid and DVR capability. No more setting the box to record movies and watching them when you want. You must be sitting in front of the TV when your movie starts. The on-demand TCM movies are a limited selection.

            Features-wise, cord-cutting is a lot like a trip back to 1990 but it is way cheaper. Sling gives you a free week when you sign up. Whoop-de-doo.

          • k2

            Yes, thank you, Gilded Splinters, for your answer.

            When researching, I found that basically there were no program grids (still have to check re: HBO…as don’t know that any of HBO Go, HBO Now…whatever––are live feed + would have a grid. If no grid, guessing I’d need to go to another device to look up their schedule).

            One option might be to buy a DVD Recorder (different from a DVR) that you can set up recordings like the old VCRs, but burn them to DVD disks.

            So I figure, monthly:
            ($60–$10+ than the bundled fee) Internet …grrr
            ($10) Netflix [or Amazon Prime]
            ($25–––Is that what’d it’d cost?) Sling w/TCM OUCH–$25 for TCM, not sure I care about Sling
            ($20) HBO whatever
            $115 grand total

            Does that sound roughly accurate?

          • Gilded Splinters

            That is about right. Netflix has enough content for me personally. Amazon likes to give you a free taste and then charge fees for the rest of the season. Like the schoolyard dope dealers I was always warned about.

            I’d skip Sling except for my wife’s TCM & Hallmark addictions. Sling has two flavors. I think one is for sports and one is for movies.

            Free channels Pluto, Kanopy, XL, and TubiTv have some good content too.

          • Whispercrafts

            We like XTV and the channels you get for free on USTV… FREE is the way to go… there is so much to watch for free, why pay for the subscription channels??? You can even get Nick for free… that’s all the kids wanted anyway, lol…

    • menotq

      i sign into roku on laptop & search channels [hidden] try xtv lots of stuff including cspan,ddc,fx,tnt,tbs & more

      • Lertha Muttz

        Can you watch on the laptop? My device is constantly rebooting and would love to just avoid it completely, since I watch most of my tv by way of the computer now anyway.

        • menotq

          I don’t see why not. check your wifi connection, maybe you need to change your wifi adapter settings or is your wifi stream that poor?

          • Lertha Muttz

            Oh heck no. It’s not the wifi. The device itself just completely shuts down and goes back to the ROKU screen after going dark for a few minutes. I think it’s going bad.

          • Phil

            try another cable. that sounds like when my cable gets a little loose.

    • Thomas Pruss

      Try downloading XTV. I has all 3 C-Span channels. https://my.roku.com/account/add?channel=xtviptv

      • JesusFreakKassy


    • Kate

      Record it on TiVo or DVR ?

      • k2

        One option might be to buy a DVD Recorder (different from a DVR) that
        you can set up recordings like the old VCRs, but burn them to DVD disks.

        • Whispercrafts

          If you’re really desperately wanting to DVR stuff, go to USTV and buy a cheap subscription or earn points to record for free…

    • Charles

      Get Nowhere TV. on my.roku.com, go to add a channel and type in H9DWC . They have cspan plus quite a few others.

    • sherry

      Xtv has all 3 Cspan channels free.

  • Randy

    Download Kodi and related addon’s. Cut the cable and stream for enjoyment.

    • Anis

      How can you get Kodi on Roku. I did not think it existed.

    • kimmleet

      A friend of mine has Kodi but a friend put it on her computer. Im trying to figure out HOW to get it. Can you tell me? Thanks

  • Randal Gist

    So, when will Filmstruck –the Criterion-TCM Channel going to be available? Early 2017 is all I can find out. Since Criterion dropped it’s Hulu affiliation, I have been waiting.

  • Josephinebarry

    Wish the DirecTV Now channel would come soon. I love it on my phones, tablets and the free fire stick they gave me. But I have Roku sticks all over the house. Looking for Directv Now on Roku.

    • Lertha Muttz

      DirecTV clams they are “working” on that.

      • Doris Casey

        that surprises me .

        • Lertha Muttz

          Hell, they were screwing up royally coming through the Apple TV thing too. It would work fabulous on the computer but streaming to the TV was a mess. It got locked up more than Tyrone from Cabrini Green. But the other half says it finally straightened that out.

          • Greg

            Oh wow

          • pippy66

            Funny comment about Cabrini Green, which was finally torn down. A Chicagoan??? I’m new to Roku and this blog is very interesting. I am hoping to cut my cable. Comcast’s costs are ridiculous.

          • Lertha Muttz

            No, but I’ve read about the Green for years. As for Roku, I like it. I just think my unit is going bad. But you still have to pay for the broadband to use it, of course. So you can’t totally turn Comcast off. Although, I’ve discovered that most of the “channels” on Roku are stuff that’s borrowed from youtube.. Some aren’t though, like the ones that want you to pay for them, and the local things. They are hard to find though, you just need to know what to look for. But the Pluto TV on there is cool.

