Today we are releasing a beta of the Xfinity TV app for Roku in the U.S., providing Xfinity TV customers across the country even more choice in how they access the programming that is included with their cable subscription.

Featuring an immersive guide with rich graphics, imagery, personalized recommendations and detailed information for tens of thousands of movies and TV shows, the app will allow Xfinity TV customers to watch live and on demand programming, including local broadcast and Public Educational and Governmental channels, as well as their cloud DVR recordings, delivered over Comcast’s secure private managed network, on Roku devices in the home.

The Xfinity TV beta app gives customers the ability to use and explore the beta Roku channel while Comcast continues to test and improve performance, enhance it with additional features and functionality, and refine the experience to ensure that the app works smoothly. To enjoy the Xfinity TV beta app on the Roku platform, simply add it from the Roku Channel Store. Initially, the Xfinity TV beta app will be available on Roku TV models and all Roku players released in the last couple years including the popular Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Streaming Stick (model 3600), Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Ultra, Roku 4 (model 4400), Roku 3 (model 4230 and 4200), and Roku 2 (model 4210). We will work to expand support to additional Roku players throughout the beta as part of the official launch.

We plan to officially launch the Xfinity TV app later this year, but for now we can’t wait for people to try it out and enjoy more choice and flexibility in accessing their Xfinity cable subscription on their Roku device. Your feedback is important during this beta trial and you will be helping the Comcast team improve the experience. To learn more about the Xfinity TV app for Roku and provide feedback, visit

Happy Viewing!

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  • Jason Jones

    The room I don’t have a X1 box in has my Roku 3, I hope support for that comes soon

  • Drew Hall

    Oh cool, thanks for fucking over people who have been Roku customers for years. Myself and my Roku 2 2720x might be making a trip outside so it can meet a fucking sledgehammer here pretty fucking soon. And after that I’m telling everyone I know not to buy Roku players, period.

    • Kyle

      …You can buy a brand new Express for under $30, calm down.

    • John Doe

      Ditch Comcast and Roku and check out the Xiaomi Mi Box for Android TV from Walmart for $70. If you are that into live tv and bundles and sports then Android TV has Sling TV, PlayStation VUE, and Direct TV Now available. Plus they have a really well done Spotify app that you can use for free. Unlike the Roku Spotify app which is garbage and requires a Premium subscription to listen to.

  • Kyle

    Was really hoping this would function like the mobile and desktop apps, where a cable box isn’t required and can be used remotely. This kind of defeats the purpose for Roku’s demographic of cord cutters; if you already have the cable box why wouldn’t you just use the X1 platform? I guess it makes sense for people with guest rooms, but this could’ve been so much more.

  • Mahesh

    Any plans to support Roku Streaming Stick (model 3500x)??

    • Hi Mahesh, we are working with the Comcast team to expand support to additional Roku players throughout the beta as part of the official launch.

  • Andyt63

    why isn’t it working have a Roku 4400.7.5 firmware

    • Hi Andy, can you please try again? Let us know if you’re still having issues.

      • Edward Ryder

        up and working now

  • John Doe

    You people do know that Comcast intends to charge you a fee for using the Roku app once the beta testing period is over, right? Also, Comcast’s nonpromotional prices on double play packages are way higher than anything comparable that you would get with Comcast internet only and Sling TV, PlayStation VUE, or Direct TV Now combined. And if you are even close to going over the Comcast data cap then you either have way too much time or way too many people in your home.

  • Kyle

    The app won’t let me install, with an error that I don’t have any supported devices even though I have a Roku TV 5113x, maybe there’s an issue with how the compatible device check is working?

    • Ken

      Yeah, I don’t think they did the device checking correctly for Roku TVs.

    • HI Kyle, please try again and let us know.

  • Michael Fox

    Works great can’t believe how cool we live in a technology world where we can stream like this still. Can’t wait to see how the app will grow.

    • Matt Reid

      Wow, are you easily impressed and overbilled. I’d guess you work for them. To be billed for using your own device?

      • Michael Fox

        Well that was before we found out they will charge for this.. but at least we have options right?

  • Shane Caperton

    Ive got 2 Roku Streaming sticks 2016 versions, a Roku 3 2016 version and a Roku 2 and not a single 1 of them has this xfinity channel…and I have comcast tv and internet services. whats the deal? i can only buy the models sold in the store and from Roku yet none of these have the channel…whats the deal?

