Developer highlights for Roku OS 7.7

Roku OS 7.7

Our Summer firmware update, Roku OS 7.7, starts shipping to select Roku devices today. Roku OS 7.7 focuses primarily on bug fixes and firmware optimizations to increase performance of Roku SceneGraph (RSG) channels.

How to update

All current-generation Roku streaming players and Roku TV models will update to Roku OS 7.7 over the next few weeks. The firmware will roll out in phases, and is expected to reach all eligible Roku devices by the end of August. Continue reading

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Reminder: Deadline approaching for new channels to use RSG

In February, Roku announced the deprecation of our legacy SDK visual screen components, with a two-year roadmap for adopting a channel UI built in Roku SceneGraph (RSG). Developers should be mindful that the first major deadline in the deprecation timeline is approaching.

As of July 1st, the UI for all new channels submitting for publication will need to be powered by RSG or Direct Publisher. Channels submitted before this date that fail their initial certification attempt will be granted a grace period to correct the items they failed on without being penalized.

To review the full deprecation timeline and complete list of deprecated components, read our original blog announcement.

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Developer roadmap: SceneGraph visual screen components

Preview of the episodic picker component


In January, we announced our plans to sunset the legacy BrightScript visual screen components, meaning all Roku channels will need to use Roku SceneGraph (RSG) for their UI by January 1st, 2019. After this date, the legacy components will be removed from the firmware and channels using these old visual screens will cease to function.

For some publishers, development work may be required to transition their channels from the legacy visual screens to RSG. To simplify these transitional efforts, we’ve been building a handful of SceneGraph visual screen components that will be available in the SDK as a common library. Continue reading

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Direct Publisher monetization guide

Screenshot of the ad loading page


Hundreds of Roku channels have launched using our Direct Publisher tool.

In this tutorial, we explain the monetization options for Direct Publisher channels, and how to optimize your channel for greater revenue.


Monetization options

Currently, Direct Publisher only supports ad monetization. There are two ad options for a channel:

  1. Participation in the Roku Audience Network (Revenue share)
  2. Using a custom ad server (Ad inventory split)

Continue reading

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Developer highlights for Roku OS 7.6

Roku OS 7.6

Roku OS 7.6 begins rolling out to Roku devices today. With this latest firmware update, we’ve introduced new developer tools and APIs to increase channel performance and improve the end-user experience. Continue reading

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New features added to Direct Publisher


Since it’s introduction in October, hundreds of Roku channels have launched using Direct Publisher. Recently, we’ve added several features to the tool’s capabilities, including:

Continue reading

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Introducing RAF 2.0: Native RAF integration for SceneGraph

 Roku Developers


Since 2015, Roku developers have been able to incorporate relevant, targeted video ads into their channels with just a few lines of code by leveraging the Roku Ad Framework (RAF). Now, with the introduction of RAF 2.0, publishers can take further advantage of this feature-rich library by integrating RAF natively into Roku SceneGraph (RSG) channels.

Prior to RAF 2.0, SceneGraph channels had to invoke RAF from the application’s main thread. The library would then temporarily suspend RSG to render the ads using SDK1 components and resume the RSG rendering afterwards. While this is still possible, the new version includes a native RSG implementations for both video and UI ad content. Now RAF can integrate and work within the current scene without suspending RSG. The ad play control should be delegated to a Task execution thread, since the render thread cannot be blocked. Continue reading

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Renew membership in the Roku Beta Developer Program

Join the Beta Developer Program!

We’re gearing up to begin shipping beta builds of our Spring 2017 OS release!

Previous participants can renew their membership in just 60 seconds by logging into the project and signing our latest NDA agreement. Enrollment is also open for new developers — simply create an account through the Roku Testing Portal and fill out an application.

> Renew your membership

> Enroll for the first time

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Sunsetting the legacy Roku SDK visual screens

SDK1 visual screen


In October 2015, Roku introduced our new user interface programming API, Roku SceneGraph (RSG). Since then we’ve seen great adoption from our developer community, leveraging the framework’s ability to build beautiful, custom-designed channels.

In order to modernize the Roku experience, we will be ending support for the visual screen components that were part of our legacy SDK On January 1, 2019, these visual screen components will be removed from Roku OS. Developers who wish to remain on the Roku platform are asked to update their channel UI using SceneGraph.


There is a two-year roadmap for developers to transition to RSG. Below are key dates:

  • Effective immediately: No new features will be added to our legacy SDK visual screens
  • July 1, 2017: All new channels must use RSG or Direct Publisher
  • January 1, 2018: All channel updates must use RSG or Direct Publisher
  • January 1, 2019: Legacy visual screen components will be removed from Roku OS

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Channel certification checklist — Version 3.0

Certification checklist v3


In order to assure the general functionality of channels on the Roku platform, all channels submitted to the Roku Channel Store must first be certified for publication. In an effort to streamline QA testing demands on developers, we’ve condensed the pre-certification checklist down to nearly half the number of requirements from previous versions. Continue reading

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