It’s an exciting time to be a Roku customer and sports fan – you can stream the Super Bowl for free! Add FOX Sports GO today and stream Super Bowl LI on February 5.

stream super bowl

Streamers in the FOX Sports GO channel will have live access to:

  • The pre-game show featuring the NFL on FOX crew starting at 2pm ET until kick off 6:30pm ET
  • The FIELD PASS stream to check out the sights and sounds in the stadium (you’ll feel like you’re on the field in Houston for warm ups!)
  • The highly anticipated game between the Patriots and Falcons starting at 6:30pm ET
  • The entertaining Halftime show with Lady Gaga
  • The can’t-miss commercials

Typically, you need a pay TV subscription for FOX Sports GO but all the big game action mentioned above on February 5th is unlocked and free on your Roku streaming device.

So, get your Super Bowl party snack list, invite your sports or Lady Gaga-loving friends and get ready to stream.

Happy Super Streaming!

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  • Gary Bishop

    I believe you need a cable or satellite provider for Fox Sports Go. I just disconnected my Direct TV link. Is there another way to view the SB on Roku? I think the only other way is to get Sling Blue – which offers Fox Now in my area.

    • Thomas Pruss

      Download the USTVNOW app. Sign up online and it will get you the big four networks (CBS,NBC,ABC, FOX) for free.

      • Gary Bishop

        Awesome! Just signed up and downloaded it, refreshed the Roku system and I have it. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Gary, FOX Sports GO typically requires a cable subscription but Super Bowl LI will be unlocked and FREE!

      • Gary Bishop

        OK- good to know. Thanks!

      • Lolo Atkinson

        Yes, but does it show the commercials too?

        • September A Lukic

          Did you actually read the above article?! It clearly states commercials will be aired, it will be as if you subscribe to the channel during the whole pregame, game, halftime, and the damn commercials. Maybe just maybe if people could hold there attention long enough to read more than a headline they would have the answer to questions so much faster!!!

  • Jessica

    Currently it says the super bowl is locked for me, will it unlock on super bowl day?

  • Badol Hasan
  • Elizabeth Kligge

    what happens after the game? does fox sports go just lock itself automatically?

  • Derek

    So through fox sports we will see all the commercials?

    • You will!

      • Cheila

        THANK YOU!!!!!!!

        • Daminica VanDyke

          Not seeing commercials. The blue fox screen comes up instead of commercials.

      • Sabrina Fischer

        Roku what’s with the Fox Sports screensaver when commercials come on

        • Mandy Brock

          No commercials

          • Sabrina Fischer

            Restart the app. I now have commercials and no more loading problems

      • melissa

        Commercials are not playing??

        • Dawn Crum Byler

          Exited & reentered & commercials played.

        • Mandy Brock

          Me either

      • Jared Sackton

        Not seeing commercials here either. Also, constant buffer problems.

      • Gregory Buck Lyons

        I haven’t seen any yet 😠

      • Johnny De La Cruz

        Commercials are blacked out ?

      • Tesa James

        No commercials on,mine. It’s just a blue screen when they go to break. Disappointing

      • eelysem

        Saw one commercial not the last slot was blacked out… What is the deal here

      • Ryan Stark

        Not showing commercials

      • What is the deal? No comercials here either. We had one on the first break (ford commercial) and now just the fox logo. I couldn’t care less about these two teams -i was trusting to have these commercials though!

        • Erin

          We went out and back in and we are seeing them now.

        • BSQ

          We exited the app and went back in and the commercials are now showing. Previously from the start of the game we had the blue fox logo screen

      • Diane Meder

        No, I am not seeing any commercials. It’s disappointing and a lot of buffering. I saw commercials on the pregame show, but they stopped when the game started.

      • Mandy Brock

        Not seeing commericals!!!

  • Nicole Celeste Willis

    So, if i add this channel to my Roku account, on Sunday i’ll be able to watch the Superbowl like everyone else?? Or do i have to buy a subscription to something within FOX SPORTS GO to do this? I don’t want to plan for it and then the day comes and I don’t get it live.

    • Usually FOX Sports GO requires a cable subscription but the Super Bowl will be unlocked for everyone in the U.S. on Sunday!

      • saki

        How about for Canadians with a Roku. Will it work?

        • Nina

          According to Roku, it is only available in the U.S.

        • Xentrk

          Subscribe to a VPN service. e.g. Most give you a 30 day subscription for free. You will more than likely need to install, Tomato, dd-wrt or ASUS Merlin Firmware on the router. Some stock firmware may support OpenVPN though. Then follow the instructions on the VPN provider to configure on the router. You can then get around geo blocking.

