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  • Debra Stone

    Thank you for this awesome chance.

  • Tina Smith

    I would love to win @4KHDRTCLROKUTV
    It would make my husband so happy and me too #Rokulove

  • Kermit Crissey

    Great contest…fingers crossed for luck!!!

  • John Hart

    Awesome prize..love # Roku…haven’t got to see #GameOfThrones because of no #HBO but pretty sure I would love it…not to mention that great TCL ROKU TV. http://woobox.com/eb2vk6/j3t5b4

  • scottalias

    I just bought a TCL Roku 4k HDR TV. Guess I could use another.

    • MaryLou Sakosky

      So what would your review say? I am really interested in doing the same but fingers are sure crossed too 😉

      • scottalias

        I gave it four stars out of five on Amazon. A very good deal.

        • MaryLou Sakosky

          ty so much ..You hear so much on this.. BUT how do you use internet if not for having some kind of bundle. like with spectrum..and they are good for speed. it is off the hook really 😉

          • scottalias

            I get 60 mbps for $60. It’s my only option, but it’s alright. The 55 inch TCL Roku 55S405 is a good television and an outstanding deal for $450. A friend of mine has a nicer TV, but he paid $3,000.

          • Laura Cappello


  • PHatCAt_82
  • DavidEssex

    Beautiful TV!

  • Sandra Beeman

    Time for change to A ROKU!

  • Terry Myers (kingdomgal)

    Have a Roku stick, this would be great!

  • Tyne Caouette


  • joan001

    kool love my roku

  • omegatrac

    love my roku from ellen

  • Brandy Trover


  • peterg201

    wont load

  • Mark Terrazas

    G.O.T + Roku = Winning!

  • Deondrea Dededoinmee Lee

    I Would love a Roku!!!!!!!

  • Justin Harvey

    i want this tv bad

  • MaryLou Sakosky

    I would love to cut the cable with this. Miracles and dreaming happen everyday 😉 thank you for the chance..Good luck to all who entered too 😉

  • @redironpipe

    TV + ROKU = 🙂

  • Pauline Linares

    Love Game of Thrones and ROKU!

  • shelly

    this tv would be great

  • Mary Harding

    I really need a TV bad!!

  • Ron C.

    Would love to upgrade my tv. So happy I cut the cord. I live off Netfilx and Vue and all the crazy channels available from Roku.

  • Nicole Orsini

    Thanks for the chance. We fell on hard times and our 8yr olds TV broke and ours is on its last leg. I don’t see us a affording a new TV anytime soon. This would be awesome or any TV ! Good luck to everyone entered.

  • Domanic Grubbs

    This would be great we need another tv bad we watch Netflix now on a Roku stick so the TV would be great thanks

  • tantip1

    Amazing giveaway, thank you so much for the opportunity.

  • This would be huge blessing! Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

  • iowarose

    Like very much to win

  • Jennifer Swanson

    I need this!! awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the chance and good luck all!

  • Odell Brunson

    Won me a late b day

  • The Cowboys

    love to get this, my TV is getting old.

  • Melissa Arrez

    I just want the dragon eggs!!! 😭😭😭

  • Mark Terrazas

    (Chanting) Roku! Roku! Roku!

  • Edna Young

    I dream of owning a Roku, hope my dream comes true!

  • foontou

    I love you Roku!

  • Mary Otis

    Know Roku is a name to trust – would love to be winner.

  • Greta Kirby

    I have never owned a Roku. Would love to win this!

  • Mark Terrazas

    “Winter is coming” and I need a Roku in my life!

  • gigihicks

    We love our ROKU premiere . We got rid of our Direct TV. 🙂

  • Brian Dolphins ✞

    Have a Wonderful Blessed Day.

  • Justice League

    I just bought a TLC Roku TV @ Costco. It’s the bee’s knees!

  • Joanne Martin-roberts

    Fingers crossed. I need a new TV & roku for my future sewing room. Woohoo

  • B Susan Buckley

    I need to win the 4K HDR ROKU TCL TV SO BADLY!!! I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • mberlin1967

    I’m am GOT addicted..thanks for the contest!