    • gofixmeaplate
  • Cathy Robi

    Need a special channel for more documentaries like Documentrystorm.com

  • Chris Madsen

    Have a 4K UHD TV? UltraFlix is world largest 4K content provider in the world. Streams excellent too! Best 4K picture quality I have found. Tons of movies and music concerts!

  • Carla Baptiste

    Let me know when I can see these channels in Germany.

  • Randy Yockey

    Way to much trouble trying to make the connection…big problem for Roku….don’t see Roku being around to long…their customer service is terrible..and I mean TERRIBLE…try it for yourself and see!!!

    • Matt

      I have no trouble. Roku is great and i feel will be around for a long time. Sounds as if your issue is your internet connection and not roku

      • Doris Casey

        you are soo right ,, Im older than that , and I hooked mine up right away ,–love it

    • becky capriles

      i find it to be the opposite they helped me get something i thought was lost. They went above and beyond in this instance. they also were very polite and respectful. i really enjoy my roku. I dropped cable. I am not a big tech person either. I am a 61 year old lady.

    • Doris Casey

      Ive had it for 2 yrs , , and bought my gadget for 20.00 from a garage sale , hooked it right up , and cut the cord , am sooo Happy , I do not complain about ANYTHING with ROKU, so happy to have it

  • Jennifer Warren

    Private channels are the way to go. I’ve got everything I need. ID Discovery ,Fox news etc. Free! Check out http://mkvxstream.blogspot.com/2016/08/roku-private-channels-roku-channels.html?m=1

  • Thor Manson

    As a relative newcomer to ” cut the cable ” and Roku, I am wondering how you access all these extra channels?

    • Thomas Pruss

      Just download XTV and you’ll have a lot of content. https://my.roku.com/account/add?channel=xtviptv

    • Doris Casey

      my friend has a stick – and he found about 30 main channels , and grouped them together in a private chanell, – I was , wow , do mine , but , I have a lot .

    • Doris Casey

      about everything you click on will take you to something else ,, also go to Roku .com and read up on free channels ,

  • all Romeo

    For the next version of Roku add an internal tv antenna to watch over the air tv channels. even better if it can be watched on your phone also. Sounds like a silly idea; but if you have a device that replaces your cable box and tv antenna…..
    I want a free device when it comes out as a thank you gift lol

  • mgk1177

    Is there any way for US Roku users to get CBC? I live in metro Detroit & it’s a basic channel for me that I have always watched but if I cut the cord I can’t find a way to get it. The signal strength isn’t good enough with my antennae but the thought of paying $120/month for cable just to have CBC seems insane!

    • Marca43

      I’m not from your area, but I just upgraded to an outdoor antenna. Had been using indoor type that picked up about 10 channels. New antenna picks up 43! One time cost of about $100. ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount – 60 Mile Range. You might have to buy some coax cable, but still worth it!

  • Jim

    Here’s an app you haven’t installed…The Directv Now Roku app. Because we’re still waiting for it.

  • greg

    Anyone else having trouble with the feed stopping after Popcorn-flix stalling on commercial prompt? I’ve been trying to finish watching a movie for 2 days now, because the movie resets after the upload bar freezes. It’s a pretty bad movie anyway-SHIVERS, but I’ve suffered through it this long and want to see the end.

  • Joe

    Hello I have a roku tv I also have a roku movie box thing. Is there a way to download apps straight to my tv so I can do away with the box?

    • RobbieSDA

      By “Roku movie box thing” do you simply mean a Roku Streaming Media Player? If so, which model? If it is more powerful/newer than the one in your TV, you may want to keep it. Otherwise, you don’t need two. They both do the same thing. Just one is built into your television. Make sure the TV Roku is connected to the same Roku account as your separate ‘box’, and all the channels from your ‘box’ will then show up on your Roku TV. You download Roku channels for/to the TV the same way you would through the ‘box’. Hope this was helpful.

  • Anita Rushlow

    I am new to Roku and Disqus. I would like to know if Grey’s Anatomy and Fox News Channel are free. I don’t watch much TV but I would like to watch these 2 channels. I am trying to cut the cable cord with Comcast. There fees are getting out of control. Thanks for your help!

    • RobbieSDA

      Grey’s Anatomy seasons 1-12 are available through Netflix (not free). More current episodes of season 13 are available through the ABC Roku channel, except the very most recent, which you need to wait a couple days after it airs before it is watchable. Other options exist for watching Grey’s Anatomy, but Netflix is commercial free, where Hulu (for instance) has commercials with the lowest plan. However, it has more recent episodes, much like the ABC Roku channel, so having them all in one place may be more important than having to watch some commercials. And there is a higher priced plan that does remove commercials for almost all shows.
      Fox News Channel is not available for free. There is a Fox News Channel Roku channel that gives you highlights and segments of most shows, but a small selection of shows you can watch full episodes of.
      Paying $8 for Netflix (if you need access to older episodes of Grey’s Anatomy) and $30 for PlaystationVue or another option on Roku that includes Fox New Channel (as well as other channels) may be the way to go.
      So, for as little as $38 per month, versus what you currently are paying for cable, you can get what you’re looking for.
      Also, an Xfinity/Comcast Roku channel just became available a week or so ago, so you may be able to drop your cable box payments (if you have any) and use your Roku to watch. That alone could save you $10+ per month per paid cable box.
      Remember, you’ll still need internet access, so you may not be able to dump good ‘ole Comcast all together.
      Hope this was helpful.

