The Roku team’s been quite busy lately, and we can now proudly say that there are over 5,000 (!) streaming channels in the Roku Channel Store! Below we’ve highlighted some recently added channels you may have missed.

Simply click the links below and add the channels to your Roku player or Roku TV.



Twitter – Stream live sports (a free MLB game every week), entertainment, news and more!

Comet TV – Space out on some sci-fi entertainment and cult classics like Poltergeist and Stargate SG-1 on this live feed style free channel.

Esquire – A modern American culture channel with videos on men’s style, eats and drinks. Learn how make the perfect White Russian, a guide on how and when to wear your favorite hats, and how to wear the perfect collared shirt.

Cosmopolitan – The famous women’s magazine has a new free channel that brings you beauty tutorials, workouts, viral food recipes, celeb news, relationship advice and more.

BA Recipes – Learn how to make new dishes like cheesy taco pasta, mashed potato pancakes, or sushiritos in these beautifully filmed cooking tutorials.

Elle – Calling all fashion lovers! Elle delivers a behind-the-scenes take on the fashion industry, for free!

Nosey – Stream free episodes of Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, American Gladiators, Blind Date, Cheaters, Match Game, Family Feud and more!

VRV – Includes anime, animation, gaming, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and tech videos, as well as free content from Crunchyroll, Funimation, Cartoon Hangover, Nerdist, Seeso, Shudder and others!

Baby Genius – Your child will love singing, dancing, and learning with these free animated nursery rhymes.

Reel Country – For fans of old Westerns, Reel Country has a selection of classic films featuring John Wayne and Roy Rogers, and TV shows like Bonanza and The Beverly Hillbillies.

Secret Golf – Join professional golfer Steve Elkington as he journeys across the North American golf landscape and offers compelling stories and game-expanding instruction from a lifetime of playing the game.

Sweet Tweets – A delightful new series of animated nursery rhymes and original songs for children, featuring Momma Tweet, Poppa Sweet and their family full of Tweetle Bums.

Formula 1 Racing – Your destination for everything F1 – including race highlights, racetrack and driver features, and amazing stories about the sport.

Harper’s Bazaar – Like the magazine, the Harper’s Bazaar channel brings you the best in fashion, celebrity, and travel.

All Karaoke – Choose from hundreds of songs to sing along with your favorite artists, from Elvis to Adele to 50 Cent.

CineAmerica – CineAmerica offers an library of Kung Fu flicks, classic Laurel and Hardy films, and a number of documentaries.

SUBSCRIPTION (Requires a monthly/yearly payment)

Walter Presents ($6.99 per month) – From Nordic thrillers to South American chillers, film critic Walter Iuzzolino has done all the hard work uncovering award-winning, top rated, exclusive and original drama series from around the world and has gathered them in one place for US audiences to enjoy for the very first time.

BritBox ($6.99/month, 7 day free trial) – Gives subscribers access to thousands of hours of programming and the most comprehensive collection of British television… ever.

Digital Concert Hall (starts at $9.99/month, 30 day free trial) – With the Digital Concert Hall channel, you’ll always have the best seat in the house to see the Berliner Philharmoniker – no flight required!

Total Access TNA Wrestling ($7/month) – Stream classic TNA Pay-Per-Views and episodes of TNA Epics featuring your favorite wrestlers like Sting, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Jarrett.

Univision NOW ($5.99/month, 7 day free trial) – Offers a live stream of the Univision and UniMás networks, including live sporting events and specials, with streams from stations in select markets.

AUTHENTICATED (Cable or satellite subscription required)

Watch OWN – Stream episodes of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, and OWN original series like For Peete’s Sake or Greenleaf.

Watch TBS – Offers live streams and on demand content from your favorite TBS TV shows including Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and CONAN, plus hit movies!

Watch TNT – Stream the NBA on TNT, TNT shows such as Animal Kingdom and Good Behavior, movies and more.

Hallmark – Your destination for Hallmark original movies and TV shows, including C Christmas movies during everyone’s favorite time of the year!

Happy streaming!

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  • Leslie Lane

    More channels for Canadian users please. We would love BritBox.

    • Donald Lemon

      They offer BritBox for a fee.

      • Daishun Bickford

        I thought Britbox offered only subscription?

        • Albert Daniel

          6.99 or 7.99 usd a month if I remember correctly.

          • Mary Anne Cox

            Thank you for the ChannelPear suggestion. I had never heard of it and now I can get the BBC. Still looking for a way to get the CBC. I may have to get a VPN.

          • Albert Daniel

            Channel Pear allows you to select 5 channels for free anything more than that is 2.99 a month or 24.99 a year . But you can change what’s in your library instantly so if you don’t mind adding or removing channels you can get it all for free. Some channels are geolock and. VPN is needed to access those channels.

