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  • Justin Harvey

    I plan on entering every day I really hope that I win the TV I’ve been trying for so long to get my hands on one of these TVs!

    • Good luck, Justin!

      • Justin Harvey

        Thank you guys!

  • SarahMccleeseMorgan

    I really hope to win the Roku TV for my husband for Father’s Day! Thank you for the giveaway & for the chance! This is such a generous giveaway. I want to have my own Roku #StreamingDay! @Sjbutterfie on Twitter

  • Stacey Luvndogsmoore

    This tv would be awesome to have. I currently have a very small tv. I think 13 inches. I do love my Roku stick. I can watch good shows and the Roku stick makes me forget how little my tv is.

    • Michael Gmirkin

      Why not get like a 42″ 4K TV? They’re dirt cheap these days! Probably only a couple hundred $$ (43″ @ Target for like $350). Your eyes will thank you! πŸ˜‰ Seriously, they’re amazing and bloody dirt cheap anymore…

  • Devora Wharton

    Love love my Roku’s stick in LR and box in BR. Hope for TV looks like a winner. Cable free 3+ years! Now if you could get TCM it’s perfect. But it already is lol!

  • Karern

    I am wanting to rid myself of cable. I would love to have a Roku TV help me with this transformation.

  • Ben Solomon

    Love Roku -Saves my family a ton of money every month. Thank you Roku!

  • Dahne Rodriguez

    We have had a Roku since 2013 and just bought a second one! Love Roku and even better, no more cable!!!

  • Charles Lindsey

    I do have the ROKU2 XS and use and enjoy it daily but that big connected T.V. would be most welcome. Thanks for your generosity and recognition of your users and fans.

    • Michael Gmirkin

      Roku 2 XD, here. Though, I mostly use my Sony Blu-Ray’s streaming apps. Given it has all the major ones I use regularly (Netlix/Vudu)… But, every once in a while I’ll flip over to the Roku for something or other…

      • Michael Gmirkin

        As you say, Roku 4K TCL TV would be awesome. If it’s the 55″ my friend just bought recently, it seems pretty great so far. Haven’t run into any issues yet. Though he’s only had it a few months. We’ll see if it holds up over the long term… *Fingers crossed for good luck!*

        • blujkts

          You’re annoying

      • Charles Lindsey

        I too have a sony blue ray player but for some reason my roku seems to be faster with a better resolution. might have something to do with my modem or the awful TDS. Should have fiber some time this year.

  • Cedric B Richardson Sr.

    I love my Ruko

  • Brian

    Cut the cord 3 months ago, no withdrawals thanks to Roku πŸ‘

  • Judy

    Can’t wait

  • smartie_pants

    I still have cable, but I reduced it to the basic program so that I can still have the local channels. I love my Roku though. My parents use Roku also, and we enjoy all of the viewing options that it has. I just need a bigger TV so I can see it better!

  • Lisa Violet

    We’ve got four Rokus, one in each room (and there’s only two of us who live here…)

    But that television would be a most welcome addition to our tiny family.

  • Sherri Hellwig

    I just cut the cord 2 months ago. Love my Roku!! I could use a new tv, we’ve had this one for a long time.

  • Robert luther

    Would love to win as I don’t hav a tv in my room n have to watch tv on my fire tablet ,I have he ultra Roku hooked up to my tv in my living room and it’s awesome fast .!.

  • John Hart

    Would be awesome to win any of those prizes.

  • Kurt Semler

    I’m hoping that I win. I’m still rocking a 27″ CRT in my bedroom, and that dates back to 1991.

    • Michael Gmirkin

      Srsly? Join the revolution, man! You can get a decent 42″ 4K TV for like $300, if that, these days… And a decent 1080P Blu-Ray (still looks great when the TV upscales it to 4K, as most do at this point) for under $100 (Probably $50-60). Your eyes will thank you! ^_^

      • Kurt Semler

        Sure, buy me one. I can’t afford it. Also, I don’t even have a fast enough connection to do 4k. I own only a few Blu-Rays, (still in original wrapping), and some DVD’s and VHS tapes. I keep most of my media on my Plex server. My livingroom TV is a 27″ flatscreen 720p dating back to 2011.

  • Sharon Hancock-Shipley

    I really enjoy my Roku streaming sticks … have them on two of our 3 TV’s … but a ROKU TV would be awesome! Thanks!