  • Sausage v2.2

    is there an easy way to cast from laptop windows 10 to roku? I used to do this all the time until I broke my ipad now I can’t figure it out although I’m supposed to be able to do it theoritcally on the laptop, and I just got a smarphone (I know I’m a luddite) but can’t get it to work there either… not without a bunch of ads and I can’t get the roku app I paid the bundle to use across devices to restore to use on samsung phone.. what am I missing here?

  • OKKathy

    If Roku had the ability to receive over-the-air broadcast channels & record – it would be PERFECT!

    • Stewable

      Have you looked into an over the air antenna? Works well for me for the locals in HD (plus dozens more sub-channels)

    • Mark

      Tivo Roamio OTA does an incredible job of what you are referring to. Between my Tivo Roamio OTA (off the air) and my Roku, I’m in great shape for my tv viewing habits and needs. I was able to save about 50% on my bill, excluding hardware costs.

  • jr023

    for channels who require a log in from provider (cable or sat) check out sling or sony vue they give access to many more networks prime time similar to cable/sat as well as log in for many more sites for streaming. as low as $20 month and works with roku

  • gofixmeaplate

    I just spoke with a DIRECTVNOW representative and I was told DIRECTVNOW will be on Roku “within a week” were his exact words. I hope he was right. Just though you would like to know. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/82753d6a5de15f0d41bb9824e917d4bae093b39c67a5c862a799f6d042bfd68d.png

  • Betty Roberts

    Why is season 3 of “When Calls the Heart” – a Hallmark Channel series – not yet available for free on Netflix via Roku or the other way around whichever is correct? Is there no way to get current Hallmark Channel movies?

    And how about HGTV current shows? And, finally, where can i find both Downton Abby and Jag series?

    • meadowlark

      PBS for Downton Abbey

  • Kelly Jones Bishop

    My family would really love to have a channel to view rodeos on the weekends. Wrangler TV airs them. CBS Sports is supposed to but haven’t seen it yet…

  • Nadine Ferdman Burton

    I would like to see more channels in French. I am an avid supporter of TCM. The portfolio of classical French movies is huge, the same for Italian and Russian movies and many other countries.
    The Franco German Channel ARTE is also a gem. When will Roku make deals with these two channels?

  • Mary Denise Carner Nixon

    I have sound on my television but I only see lines. What can I do?

  • Linda Sell

    I have had Acorn TV for a year now and just LOVE it. If you are a British TV fan I would highly recommend purchasing this for the small cost of $50 per year! Tons of TV and movies to watch! I have had no issues with quality of this channel!

  • Charles Cook

    I have prime video but wish they would add kindle reading app

  • Darrin Tyler

    all I see here is garbage that wants money….

  • Aylsie Turley Geier

    I cannot use all the free sites because I bought a Roku box to ditch the bills of cable and satellite companies. So many I try like NatGeo that require activation through a provider! I get internet access and pay, but they require a TV provider. Antenna not on the list! Any work arounds?

  • Marius Buterchi

    Amazon Prime Video is internationally available https://techcrunch.com/2016/11/17/amazon-prime-video-global/ when it will be the Roku channel?

    • Tampammm

      Amazon Prime has been available on Roku for years!

      • Marius Buterchi

        Amazon Prime has became available in Europe recently, we can access it via the mobile app or the web interface. Unfortunetly the Roku channel still has a geo location restriction. 🙁

        • Tampammm

          Sorry, didn’t read your 1st post carefully. That’s a shame not to have on Roku yet. I imagine the delay is from the Amazon side and its financially motivated..

  • All my enjoyment of ROKU movies was intermittently spoilt by the ever-freezing remote of the Roku. stick. I have had enought of it now and so am upgrading to a ROKU 3 box. Hope I won’t be disappointed, guys.

    • It was a bloody pain having to take out the batteries all the time and trying to relink the remote to the Roku stick.

      • Tampammm

        I guess you are not talking about the quad-core Roku 2016 model stick? Because that works great.

  • Mary Jane Dubbe Wilcke

    I have the ROKU EXPRESS and I don’t know how to stop a program so it doesn’t keep running when I turn off the tv. I was watching something and when I turned on the tv 2 hours later, the program had continued to run. There are no buttons on the remote to shut it off. Can someone help me?

    • Marca43

      Mary, just hit the “pause/play button” to pause it. That’s where it will start the next time you tune back in.

  • Kone

    Roku needs to add. Filmstruck….

  • Tampammm

    For Movies and TV, definitely add the following 2 free channels as they have massive content:

    1) FOTV
    2) Countless Classics

  • Shiela Anacabe-Peterson

    Is the British comedy little Britain available on roku?

  • Christy Doelitsch-White

    Any idea where I can watch diffrent strokes besides starz?