Comic books make some of the best movies. They certainly have a winning formula: jam-packed action + stunning special effects + the fight against evil + star-studded casts. They’ve infiltrated pop culture due to their broad appeal – you’re watching these movies whether or not you like comic books. Two of the summer’s biggest box office hits, Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 (available for purchase today!), are both comic book adaptations.

Which comic book-based movie reigns supreme? Here are the best as scored by Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, and all Certified Fresh! Want to watch these movies tonight? Conduct a Roku Search to find out where you can stream these films and at what price (or Follow Wonder Woman to be alerted when it’s available for streaming).

10. X-Men: Days of Future Past (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 91%)
9. Guardians of the Galaxy (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 91%)
8. Spider-Man: Homecoming (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 92%)
7. Marvel’s The Avengers (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 92%)
6. Wonder Woman (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 92%)
5. Superman (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 93%)
4. Logan (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 93%)
3. Spider-Man 2 (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 94%)
2. Iron Man (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 94%)
1. The Dark Knight (Rotten Tomatoes Score of 94%)

Happy streaming!

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  • postalmarksman

    HTF you forget Deadpool?

    • Captain Fantasma

      Deadpool, with a Tomatometer score of 90%, doesn’t make the top ten.

    • We’re surprised Deadpool doesn’t have a higher Tomatometer score too!