  • Mark Werenczuk

    Down with opprobriumistic cable! Down with the raubritter and his hand always searching in our pockets! Live always the streaming platform. Live long the revolution! hehehe

  • Chantel Martin

    I just bought my first roku, I had the Apple TV I enjoy the roku because it’s so much easier to use. I also hope to win the tv, it sounds amazing

  • james wright

    A Roku TV is needed for the bedroom

  • Troy Tucker

    Cant remember not having a Roku really… Had the first one … Then had both the Roku -2’s forever! I’ve been able to go without cable longer than I ever had it! upgraded to the Premier not long ago… it rocks! now plan on upgrading the TV to a 4K sometime soon (birthday! lol) so I can stream movies in 4K πŸ™‚
    Have neighbors that tell me “on cable we watch blah-blah-blah” and I tell them Between SlingTV, Hulu,Vudu, Netflix and the other 70+ channels I have.. I watch whatever I want, when I want! … Have no idea how many people I’ve gotten to buy a Roku… the stores need to give me a kick-back! lol (Would love to win the tv… Happy Birthday (51) to me!!! lol

  • AmDroid Video

    Would love to have that beautiful 4K Roku connected tv. That is very generous as a give away to your loyal customers. I have a roku that I bet most have never seen. The Roku XD, its one of the original versions so yes I could use an update but it still works great to this day it is a square box more like other brands rather than the Roku rounded corner shaped box and it still plays perfect to this day so I can truly say Roku is a great product, my Netflix works perfect as well as my other channels and subscriptions. I’m honestly amazed at how well it still works is why I haven’t upgraded but if I won that 4k tv I wouldn’t need to upgrade and could use the old roku the tv its on now in another room. Looks like everyone wants the t.v. which I can’t blame them its absolutely beautiful and I’m the most unlucky person you can meet. I’m currently unable to work my police job due to an accident with a semi truck. So since I can’t drive and I do is go to the Dr it would be so nice to spend my other time with such a great prize but I won’t get my hopes up and still wish everyone good luck. Who ever wins enjoy every minute of it and feel blessed. And Roku thank you for the opportunity to even have a chance to win such an outstanding prize as each of them are a great prize and anyone lucky enough to win any of the prizes is blessed to have a great product. Thank you Roku.

    • Michael Gmirkin

      Have a Roku 2XD myself. Great little box. Recently acquired a 2016 streaming stick for portable use at friends’ houses (for VUDU stuff that’s not yet UV)… Works awesomely. Exactly the way I wanted it to. Plug and play, as it were.

      The Premiere+’s are only ~$100, and probably much better performance than the original XD, assuming it has the connector(s) you need (assuming you don’t need older RCA / Composite / Coax connectors or something). These things have come a long way in terms of quality, responsiveness, and reliability in the last year or two. Might be worthwhile to upgrade!

      • AmDroid Video

        Yes its a great little device but I’m sure one one of the slowest lol but i like it and i have a couple android boxes with octocore CPU fast GPU and an Apple tv. I was thinking about buying a new Roku to see how the three compare. I like that with android i can watch anything I want free and I don’t use kodi. I think its a pain and I’ve had android and roku going on 4 years now. They have come a long ways. I like my androids for the free apps that allow you to watch everything plus still have my Netflix and xfinity on it as well. My wife insist on keeping xfinity but lowered the package finally but great net speeds 150mbps. I have an Apple I really dont use and then I have the Roku XD and amazingly on a 1080 tv I’m not sure if the is upconversion or what but my roku still has a great picture and I use it for Netflix on that t.v all the time. I will use so e others like crackle , and some of the hidden channels but I’m amazed it still works so well.

  • Trulibless

    I am a 56 years old lady and I was introduced to the Roku Streaming Stick and I truly love it. I would like to win another one for my other television. Thank you Roku, I save on cable, rental and purchases of shows.

  • Paul Bouy Jr

    I’m a believer. I have an HD ROKU T.V. and 2 ROKU boxes on other sets and use all of them all the time. I also own Vizeo streamer and Sony box but ROKU is the real deal. Hard to beat.

  • Gigi Beatty

    Wish I’d have found ROKU much sooner! I post accolades on FaceBook all the time! Best purchase EVER!

  • jen

    I have a Roku TV and a smart tv. I prefer the roku over the smart tv ! It is easier to use and offers more channels!

