More British TV on your Roku device, you say? Absolutely Fabulous, darling! Today BritBox, the largest collection of British TV available in the U.S., is available on Roku players and Roku TV models.

BritBox is a service truly fit for a queen. After a 7-day free trial, BritBox is $6.99 per month and gives subscribers access to thousands of hours of programming and the most comprehensive collection of British television… ever. It features U.S. premieres of highly sought-after shows and a “Now” category, which serves up British soaps and other programs as soon as 24-hours after UK broadcast. You’ll also find the best British detective dramas and a treasure-trove of iconic comedies including Blackadder starring Rowan Atkinson, the original U.K. version of The Office with Ricky Gervais, Absolutely Fabulous starring Jennifer Saunders and Gavin & Stacey starring James Corden.

In addition to an expansive catalog, BritBox features special curated playlists, like “Very British Beginnings,” which showcases actors such as Daniel Craig, Emily Blunt, and James Corden very early in their careers. Other playlists that help fans discover new favorites include “Best of British Comedy,” “Iconic Detectives,” and “Literary Adaptations.”

Find the BritBox channel in the “Movies & TV” category in the Roku Channel Store or click here to add it now on Roku players and Roku TV models.

Cheers, streamers!

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    Ziba are any of the Brit programs available in dubbed Spanish language?

    • grinlap

      I’m looking for them dubbed in English!!!

  • Fran Rosen

    Britbox hangs my Roku every time.

  • Frank

    Acorn TV has a broader selection and is easier on the wallet.

    • Edna R McFarley

      I like all of the British movie’s

  • Angela Rickett

    Will this be available in Canada? I currently have Acorn TV which I love and the UK TV on Roku

    • Leslie Lane

      My UKTV is not working as of yesterday, May 12. Getting nowhere with Roku Support. I love being able to watch BBC etc. It is very frustrating that Canadian customers get excluded from many channels.

      • Angela Rickett

        Well, I’m in Ireland at the moment and not back in Canada till the 2nd June so will have a lot of catching up to do. Hope it’s working when I get back?

  • Kathleen Matteson Stahlman

    I just got Britbox through my Roku ,it seem a little hard to maneuver around on it I started to watch a show and then wanted to opt out , I couldn’t, I had to press the home button . I can’t find the shows I put in my list . sure would appreciate any good advice