          • saki

            Thats a great option but the person who is hosting the Superbowl party has a router that belongs to the Telco company but lets see if I can bridge it and I will bring my own router. thanks

    • setting up my Roku with Fox Sports Go. No problem installing app on Roku but when I go to watch Fox Sports Go on my TV there is a message, “Activate, sign in on you desktop or mobile device at: and enter “7 digit code” >

      I entered the code from my ROKU account and what should happen next? Do I have to do this from my TV’s web browser or use screen mirroring with a tablet, etc?

  • Jeff

    Just added the FoxSportsGo channel to my Roku. All I see for Sunday is the Super Bowl Field Pass. Above it says that’s for checking out the stadium. Will this be the actual game as well? Wasn’t clear and want to make sure before people come over to watch!

    • Hi Jeff, everything mentioned above It will all be available in the channel on Sunday.

    • bill llib

      Hi Jeff, i’m going to try it as well,had my roku in the US for years and now i’m in Ottawa, will check it out to see if I can stream as well. enjoy the game

  • Jeff

    As a Canadian, whatever are my options with roku to Watch the super bowl?
    I just bought myself a brand new roku player ans I can’t figure it out!

    • Chuck Steak

      Just download the fox sports go app

      • Fingers Phil

        I get this message: “Apologies, but the web channel store is not currently supported in your region.” (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) And I can’t find FOXSportsGO via search on the Roku…

        • Nina

          Apparently, according to Roku, the channel is only available in the U.S.

        • emmceegee

          Several Roku options in Canada: 1) Get free trial of USTV app – has Fox network affiliate 2) Get free trial of MediaTV app -has CTV network affiliate 3) Get FOTV app which has several CTV channels (from Alberta). Sometimes not full HD depending on your network and their connection, but they work here (in GTA)

  • huck555

    So I can use Foxsportsgo without a cable provider?

    • Chuck Steak

      Yes – after reading about 20 articles to make sure 🙂

    • You can watch Super Bowl LI on FOX Sports GO without a cable provider log in!

  • gsoltis29

    Same with me
    It only had Super Bowl field pass thing at 5

    Help please!!!

    I’m signed into frontier

  • Tracy Ford

    I’m in the same boat I don’t want to invite people over and not be able to watch, we have no cable subscriber. Is this really true?

    • Chuck Steak

      Hi tracey – just did some research and yes it’s as good as it sounds. usually fox sports go requires a cable subscription but for the superbowl it does NOT. Which means you do no have to log in to any cable provider and wifi supplier. Just download the Fox sports go app on roku and it will work.

      • Lee Gilmer

        So I need a roku to do this? will the basic $29.99 roku streamer give me what I need?

        • CvilleGuy78


  • Jonny_O

    I’m probably hoping against hope here, but is there any chance the stream will be 4K?

    • It will not be streaming in 4K, Jonny.

  • NavyUSC

    Will the live stream be available oversees as well or only in the US?

    • FOX Sports GO is only available in the U.S.

  • Right Click

    Pulled the cable plug months ago. No intention to re-plug. Would like to the game, but will be avoiding Goggity Ga’s halftime show.

  • EF McAdams

    What is the difference between a Roku Channel and the Fox Sports Go “app” they are talking about, please? Are apps and channels the same thing on the Roku?

    Thanks ..

    • We call apps channels at Roku – sorry for the confusion!

  • RGB

    OK, I did the download thing for the channel. So how do I find the channel? It’s not there in my list or in the channel store.

    • Nina

      I had to click the house shaped button on my remote, for home, and then do a search for it, and then add the channel that way. Then it was at the end of my channels. Hope that helps.

  • anita

    I realy hope this true I download it and wait until sunday

    • David

      Yes, it is true, even on the Apple TV 4, as long as you have cable TV, because you have to sign in to your cable TV provider. I hope people understand this… You will get a code, and a URL,, or something similar, type that into your computer, and use the code the Roku gives you on your TV screen, and then it asks to sign in your cable TV provider (you need an online account with your cable TV provider first) and boom, you are in, providing your Cable, Fiber, or Satellite TV provider is on that list… I hope that helps! Lucky Super Bowl Sundaying on your Roku! 🙂

      • Lonesome Whistle

        What you’re sayings is not what the article says. The article says we don’t need to sign in with a cable provider.

        • Jennifer Hayes-Briand

          I just got on our Roku, went to the NFL channel and viola….it’s streaming LIVE….for FREE. Didn’t have to sign into anything but our Roku account. No codes needed.

          • Lonesome Whistle

            You’re right the article was right, the commenter I replied to was wrong.
            AND WHAT A GAME!

