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Nothing puts a damper on a streaming session like a poor wireless connection, but we’re here to get you streaming happily on your Roku device in no time.

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UPDATE: For our most current wireless connectivity tips, click here. Are you dealing with spotty Wi-Fi and frustrating connectivity issues? We’re here to help your Roku player stream smoothly. Below are troubleshooting tips for some of the most common issues….

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We’ve all been there. You’re on vacation and excited to catch up on your favorite TV shows, but the TV set up is less than ideal – just bad DVDs or even worse…VHS tapes! Stay entertained on vacation, pack up…

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Ever thought about taking your Roku player on vacation? Traveling with your Roku can be a snap with a little bit of forethought; we’ll show you how you can bring your favorite black box along to some of your favorite…

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Hi, I’m Vince Thai, director of customer advocacy. One question we often get from our customers is how to improve the Roku streaming experience. Well for starters, a reliable Internet connection is a must. You’ll also want to keep your router’s…

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