[UPDATED 8/1/17]

AT&T’s video streaming service, DIRECTV NOW, which offers live sports, on demand, premium channels, popular shows, and hit movies – is now available on select devices: Roku TV models, the Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere+, Roku Premiere, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Streaming Stick (model 3600R), Roku 4, Roku 3 and Roku 2 (model 4210). We will continue to work with AT&T to add support for more Roku devices in the future.

DIRECTV NOW offers more than 20,000 on-demand shows and movies on over 120 live channels including ABC, AMC, BBC America, Bravo, Comedy Central, Discovery, Fox, Fox News Channel, FX, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, MSNBC, NBC, TBS, TNT and many others. Their programming packages bring popular channels together for a great entertainment value:

  • Live a Little – $35 / month (60+ channels)
  • Just Right – $50 / month (80+ channels)
  • Go Big – $60 / month (100+ channels)
  • Gotta Have it – $70 / month (120+ channels)

Roku customers who don’t already have a DIRECTV NOW account can use code ROKU1MONTH for a one-month free trial*. Offer ends 8/31/17.

Happy streaming!

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*After 1 month customers will be auto-billed $35 per month minimum unless cancelled; see directvnow.com for details

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  • D

    I have three Insignia Roku TVs that are not 4k, and so you still have not delivered what you promised to have by q1 2017. That’s bullshit!!!

    • Please stay tuned. We are continuing to work with AT&T to add support for more Roku devices in the future.

      • hecs2011

        What do you mean by future?? Looks like my streaming stick doesn’t support it. I’m about to be done!!!

      • Paul

        Are my three Roku 2720x devices compatible with Directv Now?

        • Not currently but we are working with AT&T to add support for more devices.


            People fail to realize ROKU does not design these, the provider does. Rag on ATT, it’s their fault.

          • Mitch

            So much Tech illiteracy!!! Its ATT Directs Fault as they have failed (again) to provide a ROKU Channel for their internet Service or Direct TV Now!!! ATT is overpriced anyway, so get a bundle from someone else!! ATT, take some responsibility, as you are the inferior Service!

          • Dobbie71

            I get 100 channels thru DTVN plus free HBO for 12 months, Cinemax, and Starz(3 channels) plus Starz Encore for $45/month. I signed on to DTVN the first week available and received the Go Big package half price for life so added the pay channels too for $15 extra. I think this is a great price and don’t have all the extra no watch stations I had with Comcast for over $200 which did include internet and security system. Now I have internet 1G plus DTVN for and even C note…that is a great deal in my opinion. On my Fire Stick I loaded all the individual channel apps available and have 1080 no buffer thru Wifi but do have frequent problems with the DTVN app which is highly unstable. So will try plugging ethernet into my Amazon TV to see if it is any better. Still many favored channels do not have apps and cannot sign into some of the stations cause DTVN is not offered as a Provider….What the heck am I paying for anyway…TNT, TBS and several others don’t list DTVN….

      • Margery Cavins

        Wow…. SOOOO not good enough. The future? We’ve been waiting since November. There are 7 functional Roku devices here PLUS 2 Roku TLC TVs. Someone needs to be shipping us free compatible Roku devices while we wait for the future to come

        • Roku doesn’t build the app for AT&T, so I think your anger is targeted in the wrong direction….or it was 2 months ago. 🙂

      • Joe Martinez

        Which devices and when?

      • virginia87106

        Thank you. I will wait patiently as I like the Directv interface. I too have a TV purchased this year that has a built in Roku which will not work with Directv Now yet.

      • Alex

        I just got a TCL 4K TV from Target and the message I get is “Install Failed” Any ideas? Here is the TV.. New model..

      • Joe Mizner

        my 3500r says nope as well 🙁

      • Audrey Porter

        We’ve stay tuned since nov 2016 .
        Roku needs to give a device update so we can access newer channels ,I’m.tored of repurchasing sticks

      • scott

        I have a roku 2 with a system update of 4125. Still no direct TV now

    • Roku customers who don’t already have a DIRECTV NOW account can use code ROKU1MONTH for a one-month free trial*. Offer ends 8/31/17.

  • D

    Just spent memorial day at my neighbors house, and his hacked Amazon Firestick setup worked great. More Roku devices better be added ASAGDMFP, or both direct TV now and Roku is getting replaced at my house.

  • Jake

    How do I add this channel when it’s not in the channel store?

  • Aaron Jakobsons

    I own an ultra, and it’s not in the channel store. Why announce this today and not put it in the channel store?

  • K.P. Smith

    You made sure to link to all the supported roku’s so people can buy it. You also included info so people can sign up for the DirecTV NOW service if they don’t already have it. But you forgot one little thing, how can people get the channel on their roku if they already have the service? You know … since it’s not in the channel store.

    #therewasaneffort #notmyjob

  • Joseph Clarke

    Awesome, I just hope you get a version out for the Roku Tv soon!

  • Lora Leigh Vernon

    We have a roku one can we get a roku 2 model for Directv now and when do u think the app will be ready for roku one

  • Craig

    Praise The Lord! Let Every Nation Rejoice! Praise The Lord! With One Mighty Voice!

    (P.S. You all and DirecTV took way too freaking llllllooonnnnnggggg to develop this!)

    • Paul

      I see the link worked for you. I’m curious, which Roku device do you own? I get an error code.

      • Craig


        4K Premiere box, 2 box and 3 box and… 1080p Insignia TV model which isn’t supported.

        • Paul

          Craig, I have three 2720X players. Do these quality? Thanks in advance.

          • Craig

            Nope! Only the newest Roku 2 4210XB models appears to be supported. I’m sure it’s a speed and optimization issue on the older hardware. Newer Roku’s are priced at anywhere between $29 for Roku Express, to $39 Roku Stick, to $69 or so for Premiere on Amazon if you need DirecTV Now support quickly. Newest Roku 2 box and Roku Stick is is going to offer faster Roku experience.

          • Paul

            Thanks, I was pulling my hair out. Not the answer I was looking for. That’s life.

          • Craig

            It may be supported in time. May take a while though. Roku isn’t my primary platform. I’m mostly Android TV.

          • Paul

            I hear ya. I have three Roku’s, two Fire Sticks, three Chromecasts, OTA Tivo w/ lifetime sub, rooftop antenna. I just ordered two Roku sticks (thank you again for your response) But after all that…we have still saved $3000 versus keeping Xfinity Digital cable. We canceled Xfinity 3+ years ago. So, I will await my two Roku sticks with bated breath. Cheers!

    • Paul

      Thanks but it won’t let me add the DTVN app. I can add any other Roku app, but not that one. Very frustrating. Cheers.

  • Bryce Wilson

    1) Does the download show up and work in the App Store?
    2) Does it install properly?
    3) Does it actually start and stream?
    4) Does it buffer and/or freeze?
    Enquiringly minds want to know… 🙂

  • Paul

    Anyone have a DTVN direct code? The link the Roku mod supplied gives me an error code.

    • Hi Paul, the ROKU1MONTH code gives you an error?

      • Paul

        I’m already a DTVN suscriber. I’m trying to add the channel to my Roku 2720x players. I used the channel link you provided and it says “I do not have any Roku devices linked” and it gives the option to buy one. I have a valid account and I installed other apps today just to prove this fact.