          • Mary Anne Cox

            Thank you so much.

          • Daishun Bickford

            ugh, no thanks to Britbox. I would just stick elsewhere to watch Doctor Who.

    • Mary Anne Cox

      I am in the states but my cable system carried 3 Canadian networks; I miss CBC.

  • I’m not a ‘nice guy’

    As a cord cutter, the ‘cable subscription required’ channels are a bit worthless.

    • Devin Serpa


      • I’m not a ‘nice guy’

        For travelers, you have a very valid point.

        • Tampammm

          Not only for travelers, but these Roku subscription channels often have way more “on demand” programming content than you would find conventionally on your cable system. So that is a valuable feature also.

    • But some of these channels have unlocked episodes that you can watch without a subscription!

      • Devin Serpa

        Those are either the most recent episode / season or the pilot episode. Pretty useless.

        • Lisa Steward

          I agree

      • Oscar Nuño

        I need help! I can´t use de Mu3 playlist player channel! (And many other channels) I already installed but i can´t open it, i brought my roku stick (black) in USA (San Diego) at Walmart, but i live in (Tijuana) Mexico. Is there a location restriction to use/install some channels?

        • Albert Daniel

          I have seen geolock on some streaming stations , so if you are not in the right country you need to use a vpn for your internet to bypass the geolock .

    • Ray Kenny

      hear, hear

    • Mary Anne Cox


    • Depends how you define cord cutter. I used Slack streaming service and qualified for a lot of these. I currently use DirecTV Now streaming and qualify for most.

    • Phil Gagler

      Most of the channels they now offer are the reason why I cut the cord.

  • Rene

    The ‘cable subscription required’ channels are not worthless. I’m a cord cutter and I use them. You simply need to have cable subscriber’s email and password, or in my case, my internet provider information works just fine.

    • Devin Serpa

      You need to pay for the cable TV to authorize the subscription channels on Roku. If you don’t have to, then you got lucky or your provider is lazy.

      And yes using a family members login would be easy and all, but not allowed under contract. I don’t advocate subverting contract language.

      • Rene

        You do know no one cares to enforce that? Ever share a netflix password? Hulu? It’s no different.

        • Devin Serpa

          Actually no we don’t share logins.

          • Matt Seitz

            I don’t share passwords either. Sharing passwords feels like stealing to me, even if companies are not strictly enforcing against it. Paying for what I use seems to me to be the right thing to do.

          • Tampammm

            I wish all the cable providers and content providers would stop all the price gouging which seems like stealing to me. And do the right thing by normalizing their prices.

      • Lildebbie

        Tried the login to authorise a cable channel on Roku with a fam members account with TW/Spectrum…Its not allowed they throw out an error message.

        • stephen

          Try bringing the Roku to their house, connect to their WiFi then authorize. Which should only be needed once.

      • Jon Willie

        Some internet providers somewhat discretely provide basic cable with their “Internet only” packages. In my area, both Comcast and MetroCast do this. This is perhaps what is giving Rene access to the channels, as this is what happens for me.

  • Devin Serpa

    Thank you Roku for the hard work! I’ll check out Comet TV.

    See what you can do about local news please!

    What can I do to get OTA on Roku without getting a Roku TV or Tablo TV. I’m thinking of a Roku channel a la Aereo-like cloud, or rather because of the Supreme Court Decision, a cheap DTV PC Card Tuner to Roku UI a la Plex.

    • RockFox

      You can get free local news with the NewsOn channel.

  • ChadwicK

    my apt. comes with free cable (xfinity).. after adding ‘on-demand’ & internet.. plus my roku (with Showtime added) & Netflix subscriptions.. I’m getting a top-notch assortment of content & fast reliable wifi/internet at a very reasonable price

  • Audrey Aronson Myers

    When can we get FilmStruck?

  • Rebecca Darnell

    Please add Charter Spectrum to your list of channels, there’s a LOT of apps I can’t download bc you all don’t have my cable company on your list

    • Sarah Reynolds Johnson


    • Daishun Bickford

      Spectrum already listed either in the Stream Channel Store which it is in the TV and Movie section. I think it is available for both Charter and Times Warner.

      • Amelia

        No, the spectrum time Warner login does not work with a charter email and password. We can’t get to half the channels we should be able to. (Comedy Central, Food network etc)

        • Daishun Bickford

          Oh yes, I knew that as well. Spectrum has 3 separate companies, which you can see three separate icons such as “Time Warner Cable/Spectrum”, “Charter/Spectrum” or “Brighthouse/Spectrum”. You need to use your either Time Warner Cable, Charter, or Brighthouse email address in order to sign in the single app by Spectrum.

