It’s beginning to look a lot like…National Streaming Day! While it’s the day all of us entertainment lovers rally around our favorite activity (streaming!), National Streaming Day was established to commemorate the day we shipped the first device to stream Netflix to the TV back in 2008. It falls on Saturday, May 20 this year but there’s no reason we can’t celebrate all week long!

We encourage you to join in on the fun this week. Of course the best way to celebrate is by streaming your heart out – we have lots of free entertainment for you! Here are four ways to get your National Streaming Day on – plus a video peek at how our favorite TV stars are celebrating.

1. Stream for FREE!

The Roku Recommends channel is chock full of free entertainment this week! Add the channel to get access to all these must-stream TV shows:

national streaming day free entertainment

  • Twin Peaks season 1 – catch up before the highly anticipated new SHOWTIME limited event series premieres on May 21
  • Stream three documentaries from Smithsonian Earth
    • Africa’s Hunters | Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, where vicious carnivores like leopards, lions, and hyenas are in constant competition for their next meal.
    • Secrets of Wild Australia | A look into the lives of the secretive creatures of Australia.
    • Jago: A Life Underwater | Follows the life of 80-year-old Rohani, a Bajau diver from the Togean Islands of Sulawesi, Indonesia.
  • Select episodes of Riverdale season 1 – a subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome facade
  • Select episodes of Empire season 3 on FOX NOW – a powerful drama about a family dynasty set within the glamorous and sometimes dangerous world of hip-hop music

In addition, check out these channels:

  • Watch Motor Trend’s show hosts’ favorite episodes FREE from May 20-26 on the Motor Trend OnDemand channel.
  • EPIX is offering a 14-day FREE trial for Roku customers until 5/21/17. Add the EPIX channel, sign up for the free trial, and stream titles such as Star Trek: Beyond, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Iron Man and more!
  • NBC is streaming full seasons of The Good Place, Taken, Chicago Justice, Better Late Than Never, The Wall and Great News on 5/20.

2. Enter for a chance to win big!

All of you are due for a new TV, right? How ‘bout a 50” 4K HDR TCL Roku TV!? Here is your chance. You can also enter for a chance to win one of our new Roku streaming players. For those of you on Twitter, be sure to Follow us and catch a giveaway every day this week (Monday 5/15 – Saturday 5/20).

3. Stream proudly!

Saturday night is a perfect night to host a streaming party with all the great new movies out and TV show premieres this month. Just be sure to tell us how you’re celebrating with #StreamingDay and we might share it. Upload our fun profile image to your social media accounts and show the world you’re a streamer! [Right click to download the image]

4. Celebrate with a great deal.

If you want to treat yourself or someone else, now’s the time! Save $10 on the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra. Visit and major retailers until 5/20/17.

Roku deals

Some of our partners are hosting giveaways too. Check out the links below:

Here’s to busy streaming week ahead! Tell us how you’re celebrating #StreamingDay.

Happy streaming!

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  • John Funk

    Unless you live outside the US. Then you can’t.

  • Leroy Smalls

    What’s the code to redeem the $5 for a Vudu movie?

    • Hi Leroy, did you click the link in the newsletter? It should be added to your VUDU account automatically.

  • Rob Romansky

    Been laid up for 3 weeks after door surgery. Have another 6 weeks to go. All I do all day and all night is stream. It has made my recovery enjoyable!

    • Get well soon, Rob!

  • Rob Romansky

    Foot surgery. Stupid autocorrect!

  • Victor Ninex Marzana

    I clicked the link for the vudu $5 credit and it doesn’t work.

  • SammieC

    I am trying to get the VUDU $5 credit when clicking the link all I get is:
    It doesn’t work for me when I click the link, I get this:
    This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

  • BA

    Have the same issue as SammieC and Victor Ninex Marzana – Roku moderator replies “contact support team for help with this” but when you click the link their is no way to address this issue at Roku support or actually email Roku support. Maybe the Roku Moderator could address this with Roku and send us an email with a working link to get the Vudu credit.

  • LU

    The free shows aren’t captioned. We have the captions turned on, but they don’t appear on the Roku Recommends Channel.

  • chuck_fu

    can’t use free epix if you don’t have a cable company cord cutters getting the shaft 😡

  • PP

    I first got:
    “This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

    Now several days later the link now works and goes to but when I login and try to enter the code it says “code is invalid”.

    Third, there is no way to contact ROKU for help!

  • Tim

    It’s a shame, I was looking forward to the vudu credit which I was emailed about which unfortunately has never worked. I also receive the message that the code is invalid. After giving it time I contacted the roku support team as the roku rep mentioned to others in these comments. It has now been over 72 hours ago with no contact. This despite I think the site suggesting issues are responded to within 24 hours now and an email confirming I’d be contacted shortly when issue was reported. I’m not so disappointed in not receiving something which is free, as nice as a free vudu rental would have been, but rather that the company which manufactures four of the devices I have in my home doesn’t respond as promptly as they claim to.

    • After reading your comment I tried mine today and it’s showing as invalid too. We’ll see if customer support responds beyond the automated initial reply.

      • Anne

        How are you contacting Roku support? I click the Roku support link and am taken through an bunch of screens and end up on a page full of suggestions with no way to contact Roku. I also got the “invalid credit” to Vudu. I am surprised and disappointed that Roku is making it very hard for its customers to receive help or assistance.

        • I went to and selected “questions about my account or billing” (as it seemed to be the least irrelevant option). On the next screen, I selected the only option and then clicked the “contact support” button and then the “email” button. Live chat and phone support are also options.

          I’m wondering if someone managed to try thousands of possible codes and thus stole them from those of us who were given them legitimately.

  • Aelita Alperovich

    Amazon Fire TV & Stick announced their release today of AHC Go, Life Go, Velocity Go, and Destination America Go apps. Deeply disappointed that we still can’t get them on Roku. The majority of those are my favorite channels. I’ve been a loyal customer for years (own 2 Rokus & a Roku Stick). Now seriously considering switching to Amazon​….

    • Amazon and Roku don’t make most apps/channels for their respective platforms. It’s up to the companies/cable-networks to have their apps/channels made for each platform they choose to be available on. Unfortunately for us, there seems to be a trend of such becoming available on FireTV before Roku these days. However, I’d like to point out that other channels/apps from Discovery came to Roku in August 2016 but didn’t come to FireTV until March 2017.

      It is quite possible to have a Roku and FireTV connected to the same TV. (I do that sometimes with my 1st gen FireTV Stick while other times I have both a Roku 3 and Roku 2 XS connected to the same TV because I really dislike the custom video player of the latest Amazon Instant Roku channel.)

      • Aelita Alperovich

        I’ve tried reaching out to Discovery & Destination America numerous times on social media, but they’re very unresponsive​. I was just hoping not to spend more/extra money on a Fire Stick which has almost identical programming, just so I can watch these channels.

        • AHC Go, (Discovery) Life Go, Velocity Go, and Destination America Go apps are now on Roku. I think they were added last week.

  • Trish Molla

    Like the others, the VUDU credit just shows up as “invalid code” for me and there is no good choice for contacting ROKU customer support for this issue.

    • I posted how to contact Roku support about this in a previous comment.

      They replied to my email query earlier today.

  • shadtree

    I have the #Roku #XS The #last #Three #updates have #made #my #Roku #unstable and #now #it #randomly #restarts #quite #frequently. #Way #to #much.i #cannot #get #a #response #from #Roku #in #anyway. Very #frustrated.. #may #2017 #was #the #last #buggy #update.. #help !