  • sol2004

    Awesome promo & contest

  • Kessla Daniellle Newton

    I enjoyed my Roku LT (purple box) I broke it trying to reset it when I moved.

  • Ryan A. Crowl

    I wish all a hope that someone wins…. I wishing that I could but, best luck too all. P.s. love ya Roku

  • Oxox Michele Mayokok

    πŸ’œlove roku…

  • James LoBello

    This Retired Disabled Army Veteran would enjoy the BIG ROKU T,V, daily and invite fellow Veterans,friends and acquaintances to enjoy streaming of Movies and Sports! The best advertising by viewing in a home environment!

    • Mechille

      My son is in the Navy he just got home he misses his Ruku

  • Gigi Inglis

    I love Roku Stick I use it all time saves me a lot of money

  • Debbra Relaford

    Where I live, without Roku I would have only dvd’s to watch.

  • Scotty Jones Cherryholmes

    I’ll admit it. ROKU has made my life so much better. ROKU and retirement are the perfect fit.

    • SkyKids Foundation

      If your not using the vudu credit my charity foundation certainly can. Mind forwarding it with SkyKids Foundation in subject line???

      It’s a huge blessing, send it along if not needed as stated to:

      We can use any digital i serts from movies bought along with loads of items. We cover shipping. Let me know by email and we can talk or I can give our office number to speak in person.

      Bless you,
      Michael-SkyKids Foundation

  • Angel Campos

    I have a 32’roku tv in my kids bedroom but I would like the big tv for my living room to enjoy more with my kids and family….!!

  • MewzMe2

    Would love the tv.


    Love Roku

  • Awesome. We have a 40in TCL (which is how we finally got into Roku) but my folks need a new TV and have kept putting it off (couple years now)…. Would LOVE to surprise them with this!

    • SkyKids Foundation

      If your not using the vudu credit my charity foundation certainly can. Mind forwarding it with SkyKids Foundation in subject line???

      It’s a huge blessing, send it along if not needed as stated to:

      We can use any digital i serts from movies bought along with loads of items. We cover shipping. Let me know by email and we can talk or I can give our office number to speak in person.

      Bless you,
      Michael-SkyKids Foundation

  • John Butler


  • Arturo Sanchez

    Ruku Rocks my 4K tv, only if I can win the ruku 4K stick..”to pair it!

  • megan

    roku is my life saver!!!! i’m not joking!!! when money is tight but and cable or a contract isn’t an option roku is the next best thing even though i have only experienced roku 1 i can only imagine what the newest one has in store for us!!!! crossing my fingers….. Good luck everyone!!!!

  • Edwin Vasquez

    Thanks roku for the chance to win something

  • Mechille

    I hope to win my daughter has 2 types of cancer …my daughter & son in law have been going through sooo much …my son in law works Construction in Milwaukee WI takes care of my daughter & his dad….my daughter had to do CPR on my son in laws dad but he passed away….I would love to give anyone of these gifts to them …they are 2 amazing people u would ever know…B4 my daughter was sick they would bring homeless people over for a good meal…they have had only once someone steal stuff from them…. My fingers are crossed!!! I love my Ruku & my Ruku TV there both amazing!!!

  • goonieguy

    Roku makes streaming a cinch… and life worth living!

  • Jenny Osborn

    Thank you for the chance at a TV. Mine just burnt out and still stream on my 7 inch tablet
    Best choice ever to get rid of cable. Again thank you Jenny Osborn

  • Kofi Addo Benson

    Roku has save us from the big mouth of Cable TVs. Thank you so much I hope to win this TV for my Wife,

  • Missy Ang

    Oh to get a roku tv would be awesome! I’ve been a roku user since 2008 and just this past year finally had to upgrade my roku device!! I have traveled cross country and even overseas with my roku device

  • Packer Backer

    Love our Ultra and Streaming Stick. They’ve been a great addition to our home.

  • Edgar

    Roku is the best way to go when it cones to any source of streaming its so reliable and runs so smooth. Roku changes lives…

  • Ruben Saldana

    Good luck to all of us. I’m a big fan of Roku and been a big user since Roku 1 was introduced last 2011. I have upgraded it to Roku 3 last 2013 and I’m very happy with it and until now 2017 it’s still working great without any issues at all, even though it’s always on 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year, and now in it’s 4 years running always on. Roku products are really durable and reliable. I even connect it with a 2 TB WD portable hard drive with over 500 movies stored in it and whenever I need to watch my movie archives, it’s reacily available thru my Roku video streaming unit without fail. I really love this product. You’ll never be sorry having owned one.