        • Hi Paul, DIRECTV NOW isn’t available on the Roku 2 (2720). We want to ensure that our customers have the best streaming experience and the newest and fastest Roku devices can deliver that today. We continue to work with AT&T on support for more Roku devices in the future.

      • Paul

        This is the error code— “Oops. It seems there are no players linked to your Roku account that support this channel. Check out our latest selection of Roku players.” Option: buy

  • Elvis Black

    wait so is the Roku Tv that I purchased in December just before the 4k versions came out not supported?

    • Michelle

      Right!!!!! I have the same issue. Done with Roku, waited forever and most of the boxes don’t work…. right

    • Mike

      Same issue. More than frustrated. If I have to blow a ton of money to replace boxes I already have… not to mention the brand new TV I just bought, I’d hate to find myself in this situation again next time. I think it may be time to go another route. Shame though, I really liked Roku.

    • Sandra Kostenko

      SAME ISSUE here too! This tv is still brand new 🙁

  • Will M.

    Have been a Directv customer since I was in elementary school and I’m 31. Cut the cord hoping Directv Now would be available soon to pair with our Roku TVs. We have been using (sloppy) Sling in the mean time. Now the Now app is “available” so we started a trial with Now. But the channel will not install. Get an error: “Oops. It seems there are no players linked to your Roku account that support this channel. Check out our latest selection of Roku players.” Clearly this message is not clear. If I check my account my devices are listed. Does this mean they are not compatible? They are 2017 1080 TCL models. I think we made a huge mistake leaving Vizio.

    • paul

      I get the same error code, Will. I have a valid account and able to add apps, but not the new DTVN one. I have a 2720X player. We’re in the same boat I believe.

      • Will M.

        Hopefully Amazon will take these back. We’ve overlooked some of the flaws like freezing and randomly restarting, but, now it’s pointless.

  • ndcart

    Now they need to give us Roku owners the initial introductory price they offered other device users when the service debuted.

    • CitizenKane

      Ain’t gonna happen; I had 3 Roku devices when DTVN rolled out; but that intro offer was too good to pass up….plus they threw in a free Firestick, so I signed up…..waiting for the Roku rollout….now that it is here, the Roku streaming is far superior to Firestick, but it won’t work with one of my older Roku devices. I hooked the Firestick up to that TV and ditched the older Roku box….now I have DTN streaming on all household TVs…..100+ channels with all my local sports teams…..all for $35/month. You should have not waited. You missed out on a deal of a lifetime (if ATT lives up to their promise that this rate is locked in).

      This chord cutter is very happy.

      • hkklife

        I believe AT&T said that promo rate was not locked in forever but it would be honored for a certain period of time. I am kicking myself for not jumping on it at launch but I refuse to pay for something for 6 months that I could only watch in a browser or mobile app when I have gone all-in on Roku ecosystem.

        I have 2x Roku 1080P TVs, 3x 3600R sticks and a Roku 3 box. The picture quality is great and no hiccups so far judging by what I saw at a relative’s house. In fact, the DirecTV Now stream played better on their Roku stick over wi-fi than it did in Chrome on a powerful PC connected via ethernet!

  • Reggie

    Sounds good, but what channels are included in the different levels?

  • Marc

    Roku TVs have their own build numbers…mine is 5119X and I’m guessing we’re going to wait for that Roku series of devices to be enabled for DTVNow?

  • Chase

    I was offered the promo code for 1 free month, signed up and was only offered one free week. Think I will stay with Sling TV. Bait and switch is a bad First Impression.

  • Darin Yohe

    I have two 39″ Insignia Roku TV’s I bought less than 6 months ago, model NS-39DR510NA17 with Roku TV 5315X, and it says I don’t have any supported devices, yet these TV’s have the latest 7.6 firmware. I do have two Roku 3 boxes, but I’m not about to connect a Roku 3 to a brand new Roku TV, that would drive me insane with two remotes.

    • Adam Perez

      I two have the same 39″ Roku TV purchased about 3 months ago along with a 55″ with 5305X designation. Would be great to know if and when the app will be released for these.

      As you said, I am not about to connect a Roku device to a Roku TV. I am pretty annoyed that I have an Apple TV tethered to it at the moment to watch DirecTV Now as it is…

  • Emma J

    Hi Roku! Please make this compatible with the two brand new Insignia Roku TVS I bought last week! I love these Tvs But I don’t want to use two remotes. Thanks!!!

  • Dan Bither

    2 Roku TVs waiting for the update. I was about to preorder the new TCL 4K TVs with UHD and FALD. If DirecTV now isn’t release by when that ships, it looks like I’ll be ordering the new Amazon TVs and getting PS Vue.


      It works great on TCL 4K, I have 5 32″ TCL’s waiting for the further update. It will be worth the wait.

      • Alex

        I just got a TCL 4K TV from Target and the message I get is “Install Failed” Any ideas?


        It arrived and was definitely worth the wait!

    • JJ Carlson

      The Amazon Firestick that Directv Now gives you free with the first month of service paid up front, which I highly recommend after the free trial, does work with my Roku TV. While waiting for the Firestick in the mail, just use your Directv Now account access to sign on directly to all of the APPS such as ABC, HBO GO, TBS, Bravo, etc. The Firestick is AWESOME and the individual apps work better than the DirecTV Now does in some cases. For example the newest ABC shows are on the APP but you have to wait a week for them on the Directv Now App. And Roku is great, but the Firestick can install Kodi, and you can Google free instructions for how to do that.

    • de galambos

      PlayStation Vue is the best hands hands down. It’s what I use, the others I tried were all crap.

      • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

        I get 100+ channels with HBO for $10 a month for LIFE with DirecTV Now through AT&T. Just saying!

        • de galambos

          that’s because you’re already paying them for other packages (BUNDLE LOL) so really what are you getting it for if you drop your AT&T services? That’s right, NOTHING

      • Salman Ahmed

        Ps vue has best interface plus best picture quality .directv now has too much buffering while sling TVs has 19th century interface

  • Wale_Not_Wally

    I have the Roku 4 (first 4K model). I’m able to download the app with no issues but I can’t login. I can login on my iPad but on the Roku. I have access to DIRECTV Now because I have AT&T Unlimited Plus. Is this possibly the reason I can’t login?

  • Raynar Belmont

    Have a Roku 3 (2015 model) Found it in the store and downloaded. App Works Great About time.

    • Great to hear, Raynar!

      • Sandra Kostenko

        so a 2015 model works fine with it… but my TLC TV purchased less than 5 months ago is not supported… please fix this, I do not want to have to buy a different streaming device when I already own a smart tv!

  • UncleNine

    Roku 3, with high-quality memory card installed. Began watching ESPN Baseball on DTVN this evening and it lasted exactly 18 minutes before the Roku crashed and rebooted. I restarted the channel and it didn’t crash again for the rest of the game. I hadn’t rebooted the Roku today (as far as I know maybe it hadn’t been rebooted in days.) I’m guessing breadcrumbs from previous channels (Plex, YouTube, etc.) caused it to crash. Is there any indication that a Roku 3 needs to be manually re-started (cleared) before using DTVN?

    • CitizenKane

      My Roku 3 is streaming DTVN far superior than the interim Firestick I was using…….crystal clear video and no streaming hang ups.