  • Tara Halter VanDyke

    Is there a specific time on Sunday when the channel will unlock?

    • CvilleGuy78

      1:50 pm Eastern Daylight Savings time.

  • Brenda Shepard

    It would probably be ok IF your carrier is listed! Ours is not! So that means no Super Bowl for us.

  • Brenda Shepard

    It would probably work fine IF you have your T.V provider on the list! We do not so it won’t work.

    • Jules

      You don’t need a provider. It will be unlocked. We haven’t had cable in 8+ years, and watch the Super Bowl through Roku without issues.

      • Cindy

        I downloaded the Fox sports go to my roku tv. How do i play something to do a trial run

    • lovlyb37

      Yes you will be able to watch it free. Its true!

  • meka

    I just went to the NFL channel and it was right There! I was able to to click it to watch live…it went to ads, so I’m thinking its true!

  • john

    i downloaded fox sports go and it says at 6:30 it will be on but in spanish or something not in english?

  • Jean

    I might on but the pregame won’t run? Is something wrong or am I too early?

  • Tommy Quaid

    is fox using 4k def cameras? therefore will we see 4k content?

  • Clarissa Sawyer

    Thank you ROKU for streaming the big game today for us who do not
    subscribe to cable! Go Patriots!!! 🙂

    • Ed Stein

      Do you see the game on the menu? I only see the Field Pass (at 4pm) showing under “upcoming” events? Or, is the Field Pass also the game, which starts at 5:30pm?

      • MoeTheCat

        Try signing out of the app (channel) using the * (star key) while the channel is loaded in ROKU… worked for me

        • Ed Stein

          OK, I did that and now I see the game listed under “featured” for 4:50pm … so I guess that is it? I am a newbie, by the way. LOL

          • MoeTheCat

            Yes, I think you have it. I also see my local FOX station listed in the box…I guess they are playing “local” feeds. Do you also see the pregame show?

        • Ed Stein

          The pregame show is on now. Under “featured”, I see the Super Bowl Field Pass for 4pm and the Super Bowl itself (Falcons v. Patriots) for 4:50pm. I am going to leave it right there and see if it starts playing the Field Pass at 4pm.

  • JerseyJeff

    Hello. Does anyone know that with the Fox Sports Go app if we will be able to pause the game at points since it’s on the Roku device and not OTA live TV? I am wondering this because I have the option to view the SB using OTA but with this method I won’t be able to pause/FF. I thought that with the Roku app I may be able to. Hope someone out there knows…

    • Sean Wookie Doidge

      Apparently you can pause, but I’m not sure for how long.
      You can’t seem to FF or Rewind though.

  • Ed Stein

    I see the SuperBowl Field Pass as an “upcoming” event at 4pm on the screen, but should I not also see the actual game as an upcoming event (5:30pm kickoff)?

    • Eric Rosenhan

      It was the same for me. I never could get the game to come on through FSG on my Roku

  • Jordan Yelton

    will the stream be available to people in germany?

  • lovlyb37

    Thank you Roku!! Your awesome 🙆❤

  • Sabrina Fischer

    Does anyone else’s roku fox sports go keep down loading? It is very aggravating and when commercials come on fox sreen saver comes on screen.

  • Lisa Franko Healy

    I thought we would be able to see national commercials, but I keep getting the Fox Sports screensaver, too.

    • Sabrina Fischer

      It’s aggravating too say the least.

  • Gormenghast7

    It’s not working well at all, and the game hasn’t even started yet. Trouble connecting, and keep getting kicked out (“experiencing errors… try back later”). Not optimistic about being able to watch the game without screaming.

  • Kris

    Commercials are blocked … Anyone know how to fix it ??

    • Kim Carlberg

      I am curious about this too. Making me nervous as people are on their way.

      • Kris

        They are playing commercials now … Must have wanted to play only the actual Superbowl commercials

      • Kris

        Never mind … Commercials are gone again.. Very disappointing

        • Erin

          Went out ans back in and I am seeing them now

          • Kris

            Thank you Erin .. I will try that on next commercial break

          • Kelly Doyle

            Try what? We r missing them too. 🙁

          • Erin

            We went put of the app and back in and it is working for us now.

          • Kelly Doyle

            Yeah!!! Duh!! Thank you guys!!

          • Kris

            It works now .. Thank you again

  • melissa

    We keep getting the fox logo when the commercials should be on?? Please fix

  • Patrick Nelson Smith

    It looks like the commercials are blacked out

  • Gregory Buck Lyons

    I take it we don’t get to see the commercials 😠

  • Ben

    Anyone sewing commercials?!