  • Patricia

    I have been a big fan of Roku since it first came out. Now I am enjoying my 55″ TCL 4K TV. The sound and clarity is better than my daughter’s Samsung and my other TV Vizio.

  • William Hudson

    Love Roku it is the best way to watch the movie and videos love the way it works with the phone

  • George Vahey

    Roku Ultra need I say more! If you guys go for the best then buy the best equipment! Thank you Roku!

  • bobby winn

    I have 3 of the Roku sticks, but would really enjoy the TV for My Den,

  • sabrina burge

    I hope I win I have no tv for my living room

  • rc1138

    I wouldn’t mind a roku premiere+ for tcl roku tv(it’s been too slugish recently)

  • Murph

    Have a 2016 ROKU streaming stick and a 43″ 4K TCL Roku TV. Love it

    Would like to have a 55″ or larger TCL 4K UHD TV

  • kenny kwak

    Love it ! So easy to use.

  • Dustin Sherrill

    Thanks Roku. I would love to win that 4K HDR TCL TV.

  • Loretta Rogers

    Roku is the best buy i have ever made love it

  • Sherri

    I’d love to win the tv for my recently widowed 79 year old aunt. She only has one old tiny tv from the 80’s!!! I think the screen is like 12″. Since her husband passed tv is her only main entertainment.

  • Pam Rogers

    we enjoy our Roku! Thank you for saving us so much money!

  • Stephen Teague

    Would love to win the roku tv for my kids

  • Tammy Boykin

    I really, really, really want to win the tv! Please!!!

  • Ivan Cairo

    While I continue to enjoy the excellent Roku service, as an international customer living overseas I’m very disappointed to say that every time there is a giveaway only residents of the USA are eligible to enter or win. To me that is discriminating against customers who pay the same hard earned money for the product as buyers in the USA. Why sell global if you reward only local? But still I enjoy my Roku. Love it to the max!

  • Sakura Ruiz

    thank you for the chance to win a tv, since we are having a new bundle of joy, it’s gonna be even harder to buy a tv now; so thank you πŸ˜„

  • Kevin

    I’m sorry but I’m not happy with Roku because it is the same ol, same ol.

  • Amy Halpern

    my life began with my first ROKU./..cut the cable cord…dont have a dvd player…have old tvs…this allows me to watch on my TV movies and TV and they look great and sound great…woohoo me

  • B Gershkoff

    Such a coincidence. My Roku apparently stopped working yesterday. I hope there’s a coupon or something here.

  • Elroy Jetson

    I cannot say I love my Roku – that might be weird. I spend so much of my time exploring new channels, and I love cinema and drama from around the world. It was such an easy decision to cut cable – that I never watched. You know, I have five connected tv’s in my house. There is some really great free content for the kids. If there is anything I dislike, it is the “shortcut” buttons to certain channels. I am always hitting one by accident. My streaming life would be perfect if I could disable those or just get remoges without them as an option. They are quite unnecessary.

    • Elroy Jetson

      …make that remotes without shortcut buttons.

  • Teresa Jewell

    love my roku…

  • Kyle Stroud

    Roku’s the best!

  • Jamdown Queen

    Love my Roku, so much that I advertise for you guys. I keep telling people to stop paying for cable, get Roku. It is the way to go.

  • Theresa L Collins

    Im a ROKU enthusiast! I have 2 XD’s currently. I’ve raved to all my friends about ROKU and have given 3 away so that they can enjoy the cord free life! The tv would be wonderful to have!!!

  • sonya

    I would love a TCL Roku TV streaming channels and App’s I love it. Looking forward to another Tv.

  • RockheadedMama

    Love my Rokus!

  • Nowella

    I’m enjoying my TCL Roku tv. Glad I purchased it. So many channels and you keep adding more channels. Thanks Roku!!

  • Cathy Maher

    My friend just bought a tcl roku tv and the picture was awesome. He loves the convenience of the built-in roku.

  • Hassen saleh

    Yes I am excited to have Rokuoooooo

  • Ed Kenny

    I’d love to win one of these. The Roku player is well loved at our household

  • Micheal Svoboda

    We dumped DISH and got a Roku and we could not be happier!

