New Channels this week

The developer community has produced a few new channels that have been published to the channel store this week (click to add):

5000 – A dice game

NASA Edge – Coverage of NASA

Blinkx – News clip and viral videos


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  • vnazario

    Hi developers:

    Too bad I am not a programmer but do work in IT providing Tier II Support. Anyways, these are some ideas to throw at you to help improve the Roku device. Hopefully, you guys can take on the project:

    1. Integrate digital channel receiver to the box. Users would just need to connect an OTA digital antenna to get local free live channels.

    2. Web Browser? I understand the hardware cant support a full fledge browser like Firefox but there are many light-weight browsers like Opera (The Wii uses it), Chrome, Sea Monkey, Konquerer, Dillo, etc. I’m sure there is some type of browser that can be added to the box for video content (if it can handle it) or at least for simple browsing and e-mail. (Wii and Google TV both have browsers).

    3. If a browser can’t be accomplished, how about some form of RDP (Remote Desktop) client? This will allow us to connect to our PC’s from the Roku and use the PC’s browser. Heck, most of us already use our PC’s for Plex and Play On. This would be a great idea.

    4. Better implementation of Flash, Silverlight and the addition of more codecs to use. Quicktime alone isn’t enough. Need DivX and other playable format support.

    5. Better GUI. With so many channels, the linear side-scroll of channels is just too much. Maybe an interface like the channel store for the user as opposed to the linear one. How about a Favorites option to add most viewed channels?

    6. Please re-negotiate deals with providers. Losing the really good channels like: TV.COM, HGTV. Food Network, YouTube, etc. doesn’t look good. Google TV still has these channels/apps and more like TBS and TNT (and others in the App store).

    I use both the Roku and Google TV so I pay only $16 for Netflix and Hulu Plus in addition to the free stuff and have “cut the cord”. Roku was my first experience with this and want to see it improve. I’d rather support the “little guy” Roku than Google corp. You guys are doing a great job but don’t let the competition get ahead of you.

    I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard some of these ideas/comments.

  • Georgereville5

    Her is my ida next year you all com out wilth a browser in roku but only on the 100. 00 dollar price no less than than I no it can be don got that her wow xp thank he wow that cool on my roku xp desktop lplay with on line that way have that thansk,you all peace out all

  • Dr. Lee

    We submitted our channel in Jan. We have been a sub channel for two years, now we have hired a developer, so we can be in the channel store. Is there a backlog or has something slowed the publishing process? I have noticed several new channels but ours has not launched. I did get some feedback that the SD splash page would not open completely but nothing since then. If two weeks is the target for publishing we are in our seventh week, just wondering if I can do something to make sure ROKU has everything they need from us? channel is destiny tv and destiny tv lite…Thanks for checking on this for me.

    Dr. Michael A. Lee
    Global Media Group, LLC
    Destiny TV

  • JimBecker

    Hey hopefully someone sees this. I love your products! Just got my Roku3 and been using for maybe a decade? Since the beginning, and also Netflix since the first year. Anyway would love to see one single thing upgraded. I have a hard drive with my music on it all organized tree structure with long names for old concerts. The little icon based scroll left/right USB reader/player app would be great if could have more a file manager tree structure viewer option, with no icon space just lists of either directories or MP3 song content ala File Manager in Windows. Much more efficient use of space. My concert names are all date_place and some are long like 1988_04_22_Irvine_Meadows_Amphitheater for example which can’t be seen the way you do it. They are in directories via year as well. Yes, this is all an old DeadHead organizing over a thousand concerts… Anyway, would make life much easier! You guys are great and innovative I love the ear buds on the remote and so does my wife because she is sick of my music! 🙂

  • Maureen

    I cannot get to my regular channels (Comcast/Xfinity) now that I have installed ROKU 3…..HELP!!!!! Neither ROKU nor my cable subscriber could help me