Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to freshen things up, including your streaming entertainment experience! We’ve got a few handy tips that will streamline your streaming. But wait, there’s more! Be sure to check out some of our favorite channels that will really keep your spring cleaning momentum going.


Did you know you can organize and tidy up your home screen with a few simple clicks? The options button (*) on your Roku remote will be your best friend when organizing your home screen. When you select a channel, tap the options button (*) and select “move channel” from the options menu. From there, you’ll be able to easily move the channel to your desired location on the home screen. Make sure to place your favorite channels front and center. Once you’re finished, you’ll have a home screen that will make even Marie Kondo proud!


“Out with the old and in with the new,” they say. If your home screen feels a bit tired, give it a fresh new look by changing the theme. Simply select “settings” from the home screen menu. From there, select “themes” and choose from a variety of available themes. More themes are also available in the Roku Channel Store. If themes aren’t enough, you can also up the ante by changing the screensaver options in “settings.” Whatever you decide, make it yours!


Now that your home screen is organized and personalized, there are some great DIY/home improvement channels that you can check out to find more inspiration. Be sure to add them to your Roku device today.


You can’t stop now! Why not take this organization train straight into your meal planning? Tasty treats are a simple stream away with these delectable channels. Everything in good-taste, of course. 😉


Did you know some of your favorite tastemakers have channels in the Roku Channel store? From home organization and entertaining to makeup tutorials and styling, these channels will help you go from drab to fab in a few simple episodes.

Happy Streaming!

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  • Tampammm

    In the “organize and declutter” section, you forgot to mention about decluttering via the (*) button also. By deleting unused or expired channels.

    • Janice

      I’m having that same issue. Some apps I’ve added no longer exist, and now I can’t get rid of them. UGH!!!!

      • Tampammm

        I don’t have an issue, it was just a reminder.

        Are you saying you have channels you want to get rid of? So what happens when you highlight the channel on your Roku, press the “*” button, and then choose delete?

        • Janice

          I finally figure it out duh lol. Thanks for responding Tampammm!

  • Cathy Pascale

    I just hooked up my Roku TV. I SO wish the lettering (font) size could be changed. I am 67 years old and I do not have distance eye problems, still…the small lettering on the screen is very difficult to see from where I am sitting. FONTS PLEASE !!!

    • Dan Fleming

      I agree with that one! I have perfectly corrected vision with glasses, but I have to get up and stand near the TV to read the descriptions.

    • Gail Lightfoot

      Some of us have not chosen big screens.
      That is why I don’t watch PBS and gave up Britbox. Can’t read the titles and the descriptions are lacking.

    • David Key

      I can’t read them either Mark, so I just give up. Bummer.

  • Mark Riegsecker

    If any one is interested in switching the a newer

    ROKU, resist! They stated it was better and faster and more memory and on sale BLA….BLA.

    …It’s terrible It’s hard to fast forward or rewind and know where you are. Is there minus stars somewhere I
    can give a -10?

  • 程肯

    I have 4 TCL Roku tvs, and it would be nice if once you organized one TV’s channels, you could sync the others to match it.

    • Tampammm

      That would be okay only if its optional to sync. I also have 4 Rokus with different primary viewers on each device and we each prefer the customization capability.

  • Barry Zajac

    I was told to expect the streaming channel FilmStruck to be added to the Roku line-up in early 2017. Now I was told to expect it to happen in May. I am VERY VERY anxious to have this channel added to your line-up. Please help.

  • Gail Lightfoot

    How do you remove a series or movie you have watched and won’t be watching again? I remove from Watch List but they remain in place.

  • Mark Crane

    Small but irritating thing. At first glance I don’t seem to be able to tell if a film is foreign. (I don’t watch films to read. If I want to read I get a book) So, I choose something that looks very interesting and after teeing it up, waiting for it to start, when folks start talking it’s in a foreign language. I know where to look to see what language it is in but should I have to check that every time? And these are not films in the foreign language section. (if there is one) The more I write this the more irritated I get. Come on Netflix, cant’ you categorize this stuff, or put a notice with the title?

    • Jo de Jong

      Thank you for writing about what has to irritate a great many people. It seems to me that it would be easy enough to put (Foreign Language) beside any title that is. They wouldn’t even have to create a special section for this category

  • Jenny Williams

    i am having trouble with the picture – I’ll be watching along and suddenly the picture stops, but the audio continues. I move a few frames forward and that helped one night, but last night it was doing that on both Netflix and Amazon. How frustrating! It’s not happening on my regular Netflix or my tablets or laptops.

    • Chrissy Thomas Kellner

      That’s been happening to us too for the last few days. White screen with lines. My husband unplugged it and plugged it back in and it seems to be working again. We will see.

  • Roku4_user

    Off topic, but tell Roku to get rid of those sponsored buttons. Always hitting the Amazon button by mistake! If the’re going to put a sponsored button on he remote make it something useful, at least for me, like Youtube.

    • Ian Karoz

      I agree, wish there was a way to disable them. Maybe I’ll take remote apart while waiting for device to load.

  • knowingisgrowing

    You guys need to stop making your remote controls lease spaces on the bottom for channels that suck. KThanks.

  • Cathy Pascale

    I am now going on my computer to search through all movies on Netflix. THEN…I can go to the remote and type it in. It’s do-a-ble. Do people who make these things ever really use them before they go to market? Such basic stuff that could have easily been fixed. I find it baffling. Also, I have not been able to find the phone number for Roku. Found a FAKE Tech. Support that charged me $150.00 for a “one time fee”. BEWARE of these guys in India. It’s a scam !!! Luckily I found out about this through this BLOG the day after they charged my credit card. I’m going after them.

    • G


  • Dave Herrera

    Hooked up ROKU, but had to pay $49.50 fee after purchase of my ROKU started?

  • Loo Loo Laurie Mcdonald

    Does anyone know how to keep the thing from automatically adding channels? I don’t see an option of advertising settings on the device itself and I DO NOT want my home screen cluttered up with a bunch of bull.

  • Jerry Don Echols

    How do I change my roku password

  • Sam Williams

    Irritating when trying to get HGTV, diy, PBS , travel channel and have to enter a code each time, don’t use any of these because of this.

  • Frugal Freak

    I like the different themes that ROKU puts on my device, but PLEASE give me a way to SAVE the ones I like. There have been some great ones but no way to save :*(