Hi Roku pals! Plex, one of the most popular channels in the Roku Channel Store, is the premier platform to organize all your media libraries into a single, simplified experience for easy playback on your Roku device. And, once you’re running Plex, you can access your media on your mobile phone, tablet, and a bunch of other devices, no matter where you are. #Magic!

plex dvr

I would like to take a few minutes to introduce you to Plex DVR. Now in beta, Plex DVR enables Roku users to record high definition, over-the-air television broadcasts using an HDHomeRun tuner from our partner, SiliconDust. Our in-app DVR program guide supports channels in more than 70 countries, and we also support many other major networks around the world, like CBC, BBC, ITV, Telemundo, and Univision.

To use Plex DVR, you need to add a digital antenna, connect an HDHomeRun digital tuner, adjust your Plex DVR settings, and start pouring content into your media library. Manage the recordings and scheduling in the familiar Plex interface. It’s so easy! Who knew all this awesome TV was free over-the-air? Just to be clear, you manage your Plex DVR in the same place you manage all your Plex settings, in the Plex Web App found by logging in here: Plex.tv

All of your recordings will be integrated seamlessly with your existing media libraries, giving your DVR the full power of the Plex Roku channel! We are talking DVR recorded ‘The Bachelor’ snuggling up with your digital copies of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ as if they were always meant to be together… #NoJudgement! Check out the video below to see how easy it is to set up Plex DVR.

Plex DVR Quick Tips

Need to know how to easily add a tuner, find the right programming, or maybe just manage meddlesome conflicts between episodes? All that and more is in this Quick Tips video from Plex.

Since Plex DVR is in Beta, you’ll need to be a Plex Pass user to get access. Just a brief word about Plex Pass, our premium offering. What could be better than running Plex for free you say? Well, in addition to DVR, Plex Pass offers some enviable, cool features like Premium Music, including lyrics, Plex Mix and Mood Mix, artist bios, and enhanced album extras. Wow!

Plex runs on all current Roku devices, supporting HDR and 4K* picture quality on the new Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+, while bringing an amazing HD experience to the tiny and powerful, Roku Streaming Stick and incredibly affordable Roku Express.

For more info on Plex and Plex DVR for the Roku platform go here. Plex it up, amigos!

*The 4K experience requires a compatible 4K TV and 4K content. HDR requires a compatible HDR TV and HDR content. Such content will not be available on all channels. Check with the channel partner for specific bandwidth requirements to access its 4K and HDR content. 60 fps requires a compatible TV & content.

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  • knowingisgrowing

    Why does PLEX get such praise from ROKU, yet, a competitor PlayON , which has a DVR built into its PC application, have it’s APP listed as a private channel?

    I’ve used both, and decided to go with PLAYon, as it was far better for one with a cable subscription.

    • pawdog

      I don’t think anybody sees Playon as a competitor to Plex. They are not used for the same kind of thing. Plex is a server client solution for people with serious media collections. It’s not a website aggregator. Even though it has some of those capabilities.

      • knowingisgrowing

        Well, the same argument can be made for PlayON, i suppose, as it’s MYmedia stand alone app (also built into PlayON) does, at least fundamentally the same thing as Plex, albeit more simply, and with less flair.

        • pawdog

          Fundamentally yeah, kind of like little League baseball vs the Major Leagues. That kind of fundamentally.

          • knowingisgrowing

            I see the snarky sarcasm, and raise you the fact that Plex is in fact emulating to “the tee”, Playon’s PC based DVR system.

            I always root for the underdog, especially when i see it as the artistic winner overall.

          • pawdog

            I’ll tell you what maybe the playon I have is outdated or something. I’m on their site. Going to download what looks like new software. Maybe they have improved with out me realizing it. I love having new stuff to play with

          • The PlayOn Windows app was given a major redesign in 2015.

        • FranchisePlayer

          If only PlayOn worked on Linux. This is why I use PLEX instead. I have the lifetime license if they ever change their minds about Linux. I tried installing in a Linux VM but it never worked.

    • Plex and PlayOn can both record videos now, but the way they do so has (at least) one major difference. Plex requires access to a hardware tuner to record over-the-air TV while PlayOn records streaming videos from various web sites without the need for special hardware beyond having a fast enough computer.

      I suspect Roku only allows PlayOn as a private channel to avoid upsetting Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Google/Youtube, and Vudu. There’s probably something in their developer agreement that PlayOn violates.

      Are you aware that you can use Plex to watch videos recorded via PlayOn?

      • knowingisgrowing

        Well, i’d assume you could watch them, based on the fact they are recorded in MP4 format. However, why would I do that, when if I re-play them in playon, it’s ad-skip technology uses it’s marks to skip the commercials?

        Completely off topic, but Legion and Taboo, on FX – how is FX getting shows as good as HBO!!!?

  • pixelstuff

    I thought Roku players couldn’t decode the MPEG2 stream that most over the air broadcasts use. Did you guys finally fix this?

    • Roku still can’t. Plex transcodes (converts) the video from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4.

  • RandomUser99

    Plex is great, but I recently purchased a tablo 2 tuner device. Works great with Roku, and way less fussing around to record live OTA TV. Very mature and bug free technology.