    • CX1

      Working on my Bestbuy purchased Roku 3 and I have never had a set top box from Comcast, only Cablecard.

    • Kenneth G. Shaw

      Try downloading like it’s a Roku hidden channel by putting in the code in at your online account.

  • Shane Caperton

    interesting after making this comment it miraculously appears…we shall see how good it does

  • MAH

    What I don’t understand is I can access the xfinity go app on my iPad, but when I download the xfinity app on the roku while away from home, it will not allow me to connect because I am not on my “home network.” What does it matter where I am? I have paid for my services and wish to watch on a roku away from home…please change this aspect of the program as a lot of us are on the road, away from home and want to watch on a regular sized television, not the small tablet screen.

    • Comcast doesn’t want people sharing 1 account with their in-laws, or their neighbor, which already goes on to some extent with the apps/channels for individual cable networks. There may be technical issues involved as well.

  • Doug Jones

    If they are going to charge us per each Roku device connected, why not just get the Xfinity box?

    • Using Roku allows you to not switch inputs and remotes. It also allows saving a little electricity by having one fewer box using power. The FAQ says TV customers must have at least one cable box (or Comcast DTA or CableCard) in your home, so you may not want to use this Roku channel for your main TV.

      • UberCrew

        Still not worth the $7.45/month charge per Roku device. No where close to the experience you would get using a Tivo.

        • Well yeah, it’s a different experience. A Tivo is purpose-built for this and has a built-in DVR with built-in storage. A Roku is cheaper and this is just one channel/app out of thousands and has no built-in recording functionality.

          • UberCrew

            Yeah however if the rumor is true comcast would be charging the same monthly fee to use the Roku app that they do to use a CableCard in a device such as a Tivo. If I am going to pay an extra $7.45/mo per Roku device I would just invest in a Tivo and enjoy a much better experience. For those who already own a 4 or 6 tuner Tivo, a Tivo Mini would be a better investment than paying Comcast $7.45/mo to use a very limited app.

    • UberCrew

      The app isn’t too bad especially for a beta version. Just not worth paying $7.45/mo per Roku device IMO. At that price there are better options.

  • Doug Jones

    BTW, for those who don’t see the App Store from within their devices, click on the Xfinity app link at the top of this article & add it to your account from there.

  • Scott Lewis

    “On conclusion of the trial, you will be informed of the charges that will apply for connecting this device with your XFINITY TV service and will have the opportunity to opt in.”

    I’ll stick with PS Vue. How idiotic. They just don’t see what’s happening out there.

  • mwf369

    Does anyone know if usage of the Xfinity TV app on Roku counts against your data usage limit?

    I didn’t see it mentioned in the FAQ

    • It will not. There is an FAQ on that page that goes into more detail.

  • CX1

    Guide is molasses slow on a 75Mpbs pipe. Do I need gigabit to use this lol?

    • How slow is the guide for SlingTV? I only used it on one free weekend and that was a while ago.

      Do I remember correctly that PS Vue doesn’t even have a traditional guide on Roku? I expect this is why. I think Roku just wasn’t designed to handle all the data in a guide.

    • To answer my own question, I used SlingTV again on the most recent free weekend. SlingTV doesn’t use a traditional guide design, so avoid having to load as much data for one view. SlingTV has one page for shows on during the current time block and they have a page for each network, but don’t show the typical grid of 2+ hours of data for dozens (or hundreds) of networks. It’s interesting that they used this same simplified design for Fire TV, though it’s probably helpful on the rather slow first generation FireTV Stick.

  • CX1
  • Nancy

    I have the streaming stick 3600 which shows it’s supported, but it shows my devices aren’t supported. Any ideas?

    • Pinkie

      Came here looking for that same answer…

      • Pinkie

        I click on the link above, i log in …and then it says I don’t have a device and it tries to lead me to the site’s shopping page.

    • Kenneth G. Shaw

      Try like you’re adding a Roku hidden channel using the code at your Roku account online at

  • CoreyT

    Audio is about 10 seconds ahead of the video on a 55″ insignia roku tv on 7.5 code. Occasionally have video quality issues as well but same channel on playstation vue plays fine so it’s not a local bandwidth issue.

