Roku customers often ask us on Twitter about where to find new and free Roku channels. We’re always listening to your suggestions (let us know what you want to see next!), so without further ado we bring you 5 NEW FREE Roku channels.

Simply click the links below to add the channels and start streaming!


Epic Meal Time: The EMT crew features captivating videos of the foods you never knew you wanted to eat, including the “100 lb. Pizza Slice,” the 115,036 calorie “Nutella Bomb,” and the “50 Pound Fried Chicken Sandwich.”

Text Twist: The countdown is on to make as many words as possible with either six or seven random letters in this classic word scramble game.

Draw: Titles including The Lone Ranger and plenty of John Wayne flicks will have any old Western fan entertained until sundown.

The Sweet Spot: The Sweet Spot is a home run for any diehard fan, with documentaries and stories on “Mr. Cub” Ernie Banks and the baseball pioneers behind “A League of Their Own.”

tpsy: With videos like “How to Pack Booze in Your Suitcase So It Doesn’t Break,” “Six Healthy Breakfasts That Won’t Break The Bank,” and “6 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress,” tpsy teaches you how to adult better.

Happy streaming!

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  • Diar

    When are we getting the DirecTV Now app?

    • Kurt Schossow


      • Wilson Guzman

        Yeah When? 😡

        • Donald Bunce

          Maybe if it actually worked, I’d care. But from all the reviews I’ve read, there’s more love for the IRS right now than the DirectTV Now app.

          • Dale Atwater

            I got DirectTV Now with the free Apple TV. Sold the Apple TV. Waiting for the Roku app. It has worked fine for me on all my android devices and windows browsers, though. Never had a single problem.

          • Diar

            I did the same thing with the Apple TV. DirecTV Now has been an exercise in frustration. Constant errors and buffering. Not all the time but when it starts happening, just horrible. It’s been performing better as of late, though, and throwing in free HBO was a nice acknowledgement of the issues… And a way to stem mass cancellations.

        • Tom

          I’ve had DirectTV Now for several months on my Apple TV, and although it was a pretty rocky start, the issues have smoothed out. As Diar mentioned, early adopters are now enjoying a free year of HBO for their troubles.
          Now, the only times there are issues are if my broadband provider has problems in the area, or if my damned cat unplugs something.

          I already have a Roku stick for my other TV, and don’t want to buy another Apple. Hoping Roku climbs on the bandwagon soon!

    • Devin Serpa

      When it’s cheaper.

    • Chad

      I was told by march 31

  • CDS

    I don’t really consider those real channels……how about adding the Directv now app????

    • Dale Atwater

      Yes please.

  • Bob

    How about WGN America they have some great originals?

  • Kevin

    What I want to know is when roku will step up to the mark most of there channels are religious I go to church for that.

  • Robert Dunmeyer

    Too many commercials with blacks in them.on Roku channels . I use Roku to get YouTube on an older TV. I love old horror movies from the 1960s to 1980s.

    • connie

      Wow. Hate for “blacks” doesn’t make your life better!!!

      • donja motley

        Wow I agree with you Connie but some people are ignorant and know no better.

    • Daniel Laure

      Dude, you actually wrote that? did you thing about reading it and how it would sound in a PUBLIC forum. think about it.

      • Tomp

        I’ve seen other posts from this P.O.S.-Yep, he meant what he wrote. What a sad, little man.

    • Shalonda

      Is that really your picture cause if it is then your face need to be banned period! That was really racist but I don’t necessarily take offense to it cause you can easily not even watch TV. We’re here and there and going nowhere!

    • LindaKyle

      Your racism belongs in the 60’s along with your choices of programming.

  • Carla Warren

    When will you get Vh1.

    • Me

      They have a vh1 channel already

      • Babytarot Hallcy

        Do u have to pay for it or its free

  • whittx

    When will Xfinity get its app on your site?

    • LindaKyle

      ON DEMAND is available now.

    • Maurice Rounsaville

      Yea but it doesn’t work well

      • Maurice Rounsaville

        Only with Roku tv

  • rodwoman

    Love the text twist game. I play it on my tablet all the time. Now I can enjoy it on my TV. Just love it!! Would love a free match 3 or hidden object game as well. Also want the OWN channel. What’s taking so long to get it added?

  • LV

    Hulu would help if the Roku store would stop disappearing!!!

  • Jake

    Any chance for a browser?

  • Nick Schartz

    I want it easier to get I24, they say it is available as a private channel, no working links.

  • China Jones

    Please add the OWN channel!!!

    • Hi China, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll pass it on to the team!

  • Celeta Smith

    Text Twist….that changes everything. lol

    • Right? Awesome game.

  • Celeta Smith

    ID channel would be nice

    • Krystal Ramsey

      They have ID Go

      • Celeta Smith

        Cool thanks I’ll look for it this evening

      • Celeta Smith

        I don’t see it

  • Dyan Boucher

    ADD TLC!!

    • Krystal Ramsey

      They have TLC

  • Tim

    I have Netflix, Hulu, Sling and Amazon prime along with Roku, and no Fox News on any of them!! I’m really surprised, it’s only been the number 1 cable channel for 20 years!

    • Wendy Lynn

      You can get FOX news on Roku with XTV or Channel Pear. Both Free.

      • LindaKyle


      • Elizabeth Freeman

        What are these? I just tried to search both of those on my Roku and couldn’t find either.

        • Wendy Lynn

          XTV | Roku Guide

          Add Channel – xtviptv. Channel Description: XTV offers a wide selection of television channels from around the world including the UK, Canada and the U.S. as … The categories include: … RokuGuide •

  • Guest

    I would love the see the OWNS Channel, OXYGEN and WE Channels

  • Joseph Viera

    Get more Christian rap, rock, country basically all Christian genres videos app.

  • Erika

    Destination America?? And also half the channels I can’t “unlock” because they don’t have DISH on their list…