At Roku, our goal is to provide an enjoyable streaming experience for our customers, including those with visual or hearing impairments. We recently added and improved some great features to offer these customers more seamless access to streaming entertainment on the Roku platform. Some of these features are helpful even if you aren’t visually or hearing impaired – I personally love using voice search through the Roku mobile app!

Features that help with accessibility on the Roku platform include:


Audio Guide is a text-to-speech screen reader that assists customers with navigation of the Roku user interface and onscreen menus. When activated, Audio Guide will read out text, menus and other onscreen items.

To turn audio guide on or off, press the Options (*) button, located just below the directional pad and at the right hand side on the Roku remote, or go to the Accessibility category of the Settings menu. Within Settings you can also adjust the speech rate, text-to-speech volume, or disable the Audio Guide remote shortcut.

Roku streaming devices that support Audio Guide include: Roku Ultra (4640X), Roku Premiere+ (4630X), Roku Premiere (4620X), Roku Express+ (3710X), Roku Express (3700X), Roku® Streaming Stick® (3600X) and all Roku TV™ models in the US.


Closed captioning displays dialogue, background noises and sound effects of a movie or TV show as text on your TV screen. In addition to aiding our hearing impaired customers, closed captions can be useful for anyone when dialogue is difficult to understand or when the volume cannot be turned up too loud.

You’ll find that many popular streaming channels’ (e.g., Netflix or Hulu) support closed captioning. However, it may not be available on all channels so we recommend you contact the service provider directly if you have questions regarding availability of closed captioning within specific channels.

Closed captions can be turned on or off within the Accessibility category of the Settings menu.


With the free Roku mobile app for iOS or Android, you can use your voice to search for entertainment by speaking the movie, TV show or actor/director you’re looking for to receive comprehensive results across top channels.

Voice search is also available on select Roku player remote controls including Roku Ultra (4640x), Roku 4 (4400x) and Roku 3 (4230x).

Give these features a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Stream on!

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  • Paul Ionescu

    Amazon Prime in Canada?
    Why I cannot add Amazon Prime channel in Canada yet? From December 2016 is available in Canada! Roku support please fix it faster!

    • roku in canada

      Same problem with tubitv. i can get it online in Canada but not on Roku. Roku is not very good in Canada!



    • John Travis

      you aint kidding. AWFUL

  • Walter

    THE ROKU STOPS WORKING AND THEN CUTS OFF then I have to reboot to get a signal again, I have good internet speed. Another thing is loading extra channels I have not being able to find them after loading them. seems that you have to load them every single time you want to see them. Or just may be I don’t realy know where to look.

  • John Travis

    how in blue hell does someone get an y kind of support for ROKU? 3 hrs searching support=nowhere. unreal.

  • Deborah

    All of a sudden my Roku talks to me—so annoying! How can I disable this feature?

  • Franckner Larece

    I got a ROKU 4 and I am tired of fixing my remote and change battery. Any time I try to use the feature I paid $139.00 for the remote become NULL. I try to exchange it from ROKU and the same problem with the remote. Is anybody here have the same problem. Thank you

  • Ehab Wagdy Aboelelaa

    Hi, I got my Roku ultra last Jan online and had it shipped to my cuntry in the middleast, after trying to finishs installing it I couldn’t enter my payment details to access paid apps and other featuers that I bought the ROKU for many time contacted the customer services but to no effect to solve the issue, onec they said that payment method update and other features is not working outside the USA !!??? you are telling me that after I bought the device and paid for it and had it shipped to my cuntery? why you are not announcing that on you products ? why I paid high price and shippments for a device that is no different then other much cheapper devices?

  • martha

    where do i connect cable on my television hdmi cable

  • Frugal Freak

    Thank You Roku!!! A H-O-H viewer

  • Jim

    What does it take to get FOX News live??

  • I need a phone number to talk to someone about an old Roku device xd/s that i have. There really is ZERO Customer service just B/S

    • shadtree

      I’m having issues wIt my xs since the last three or four updates mine has become unstable andvrestarts regularly and have not got no response at all..

  • shadtree

    I have the #Roku #XS The #last #Three #updates have #made #my #Roku #unstable and #now #it #randomly #restarts #quite #frequently. #Way #to #much.i #cannot #get #a #response #from #Roku #in #anyway. Very #frustrated.. #may #2017 #was #the #last #buggy #update.. #help !need to talk to someone hello