Twitter liveWatching TV and Tweeting are synonymous, especially during an exciting live event, and having a conversation on Twitter  with other viewers from around the world truly enhances the TV experience. Today we’re thrilled to bring that experience to the Roku platform. The Twitter channel is available today on Roku streaming players and Roku TV models in the U.S.Twitter live

The channel features live streaming video available on Twitter, which includes original programming and live simulcasts in sports, entertainment, news, and politics. Additionally, people can browse commentary via the Twitter timeline as they watch live events.

Click here to add the Twitter channel or find it in the “Web Video” category of the Channel Store.

Happy streaming!

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  • FLYpaper Creative

    I am a Roku customer and I’m posting this here because I think it will be seen quicker than sending a support email. Just so you know, whomever did development work on your YouTube channel forgot to turn off the debugger and now I –and I assume, everyone else — am seeing debug text over all of the videos I watch, with a message outlined in red in the bottom left corner that says “WARNING: REMOVE DEBUG QUERY PARAMETERS [meaningless code] BEFORE PRODUCTION RELEASE”. Thank you, and please fix this issue as soon as you can.

    • Kishan Dutt

      Yes. Even i see debug message all over screen. Please fix it ASAP.

      • DLB

        Me too! This is very annoying – is this a bug Roku fixes on their end or is there a setting change we users need to make?

    • Gretchen Barton

      I’ve had no problem with YouTube nor any other on my roku. Everything has worked flawlessly for over a year now

  • Bill B

    Roku— please fix this bug– ASAP– so annoying– unwatchable!

  • Manny

    Yes is am seeing this same debug warning, what’s the deal with that??? And also anyone else having an issue with their Netflix where after viewing a movie or whatnot you go to the next one and for whatever reason a screen shot of the last item watched appears an the one you’re trying is not coming on but you can hear only the audio???? This happened to me after watching the starsky an hutch movie. Is this an issue with anyone else??? Had to reset the Roku to get it off and then it happened again an did the same reset. Any ideas what’s up with that??? Thanks.

  • Wink

    Thank you guys for posting the issues your having. I was wondering whether or not to update to the new version. Obviously sounds like a bad idea.. Hope the development team gets on these issues quickly.

  • StanleyHroszowy

    save your money this is a very bad product I have been waiting 7 days for my channels to appear on my TV which should have taken 24 to 48 hours out of 16 or more choices only showed up on my TV. I am going to send back my roku to the company. they say they don’t charge you for tech support but their support is nil they never reply to their email contacts, but they are right about free tech support only if you buy their most expensive product, then it is for a short time.

    • Gretchen Barton

      You have to go to settings–> update and update your roku and they will show up right away. It’s Easy.!

  • StanleyHroszowy

    I just posted a complaint with the BBB. If I get no results my next complaint will be with the FTC.

  • FLYpaper Creative

    I am the original person who posted about this issue, and just to be clear, this is the first time I’ve had ANY problem with my Roku (except for it occasionally overheating and freezing up). I don’t want to give the impression that I am or was unhappy with it because I am not. I see other people here complaining about having a lot of problems but I have not experienced that except for this one instance. I LOVE my Roku and will never get cable again!

  • KIM

    My original stick that i had for 4 years broke. I never had problems with it New one is junk and does not work. Support is no help . Guess it is time to switch! I will miss it but silly to pay for channels that don’t work amazon here I come

  • Gartuz

    Hello! I’m from Costa Rica. I want yo add channels like Amazon Video or Google Video or HBO GO because here in Costa Rica they sell accounts but I can’t use in my Roku only on my browser. There are any solution?