We know what to watch next is always on your minds. In time for National Streaming Day we wanted to learn a bit more about where you are getting your recommendations and who’s most influential in your eyes!

Our survey* revealed that most people turn to their friends over their partners when it comes to TV and movie recommendations. Additionally, people who share the same sense of humor are more commonly trusted when it comes to movie and TV recommendations. See more of our findings below.

National Streaming Day celebrates the advent of TV streaming and making TV better for everyone. May 20, 2008 is the day we shipped the Roku Player, the first device ever to stream Netflix to the TV. In the nine years since then, we’ve continued to focus on delivering the best streaming experience and getting you to the streaming entertainment you love. This year, whether you’re looking to friends, significant others or social media, stream what you love!

*The survey was conducted online by Macro, Inc. using a Cint panel from April 24 to May 1 among a cross section of 1,068 adults aged 18-65 in the United States.

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  • no

    HI, I recently bought your roku device. IT DESTROYED MY TV. DOES THIS HAPPEN ALOT>? ALSO, I was banned from the site, but got in anyways and my account was deleted, my email was invalidated, and I have physical recordings of a customer service “administrator” saying that roku can not effect my tv, hdmi wires carry no voltage, and I have to buy a 4 digit code in order to watch streaming services I pay for separate. after having this converstation with a rep, I found my device had also deleted my account… which is impossible according to your rep, my tv logic board was fried, which is impossible according to your rep, and then, when trying to explain the issue to the same rep, he stated that no one in roku can just delete accounts. anyone reading this… DO NOT GIVE ANY REP YOUR PASSWORD. so I will be calling and you will be paying for a new tv. thanks for doing that, because I would hate to go to the BBB with the evidence I have. ANAKSHU

  • z24

    so much for streaming week/day. I have been disconncted from myy wireless 3 times today whle watching movies. internet works, but my Roku TV does not!