    • Linda Polovchik

      My app seems to sync well. It’s just too many clicks to get to the channel you want to watch and I can’t delete watched recordings. I can do that on my iPad tv app though.

  • Zman78

    Will this Beta work on a Roku SE?

    • No, that’s a rebranded Roku 1 (2710). The 27xx models from 2013 are not supported.

      This only works with 2015 and 2016 models except for the Roku 3 (4200) from 2013. (I can’t seem to find the relevant information about Roku TV models to know which of those are supported.)

  • knowingisgrowing

    Charges! They want money! Unbelievable. The FCC’s push was so that consumers didn’t get boggled down with hardware fee’s they didn’t need. Comcasts solution? Add software FEES! Comcast is a lost cause!

    • Doug Jones


  • Michael J.

    Does this app not support live HD Channels and guide filtering? I have a Roku Streaming Stick (3600R)

    • The HD channels for me start at 801. Use the options/asterisk button to open the menu to jump down to there (after you scroll down a little — why it isn’t immediately available from the guide isn’t clear). No, it doesn’t have filtering yet.

  • Mike Thaler

    I know answers to following is here, somewhere. Just can’t find them.
    1. Home No. 1. Have 2 Comcast DVRs and DTA. Have Roku Premiere+. Internet from Comcast.
    2. Home No. 2. Have 1 Comcast DVR and DTA. Have Premiere+. Internet from subsidiary of Google.

    Can we make use of this new app from either (or both?) locations? We watch most TV via time shifting – thus need for ability to be able to store streams if we want to get rid of expensive DVR(s).
    Are you required to have internet from Comcast?

    • Yes, this only works for homes of customers who have both Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet. For your second home you can use another online service like PlayStation Vue for months when you’re there.

      You might still want to keep one or two of the DVRs though because not everything is available on demand and TV episodes and movies age out from on demand. As someone mentioned in another comment, you could buy a Tivo (with ability to make up to 6 simultaneous recordings and the possibility of replacing the internal hard drive with a higher capacity one) and rent a CableCard instead of renting DVRs from Comcast (the price difference for renting equipment from Comcast should be listed in December’s mailing). Also with Tivo you can buy Tivo Mini extenders, so one Tivo can service your whole home. Another option would be to use a HDHomeRun Prime, with rented CableCard, and record up to 3 shows simultaneously with a Plex (Premium/PlexPass required) media server. (I’ve never owned a Tivo or HDHomeRun myself; I just keep up with alternatives for whole-home DVR solutions.)

      • knowingisgrowing

        Or, you can stop wasting money, get playon, and stream to your TV, like every other cable provider, and use your PC to record your content, legally.

    • David Tatlitug

      Almost everything is available on demand now this making a DVR irrelevant

      • Yes and no. With a DVR you can retain access to more than the last 5 episodes that aired of a show. Also some syndicated content like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy aren’t available on demand, as far as I’ve seen.

        • David Tatlitug

          There are two online streaming services that now have DVR in the cloud. One is PlayStation and other I believe is USTV. This number will increase.

    • Matthew Bucar

      You can buy your internet from anyone unless you have a contract.

    • Kenneth G. Shaw

      The free PLEX channel in the Roku store… And plug a 16 or higher USB into your Roku to pause live over-the-air tv;;; I don’t know how to add memory to Rokus or Roku Tvs…

  • Ant C

    On my insignia roku tv 5302x , the sound is out of sync by about 10 to 15 seconds, that’s if I can get the channel the play at all, which is less than half the time.

    • David Tatlitug

      Insignia is the answer. How cheap was that? What is that! Sometimes restarting Roku in the menu solves that delay.

      • Kenneth G. Shaw

        I bought 2 TCL Roku TVs at the local, neighborhood Walmart Supercenter in LaGrange, Ky. here at the end of last October 2016 less than 1/2 mile away from me where I figured TCL Roku TVs was cheap enough at $125 each, plus the $10 each 2 year extended warranty for my mother’s & my TCL Roku TVs…

  • Scott Lewis


    1) They really really need to reconsider the fee… This is not a cable box, not a cable card.

    2) The guide shouldn’t halt audio, and a small video window would be great.

