Today we’re pleased to welcome RCA, the iconic brand, to the Roku TV™ licensing program. RCA will leverage the Roku TV platform to build and deliver smart TVs that run the Roku® OS. The RCA Roku TVs will be available in the U.S. and Canada in the coming months, providing consumers with an easy-to-use smart TV including access to 5,000 streaming channels and 450,000 movies and TV episodes.

Our Roku TV partners have seen incredible success growing their brands and market share, making Roku TV 1 out of every 8* smart TV purchases in the U.S. last year. The combination of the iconic RCA brand and the Roku TV platform are sure to make RCA Roku TVs a favorite this year.

Stay tuned to the blog for more for updates on the new RCA Roku TVs!

Happy Streaming!

*Based on smart TV retail sell-in data from IHS and Roku data

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  • Chris Nicholson


    • Tampammm

      Yes, we need more larger screen selections of Roku TVs. Right now we only have slim and none.

  • disqus_5119

    I don’t think I’d ever buy a Roku TV. Or a smart TV. Separate components seem to offer numerous advantages for upgrades and network security.

    • Töny

      I generally agree, but my TCL 55″ 4k Roku TV was $274 at Sam’s Club (after about $200 membership cash back), and that was enough to sway me this time around.

      • ShadowFalls

        That said, be thankful it wasn’t a RCA model. This isn’t the RCA of years gone by. Their TVs suck, it would have been better for Roku to not get attached to them.

        The only thing worse might be their competency in doing repairs on their crappy TVs.

      • Tampammm

        I agree with you also. My friend has the same 55″ 4K TCL and that thing is fantastic for the price! My next set will have the built in Roku as well.

    • Benjamin Jimenez

      Roku is really growing. I’m planning on buying a TV with Roku soon.

  • Brian Obillo

    Latest update slowed down my roku 2 4210, scrolling through the interface is laggy and the effect is present in some channels. I also get random flickering while scrolling down home menu

  • Wayne

    While it’s always good to see Roku grow their business, the “iconic RCA brand” went defunct in the 80’s. Since then RCA has been nothing more than a licensing brand sold many times over to Chinese manufacturers. People shouldn’t associate RCA tv’s of today with RCA tv’s their parents or grandparents had. They aren’t the same. These days, an RCA tv and an RCA radio could be made by two completely separate companies. While I have an RCA tv myself, I believe it was manufactured by TCL, which seems to be one of the better manufacturers as It’s been a great tv with no problems. I would buy another if the conditions were right. Congrats to Roku on their new partnership.

  • KA Lewis

    i just bought an RCA TV with Roku from a pawn shop for an extra room, however since i had no instructs i could not get it to work and had to set up the box i purchased at target. is there a resource for customer service because the whole effing thing is confusing from a setup pov and additionally trying to add many of the channels i liked with comcast. i get that i can purchase an antennae for the air channels but what about diy channel and fox news and msnbc and turner classic movies etc.?

  • Joyce Cates

    I’ve bought two RCA TV’s with the Roku stick pre-installed. BIG MISTAKE. If you buy a television with a pre-installed Roku stick you are STUCK because when newer versions of Roku players come out, they will not work with the two televisions I bought. My version is outdated (even though the TV is around 2 years old). Talk about being frustrated? Thanks Roku for your great RCA Smart TV’s with pre-installed ROKU sticks. I was told by Roku customer support that I would have to purchase a new TV. If the company (Roku) knows of another way for me to get around this, I would like to know how. Don’t buy smart tv’s with pre-installed Roku sticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce Cates

    DON’T BUY RCA TV’S WITH PRE-INSTALLED ROKU STICKS. Chas Smith — My two RCA smart tv’s with pre-installed Roku sticks are now outdated version 3400X. I wish I knew this when I bought the televisions. I’ve been told I can’t update to the newer Roku versions because my stick is inside the television. Want to buy two new TV’s for me?