  • Psalm40

    We love our Roku

  • Ozl

    I need HDR

  • Ray Kenny

    roku xd and roku premiere +

  • Barry Zajac

    Just as soon as Roku adds FilmStruck to its line-up of streaming channels will be the day I know I have reached heaven.

  • OllieGark

    I’ve got a couple of TV’s with Roku built-in and I love them!

  • Quiggers

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Tori Valencia

    I never thought streaming would be this easy. I love my Roku!!! Would be great to win a Roku TV. As a student, can’t really afford such luxuries!

  • moonwalker53

    All my TVs are TCLs with Roku – love it! Would cut the FIOS cord if I could watch my home MLB team!

  • Sandra Nelson

    Do you no if you can Add WLNY Tv Channel 10-55 It is Channel 2 sister Channel because When they interrupt the the Soap Opera that’s the Channel you can get it on

  • Ladytazz

    Team roku

  • pinnacle

    Roku 3 and Roku stick; Love em Love em, saves me a lot of money while bringing me so much. Big Roku connected TV is next natural step.

  • Ramona Perse Brown

    Love My Roku -Saves my family a ton of money every month!

  • Paul Stanbrook

    I have to say for me anyway Roku is the best streaming device out there. I love mine and would never switch to another product.

  • Drew Forshey

    ROKU Rocks… πŸ™‚

  • Chris Ciacelli

    Love Roku! Cable….not so much

  • Tom Christianson II

    Had the Sony Blue ray player for my Netflix but it started Blocking and freezing a lot so I’m giving the Roku premier a try……

  • Veverly Byrd-Davis

    my grandbaby misplaced my remote. i have ordered 2 online but neither works. What do I need to reorder the remote for th Roku Stick.

    • Bruce

      Did you pair up the remotes to the Roku? It’s a small button below the batteries under the battery cover.

  • Jo Proctor Best

    We love our Roku, the least expensive one is all we need.

  • Jae

    Just checked the cost of the ROKU TV’s and they are beyond my retirement budget. It would be wonderful to have a ROKU TV especially when the grandchildren come over forTV and popcorn nights.

  • Jim Todd

    Roku 3’s streaming of Netflix/YouTube is much better than my ‘smart’ TV or Tivo. I’ve had to call C.S a couple of times and they always fixed me right up!

  • Jason

    ROKU is the best. We have 4 plus a ROKU TV.

  • Toni

    Have 3 Roku 2’s and have given 3 as gifts over last 2 yrs..would be so awesome to win the Roku 4k TCL TV..

  • Kelley Whorf-Wile

    I’m from a different century…JUST got a Roku Express today…hooked it up and now trying to figure it all out! LOL…

  • Debbi Dresser

    ROKU is great….wouldn’t want to live without it. I would love to try the ROKU TV for sure.

  • Barbie Barclay

    Of all the streaming players, the original is still the best!

    • Ingrid Parker

      Yesssssss, you can read the COMPLETE information about the movie and TV selections. I have 2 players, the orginnal is the best.

  • Leilani Aki

    Would love that TV! Love Roku

  • Cassie Schuckenbrock

    I have a roku 2 and my kids move it from room to room. It would be so great to have a second box. Thank you

  • Drew Forshey


  • Rick Tejeda

    Great to cut the cord and go full blown Roku. The channel selections are endless and always updated. I hope to win the Roku tv. Regardless, love Roku and no one else comes close in streaming content. I LOVE ROKU.

  • Sharon Gomex


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  • Ruth D Leon

    iReally i dont think i will win it,but i got one i need one more I WISH MY SELF GOOD LUCK,,,

  • Jacquie Brown Hart

    I LOVE MY ROKU now my house would be complete with the Roku TV

  • Marcella Whalen

    Would love to win the roku tv. My husband could then either have that or the 32 inch we currently have for a computer monitor tv watching experience. Lol

  • Ricardo Hernandez Padilla

    I have 4 roku’so love them all.

  • Tim

    I first had a JVC Roku equipped 65″ TV where the Roku is built-in (remote ) but liked the idea of a headphone jack built-in to the remote so I bought a Roku 3 with voice search. Don’t use the voice search buy enjoy the headphone jack,can listen at​ a comfortable volume at night without disturbing the family. Roku is our preferred method of watching all our premium channels Netflix,Amazon Sling ECT. Also most pleased with jw broadcasting.πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  • Jennifer Neal

    Need a new TV for family room. It is awesome that you do appreciate your fans.