    3) Pausing, RW and FF works for both on demand and DVR… needs to work on live TV too.

    For a beta, a good start.

    • 1) Quite! If they want to compete with PS Vue, they shouldn’t have a charge for each TV after the first.

      3) That would certainly be appreciated but Roku has limited buffer space, so it might be deemed too difficult for technical reasons.

      • Scott Lewis

        Regarding live pause, I think the Vue app has it? Not 100% sure as I had Vue for a year, but on Fire TV. If it’s cloud based, they can do the pause in the cloud I would imagine.

        Ultimately, I begrudgingly accept the charge, not because it’s fair, but I used so much bandwidth with Vue that I added the $50 unlimited plan. So my bill will still go down… But it hurts my brain to try and think of it as legitimate.

        • Matt Reid

          We can thank those of you who voted for TRUMP as the FCC was just ready to allow third party devices and mandated that all cable companies allow them. As soon as Trump Chairman was approved this along with net neutrality was killed. This will raise the price of everything. He warned all of you he was going to make it easier for companies to screw us and you all just thought he was talking a tax cut for them. WHO DO YOU think is paying for those cuts and how. WELL, this is just one way. Using your own device and getting a bill for it. Far better off to use your free computer xfinity play back and make sure your laptop has a HDMI port on it. Xfinity has no way to tell if you hook that to a TV or not. This will allow you to have just one Box in your home and use cheap tablets with HDMI out ports for extra TV’s. So, don’t accept the charge without complaining. XFINITY/COMCAST now wants to buy another Cable company to lessen competition which will again raise prices. Q: Why can I buy Starz, HBO, ShowTime etc. on ROKU or add to my Amazon Prime for less money than I can get it added to my Xfinity? Also look into sling boxes. I have three of them allowing me to use my cable in two of my homes and only pay for one and it’s legal. For each Cable Box I have a Sling Box Attached so for two homes I pay $44.00 a month for the Satellite and I only pay $19.95 for the internet to transmit it by splitting the use of internet with a friend. If these companies are going to charge us a fortune then we should screw them back. If Netflix can produce what will be a network of all new streaming shows for $7.99 a month and you get a Roku with many free stations then why give Comcast ten cents? Don’t ever believe them when they say the price is so high because they pay so much to rebroadcast. If that were the truth then where did they get all the money to buy Universal and try to buy Verizon until FCC turned them down and now try to buy Time Warner? They are making multitudes of Billions, yes Billions on Internet and Cable and most people just fall in step with them believing there is no other way to watch TV but there is. Sling, DirecTV via Internet (still in Beta) VUE and USTV all allow you most channels you enjoy and in the cloud DVR at a much lesser price. F***K Comcast, the greedy bastards.

          • The Truth

            No, I didn’t allow television any weight in my decision process for voting for Trump. Get a life. Watching TV is a big waste of time.

          • Matthew Bucar

            It’s what one watches. Tv can be very informative like telling us all about Trumps lies. A daily occurrence.

          • Kenneth G. Shaw

            President Donald John Trump is an Angel compared with where Obummer couldn’t tell the truth, if his life depended on it where Obummer even lied about him being a homosexual & Moochelle being a transvestite, just ask Joan Rivers. Google where a homosexual bathhouse Man’s Country in Chicago, even named a couple of presidential suites in honor of Obummer…

          • Kenneth G. Shaw

            I just tried to right a wrong, where you idiots didn’t vote for Ross Perot, after the pedophile George Herbert Walker Bush lied to all of us with “read my lips, no new taxes,” during the 88 campaign & where President Ronald Wilson Reagan should’ve dumped that pedophile George Herbert Walker Bush’s ass in 83 & replace that pedophile with Barry Goldwater Jr. where we would’ve had Barry Goldwater Jr. in 88 & 92 & not these Damn Clinton’s, Bush’s & Obama’s for over 30 years & most of our lives

          • Mark Bernard

            I do thank Trump,, because welfare bums like you need to get a job and quit watching TV you idiot!!!