  • I can’t even type in my whole email address. When I go to put in the .com it stops at the c. TWO WHOLE LETTERS short :/ what kind of unicorn frappiccino mess is this? I tried resetting and that doesn’t work. I tried a shorter email. Nope! And it’s not like my email is some long conundrum. It’s just first and last name! The heck??

    Btw, I have a Roku 3 and I’m using the app on my iPhone (that flimsy remote didn’t make it 1 month).

    • Lana, sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Did this get sorted out? If not please reach out to the DIRECTV NOW team so they can help: https://help.directvnow.com/

      • No, it’s looking like I can only add 15 characters for the email. I have 17… first name (not Lana) + last name @me.com. It stops at the c in .com… very frustrating. I’ll get with them tomorrow. I’m looking forward to hooking this up to my Roku 3 box!

      • Nope! Called DTVN and was told it’s a known issue that they are trying to resolve, and to buy a new remote to use instead of my phone. I have no clue when the update will happen. For now only 15 characters allowed if using the Roku app on my iPhone.

  • Jim Wendel

    OK, I have the account setup and I updated my Roku Premier with the Directv Now App and it appears on the screen but it wants me to sign in and there is no keyboard on the screen to enter info ???

  • Michelle

    I have had it! I have the Roku in my bedroom and amazon fire tv in living room. I have direct tv now on my amazon box but have been waiting and holding on to my roku. FINALLY get the email from direct that it’s available on my roku……. are you freaking kidding me…. want me to buy a different box because it want work on my devise!!!!!! Seriously are we to believe this. My opinion this is roku sway of forcing me to upgrade. No thank you roku…. I waited and waited…. moving on to amazon in my other rooms!!

    • Hi Michelle, we will continue to work with AT&T to add support for more Roku devices in the future.

      • Audrey Porter

        No , Roku needs to support their customers and update currently t devices instead of the stick “we will continue to work with AT&To to add support for more Roku devices in the future”
        This is absurd

  • Michelle

    Also I may add…. what’s the point of having an update device setting if we are not getting the proper updates on our boxes that keep ALL boxes the same just like the android and IOS boxes??????

    • Roseha

      I agree, just put out an update so everyone can get DTVN!

    • Audrey Porter


  • Roseha

    I am extremely disappointed that DTVN will not work with my 3500 Roku stick. I have been a loyal Roku customer for many years and have purchased 5 models by my count, and need to use the 3500 on a wall mounted TV. If Netflix and the other channels work fine, why won’t DTVN? Please make it compatible, asap.

  • Sue

    I’ve downloaded the Directv Now app on roku through my tv and through my computer to verify my Roku acknowledges it. When I open the app on my TV, it goes from the Directv Now screen to a rectangle that looks like it’s buffering. It buffers for awhile then times out. If I go in and load a channel like FX manual and plug in the code for Directv Now, then I can get the channel. But I can’t open Directv Now at all. Why is this an issue?

    • Sorry to hear that, Sue. The DIRECTV NOW team will need more details to investigate this for you. Please reach out here: https://help.directvnow.com.

  • Chip Douglas

    i got in on the $35 dollar offer on the very last day in January, been suffering on my chromecast for the better part of 4 months… at last my roku TV has directv now, i’m so very happy! and i was compeltely unaware of the on demand features… THE CABLE GUY, is happy now

    • CitizenKane

      Chip, I got in on the same deal as you…..a deal of the century.

      Chromecast has sucked the last few months for me as well, I complained so much that they gave me a credit……DTN told me to start using IE to stream DTN…..so glad Roku has rolled it out………very happy.

      No way would I pay the current rate for the DTN GO Big package line up ($70).

      • hkklife

        I’d give anything for them (they never will but I can wish) for AT&T to bring that $35 promo back now to celebrate the arrival of Roku support. I’d personally probably sign up for it 2x and have 2-3 coworkers who probably would as well. $35 is the steal of the century for sway cord-cutters on the fence. But in no way do I watch enough TV to justify $70/month. But, many of the main channels I do watch are mostly on the Go Big channel lineup.

  • Lildebbie

    Dtvn channel added to my Roku 3 easily. Will try it out. Thanks.

    • Please let us know what you think!

  • Scott

    Appreciate finally having the release of the app, works excellent on my three Roku 3 models. I am disappointed that the four Roku sticks (3500R) aren’t supported. These units are less than three years old and plenty robust to run every other HD streaming service I’ve ever had including Time Warner Cables app, why not DirecTv Now? This feels like a push to purchase newer models, that ain’t happening every 2+ years guys!

  • Jeff S

    Can you list what (older) devices will not be supported? Like model numbers prior to 4210? Are we to assume it’s a CPU or memory limitation of older models and they can’t be upgraded?

  • Mark

    I have the same issue. I have a Roku tv and a Roku 2 and can get it on neither. Says no devices linked to my account and it’s not in the channel store. Nice job, Roku.

  • CitizenKane

    I have 3 Roku devices; Direct TV Now doesn’t work on 2 of the 3 (Roku XD and XS) devices. Very disappointing.

    BTW, the DTN streaming is far superior on my Roku 3 device, than the free Amazon Firestick I have been using…the glitches and video sharpness is far superior on the Roku.

  • Shawn Lee

    Have 2 Roku TV’s labeled 5315X. Will they be supported anytime soon?

  • siennalily

    Are there any Rokus that work with an analog television that support the Directv Now app?

  • Comefollowme

    Load time is still very slow compare to AppleTV (Load instantly) that I got from DirecTV but faster than AmazonTV second gen (painfully slow). Picture on Roku 3 looks a little bit soft. It look more like 480P picture quality. But picture on Roku Ultra looks very nice. I have a cable internet with 200 Mbps that should be more than enough bandwidth for 1080p. Let’s hope future update will fix all the problem.

    • We will send this feedback over to the team at AT&T – appreciate the info!

  • So far, so good! I had been running the Firestick and now on my Roku 3, I’m much happier with DirecTV NOW. I can run 1080 on Roku when I had to run 720 for the stick to have a chance at keeping up, so my picture quality is better. The stick had scale issues, but the Roku is scaled perfectly on my TV. I had been blaming DirecTV NOW for buffering issues, but so far I haven’t had that problem on the Roku, so it might have been the stick. To be fair, my Roku is running with an Ethernet cable, where that wasn’t an option with the stick.

    ONE ISSUE: The guide is a bit wonky. There are gaps of information where a channel row might be blank. Hopefully, these are just populating somewhere on the backend.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jeff. We will pass it over to the team at AT&T.

    • CitizenKane

      Jeff, my exact same experience….past 5 months was streaming DTN using the firestick (ethernet connection) and switched to the Roku 3 today………..fantastic experience. No buffering and beautiful video imaging. Wish I could rewind and recall channels. But the Roku is far superior to the firestick.

      • MELISSA


    • Melissa


      • Hi Melissa – I’m saying that for me, using the Roku 3 was a big help. There are a couple of reasons that this might be true:
        1. The sticks just aren’t as powerful as far processors and memory go.
        2. I plug a Ethernet cable directly into the Roku, which is faster than WiFi

        I assume if you like the Amazon look and feel that a FireTV would have similar benefits. I just feel like for HD TV streaming that it is better to have a box that you can plug a cable directly into it.

        With your Firestick, you might try lowering the HD from 1080 to 720.