    • yn

      I have it…listed as spectrun ( no charter)

  • Catherine Murphy Brown

    I have a problem with subscription TV list, not recognizing SLING TV!. If I’m paying Sling TV to view your channel and Sling is paying AMC or many others to carry your channel, than I shouldn’t​ need an access code for viewing. Many channels need to update their list.

  • Ebony Robinson

    Yes 5000 channels all except for DirecTV now why are they holding out

    • knowingisgrowing

      Because AT&T barely works on android devices, and is still problematic on the platforms its on. I’m assuming that Directv is concerned about a flux of new customers since the ROKU is still the leading streaming device.

    • ReaderV

      Direct tv is here now.

    • Bill Eastman

      Newer Roku’s such as Roku 3, Roku 4 , Roku Premire, Roku Premire+ all have DIRECTV NOW.

  • Tvland please

    Just waiting on TVLAND to get their own channel and I would be in heaven.

  • tsnamm

    Am always glad to see new content and options…Comet is a good add. Would love to see funimation’s Toku network, as well as TV Japan streaming channel.

  • Mary Anne Cox

    I would like to see a BBC News Channel either stand alone or as an add on with one of the other channels. As a cord cutter I do not want to pay Sling, etc., just to get news channels. I would be happy to subscribe to news channels.

  • Ellen Sack

    The food channel. Since I cut the cord this is one of the channels I miss.

    • Barb McWethy

      Get Sling-they have Food Network and HGTV

  • Diane

    I miss Animal Planet & MeTv. But I’m NOT paying for them ! That’s one reason I cut my cords !! And I already pay for Netlix !


      you can get an OTA antennae and get METV for free

    • stephen

      Xtv has animal planet on it.

  • Michele LaBoo

    Ok if you buy a smart tv w/roku built in do you have to still buy a subscription? Because my sister got one thinking she has rouku built in an they told her she still has to subscribe. Did she get ripped off? I mean what is the since in buying that an still have to pay for til It?

    • Albert Daniel

      Some apps(channel) you have to subscribe to but there is a lot of free things to watch also .

    • Mary Anne Cox

      Roku, apple-tv, smart-tvs, etc. provide a software platform for your television to stream channels. Some channels are free, some are free/available if you have cable, some you subscribe to (just like your pay for HBO, Showtime, etc. if you subscribe to cable), for example, netflix, hulu, etc.

  • MadeInNY


  • MoebiusStreet

    It’s nice that you’re adding new channels THAT WE CAN CHOOSE. But dammit, stop automatically adding channels to my device.

    You claim that this only happens when running the Cityscape screensaver, when you hit “OK” to wake the device. This is BS. I don’t have the Cityscape screensaver (I use
    Weather4us). And I don’t have direct control over how my device is woken
    – my Harmony remote does whatever the heck it does, and I don’t have
    control over it.

    Over the last week or so it’s added Newsy once, and some stupid
    Baeble Music thing twice, and it’s really pissing me off. It’s even
    worse because the Baeble thing also starts up automatically. So I’ll
    have just hit the Harmony telling it to turn everything on, and I go for
    a minute to brush my teeth or something while that’s happening, and all
    of a sudden some god-awful music starts coming out.

    I’ve been a Roku user for several years now, and generally happy. But
    this is really making me angry. I don’t much care for your explanations
    like here. It should be evident that your customers dislike what you’re
    doing. You must stop.

  • Josh

    I need help find a channel my Roku came with a channel called Live TV, I think it might be a paid subscription. Its a black icon and the writing (LIVE TV) is written in white. It has over 300 channels to choose English, Spanish, Portuguese, French etc. I lost it when my Roku was reset HELP please. I was not able to find it back.

  • Brian Noftsier

    Hallmark useless have like 3 episodes and 4 movies.

  • ReaderV

    Sign up for direct tv and use it, or a “like platform” for cord cutting. Add a Tevo to the collection and a Anntaina where possible.

  • Maria Donlon

    So if most of the channels you like to watch, or if you want to watch “LIVE” TV, still requires you to pay COMCASTS’ “YUGE” cable bill, what is the point of ROKU and “cutting the cord?”

    • stephen

      As a relative that has Comcast to assign you a email address. They get a few to distribute to their siblings. It’s so useful for roku and the Xfinity website. Also if you decide on a streaming service make sure it has a dvr option somewhere, it really make watching shows that much easier, btw the Roku interface and fast forward/rewind functions are quite a pain.

  • Tim Bowman

    Nothing I would care to watch. I didn’t buy a Roku to watch TV from the 40’s and 50’s.