          • Matt Reid

            Love people who resort to name calling when they know nothing about the subject matter. Typical trump trash.
            BTW I produce movies for a living and what do you do? ❓

          • Kenneth G. Shaw

            Matt you did get a little off base there where you did make some good points with your comments & which I commended you for those comments & right now you’re the pot calling the kettle black with another 1 of your nasty Trump comments towards President Donald John Trump & President Donald John Trump’s supporters. Even my idiot older brother, who was like you with Obummer & an ardent Obummer supporter admitted just the other day where President Donald John Trump has done more in his 1st 50 days, then Obummer did in his entire 8 years

          • Kenneth G. Shaw

            He had some good points where he wasn’t completely off his medication Mark, like where I mentioned & Mohu Leaf & Antenna Direct over-the-air antennas for over-the-air, near HD digital channels & their over-the-air digital subchannels, like ME-TV & AntennaTV. In a lot of cases over-the-air now looks better than cable.

          • Kenneth G. Shaw

            The Damn federal government should’ve paid Underwriters Labs to research off-the-shelf, over-the-air antennas & then handed out antennas starting in low-income neighborhoods & then wealthier neighborhoods, if the supply of antennas is not gone by then, instead of handing out those digital tuners. That federal government digital turner program was a racket where W’s & the Bush’s crony-capitalist friends made a killing off of those cheap digital tuners… And why did the Damn federal government even get into the business of handing out free cheap digital tuners in the 1st place, because nowhere in the Enumerated Clause of the US Constitution is it mention that the Damn federal government can hand out free, cheap digital tuners?

          • Have you forgotten about the digital switch-over (in 2009)? If you’re still upset by that, I’ve got bad news for you. They’re planning on doing it again. Analog TV was called NTSC, then there was the switch-over to digital with ATSC (1.0), and now plans are being developed to have better digital TV with ATSC 3.0, but it will make the existing tuners (e.g. those built into HDTVs and OTA DVRs) incompatible with the signals being transmitted again.

          • Kenneth G. Shaw

            Where’s all of this in the enumerated powers clause of The Supreme Law of The Land,- The united States Constitution & its companions,- The Bill of Rights & The Declaration of Independence. The federal government is limited to just a handful of jobs called the enumerated powers clause of The united States Constitution. This whole country is 1 Damn racket!

          • Jenn_In_Atl

            Sounds like with 3 homes, he’s not on welfare. Don’t be a hater : )

          • Beth Mackenzie

            seriously… Dude, WTF./
            how about a TLDR version

          • Bocoharamalamadingdong

            Bring back 44 and watch ISIS kill all our little girls. But, hey, my Tivo works!

  • Cindy Schwartz-Jones

    YES! Thank you ROKU for the Xfinity app! I have been waiting and waiting for it. I am a Xfinity customer and I am so happy ROKU finally now has the app! However one major issue, the app should not be charging us Xfinity customers at all……it should be free with our cable service. because if that is the case I would just get another cable box from my cable company.

    • knowingisgrowing

      Bingo. This is in no way a service to consumers, no other provider charges for their roku channel, Time Warner, for example, and the FCC’s reasoning was to reduce the unfair fee’s that consumers have to pay for their leased hardware. Comcast does not have its consumer in mind with this decision to charge us, they have their bottom line in mind.

      The outcome will be a 1.5 out of 5 star review (the current rating on the channel), and a public outcry when more and more people realize.

      • David Tatlitug

        Comcast has the most customer complaints of any service. They cheat people out of money and have paid penalties for it. The say you bought services which you never did and have been fined for that also. They tell you that you have a contract when you don’t and they fail to honor some of their true contracts. Beyond me why you would do business with them at all.

        • knowingisgrowing

          Because they have a monopoly on broadband in my area. The alternative is DSL – which is far too slow for my needs. 🙁

  • Jason Smith

    Should still be in Alpha. Pretty lame I can’t stream to Roku the stick while outside of my home traveling….

  • Linda Sell

    Does the Roku Ultra remote voice work for the Xfinity app?

  • Smaller Idea

    Let’s look at Comcast’s past history with Samsung TV and also the Xbox 360, both have been retired. I don’t see high hopes of this sticking around for longer than 1-2years at best. The idea of the monthly cost is to recoup lost profits from people not wanting to rent a cable box. Trust me, I worked for Comcast for 14years and heard it directly from Dave Watson himself. This is also the reason why Comcast wants to impose data caps as after people cord cut and go to internet how do they make up the difference in missing extra cable box fees?