  • minipod2010

    We’re in need of a new tv – our vizio just doesn’t work any more.

  • Mark Sloat

    Sign me up

  • Carla Sjodahl

    I have a Roku, Love it! Just not a Roku Tv! How awesome is that!!

  • Lynn Ivins

    I have 2 robust boxes, but wouldn’t hurt to have another.

  • Lynn Ivins

    I have 2 roku boxes, wouldn’t hurt to have another.

  • Lorisa Berisha

    I would be so greatful to win this tv, my tv is getting really old but still I hope that the tv wins someone that really deserves it

  • Dixie Thompson

    We bought a 55″ TCL Roku 4K HD TV in October, and we LOVE IT!!

  • Raymond I Reyes

    Ima win this Tv so I’ll invite 2lucky 2nd place winners to my casa here in El Paso,TX to watch Eagles vs. Packers 8/10/17.

  • Michael Palughi

    Have a streaming stick for when I travel and an Ultra at home. Both are great!

  • Tina Brumfield

    i have a Roku ad love it,

  • Gwen Thompson

    I have a Roku stick but my TV just went out a few weeks ago and I really miss it! I just ordered Netflix and Hulu and now I can’t watch either! Would love to have this TV.

  • Tara Kay

    Bee’s knees; check! I want to win this one. <3

  • Roy Faltesek

    Does HBO Now stream at 4K? I want this TV! When is it awarded – I want it NOW!

  • Carolyn Wuerzburger

    Like to have a newer tv

  • Howard Steeley

    Like to try one.

  • Marilyn Weigel

    This is a great prize. Thanks

  • Griselda B Hernandez

    me…hope I win one…good luck

  • Bridget Byrd

    Hubby & I had our TV stolen when he was at VA amputee clinic someone broke in stole our only TV & his recliner & of course $ & our jewelry & my laptop & his new Apple tablet this was last year we now are watching a 26″ TV a friend gave us it’s from 1980’s lol so it would be amazing to #Win this #

  • Jamie Riggs

    Would LOVE to have this for our bedroom!!

  • Valetta Mcmurray

    I really would love to have one of these

  • Angel Mendez

    Just bought a TCL Roku few weeks ago love it

  • valerie6550

    I’d be a hero to my grandsons if I won this prize, thanks fpr the chance.

  • Donna Lampkin

    Winning would be super!

  • Laurie Maloney

    I’m starting over and need a TV…this would be such a nice and needed win. Good luck everyone.

  • Bonita Allen

    This is nice ty for a chance

  • Merlin McClung

    Amazing giveaway thank you so much for the chance to win!!!!

  • Catherine Butts

    I have had a Roku in the past and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, would love to win this TV…. I give this a 11+ stars!!!
    Good luck to everyone! !

  • Sandra Shattuck Roll

    I really want a Roku tv! My family loves our Roku, it’s wonderful. To have it already in the television would make life even better!


    Sounds good to me.



  • Debbie Morrow

    don’t have one sure would like to get one seen lots of ads got high rates

  • Cynw1


  • Susan Wiener

    I just want to enter the giveaway! Thx

  • sharon shafran

    love to try this

  • Danny Duke

    I sure could use a New TV … I still use the Old Style TV ..

  • Forlifer

    I have no clue what a TLC Roku Tv is. But it sounds awesome.

  • Lillian Hardison


  • Nancy DeCosta Dash

    I never owned a ROKU

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  • Trey

    This s junk iv had it for 2 years i had to reset it today which ment i had to reactivate it i called nd they said i had to pay a 99$ fee to activate it every year thats right 99$ a year wish i knew that when i bought it 2 years in id have to pay a fee for no reason

  • Laura Cappello


    • Paulette Mejor

      I think your Caps Lock key might be broken, or are you just yelling?

  • Eric Clark

    Would love to win this so much.