  • Debra Milner

    Will this work for current Direct TV customers?

    • Hi Debra, this is a separate service. DIRECTV NOW is their streaming-only service.

      Current DIRECTV customers can use their subscription to stream on TV Everywhere channels that are included in your DIRECTV package though: https://channelstore.roku.com/browse/tv-everywhere.

  • Jon Markle

    I was disappointed to find that my TCL 40” 1080 Smart Led TV cannot yet download the Directv Now app.

  • Erick Wright

    What’s the difference in the Steaming Sticks (3500 vs 3600) that the 3500 is not supported?

  • Mike

    I just….just bought a roku TV anticipating this release, but the channel store shows that my devices are not compatible. I have waited patiently for months, bought my current living room television because it had built in Roku, and due to where I live, DTV Now is my only option for TV service that gives me what I need. I have two roku devices that I will be trading in for fire sticks, those, at least work.

  • Lon

    Cannot sign in on DIRECTV now because it will not accept my email is longer than 15 characters?

  • Bob

    It’s a shame I have to use a Fire TV Stick to utilize my DirecTV Now account on a 32″ TCL Roku TV. Please get this resolved quickly, before I have to replace my three Roku 3500R sticks, which are also not compatible with the DirecTV Now app as of yet, with Fire TV Sticks.

  • Pama

    I have an older TV that uses composite cables & I have a Roku 2 XD. I can’t add the Direct TV Now channel. Do I have to buy a new Roku? Or is there another option.

  • Kevin M

    Glad that it is finally here. I use a Premiere Roku device. However the 100+ channels in the “Go Big” package to which I subscribed, have dwindled to approx. 85 channels. Missing are favorites of mine, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel and History Channel. I guess I’ll have to hold on to Sling TV until these missing channels come on-line. I’m trying to be philosophic but I’m sure that there will be no price adjustment from DirecTV Now, despite the reduced number of channels.

    • John Goodrich

      All of those channels are included in that package. Food Network, HGTV and History Channel are included with all of their packages in fact. I am guessing that perhaps you inadvertently selected “Favorite channels” from the navigation menu and had not created such a list yet. The interface is somewhat sensitive and takes some getting used to. Contact their customer service if you continue to have trouble. Good luck!

      • Kevin M

        Thanks. The problem seems to be resolved now. I appreciate your comment and help.

  • Jack Dibee

    I have a ROKU SE 2710X, Version 7.6.0, Build 4120. I downloaded the App and got a “Channel install failed” error message. Could not add Directv Now.

    • Seb fag

      Jack if your device is not listed it won’t be supported yet

  • Sebastian fagone

    I’ve got roku ultra and streaming stick works perfect on both, so happy , just when I thought roku could t get better, love reading the salty comments keep it up guys.

  • Bradley Jarrell

    Will the ROKU 4 4400R work with DirectvNow?

    • John Boehm

      It works great with mine. I have 100mg speed tho

  • phillmgab

    So the TCL Roku TV 5140X I just bought can support every other streaming app as well as a host other apps that all the other Rokus support, but can’t support DTVN?? Come’on Roku, kick it up a notch…

  • knowingisgrowing

    It’s working fantastic on my roku premium – fantastic quality and speedy channel loading across the board. I’m very pleased so far, the 72 hour rewind feature is great, hoping for better DVD content to browse in the future

  • John Goodrich

    Working well on my Roku 3. YAY….wish it worked on my Sharp Roku TV but hopefully that will be added soon. Thanks, Roku and DTV!

  • JJ Carlson

    Someone needs to tell Directv Now to specify that only some Roku TV’s have access to the app. Mine won’t install the app and after wasting time on their help site I see on your blog that my TV isn’t on the list here. Thanks.

  • Carolyn Ohms

    Bought 2 Roku tv’s for Christmas 2016, and I can’t get the app to load. Roku Support, please fix asap. These are basically new devices and should be supported. Thanks.

  • JoeM143

    anyone know what RokuTV models are currently supported? the website seems kinda vague…… Roku 4K TV (model: 6000)

  • Roger

    Very happy, here! I had to perform a software update on my Roku 3 to make the app visible. My initial experience is good. It seems to be more stable than the app on the Apple TV that initially came will the service. Glad to be back on Roku and also have the ability to stream other apps (like Amazon video) that Apple won’t support.

  • Kelley Whorf-Wile

    I was totally excited yesterday. Finally got a chance to sit down and watch DirecTV now and found you can do a 72 hour rewind, so I hauled over to the Hallmark Movies and mysteries channel, found a movie I missed, got about an hour in, buffer/stop/start/stop/buffer/stop….error 1502, so I do what it told me, came back and you can’t ‘resume’ as it said, so I rewatched only to get to the same point and the same thing happens….so I guess I won’t be using DirecTV now….what ever happened to quality control? Why launch something that doesn’t work and just frustrates everyone? Their guide was all screwed up today, I’m sure with the release they had WAY more traffic than they planned on and with bugs still in the programming..well, I was impressed by features, always good in theory, but execution is much more important.

    • Seb fagone

      What connection do u have Kelly? Sounds like it’s ur internet connection. Mine has been really good, a lil slower on the stick but it’s a stick so I’m fine with that.

  • Joe

    I have roku 2 model 2720, will th DirecTV app be available at some point? It did cost us $60 at the time of purchase, seems reasonable to expect this update…

  • Amber

    Sorry you guys feel like my roku tv isn’t as important because I didn’t spend a bunch of money on it. I’m not use to a company rolling out updates and not offering it to ALL customers at the same time. That just sounds elitist and in general like bad business. My friend has been trying to get me to switch over to Apple tv. I might have to look into it.

  • Bobby Martin

    Need to make available to all devices. I bought 2 tv’s at Christmas and now I can’t get the one app I’ve been waiting for!!!

  • garry brown

    Just get a Chrome stick like I am doing , it supports every streaming medium out there. Look at the crap we have been putting up with Roku these past months. You Tube app completely sucks now you can only get DTNow on certain sticks. I know I should have went with Google instead of some second rate outfit.

  • John Tanczos

    So I guess my 3400M is too old?

  • E B Fox

    I bought this yesterday and “premature launch” would be the most accurate description. Almost none of the local channels work and the Guide looks like something a third grader would put together. Your current channel continues to play with the Guide superimposed on top of it, so you can’t read the guide and you can’t watch the channel either.
    I called Directv (AT&T) and they basically don’t know anything about it, but they did try to sell me cell phones and other services.
    A pretty lame effort at this point

  • Comefollowme

    App works great zero buffering so far, but for some reason my watchlist keeps disappearing. I have to keep adding my shows to the list again. Certain channels still suffer audio out of sync (CNBC). Reloaded the app didn’t fix the problem.

  • virginia87106

    I have a roku in my TV purchased in jan that is not supported. QUESTION: if I purchase a Roku Express, can I run all my existing apps thru it, so I won’t have to have 2 different roku devines hooked up?

    • Sandra Kostenko

      You shouldn’t have a problem, you’ll have to use your box remote and your tv remote though

  • Ron C.

    Does anyone know if this has a “dvr” function like Vue? And is it also no contract month to month? Because if I have to subscribe to ATT for anything more than month to month, I’m out. Interested in this but because it’s an ATT product, I’m being cautious.