    • Kenneth G. Shaw $20 for Orange, $25 for Orange & Blue & 4 for $10 add on to bring it to I think 80 channels,- Is there anything better?

      • bglipsitz

        Don’t forget the antenna to pick up local network affiliates.

        • Kenneth G. Shaw

          Yes, maybe a very good Mohu Leaf Antenna or an Antenna Direct Antenna. is $20 for Orange (I think, with all 3 ESPN’s guys), $25 for Blue, $40 for Orange & Blue, plus with the 4 for $10 add on it will bring Sling TV, I think to over 80 channels. When you add all of your over-the-air digital channels, including all of the over-the-air subchannels, like ME-TV & AntennaTV, where with a good Mohu Leaf or Antenna Direct antenna, then you should pick up, at least 40 over-the-air digital HD channels & between Sling TV & your over-the-air digital HD channels that should give you 120 channels with the over-the-air digital channels looking better than your cable…

          • 40 OTA channels? Some people will get that many, but the number really depends on distance from the transmission towers and what obstructions might be in the line-of-sight (and which TV market you’re in). I only get 10 (with a Mohu Leaf 50 in the attic) and some of those are somewhat intermittent.

          • Kenneth G. Shaw

            More, if you live in between 3 or 4 major cities,- maybe up to 70 channels. I get 30 easy in a place sitting low in LaGrange, Kentucky call The Bottoms where all the meth heads & dope heads literally are next door to me & this is just the slumlord’s drug dealing & pothead employees. You’re not factoring in & counting all the OTA digital subchannels, like ME-TV & AntennaTV & religious digital channels…

          • Yes, I was including subchannels, but I forgot that a subchannel had been added, so I get 11. Among them are 5 (primary) channels (ABC, CBS, 2 PBS, and an independent), 4 with 1 subchannel each and 1 with 2 subchannels.

          • Kenneth G. Shaw

            It sounds like I will be sticking with my 2 Antenna Direct antennas, until I can get into a better place where I can go online & color code for the type of an outside antenna I will need for that better place. Roku needs to become a “cable provider” themselves, so we can put in cable provider codes for the channels in the Roku channel store that takes cable provider codes in our Roku devices or at least get the Ebru family channel where it will stream & replace ADRise, because ADRise does a rotten job with ads.

          • Kenneth G. Shaw

            I use an Antenna Direct antenna

  • Paul

    Are there any instructions on how to effectively use the ROKU remote with the Xfinity app?

    • David Tatlitug

      Place under foot and jump up and down

  • Guest

    Major lag between audio and video on top of the monthly fee is a deal breaker. It totally ruins the experience. nearly 15 seconds or more assuming they dont drop every few minutes altogether. I am on my home network with a 100M pipe from comcast.
    I’ll probably just delete the app and go back to running it on my PC with an HDMI port. Works much better. Better still buy an HDMI splitter and run a cable 15 feet from my cable box to my other TV.
    Its shameful that Xfinity app also blocks a cast from a mobile device on the Home network to a Roku or Amazon Stick. Anything to milk the customer for more $$$. When you are taken for a ride every day even if you are paying $150 for service, then there can be no loyalty to comcast.

    • David Tatlitug

      And that’s why HDMI. They can’t charge for that. Never buy a tablet or laptop without HDMI.

  • Will Xfinity be participating in Roku search?


    Can’t add Xfinity TV Beta app to my Roku Streaming Stick(3600) from the Roku website,It says no device found.

    • Kenneth G. Shaw

      Try typing the code in for Xfinity TV Amoco, like you would a Roku hidden channel in your Roku account at & then refresh the update so you won’t have to wait 24 hours to watch Xfinity TV.

  • knowingisgrowing

    It doesn’t help that the new FCC chairman, Ajit Varadaraj Pai, a republican, has deemed net neutrality “dead”, and thinks that equal speed for all isn’t important. As per NPR “Consumer advocates meanwhile are dismayed that Pai has dropped Wheeler’s plan to force cable companies to offer app-based alternatives to set-top boxes. ”

    Basically, if you voted Trump and are shocked that the app doesn’t work well, at all, or at a cost, then you only have yourself to thank.

    • Mitch Alan

      Make America Great Again.

    • Bocoharamalamadingdong

      Bring back 44 and watch ISIS kill our little girls. But, hey, my Tivo works!

