Want to make it a movie night, but without shelling out the big bucks for overpriced tickets and popcorn? These 5 channels have just what you’re looking for…free movies!

Click the links below to add the channels to your Roku streaming player or Roku TV and start streaming freely!

Crackle – Crackle might be the most popular free movie channel on the Roku platform, currently featuring titles like Lost in Translation, Joe Dirt, 12 Monkeys, and their original series with Jerry Seinfeld, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

VUDU Movies on Us – Did you know that inside the VUDU channel, they have a section called Movies On Us with hundreds of free movies? Just scroll to the Spotlight section, select Free, and start streaming!

Shout Factory TV – Stream movies from genres including Martial Arts theatre (plenty of Jackie Chan) and old Westerns, as well as TV shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and unique titles including Wilfred, The Weird Al Show, and every episode of the original Dennis the Menace TV series.

OVGuide – OVguide features films from a wide range of movie genres from action to horror to world cinema – and everything in between.

Tubi TV – Currently streaming movies such as Gone in 60 Seconds, Mermaids, Wayne’s World 2, as well as anime titles.

Happy streaming!

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  • If I remember correctly, the OVGuide channel is painful to use. It was clearly designed for a much smaller number of movies than it has available now. It really needs a search function or a (user-defined) queue/watch-list or both.

  • Pelencho1979

    I’m hearing impaired., I’ve tried with NO success to operate the closed captions.

    • Which Roku channels have you tried? Not all videos have captions. Did you check the options for closed captions in Roku Settings?

      • Pelencho1979

        I’ve tried with no success. I think I’m going to say good bye to ROKU in May.

  • Douglas Vaccarezza

    Does Roku publish a listing of which cable or satellite carriers support the various “TV Everywhere” channels? It’s frustrating to add the channel, enter the activation code, only to find out it’s not supported by my cable carrier. I know that they are constantly adding new carriers, but they are not communicated when they are added, that I know, so I’m forced to add the channel & go through the unnecessary steps…

    • Yeah, that is annoying. I’m unaware of a list. I doubt there is a complete one anywhere, because this is entirely between cable/satellite providers and networks. Roku and FireTV are just platforms that networks make channels/apps for. Pretty much the only thing you can do is complain to your cable provider and ask them to consider putting a notice on their web site when they have negotiated access to any more “TV Everywhere” apps.

  • Movie Clips

    I high recommend try on MovieGo.Net
    It’s working perfect for me

  • Arlene Amarosi Bickford

    all the free movies have more commercials and twice as many interruptions than local tv stations.