    • E B Fox

      There is no DVR function. And you are wise to be cautious- the guide is ridiculous and the local channels are not included even though it says they are.

  • Parag

    I installed the channel on my Roku 3 boxes (2 of them) & logged in. Upon login it just keeps spinning; does not go to the main screen? Any ideas what’s going on?

  • D

    It’s a big middle finger to loyal roku customers who purchased expensive TVs, fairly recently, and not include those devices in this roll out.

    If you were on the fence, in the future don’t buy a Roku TV.

    • Mitch

      Its not ROKUs Fault, as the blame is squarely on ATT for not supporting ROKU!! They probably tried to blackmail or Scam ROKU for money by not supporting ROKU! Its the ATT way!

  • Larry

    I have a Roku 4. Installed the channel. Logged in and keeps spinning . Deleted and added the channel again, powered off the Roku, powered off the router and still the same result. My Direct TV Now account is working on laptop and tablet. Appreciate any help in connecting

    • Lisa

      Turn the power off to both the Roku and router before re-installing the channel. It is better to power cycle the roku after deleting the channel before you re-install it.

  • Fefe

    Hi. Just rec’d my NEW TCL Roku TV. Very disappointed to find out, this model DOES NOT support DirectTV Now. That was the reason I purchased the TV. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Please provide some feedback.

  • Alex

    So just got off the phone with Tech Support, yes, phone… can you believe that… Best way to communicate.
    ROKU 4K TV with HDR is not supported. Support said it will be supported sometime in the summer. Regular Roku 4K TV is supported.

    Not good… ohh well

  • Craig

    (Off topic) Roku mods? I have the Insignia 5315X NS-39DR510NA17 TV and I gotta know? Why can’t I adjust the colors on the Roku interface/GUI? The color looks so bland and washed out. Sure, I can configure the HDMI port/devices colors to look good. And video when played back through the built-in Roku hardware it looks good. But the built-in Roku home-screen GUI on the TV looks so horrible when it comes to colors. Just bland. I can’t adjust saturation or anything. This is unacceptable guys? You’ve gotta work with Insignia to add color adjustment settings for the Roku TV UI itself, not just for external devices. I can adjust the brightness, but I need far more than that.

  • SouthernGal

    I have an older model tv with the Roku SE. I clicked to download the app and it failed. When I checked online, it said it was installed. Ran an update & also restarted the device. App not showing. I was able to download on my Roku 3 which is attached to another TV. Entered login & password, but it does not recognize me. Can’t log in.

    • Lisa

      Unfortunately the SE is not supported yet. Here is a link to the list of supported devices from the ATT forum.


      • SouthernGal

        I am also getting an error on my Roku 3. It does not recognize my login. Is the Roku 3 supported?

        • Lisa

          It should work on your Roku 3 if it is the 4200x or 4230x
          Don’t know your Roku Model Number? Go to the Roku Home Screen; Select Settings > System > About.
          Are you using the login information from your directv now account that you created at https://directvnow.com ?
          I have several Roku 2 4210x and a express plus 3710x and it works on those models.

  • TellItLikeItIs

    DirecTV Now works great on my $60 refurbished Roku 4. Great little box!

  • j. boudreau

    I have just been billed by Apple but my Acorn password does not register and my email address is not recognized. Otherwise Roku is great.Please respond.

  • Dean

    Same issue here . Roku tv will not add the DTVN channel.

  • Dean

    Roku Tv5132x is not loading the DTVN channel. Please fix. All other streaming services work?

  • Sean Gillespie

    Found this out today so I thought I would share. If you’re trying to use this app simply to watch the free HBO you get with an Unlimited Plan from AT&T, it won’t work. You actually have to have a paid subscription for one of their packages in order to watch your free HBO through this app.

  • James Barren

    I am very happy to finally see directv now on the channel store, but the lack of device support is appalling… i have a brand new sharp roku tv that is not supported, but a 2 year old roku 2 works amazing, whats the point of releasing an app that is not fully compatable? the only outcome will be angry customers and a loss in profits for at&t, most households have multiple rokus, and not being able to use the service on all the rokus is a big middle finger to roku users.

  • Hosanna Schoeppner

    Any time frame on when Roku 3 (4200X) and/or the Roku Streaming Stick (3600X) will be added to the list of supported devices for DIRECTV NOW? I just signed up for the 7 day trial but can’t even use it on my TV…

    • Tim Ojesky

      My Roku 3 initially did not show the Directvnow app in the store. I upgraded the OS on the Roku and then the app showed up. It works fine on my Roku 3 now.

  • Andrew Kaplan

    Got the app and overall works well and quality is good. VOD is really annoying as in addition to commercials (which I would tolerate), there is annoying buffering before each commercial which makes the commercials even longer.

  • Larry Hardwick

    ps vue doesn’t carry everything direct now does mtv 1 and 2 to name a couple

  • Nick

    I’m done with roku. I have the regular roku tv non 4k and I can’t even install direct now on my tv. Says failed. At&t and roku have been telling us since November of last you that direct now is coming, well it’s here and why not make it compatible with all the roku devices at the same time . Would make more sense.

    • UncleNine

      Has nothing to do with Roku. This is -all- AT&T. AT&T must have a bare bones staff of high-school kids coding for the various platforms. EVERY other streaming and channel service–every one–does a better job than AT&T does with DTVN. Just today, DTVN on my UTD Android tablet is dead, dead, dead. No guide, no live TV, no nothing. AT&T is, IMHO, a corporate con-artist run by know-nothings, with very friendly regulators and public-utility-commissions kissing their cushy corporate bottoms. SHAME.

      • Mitch

        Well said and True!! ATT frankly is the worst Cable TV Provider now!! All sorts of tricky and Scam TV sale packages, that fail to compete with other Cable Services! They try to lock you into 1 or 2 year Contract, so you are stuck with them and have to pay dearly to change to someone else! They are offering Direct TV Now on Chromecast but not ROKU, which is entirely ATT’s Fault!! Don’t buy any service from ATT or you’re be sorry and regret it later!

  • Eileen Klear

    I have the TCL Roku TV and cannot add the DIRECTV NOW app. I says : Channel install failed. Any ideas?

  • Steve

    What exactly is “in the future”? I have two devices and Roku TV and none can load the channel:(

  • Fepey

    I have a TCL 43S405 which is a Roku TV model 7101X running on software version 7.6.2. The minimum sw version required is 7.6 so I think I have that covered but they make mention that the Roku Model # needs to be 6000x which mine is higher than being a 7101. Why would my newer and probably as qualified or perhaps faster model not be supported by DirectTV? I would like to sign up for service but am currently unable to since I can’t add the channel. I want to be a customer! =-(

    • Alex

      I reported on this issue a week ago. I bought 2 of these same TVs.. Basically HDR 4K TVs are not supported. I spoke with DirectTV tech support and they said sometime this summer for the release of the new APP for this TV. Basically, I dont think it will happen this year… so we are both out of luck. You cant beat the price of this TCL TV, but I hooked up my 3rd Apple TV to this one to watch DirectTV Now. Stability and quality wise its hard to beat Apple…. their stuff just works. I like Roku, but….