      • knowingisgrowing

        Are you arguing that Trump’s policy vs. ISIS is ANY different from our previous administrations? You remember who was in charge when we initiated the attack on ISIS in Mosul, right? Or are you too partisan to let historical fact impact your ideology? Beyond that, what does the president have to do with the FCC, other then who he hires for the job? Everyone, from Republicans to Democrats are agreeing that Wheeler far more so then Pai, had consumers in mind.

    • hmmph

      Former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler tried to push through rules that would require pay-TV companies to provide free apps that can replace rented set-top boxes. But he wasn’t able to get enough votes

  • Dex

    After using the xfinity beta app on two different Rokus over the past couple of weeks, I would rate the app a 2.5 out of 5. I like the fact that all the same functions of the cable box are there: live tv, on demand, dvr. The biggest issue I see is that the app seems to be very slow. Last night, it hung and I finally had to hard reset my TCL 55 TV with built in Roku.
    I would like to see features like “default to HD content” like the cable boxes. When I go to live TV, I have to wait for the guide to display, scroll down until the * appears and then type a number – sucks. another feature that doesn’t work the same as the physical boxes is watching a DVR recording of something still in progress. For example, if I record a program and start watching half way through the recording, I cannot fast forward. I have to watch the entire show.
    Hopefully Comcast works out all the bugs and slowness. I would never in a million years pay even $1 a month for an app as slow and buggy as the current beta. And if they are going to charge 75% of a physical device for just a software app, then they better have all the features. As a matter of fact, make the app even better than the cable box.

  • Sam Hopper

    Got the App on Roku, worked great until last week when all HD channels disappeared. Xfinity blames Roku; Roku says its Xfiinity. WTF???

  • Sam Hopper

    HD channels disappeared a few days ago on Roku only. TiVo unaffected. Anyone having similar experiences?

  • Danny D’Annunzio

    I will be on temporary assignment out of town. Will be living in my RV full time for about 5-7 months. If I could access my Xfinity via cell hot spot and Roku TV, that would be awesome. The wife and 1 kid will be home while I am out of town.

    • knowingisgrowing

      It won’t work. It only works inside your home, inside a comcast controlled network. You’re only option is accessing via mobile devices.

    • bglipsitz

      Connect a Slingbox to your home TV and a Roku box to your RV TV. This will enable you to “remote control” your home TV from your cell phone via the Slingbox app, and redirect the signal from the phone to your RV TV/Roku.

  • Alison Miller

    I have waited over a year to purchase a Roku once I heard they were working on an Xfinity app. When it came out I purchased one a few weeks ago. I do not have Xfinity internet and Roku will only let you connect if you have this particular set up. This was sorely disappointing because this was the only reason I bought a Roku, so I will probably end up returning this. Also no way would I pay $7/month to use it when I can access it on my Ipad.

  • Margot Utterback

    The HD channels (800s) are missing!

  • Amran Hussain

    I am a XFINITY customer I like cable. But the XFINITY beta on Roku is bad bad bad. It only works for few minutes then shuts off. No good. Just a gimmick. Cable is okay.

  • Lynsie Buckmiller

    I’ve been usinf the xfinity app and its been pretty good, however, there is no sound on the comet channel and I dont know who to address this issue to

    • Problems can be reported to Xfinity but they may just try to shift the blame.

  • Earl White

    I have the Xfinity app on all my Roku players but it will not add the app to my 3100x- Roku 2xs.. Can someone tell me why? I also went to the roku page and it says its added already. Which it is but not the above player. Any solutions?

  • Earl White

    i must say Beta on my Roku in March was terrible, But The Month of April it was better then getting the Xfinity Service. I wanted to watch the OWN channel but I had to Get Xfinity $79 Plan Just to get the OWN channel without any Premium HBO< SHOWTIME< or anything.. WHen the Beta got better working, The OWN channel was on there with all the seasons, and it plays very well. SO i sent back the box and canceled the Xfinity service, I just use the Internet for connection for the roku. I just cannot get the Beta on my 3600x-Roku 2XS.. and the roku channel says its installed already,, which it is on my other roku boxes..

