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This Mother’s Day, why not honor the busiest person you know with a gift that will keep up with her – a Roku player! Here’s how we used a Roku device to make my mom feel like she’s the queen of her castle.

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My family started our cord cutting journey back in January, 2014, after we realized we rarely, if ever, watched TV live and that our Roku player could give us everything we wanted to watch.

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Tips on how you stream local content including local news, weather and radio on your Roku device.

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We’re all big entertainment lovers here at Roku and as you can imagine, there’s a lot of talk about TV shows and movies happening around the water cooler. Lately, Fargo and Making a Murderer are taking over our conversations. Yours…

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You sit in front of the TV and are eager to discover and watch a new TV show or blockbuster. But which one? You just binged your way through multiple seasons of Narcos and Orange is the New Black… and…

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If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time watching TV. I look forward to my streaming time after a long day, so when I turn on my TV I want my Roku player to be ready to go….

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“You can do that with your Roku player!?” “There’s a Roku streaming channel for everything!” “Your mobile app is a lifesaver.” We hear comments like the three above from customers every day. While we know the super Roku streamers out…

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Recently we asked you to tell us your favorite free channels. And since our customers know best, we wanted to share all the great recommendations. Are any of your favorites missing from the list? Leave ‘em in the comments below. I…

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As you prepare for your summer vacation, first, don’t forget to pack your most entertaining travel buddy (see Roku travel tips here)! Next, pack up those cameras. When you get back from your trip, there’s no doubt you’ll want to…

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As our regular readers have probably noticed, we’ve been busy here at Roku since my last blog post on free channels! This past December we surpassed 2,000 available streaming channels in the U.S. Roku Channel Store – hundreds of which…

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