      • Fepey

        Alex, thank you for that information. I am going to go ahead and contact DirecTV as well to help add a voice and express my displeasure. I want to be a customer of theirs but it is being made impossible by them not enabling the app for this model TV which is really silly. Worst thing is I am getting another 4K TCL Roku TV for the living room but this one is a 55″ 55P607 so I bet it won’t work either. Argghh. Maybe I should just signup for Sony PSvue.

        • Alex

          Well, PSVue is way overpriced compared to Directv now… Plus, since I have ATT wireless and get additional incentives its a very attractive monthly payment for both wireless and TV. Although ATT service is nowhere near as good as Verizon… but, it will do. So, as much as I like Roku I got an AppleTV 4th gen.. Works great with TCL TV, and with Directv Now… what can I say, Apple has more money and ATTs priority is apple… so I give up fighting.. going with the flow… Works great so far. Sorry for the bad news.

  • CitizenKane

    Two weeks into the new DTVN and I have this to report.

    I am running DTVN on 2 TVs; one using a Roku 3 box and the other using the Amazon Firestick.

    Conclusion: Roku wins, hands down ! Streaming quality far superior on the Roku TV. Almost no streaming interruptions (buffering). The TV connected to the Firestick is constantly lagging (buffering). The Firestick was a freebie for early sign up. I will likely replace it with a roku sometime down the road.

    Need to add the following features: Channel recall; better guide; DVR capability; volume mute on hand held.

  • Jim

    Love that we finally have a Roku app for DTVN. Only one complaint so far – the guide keeps falling back to the all channels list rather than my favorites. Once I set my favorites, when I hit the guide, my favorites should come up first. That’s why i set them after all!

    • CitizenKane

      The Roku guide sucks; the Firestick guide is better. Another problem is that the Firestick app is more intelligent. It tracks what channels you have been recently watching and loads ques those channels up to make for faster and user friendly channel surfing – jumping between channels during a viewing session.

      For example if you are watching a live MLB game and switch to Food channel between innings; it loads those two channels side by side and a user can easily jump back and forth. Roku doesn’t do this. A user has to go back to the guide, find the channel and load it up……very very annoying.

  • Harriet Dahlgren

    Any chance Roku/DirectTV NOW will match the free Firestick offer?

  • DW

    If I already have directv can I use it or do I have to purchase “directv now”?

    • CitizenKane

      I don’t think so.

    • Melissa Evans

      I want to know the same thing…

  • CitizenKane


    If you are streaming live sporting events and the event continues beyond the scheduled end time (per guide), then the continuing event cannot be revisited if you happen to switch channels. For some reason the guide tries to load the scheduled event and blocks user from viewing the actual event.

    This happened to me while watching yesterday’s Ranger-Washington MLB game. Completely exiting the DTvN app and reloading didn’t solve the problem

    Extremely frustrating.

    BTW, this doesn’t happen when I stream using the Firestick (on my second TV).

  • Chris Robinson

    I have two Roku devices and two Roku TV’s and none of them support Directv Now. I’ve been using Roku for over 4 years. I feel like I should not have to buy new devices just to use directv now. Oh well….

    • Valerie Calderone

      My new Roku TV doesn’t either and it won’t update.

      • motivatedinohio

        Same thing for me. Bought a new Roku tv, and it won’t work with it.

      • Ed Watson

        Mine won’t either. I have a Roku Sharp TV just perched 3 months ago.

    • Ed Watson

      I agree. Mine won’t work either. I have a Sharp Roku TV. It was purchased 3 months ago.

    • Donnie De Dumpster

      That’s odd- my Insignia 55″ supports this app just fine- actually very well, and I don’t know what the announcement dated 8/1 is referring to as I used the app approx 3 weeks ago to test out the DirecTV Now service in comparison to the PS Vue that I’m using now. FWIW the DTVN app is miles ahead on the Roku compared to PS Vue, but just missing that DVR side.

  • Mlcherry belle

    Great just realized that my Roku TV is not compatible because it’s not 4k. How annoying and convenient is that Roku and DTVNow are focusing on 4k TVs when the majority of ppl don’t have those yet. I’m the one that pushed DTVNOW in my household but everyone else gets it on their devices but the one (person) paying for it doesn’t get it on her TV. The irony. I tried to stretch it with the long wait already but I’m not about the teasing. Slingtv will be available for everyone.

  • TrayDiva

    So after waiting on this forever….My damn device isn’t even compatible. I signed up for Directv Now through the Roku link just to find out my device is useless so much for a trial run because unfortunately I signed up for something that I cant utilize which sucks

  • ALunsford82

    I don’t have an option for Directv now on my TCL. When can I expect to get this? Just like Hulu Live, I’m tired of hearing “It’s coming”. Give me a date.

  • Jack Smith

    directvnow will not install on my Roku TV. it says install failed.

    What is going on??
    When will you fix this problem?

  • James Calvin Boyett Jr.

    Patty: Just to confirm, do you have $1.00 in the card?
    You: The info is there an its a working card for my monthly check, just no money on it right now, and your deal is trying to take money off it.
    You: I believe so.
    You: Thats all I keep on it after paying my bills.
    Patty: No, we will make the payment and you should have atleast $1.00 for verification in the card.
    Patty: We will not make the payment and if you have atleast $1.00 in the card the card will be accepted.
    You: So you going to charge m card a dollar, I see maybe I should not try a promo at all, it isn’t free for a7 days or even a month.
    Patty: You will be charged $1.00 for verification but it will be reflected to your account back by the bank.
    Patty: We will not charge you if you place the order for 7 days free trail or with promo code for free trail.
    You: I will make sure to report to Roku, that you all charge a dollar on it.
    You: Still charge a dollar for that too.
    Patty: I’m sorry, but the $1.00 will be back to your account.
    You: Forget it, not if your taking it out of the account, it means you all will be keeping it.
    Patty: Just to inform you, the $1.00 will be reflected back to your account automatically.
    Patty: I understand your concern but the thing is in order to select package on the account we need to update payment details on the account.
    Patty: And we should have funds in card because there will be $1 pending charge on the account to check if we can take payments from your card.
    You: Erase My account, I guess I want be useing your dollar a free promo till I can send you a dollar ehich will not be till the 3rd of next month.
    Patty: Its not a successfully charge, its just a pending charge, we just check if we can take payments on the card.
    You: Look if this would of been successful, I might of been able to talk my family to enjoy the programming and when the real big buck time comes to pay for it, then you would 99% sure you would get the big bucks for that programming, but geez 1 dollar is stopping a free promo, just to check a chargeable card.
    You: Hello?
    Patty: I understand your concern, but I am afraid this is how it works. Please try with a different card with the funds and you will be able to get the free month offer.
    You: Okay! Close or delete my account on direct tv, because by the time for me to get another dollar, which will be the 3rd of next month, because I will no longer be a new customer to you the direct tv service provider, I will not get my actual free promo, I was trying to get.
    Patty: I understand your concern Ladonna, I really wish I could do something about this, but as you know this is system automated we do not have option, however I will make a detailed note on your account so that when you come back to us, I will make sure you get the latest offer.
    Patty: I am sorry for not being help you with this right now.
    Patty: I hope you understand our limitations.
    You: How do I delete my entire account?
    Patty: I can help you with that.
    Patty: May I delete the account from my end?
    You: I will figure it out, I guess/
    Patty: Okay, please let me know if there is anything I can do to make our experience better.
    Patty: I will be glad to assist you.
    You: Delete my accont if you can.
    Patty: Sure. One moment please.
    Patty: Thank you for your time.
    Patty: I have deleted the account.
    Patty: Here is the reference ID 171020791 6/15/17 01:45 EDT
    You: To check if you did, try signing back in? Right?
    Patty: I hope you will be our customer soon.
    Patty: Yes, you won’t be able to sign back again.
    You: TY!
    Patty: You are welcome.

