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Two of cable’s top entertainment networks have made their way to the Roku platform! Live streams and on demand content from TBS and TNT are now available on Roku streaming players and Roku TV models in the U.S.

Customers who subscribe to TBS or TNT through a participating cable, satellite or telco provider can access live East and West streams of the TBS and TNT. That means you can watch popular TBS shows including Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and CONAN and TNT shows such as Animal Kingdom and Good Behavior live! Most TV series will be available to subscribers on demand the next day.

TBS on Roku

In addition to the huge selection of TV series you can also stream hit movies on Watch TBS including Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Into the Woods, Horrible Bosses 2 and more. Apollo 13, Die Hard 2 and Blended are currently streaming on Watch TNT.

NBA fans, be sure to stay tuned to the Watch TNT channel to stream the NBA Playoffs and upcoming Eastern Conference Finals!

TNT on Roku

Click here to add the Watch TBS and Watch TNT channels or find it in the “Movies & TV” category of the Channel Store.

Happy streaming!

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  • Regian Davis

    What about Trutv?

  • chuck_fu

    I guess you can’t sign in if you have an online streaming package like PlayStation Vue yet.

  • Devin Serpa

    Please stop posting about cable and satellite locked apps. These have nothing to do with cord cutting because to use them you need to have a “cordded” subscription.

    • Has Roku ever claimed to only be for cord cutters? Remember many cable subscribers are also subscribers of Netflix and/or Amazon Prime.

      However, it would be a reasonable request to ask Roku to make separate categories in this blog for channels that don’t require a cable/satellite subscription and those that do.

    • Bill Eastman

      Ps Bue might give you login creditiinaling and maybe dtvn

  • Devin Serpa

    I don’t get it if I have a subscription to get these channels through cable or satellite, why would I use a Roku to watch them?

    • Some people may have a Roku attached to a TV that does not have a cable/satellite box attached. Also some people really dislike having to use the input/source button on their TV remote.

    • Phuq_Me

      So i’m not paying $100 a year in a box fee on each of those tvs

    • Siofra

      To watch at a different time than broadcast

    • Stacey

      If you have satellite tv and it’s raining outside, which means no picture.

  • James Wootton

    Loosing connection to itv on UK channels. Have to come out of the channel group and go back in and reopen itv this is annoying when viewing

    • Perhaps you would be better off posting on the forums: https://forums.roku.com/ or contacting ITV directly.

    • Leslie Lane

      Yes there seems to be a problem with the UKTV channel. No point in contacting ITV as I don’t think this streaming channel is strictly legal (here in Canada). The UKTV channel on Roku is/was offered by the Filmon.TV channel which now wants a subscription fee, but their website is confusing. I think they want us to buy their expensive steaming box. I loved watching BBC and ITV and will miss it. The new Roku offering BritBox isn’t offered in Canada, tell us why Roku.

      • Why would Roku know why a company chooses to offer their content in one country but not another? In this case, it probably comes down to content licensing though.

        Is Acorn available in Canada? They also have British shows.

  • Devora Wharton

    Ugh no more with the if you have a box you can get…… If I wanted cable I would still be getting it. Just add the channels you can.

  • jaybarrow

    Is Season 1 of Animal Kingdom not available to stream? I only installed this TNT channel on my Roku in order to stream Animal Kingdom since DIRECTV has had major issues with their streaming service. I’ve been waiting and watching for this channel for forever to be available and now that it is the only reason for using it has become pointless I have no reason to keep it.

  • Theresa Amos

    I thought TNT and tbs were going to be used by me on my Roku.When I loaded both you needed to be a cable or satellite subscriber to unlock them.I live in a rural area where cable doesn’t run and l can’t afford satellite that’s why I have a Ruku but what’s the use of I can’t get them without one or the other. ?I AM BUMMED! YEAH THANKS ROKU

    • I hear your disappointment, but these Roku channels are clearly marked as requiring a cable/satellite subscription (although it’s easy to overlook that note). The cheapest way to get TNT and TBS is via Sling Orange for just $20/month.

      Roku is just a platform (in the same way that FireTV and Apple TV are also platforms). Having one doesn’t guarantee you free access to any specific channel/network, TV show, or movie.

    • I apologize. They are not clearly marked but they should be. I don’t know whether Roku or the channel developers are responsible for that.

  • Richard Heinze

    See the thing is were I cone from jawga(ga) we may be slow but we ain’t dumb u say get a roku cut cable an classify my self a cord cutter I install TNT TBS cw etc. etc. I open the channel then say go to web site get code then TV provider what the hell sence watch on roku off the internet some times slag an miss important parts if u got to pay my cable bill then why not watch it on my original equipment ur not a cable cutter if ur still paying dish an sub to watch my needs I’m up to $80 bucks mth sling psvue next flux hulu an others I like live TV especially sports can’t watch fox sports 1-2 no were for free I need my local TV fer news 7 am lmad 10 am pit 11 am news at noon then I’m good till nite but sat an sun I need live TV alday especially during football seasons

  • Karen Presley Dawkins

    My ROKU is driving me batty. I authenticate my cable and get “approval” to use the channel, but then it won’t load. How do I debug it?