I’m really excited, today we’re announcing that the first 4K high-dynamic range (HDR) Roku TVs with Dolby Vision will be available for pre-order in the U.S. later this month! First announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), these 4K HDR TCL Roku TV models deliver a premium picture quality at a very compelling price.


Combining Dolby Vision picture quality with award-winning smart TVs that integrate the latest version of the Roku OS and its extensive line-up of streaming channels – more than 5,000 channels and 450,000+ movies and TV episodes, TCL will offer six new models across two series. TCL’s C and P series meet the highest standards in HDR technology, supporting both Dolby Vision and HDR10.

TCL Roku TV P-Series: Powerful Picture Performance

TCL P-Series features 4K UHD picture quality with Dolby Vision, offering the ultimate HDR imaging experience. With the Roku OS offering a growing collection of Dolby Vision / HDR titles, the P-Series gives consumers access to great content and the perfect TV to enjoy it. With HDR Contrast Control Zones, contrast is individually optimized across 72 zones on the screen, achieving localized areas of striking contrast between bright and dark areas of the image, giving an unrivaled sense of depth and reality. The series also features Wide Color performance with TCL’s NBP Photon technology that produces a vibrant and rich color palette that is so advanced it covers nearly all the DCI-P3 color standard.

TCL’s P-series will be offered in 50” (50P607), 55” (55P607), and 65” (65P607) screen sizes with the 55” model available for a special introductory price of $599 via pre-order on Amazon.com starting May 26th.

4K HDR TCL Roku TV P-series

TCL Roku TV C-Series: Contemporary Design

The C-Series marries 4K high-dynamic range and slim, elegant design for an upscale TV experience. Like the P-Series, the line supports Dolby Vision and features the Roku OS. The C-Series also features Wide Color performance powered by TCL’s NBP Photon technology adding another vivid chromatic dimension on top of the striking HDR contrast and sharp 4K resolution to deliver a remarkable visual experience. Because the C-Series features TCL’s HDR Dynamic Contrast technology, content is displayed with optimized brightness for each scene ensuring life-like reproduction of images from the brightest brights to the darkest darks.

The C-series starts under $700 and will include 55” (55C807, $699), 65” (65C807, $1099) and 75” (75C807, $1999) 4K HDR TCL Roku TV models.

4K HDR TCL Roku TV C-series

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  • Nina Mannino

    trying get ESPN getting 0066

  • Jeremy Deats

    Hi Chas thanks for the info. For those who pre-order on the May 26th, Does Roku/TCL have a ballpark for when these will ship to Amazon? I’ve heard “sometime in June” and I’m curious if it will be early June or late June? Thanks.

    • nick

      I’d like to know too.

  • MikeSmith2

    Looks like a $50 discount from msrp- but only 3 hdm inputs!-
    I have 4 now and need 5, so I swap out one. One of my inputs is a Roku3, which drops me to 4 inputs= one short. I use my Raspberry Pi3 computer more than the DVD player, so that will be the one that is unlugged- which leaves me with a Tivo Series 4 DVR, Amazon Fire Stick ( w/Kodi and TerrariumTV) and my Raspberry Pi3 SBC computer. I really want Dolby Vision and then next year a new HDR 4K DVD player.
    The 2016 models had 4 HDMI, and RCA composite video. sigh 🙁 I could have plugged in my 12″ Pioneer Karaoke Laserdisk player.

    • Jeremy Deats

      I guess the 3 HDMI inputs was the trade-off to deliver a 4k set with multi-array dimming and Dolby Vision at the $650 price point…. Because of the built in Roku I’m happy with the three and will be using a Fosmon HD1831 3-Port HDMI Switch (Amazon $12 USD) which I’ve had great luck with for my desktop monitor. With that I’ll turn one of it’s ports into three 1080p HDMI 2.0 ports… If you don’t want to have to manually perform the switch at the TV there are switches with RF + remote built in that cost a bit more. All the ones I’ve found are still HDMI 2.0 but the Tivo Series 4 and Raspberry Pi3 are probably 1080p output and not 4k, so maybe that won’t be an issue if you decide to go down this path… I’m sure we’ll see new switches supporting the latest HDMI standard for 4k becoming more common soon.

  • Derek Anderson

    Refresh rate states 120 hz… is that native? If not can the artificial refresh rate be turned off to remove soap opera effect?

  • REP

    The C-series is probably bad at displaying deeper dark because it uses edge lit and it has no local dimming. It’s 120hz CMI is a suspect as far as watching fast scenes like sports.

    Even the P-series with 92 zone local dimming is probably not sufficient.

  • Jeremy Deats

    Amazon put the link up today for pre-order for the 55P607 sold by Amazon and I am quite disappointed. 1.) The pre-order is up early (launched around 5:00 PM CST and was suppose to go live on Friday 5/26. Amazon is usually very strict with pre-order go-live dates). 2.) The promised $599 intro price is not $599, but $799 $150 over TCL’s suggested retail price for $649!! anyone want to be price gouged? 3.) Expended ship date is listed as 2-3 months, so say goodbye to hopes of an early June release. What happened to June 5th? Suddenly the 2017 S series 55″ TCL set just got a lot more appealing.

    • Mark Ferguson

      That’s the S series television not the P series

  • JP

    Will those be sold at Costco or SamsClub too?

  • Rich Napolitano

    I have a TCL Roku TV and it Sucks it keeps rebooting why would i purchase another TCL product? I have been on with tech support and still nothing. They say it might be the cable company fault.

  • Mark Ferguson

    None of these televisions appear to have actually gone on sale or pre-order in May. Is there any update on availability?

  • bb3

    not everyone has room for a 50″+ TV. I for one am looking for a new 40-43″ set for my family room as my ‘main TV’ and would love to get one of the new Dolby HDR sets – but as of now TCL doesn’t offer their new ‘premium’ sets in the smaller screen sizes. I’m really hoping TCL re-thinks this move and offers it’s Dolby Vision HDR sets in the 40-43″ size. Also hoping they’ll be available at COSTCO. TIA

  • ericshmerick

    Got mine today. No DirecTV Now app.

    I need an ETA or it’s going back to Amazon. Ridiculous.

    • John Gettler

      Don’t you just need to download the DirecTV Now app from the Roku channel store? Most available apps are not pre-loaded.

      • ericshmerick

        I’d love to but it’s not in the Roku channel store for this specific TV. Yet at least.

  • Alex Bueno

    Any update for the 65??