    So they take a dollar out of your account to check if your card works, but will they put it back in your account like they say? It’s suppose to be free, but its not free if your giving a dollar, just to check a card to see if it works for them to bill you with.

  • de galambos

    Directv NOW is crap and so is the “chat” customer service and here’s why. I signed up for the free trial (30 day) using the Roku code. First week went fine, logged in and could click on Directv Now logo and watch, but on the 8th day I clicked and it gave me a free view screen and would NOT let me watch. I went to account settings and it showed a different email was logged in. Logged it off and logged back in, but every time I changed channels it would quit working. Went back to settings and there was the “phantom” email logged in. The only way you can contact Directv Now is through chat, so good luck with that. You have no call in option, just ask them on chat. Long story short after 6 attempts online and close to 6 hours of time spent with “chat techs” they never corrected the problem so it still exists as I type this review. I will cancel it before the free trial runs out, the only reason I haven’t yet is I want to see if they fix. For $35 plus tax this product isn’t worth a penny, it’s crap and a hassle to use. I’m going with PlayStation Vue which IS the BEST out of the 3 “live” streams I tried (Sling, Direct and Vue). I had no issues with PlayStation Vue and their customer service was top notch and they beat the competitions monthly rate for the plan I use.

  • ericshmerick

    Brand new TCL 4k TV from Amazon (newest release, $599 model).

    No DirecTV Now app, despite a promotion when setting up the TV. Lol.

    Guess it’s getting shipped back. You guys really need to figure this out, ASAP. Lots or returns on your hands…

  • Audrey Porter

    About done with Roku , we should not have to purchase new devices so often to access channels .
    It’s ridiculous .
    The devices should be updateable to allow newer channels .
    Rather than blaming att ,Roku needs to allow us to update our devices ,it’s not like I am using the 1st generation original Roku box .

  • Michelle

    Well several weeks later and DIRECTV still will not work with my Roku. Tired of hearing that they’re working with att. If you have the devise and it gets updates it should work. To me this is Roku just trying to get the consumer to spend MORE money and buy the latest devise. If it was going to work the company should have pulled them out of the stores and not be allowed to sale them. My Roku is going in the trash and moving on to amazon fire tv which I have in one room already and it works great

  • Chris

    Stay away from this, folks. AT&T offered $35/mo for “Go Big” plan with 100+ channels last year, but did not offer Roku users same promotion when app is finally made available to us. Those folks are grandfathered into the $35/mo 100+ channel plan too. Their 1-month free promotion is a big “FU give us your money” to Roku users.

  • Timmy Soupmanson

    Finally got around to firing up the App. So far I’m not overly impressed with the user interface. Unless i’m missing some hidden settings, I am unable to customize the channel line up or create customized channel listings, instead I am forced to scroll up and down. SlingTV got it right with their guide options. Hopefully this is a rough beta version of the DirectTV Now app and we can expect major improvements very soon .

  • Chris Cavallo

    Need direct tv now on my current roku 3500r stick or I’m cancelling before my 30 day trial ends!

  • Dave Alwayssmellsnice Duncan-H

    I clicked on the I month free Directv trial and on the next page it says a 7 day trial, which is it?

    • Lisa

      You need to enter the code “ROKU1MONTH” in the promo code line on the payment page and update before completing the checkout. It will then tell you the code was successful and then you can submit your payment info.

      • Dave Alwayssmellsnice Duncan-H

        Thanks for the reply Lisa. I’ll look into it 😊

  • Murilo Alves

    Do you guys know if the current DirecTV now app will work with TCL 43S405 43-Inch TCL UHD 4K ?

    • Murilo Alves

      It worked. Got the TV and it worked like a charm. Performance is actually better than the Roku 4 I have

  • Marty

    What size sd card is recommended for a Roku 3?

  • Murilo Alves

    I have a Roku 4 and performance of the app is disappointing. Channel transition is much smoother and fast in the Apple TV which I got back from DirecTV when Roku app was not available. I thought of when this release was done I could go back to the Roku, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • Marie

    Anyone…….I cancelled my Cable TV out here in Manitoba-Canada, and purchased the high-speed Internet and ROKU. But!!! I don’t have a clue how to get standard Channels like CBC-CBS-NBC-ABC-CNN-CKND….Hell…any live channel. Are there any channels that I can get up here? If, so….How do I go about it?

  • Several weeks later and I’m satisfied! We have a Roku 3 and watching TV thru DTVN is awesome! We had a small hiccup – the email input was only allowing 15 characters, but that has been fixed on the DTVN side and we’re able to watch TV. It took a little bit to figure out how to access favored channels and to search properly, but that’s the fun in having something new! Hope everyone else is able to enjoy soon.

  • Denise M

    I have a Roku Express that’s supposed to be a supported device and have tried to log into the DirecTv Now app on it and all it ever does is give me a blue rectangle that’s thinking. I’m able to login to it on my phone and computer though. I have looked on every website for help and tried all the help that can be found on them and none of it has worked. Can anyone help me get the app to work on my Roku?

  • James Grubbs

    I assume that existing directv sat subscribers will have to pay an additional $35 for the privilege of using directv now on my roku even though other companies such as spectrum cable does not. I see no way for an existing customer to sign in. Greedy SOB’s.

  • Glen Rowe

    I have a roku tv 48fs4610r (48″ Roku TV 2014) and directv now is not supported it says. Why the hell do I have to buy new devices to support DirectvNOW??????

  • Andy Kollmer

    Why shouldn’t we, as both Directv and Roku customers, be able to watch Directv, Streaming on the roku (that is what it does, stream tv channels). Why should we have to pay ANY more, isn’t Roku like a mobile device? I already pay enough and just want to watch my Directv on a hotel or extra real tv not my small screen mobile device.

  • Marco

    Is there a cancellation fee?

  • Lorri Crossno Nevil

    I have a brand new Roku Premiere+ – did a system update – searched through streaming channels and directv is not listed…

    • Lisa

      Make sure you search for “Directv Now”. It is also listed in the featured and most popular sections of the channel store.

      • Lorri Crossno Nevil

        It wasn’t there. I had to log into my roku account on my laptop search for it and add it there, then I could do it on my device.

  • Jeff

    I have att u-veres at home, can I get directnow on ruku at no cost?

  • Ashley Shirah

    I am not a happy camper, I have 2 Roku Smart TV’s. One is a TLC and the other is a Insignia, neither one support
    Directv Now. Can I expect this to change? Sincerely Jason and Ashley Shirah. I really do not want to buy different TV’s.

  • BJ

    Just signed up for the 30 day free trial yesterday. I have a Roku 2 model 4210, a 4K Vizio TV I purchased December 2016, however the best speed I can obtain with my AT&T internet available out in the country is only 6 Mbps, so currently not viewing in 4K. That being said, the DirectTVNow is working great, viewed different channels and had it on for several hours without a problem, clear 1080 picture. I’m a happy camper!