  • David S

    Just tried it. Got a lavender colored screen saving it wasn’t a valid DCP and the content was blocked. And then, as it is in the habit for doing these last few weeks, it rebooted itself. I can watch my xfinity just fine on my PC and tablet
    Roku is pretty much useless for watching anything these days as I keep seeing the purple screen pop up for a split second and then it will do resets at odd times. 🙁 .
    I may have to go back to me google tv thingy.

  • Jeff

    Really disappointed as it took me an hour to get through all the BS login material then I get a message that it can only be used on my home network. The stinking router is in the same room so what other network am I using… typical Cable company crap. I’ll be cutting the chord soon as I gave Cable one more try and the failed within one werk of connection

  • Nikki

    I have a Roku Streaming Stick and can’t download this, but you have here that it is supported. What gives? Is there something wrong with my device or your app?

    • There have been at least 3 different Roku Streaming Sticks. Perhaps you have an older purple one (released 2012 or 2014), not a current black one (released 2016).

  • Macy’s Mom

    I downloaded the app as a last resort in order to get Comcast Xfinity on my TV and it did NOT work. Since I have had so much frustration with this Roku TV I have just given up and have purchased a “dumb” TV for my living room. I have three television sets in our home, and the only one that does not work properly is the Roku TV. I have my settings correct, I downloaded the Xfinity app, I pay for Comcast cable and have met with nothing but frustration. Therefore we have decided to just trash the Roku TV and have ordered another TV NOT Roku. We offered to donate the Roku to a school but they declined telling us that they have had donations of several Roku television sets that do not work and therefore they are not accepting any more. Can’t blame them for that if they have had the problems that we have had with our Roku TV.

  • Macy’s Mom

    This will not work. Until the Roku people give us CORRECT instructions, I consider my purchase of a Roku TV to be a disaster and I plan to just trash this piece of garbage. I have two other television sets in my home (NOT ROKU) and they are working without any problems. I pay a monthly fee for Comcast cable and the Roku TV still will not allow me to watch Comcast Xfinity. I learned a valuable lesson, NEVER BUY A ROKU TV AGAIN.

  • Giffy53

    downloaded this app and it seems to ok but is very slow. tried to do a search and it locked up and caused by roku to re-start. is there any updates to fix some of the issues?

  • Jenn_In_Atl

    I am in the process of switching to streaming only. I’m using the DirectTV GO app for the 1st month free then $35/mo after that. I’m also thinking about getting an AT&T phone (currently my job provides my phone at no cost to me) which will then give me a $25 discount on the DirectTV Go month-to-month, so I’ll be paying $10 for 60 channels which includes 2 local channels ABC & FOX. Not bad. Phone will cost $130/mo includes buying the phone, unlimited data/calling/texts AND a 10G hot spot/mo. I currently have a fully functional Comcast system DVR with 3 additional boxes, all channels, all movie channels. I love Comcast’s features, being able to download my recorded programs to my tablet/phone for travel on the train to/from work, but the monthly cost to have ALL of this Xfinity stuff is approx. $250. I just can’t take it anymore. Sooo, I’m researching and researching and researching. Called Comcast just to see what’s available, get rid of one of my boxes I don’t use much, get my monthly plan cost lowered. Well they got it down to $230, whoo hooo, like I should be happy about that. I specifically asked if they had an app on Roku and was told NO. Explained what I am trying to do, talked specifically about how “they” need to have a cloud DVR and how great it would be if Xfinity would get ahead of the game so I can get rid of all this equipment and just stream. Still nothing, nope we don’t do that… then I come here and find out they do have XfinityStream, just not in my area of the country (Atlanta, GA)… WHY — Why do I have to rent your boxes and all that extra expense when XfinityStream is available (from Xfinity Website: Note: XFINITY Stream package is only available in select areas in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan and New Hampshire.) I tell you what when you want to start streaming only do your homework. If anyone knows of one website that can give input for the best way to go from cable to streaming please share. I just want to try and get it right the first time without buying a bunch of apps that I’m finding overlap each other in what they provide. I love live TV and being able to record my programs and watch later offline and/or in my home. Is there any streaming service/app that can provide this type of cloud DVR? Is Hulu a good option, I would just have to wait a day or two to watch my shows — with DirectTV Go though I’m pretty sure I can watch shows live AND on Demand — which then maybe I don’t need Hulu. So much to research!