    • Ben


      • Sabrina Fischer

        Are u still seeing commercials? Mine quit and just shows screen saver now

    • Mandy Brock


  • Shelly Trigg

    Seeing commercials now

  • Sabrina Fischer

    Yay. Commercials are finally playing.

  • Paxg

    My roku keeps buffering or something, is it skipping commercials? I’m getting disappointed. I’ve got my whole family at my house to watch the game and there will be alot of angry people if it continues to blank out randomly! What’s wrong roku?

  • Matt Anderson

    I was hoping to watch the game but the Fox Sports Go channel is only showing tabs for whats playing on the 10th and 11th.

    • Sabrina Fischer

      I am watching the game right now through my roku on Fox Sports Go

    • Eric Rosenhan

      Same. Didn’t work for me. It showed a pregame thing and then nothing. Really ticked me off because I had guests for the game.. I had to hook up laptops and stream to my TV’s from there.

  • Madison joiner

    Why are commercials not playing?

    • Sabrina Fischer

      They were at beginning now they have stopped showing them. Not cool.

      • Madison joiner

        Yeah why did they stop working? Confused and frustrated

        • Sabrina Fischer

          Did u restart the app? Someone suggested it, I tried it and it works

  • Mandy

    Why are commercials blocked?

    You can’t advertise the “can’t miss commercials” and then not block them.

  • Madison joiner

    Why aren’t there commercials? It literally said there would be. this is ridiculous. I have some angry people at my house.

    • Heather

      Exit of app and go back in and they should start working. It worked for me hope this helps!!

  • Melody Williams

    I have the Fox GO app and I’m tying to watch the Super Bowl but everytime the commercials come on the screen goes to the Fox Sports screen and I have to wait. So no commercials 🙁

  • Kelly Doyle

    Roku,. They are not showing the commercials. It goes to fix logo and stays until the coverage begins again. 🙁


    No commercials now. Played a few at game start now back to fox screen saver. Boo Roku

  • Pedro Coronel

    No commercials here. Any work around?

  • kkivie

    i am only getting it in spanish??

    • Heidi Jacobsen

      Me too!!

  • Diane Meder

    I added the channel but during the commercials all I get is the Fox Sports logo. No commercials, so it’s not quite the offer that was promised.

    • MT

      Us too! Wonder if we will see halftime show?!

      • Diane Meder

        Hopefully. There were commercials after the first half ended, but only commercials for other fox programs.

  • Tesa James

    Super mad commercials aren’t working.

    • Heather

      Log out and go back into app and they should work

  • Jim Tittle

    Fox sports channel fail. It started showing commercials and then stopped. What’s up?

  • Erin

    I went out and back in and I am seeing commercials now.

    • Pedro Coronel

      Can confirm this. We restarted the roku to be safe. We are now seeing commercials 😀

  • Heather

    I Exited out of the app when I went back into the app it let me start seeing the commercial

  • Todd Brooks

    Watching FOX screen saver every couple minutes during commercials will make me shut this off if it keeps up. Total disappointment.

  • Missi Bryner

    Why are the commercials blocked when the offer details stated we could view them? Please fix

  • Dawn Crum Byler

    Went out & came back in…. and the commercials played!!!!

  • Katie Babcock

    The first commercials streamed now they arent….. the silent fox logo is SUPER annoying wtf

    • Oblique

      sign out then back in.

    • Lutz Ronald

      Restart app people’s

  • Jim Tittle

    Restarted the app and it worked.
    I am getting commercials.

  • Allen

    Only seeing the Spanish stream.

    • Heidi Jacobsen

      Same here!!

  • Katie Babcock

    Yes the restart worked, no more annoying logo. THANK YOU for posting about that!!

  • Mandy Lee

    It doesn’t show ANY of the Superbowl commercials!!!😔 Very Disappointed!

    • Nicole

      I know! We aren’t getting commercials either! What the heck ROKU?? You promised commercials!!

  • Nicole

    ROKU! Say it isn’t so!! We aren’t able to see any commercials!

  • Todd Brooks

    Cold Roku reboot and no more commercial-time flash screen. Thanks, but what wizard programed this stuff?

  • Carol Sims

    Why aren’t commercials being played on this?

  • Sharon

    Why can’t I see the commercials? Is anyone having this problem?

    • Jim Tittle

      Restart the app and don’t pause. I found that if I paused the app, it would not play the commercials.

    • Sabrina Fischer

      Restart the app helped me. I can see the commercials now

  • Riinnii

    Getting the commercials but is it just me or are these not “superbowl” commercials? They suck…