  • Nora Martinez

    I just started my 30-day free trial of DirectNOW with my Roku, and find it a bit difficult to navigate. For example, sometimes I see a bar at the bottom with what looks like pause/rewind/fast forward and CC, but there is no indication of how to get to it. I’ve tried the normal pause/rewind/FF buttons on the Roku remote, but they don’t work.

    Also, when looking at the guide, there’s an option for seeing just your favorite channels, which seems like a good idea, except I have no clue how to make a channel one of my favorites, not to mention how do I change from all channels to just my favorites.

    So far, I’m not liking DirectNOW one bit. Maybe as I use it more, I’ll like it better. I’ve tried both PS Vue and Sling. I tried both Sling and PS Vue at the same time, and didn’t like the Sling interface, so I kept PS Vue for a few months, then tried Sling again. It has changed quite a bit and I do like the new interface much better than PS Vue, so I switched to Sling. I sure am glad this is a 30-day free trial. There’s no way I can figure out how to use DirectNOW in just 7 days, which really doesn’t say much for the app. It doesn’t take advantage of the Roku buttons the way it should.

  • Maria

    We have a Roku tv for my kids room and cant get direct tv now. It’s very upsetting because I had Sling Tv and it’s was compatible with all of the devices in my home and I switched to direct tv and now the 1 Tv is not compatible. It doesn’t make sense why they can t support Roku tv’s streaming I’m seriously considering going back to sling Tv.

  • A

    Any timing on when Directv now will be available on Roku TV’s? I just signed up and was streaming on my Roku device but was disappointed to learn it didn’t work on my Roku tv. Was going to buy another Roku tv but looks like I will have to go another direction.

  • Kristy DiGregorio Sliwowski

    I’d love to sign up for the free trial but it doesn’t even tell you what packages are offered before you sign up? I’m not going to sign up for something I know nothing about. And the DirectTVNow.com site has nothing on it. Just that you can sign up. There’s nowhere to even contact anyone to ask questions. What gives?

  • Bryce Wilson

    Any word on a DirectvNow app for Roku TV?

  • Saveen Vuppala

    Waiting for Directv Now to be supported on the Model 2710X – Roku 1. Any updates on when can I get it ? 🙂

  • Allan

    Will older roku boxes and “TLC” Roku TVs that are only two years old eventually be able to run Direct TV Now app? I have several Rokus and a TLC Roku TV that will not accept Direct TV Now app download. I’m having to plug a Roku stick into my Roku TV to watch Direct TV Now. I understand it’s an early release app but it’s still very frustrating.

  • DJ Tix

    This package would have a lot more value if you could record channels such as Hallmark Movies & Mysteries or login to view content on basic cable type stations (TNT etc.- even though you are paying for the service, DTV Now does not count as a satellite or cable provider for logging in to view these channels). Even using the PlayOn program you cannot do anything other than start recording for 2 hours when the movie starts, which defeats the purpose of time shifting TV.

    I agree the guide is severely lacking as compared to what Dish put out, but saving $100/month is worth putting up with inconveniences.

  • The Joe Hill

    I have 2 Sharp Roku TV’s – neither have compatible Directv Now apps. This does not pass the “wife” test. Help me out guys.

  • Greg

    I have directv already and a new roku that supports directv now how do I get it on my roku device?

  • Sean Kelly

    I use charter spectrum for internet and cable, but the app will not sign in or link to my Roku stick. Works on my PC and phone but I can’t cast from my phone either. Budget crap!

  • Leticia Ornelas

    I DO NOT want to pay for Direct Tv. But now I cannot watch Telemundo free on Roku. I have to SUBSCRIBE to direct tv now. That’s ridiculous!

  • Ann Ri

    Spent over an hours last night trying to see why Direct TV Now stopped working for me and I have 3 Roku sticks and a newer Roku 3,that I just bought(that is on their list) and nothing…no demands will work..I canceled my subscription

  • Chris Nicholson

    constantly BUFFERS, and I have MBPS @ 100 !!!

  • InconvenientFactualAnalysis

    I, like many others here, wish very much to have DIRECTV NOW on my Rokus. I’m not opposed to buying a new Roku(s) for it, but its discouraging to see so many users apparently unable to access the app from devices that are barely 6 months old.

    It would be great to know: what Roku devices are actually supporting DIRECTV NOW at this time?
    Is there a timeline of when DIRECTV NOW is going to be opened up for older devices?

  • Jeff S

    I’ve used both the Roku Premiere Plus and Apple Gen 4 side by side for over a month. Here’s my take: The Apple Gen 4 gets a grade of A for smooth video. Seems to work well with DTV Now. The Apple remote for the Gen 4 gets a B-. I think it is a terrible user interface. On the other hand, the Roku interface is pretty good, except for the fact it doesn’t have volume level control. I give it a A-. The Roku Premiere+ box is a C+. It seems to buffer a lot (is the internal buffer not big enough?), and the last few weeks DTV Now seems to be having their own issues, mostly around 10pm Eastern. My internet connection is Comcast 150mbps and consistently runs at 180mbps.

  • Jon Markle

    I updated my channels on my TCL Roku last night and just happened to notice that DirecTV Now popped up. So apparently ATT has worked to include it on the TCL ROKU sets now where it was not there before. Compared to my Apple TV4 and the only difference I could find was in the use of the remotes. As stated elsewhere, I dislike bothe the Apple remote and the Roku TCL remote. I prefer the remotes on my iPhone over both, for ease of use and accuracy.

  • Jenn_In_Atl

    I’m having issues with the picture constantly freezing on DirecTV. The sound keeps playing like it should, but the picture is frozen. Get out of app and back in, same thing happens again. Unplug Roku device to reset it and same thing happens again. Not sure what is going on. This is on my Roku 3 in my bedroom, seems like my newest Roku Streaming Stick in the living room is doing fine with only occasional digital picture freezes and then catches up.

  • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

    Actually disappointed that 3500r DOES NOT WORK.. this is on two of my TVs…
    SLING ACTUALLY has about same package and is about $35 if you add 2 of the $5 personalized options to the $25 Blue package… SLING TV WORKS WITH ALL ROKU!

  • Francis Pietro

    Finally got Directv Now on HD Roku TV. On TCM (my favorite channel) the aspect ratio 4:3 is squeezed to what looks more like 3:4. The sides are squeezed together and unwatchable. Only on the older movies not the commentary and ONLY on my HD Roku TV. My Roku 3, Smartphone, Tablet, Computer and Fire Stick all display properly. It took 8 months to get it on my TV. I could have learned how to create the App and set it up properly myself in that time. Get it right fellows/ladies.

  • Francis Pietro

    Update: Also on TVLand. All the ladies are much, much thinner now. {See last posting)

  • Laura Beatty

    I just have the roku express it works on that i paid $29 at Wal-Mart
    But I cancelled my 7 day goal and the still card me for a month

  • Laura Beatty

    I hate spell check it was 7 day trial

  • Jeffrey B Goodman

    I have a Samsung 55” 180P LED HD TV (UN55B8000XF) and want to get a Roku Player. I was planning on getting the Ultra model as it seems the most advance when I have to upgrade my TV. What if any additional cables do I need to get and are there any issues that I should be aware of in the installation process. Does the Roku work with a control 4 universal remote?