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      Michael-SkyKids Foundation

  • Todd Barnard

    I have a 40″ Roku TV in my bedroom, Premiere+ in the living room, Roku 3 in my workout room, Roku2 in my office and another older model on an CRT in my garage. I watch hours of Roku every day, falling to sleep with international news on,

  • slim 910

    Reviewed and have calibration settings on my YouTube page for the 55us5800, i need to get my hands on the new series but my wife will kill me if I buy another Tv

  • Lisa

    I have the roku stick and love it.

  • Eighty3Lioness

    Thanks for the opportunity ROKU ☺ ❀

  • Patricia Perez

    what a awesome thing everybody LOVEs no haters. a product that does save MONEY AND WORKS. awesome !

  • SkyKids Foundation

    Wish the people I share with got a link that works and the email with $5 vudu credit. If nobody needs theirs I run a charity foundation that desperately needs them as we setve 240 patients in 6 inpatient hospitals and over 100 families. Please forward the whole email to:
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    Many Blessings,

  • Suzi

    We have our roku hooked up to a 13″ dinosaur in the spare bedroom. Terrible for our guests. They keep telling us we need to upgrade. Lookout flip phones your next!

  • Suzi

    We have our roku hooked up to a 13″ dinosaur in our spare bedroom. Our guests keep telling us we need to upgrade. Lookout flip phones your next!

  • tireiron123

    The Roku 4K TCL would look great in my apartment!

  • Cyndi Mears

    Thanks for your recognition of your fans and users and your generosity. I live on social security with a 19″ TV and truly appreciate the chance to try to win a large screen TV. What great customer service that you are providing us with this opportunity. Thank you.

  • Rowwdy Colt

    Love our Roku. I would love to win the television for an elderly lady who could sure it,

  • gigihicks

    I have the ROKU Premiere and love it. My husband would be thrilled to win a ROKU TV. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • jai

    I currently have my Phillips TV that I purchased for myself when I graduated from high school in 1998! My Tv has been with me a long time but an upgrade is probably due. Hopefully sooner than later 🀞

  • Khalim Tucker (Illkidcatel)

    I never win big but I am hoping that will change. So far I am winning in the savings department. Thanks to Roku I get great entertainment with out all the added fees fines and fake deals. I recommend it to all my friends and family. Sincerely Khalim Tucker

  • SouthernGal

    We now have 3 Rokus & getting ready to add a 4th. I cu the chord just over a year ago & the only regret I have about cutting the chord is that I didn’t do it sooner.

  • DeAnna

    I have kids and grandbabies, I dont know how I would be able to even watch a movie or tv show on cable, because I always needing to pause the show (while chasing after all the kids lol) Im watching just to see be able to see the whole thing. Thank you Roku for helping to keep me sane.

  • Suzanne Somma

    I would love the Roku tv, since my t.v is on borrowed time! Thanks!

  • Sue Fawcett

    Roku is the best. I love it. Streaming tv content is the wave of the future.


    My brother had one and I asked him to pick me up o e for Xmas. Love it.

  • Kathy Baker

    Love Roku!!!! It’s so much better than DirecTV!!

  • Pauline Linares

    We love Roku and the hours of wonderful entertainment it provides!

  • Kendra Duram Brokstad

    Thank you ROKU!

  • Mike

    Our Roku N1100 has been streaming us entertainment nightly for about 7 years of so (480i on a 32″ CRT actually looks good!). I know that this old hermit will be forced to go to a flat panel one day. Perhaps my single entry will make today that day!

    Thank you Roku for designing a quality long lasting, nearly glitch free product. That is unusual in the “throw-away days”.

    ~Early Adopter

  • Kelly Camp

    I love Roku

  • Leviathan61

    How are you supposed to put in for this? I don’t see a form.

  • Bill Marcy

    On Roku for a year , couldn’t be more satisfied .


    Would love to win the ROKU Ultra!! I have the ROKU 3 & ROKU 2 XS & they are excellent streaming devices!

  • Khalim Tucker (Illkidcatel)

    Roku has really saved me lots of money and time. The service is great and I recommend it to all my friends and family.

  • Khalim Tucker (Illkidcatel)

    I really hope to win.

  • Gregory Chervak

    Satellite price always going up, got Roku and life is good.

  • Joanne Herkshan

    Roku all the way πŸ™‚